~ Chapter 85: Colly Tos for the win! (Part 4) ~

A bright, shinning light covered all of us, and just like last time, I felt the world around me changing swiftly. The land vanished from under my feet, the space expanded around me, then contracted again. The air was brought to a stop and time simply stood still for us. A moment, maybe two passed before the world returned to normal. How this happened, I still couldn't figure it out, there were some equations and ways of contorting the flow of Magic Energy that simply eluded me, at least... for now.

The teleportation went smoothly and didn't drop us off in the middle of the sky like last time. When we opened our eyes, instead of the small ghost town in the middle of the desert, we saw the wild forest of a tropical island. With the last drops of Magic Energy from the crystal being spent, we began to feel the soft breeze of the ocean, the scent of salt water, the heat of the sun, and finally... the sand under our feet.

“The beach...” Nanya said surprised.

We reached our destination, the beach of an abandoned island no Dungeon, man, or monster knew off. We reached a place hidden from the eyes of the world and maybe even those of the gods. This was the dungeon island created by none other than the Primordial Dungeon who was now just a part of my body. It was a place that didn't follow the traditional laws of the Dungeons because instead of regular monsters, each and every living being in this place was a Boss of some kind.

From a normal point of view, it was a terrifying place, but for someone of our level of power... it wasn't that bad actually.

“RAAARGH!” the roar of one of the bosses was heard, causing the whole island to shake.

Everyone took up a defensive stance.

“What was that?” Zoreya asked surprised.

“I have no idea...” I replied.

Another roar was heard from our left, and a screech up in the sky as a giant bird flew down and attacked something in the forest. Sounds of fierce battle could be heard while the forest around the two mighty beasts was ripped apart, sending several boulders and trees flying up in the sky, landing all over the place.

“Everyone be on your guard!” shouted Nanya as she dodged an incoming tree trunk.

On it, I noticed the teeth mark from a very large predator.

I gulped.

I wonder if this was a bad idea? I thought.

The giant bird we saw earlier, which looked EXACTLY like a crow with brown and white feathers instead of black, was thrown through the trees and landed in the ocean behind us. A three meters tall tsunami formed and approached us. Without waiting another second, Nanya jumped forward and punched a hole in it. Then came the roar of the beast the giant crow was battling with and thundering footsteps could be heard coming from the forest behind us.

I gulped again as I looked at the beast approaching us. The trees were pushed aside and out came a T-Rex.

“That's a dinosaur!” I said pointing at him like a five years-old kid.

“RAAAWR!” the fierce roar sent chills down my spine.

The next moment, the T-Rex shot red laser beams out of its eyes and the crow counterattacked with a breath of ice magic.

While this battle between giants took place before us, we were all staring at it with dead fish eyes. Our minds came to a stop as we tried to understand if this was reality or just some weird dream.

Eventually, the crow dodged and tried to get away by swimming out into the ocean, but just then... a huge shark swum up and ate it in one bite. The giant crow with a wingspan of 40 meters and a length of 30 meters was chomped down by a creature with a length over 100 meters. But the fun part about it was the fact that the huge shark used portals... It literally swam upwards through a big blue portal and vanished.

The T-Rex began to whimper in fear when it saw the scene and then fled into the island.

When we looked out at ocean, we saw an even crazier sight. A big water snake with a length of almost 1 km was calmly swimming alongside its heard of other 50 such snakes. Between us and them were a bunch of these portal jumping giant sharks that prayed on the flock of giant crows in the sky, which numbered in the hundreds.

“Erm...” I said as I was at a loss of words.

Things were not as I expected them to be... The Primordial's last memory of this place was of small, weak bosses even Tamara could defeat, while the more dangerous ones were deeper inside the island. It appeared that at one point between the Primordial's death and the present, the dungeon island evolved?

Looking back at my wives, Nanya asked me with a forced smile. “Illsy? How are we going to get off this island?” she asked me.

“Erm... According to the Primordial's memories, this island sort of resets every decade and adds more bosses... After a certain number of them gathers, they are absorbed by the dungeon and become a far more powerful boss. Killing all the bosses here will grant us free passage to the outside world. The barrier will be down and we'll be able to leave peacefully.” I replied with a smile.

“Barrier?” Shanteya asked cocking her head.

“Yeah... a very powerful one that uses the Life Force and Magic Energy of all the bosses to stay active. If you attack it directly, you will be attacked by all of them at the same time.” I replied.

“So... in other words... We have to kill all the Legendary Bosses on this island so we can leave?” Ayuseya asked.

“Huh? Legendary?” I asked surprised.

“Yes, Illsy... Monsters or bosses that are thought to be impossible to defeat by a regular Supreme are called Legendary because they appear only and only in legends...” she told me with a forced smile that sent chills down my spine.

I gulped.

“The giant lizard that shot beams out of its eyes is said to be a very powerful Legendary Monster that once terrorized the third continent until ALL the Supremes on the continent joined forces in order to defeat it.” Nanya said and let out a sigh.

“The crow is mentioned as the Sky God who attacks ships out at sea. No one has been able to defeat one as of yet...” Ayuseya said.

“The snakes out at sea are told to be monsters who feast on entire islands. It was said that there was once a fourth continent, but three of these snakes ate it... and now, we have over 50 of them calmly swimming around this island.” Shanteya said.

“If people knew a place like this existed...” Zoreya said shaking her head and refused to think of what would happen if all of these monsters were set free.

“Well... There's nothing to worry about! The barrier will keep all of them inside!” I said with a confident smile.

“Yes, together with us!” Nanya shouted.

“Erm...” I furrowed my brow.

I wanted to reply something, but I had the feeling I didn't think this whole thing through. Well, I had no idea we would encounter such powerful monsters... I was thinking more around the lines of Minotaurs, Giants, maybe one or two such Legendary beasts, but definitely not entire herds and packs of them.

“Well? What do you have to say for yourself?” asked Nanya.

“What can I say? Oopsie?” I forced a smile.

She let out a groan.

“Hey! Look at the bright side!” I showed them a smile and stepped back a bit, getting in the water all the way to my ankles. “We're at the beach! We're out of that desert!” I laughed.

“Out of frying pan and into the fire as they say, right?” Shanteya shook her head and let out a sigh.

“More like volcano...” Nanya groaned.

“Hm...” I furrowed my brow and looked at them.

Things weren't looking that bad from my point of view, but looking at things now, instead of just a year, we would end up spending at least five trying to slaughter all the bosses here. All the experience and materials we would get as a result of this was going to be amazing! But yes, the danger level did go up by a few notches.

“We need a plan... and to be careful. This island is very dangerous!” warned Zoreya as she looked out at the Legendary sea serpents.

“We'll handle it!” I said with confidence.

“How do you know that?” Nanya asked raising an eyebrow at me.

“Because, my lovely wife, I can still do this: COLLY TOS!” I shouted at the top of my lungs and lifted my hands up in the sky.

Four pairs of panties appeared out of nowhere above me and started gently floated down.

With a smile, I said “It's a success! This spell finally works!”

“HOW IS THIS A SUCCESS?!” Nanya, Ayuseya, and Shanteya shouted at the same time and punched me in the head, burying my head in the shore.

What good was it to have a powerful Magic Armor if it didn't even stop my wife's punch?

“Nya~! Frilly!” Tamara jumped up to catch them.

Well, she was one of the victims of this perverted spell as well. As for Zoreya, she wasn't wearing any to begin with...

Thus, our first year on this island filled with bosses instead of regular monsters began! I was certain we would succeed in exterminating all of them in due time, and once we were done, I would finally have all the power and materials needed to build Illsyore's Magic Academy!

Note from the author: Thank you for reading this chapter, I hope you enjoyed it! Oh, and be sure to check out my other stories too!

Again, just to be clear, this is the last chapter of Arc 5 not the novel!

Arc 6 will begin shortly after I finished writing a few more chapters of 100 Luck and some Side Stories for the previous Arcs. As for what to expect from it, well... I think the character himself announced it: Arc 6 marks the beginning of Illsy taking the first steps towards building his academy. The important events that take place on the dungeon island will be given through memories or flashbacks, so I'm not going to bore you to death with their grind feast. That being said, please look forward for the new chapters! 🙂

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Anon 125342

Thanks for the chapter!
and thats why nobody remember the islad L.o.s.t. (reference from the lost)

Ascending Flame

Do Dungeon rankings work the same with this? Would a ‘Legendary’ Dungeon equate to one of these ‘Legendary’ status creatures, or is it a lower rank? There was a slight explanation for adventurers, but I don’t think there has ever been a “this is greater than that, which is greater than that” explanation in regards to Dungeons. I ask this, because in Chapter 2 Illsyore has the option of becoming a ‘Legendary’ Dungeon, but it is higher in the list, whereas ‘Godlike’ is lower in the list (lower being implied to be more powerful).


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Random Passerby

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Colly Tos for the win bois!


Arc 6 = time jump = Tamara grown up = Illsy academy + Tamara arc?
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