~ Chapter 38: Heat ~

[Seryanna's point of view]

Thanks to Alkelios, I was already feeling a lot better. My fever went down and my coughing stopped. After just one night, I felt like I wasn't sick anymore. I don't know if he wished for me to be cured this fast or if he knew exactly what to do to help me, but I was already feeling in top shape and ready to head out. Yet, the man refused to let me leave the bed.

“I said I'm feeling fine.” I glared at him.

“Yes! Yes! We'll leave tomorrow. After I am 100% sure you are!” he retorted while carefully working with some vials at the alchemy lab in the corner.

The dragon merchant going by the name of Vanazalez had it installed for him there while I was still asleep earlier this morning.

“Ugh...” I let out a dissatisfied groan and turned my back at him.

He turned around and showed me a smile.

“Just relax, Seryanna. This time of rest and relaxation will do you good.” he said.

I didn't answer back.

After we had breakfast, he gave me another Rotiqus Potion to drink and some fruit juice. The potion tasted like dirt, but he was saying it would do me good, I saw no reason not to believe him.

“What are you making anyway?” I asked sometime around noon, after I was so bored, I couldn't stand it anymore.

“Virulullian Potions for mister Vanazalez. It was the condition for letting us stay here. He's expecting only one potion per day, but I'm going to make him 10 because of the kindness he showed us.” he replied.

“Isn't he being awfully kind to you, a stranger?” I asked him a bit surprised.

Usually, we dragons were careful about whom we welcomed in our homes, especially when those said dragons were merchants. Even grandfather was extremely suspicious of Alkelios until he interviewed him, but his already friendly relationship with me and my sister was probably the decisive factor in his acceptance. When I remembered that scene, I could not help feel that the main reason he acted as such with Alkelios was because he, although a human, didn't show to be afraid of him, a renowned human slaughterer on the battlefield. He also didn't appear to try and take advantage of me because I was unawakened, but another important factor was also the way he treated my sister, Kleo.

While other dragons kept their distance from her or even regarded her as something dirty, he saw past the color of her scales and treated her like he would a true friend.

After all the time I spent with him during our travels and adventures, I couldn't help but feel amazed by his kind and gentle nature, completely different from how I heard other humans behaved around dragons. Even if he was a dragon, this side of him was also something quite rare and hard to come upon in a world where the strong ruled over the weak, and at times the family you were born into could decide everything for you and your future.

In a way, I also hoped he would never get to see that ugly side of our world... And with this tournament the princess called me for as well as the possibility that someone might be scheming something behind our backs, the chances of Alkelios not gazing upon the dark side of the world were slim... at best.

Maybe this was one of the things I feared about us... The fact that one day he would see the dark side of this world and being surrounded only by dragons, he would come to see it in me... and eventually hate me.

In the evening, after Alkelios was done with his potions, he took them to the old man Vanazalez. The moment he saw them, he was overjoyed. So much, that I heard him from inside my room. Apparently, he wasn't expecting to receive so many and of such a high quality.

When Alkelios returned, he had a cute dumbfounded look on his face.

“I think he was pleased.” I said with a smile.

“Yeah...” he said with a strange look on his face.

“Something happened?” I asked him.

“He hugged me so hard I thought my bones would break... And that was the first time a male dragon kissed me on my cheeks... and an old man at that.” he blinked and then walked up to my bed.

I tilted a little my head to the left.

“Hya!” I let out a startled sound when he suddenly fell on the bed, face first.

“I need healing...” he said in a half-muffled voice.

“H-healing?” I asked confused.

“Yes.” he then looked up and embraced me. “I need my cute redhead dragoness to hug me. To erase the feeling of the old man's hug.” he said almost in tears.

I couldn't help it and let out a small giggle.

“Please, don't laugh... This is serious...” he complained.

“There. There...” I said and hugged him back, gently patting him on the head. “You are exaggerating this a lot, aren't you?” I told him after a moment.

“Yes, I am...”

“It's alright...” I told him.

He was my lover, I didn't mind.

Later that night, after he came to bed, I found my heart beating very fast again. It was the first time in my life I was self-conscious of a man next to me, and the day before when I could barely stand didn't count. And neither did the many other times we found ourselves in the same bed in the past. This was also the first time I was certain Kleo or Kataryna weren't going to come peeking inside our room with eyes that showed they were expecting 'something' to happen.

Up until now, I never thought myself to be a woman whose beauty could outshine even that of the most plain-looking dragonesses. Compared to an awakened one, I was but a child with no tail or wings... I was ugly. Yet, Alkelios... he...

“Do you really think I'm cute?” I asked him in a whisper, but then hid my embarrassed face under the blanket.

What am I doing asking him this?! I thought.

“Hm?” he moved closer to me and pulled the blanket down. “Not just cute, but beautiful, strong, kind, valiant, open minded, charming, incredible too.” he said with a smile.

My heart was beating like crazy, and I knew my cheeks were as red as a dragon's breath.

“How can you say something like that with such a straight face?” I asked him and for some reason glared at him.

“Hey, it's not easy for me either... It's hard to confess these things...” he lowered his head. “But it's the truth... that's how I see you...” he told me.

“You love me?” I asked him.

“Yes... I love you...” he showed me a smile.

I gulped.

Looking into his dark-brown eyes, I strangely found myself pulled in like magic. I was embarrassed, my heart was jogging in my chest, and if I had a tail, it would have swayed and waved restlessly under the covers, yet I still looked at him. Alkelios was like a drug that stirred all sort of emotions inside of me, and I like a reckless fool... I wanted more.

How would it be like if he... if he embraced me? If he was my first... I thought in a daze, but by the time this sentence in my head was over, I had already moved my hand over his head and pulled him closer.

Now we were sharing the same breath. His scent, his warmth, his touch... they riled up the flames inside me. IT stirred a strange energy which told me it was alright... No, it pushed me towards it and demanded of me to CLAIM this human as mine. Yes... human, not dragon... this energy, this desire... demanded the human Alkelios.

I kissed him, and he kissed me back.

I cared not anymore...

Nobility... class... rank... status... to Abyss with them all! I wanted Alkelios... and I wanted him NOW!

My kisses turned rougher and before I knew it, I found myself on top of him. I was feverish and hot, my cheeks flushed and my breath was in heaves. I gulped and kissed him again and again...

What happened and how, I didn't know. But I was dragoness, and like all those of my kind, we demanded to give claim over our mates. We desired to dominate them or be dominated by them... I wanted the same.

The heat in my body, in my core... it burned me like the lava in a rumbling volcano. Yet, I desired this scorching heat, and I wanted it to grow... to set me free.

I took off my blouse, and I continued to kiss him... to want him...

His hands moved over my body as well. He too wanted me. The heat inside him was also great, it demanded my own. A merger of flames was what our nature called for.

Through kisses and embraces... I slowly lost myself to my draconic side, even my sight turned strange.

Yet, when it was time to move on...

It was limp.

“Huh?” I snapped out of it.

“I'm sorry...” Alkelios looked away with a complicated look on his face.

Inside me, the flames... were simmering down. He said he loved me... that he found me beautiful and attractive, yet why was he limp? How?

I couldn't understand, but because of this... tears rolled down my cheeks. A few drops fell on his face.

Surprised, he looked up at me.

“Seryanna?” he asked with big eyes.

“No... I'm sorry I'm not... I'm not...” I tried to finish the words, to say: I'm not good enough for you.

His body was honest to the words in his heart. He loved me. He cared for me. Maybe, but he didn't find me THAT attractive. After all, I was a dragon, and he was a human... what was I expecting?

Even so, he apologized and kept apologizing while embracing me and holding me in his arms. I didn't even know why I was crying so hard, why I felt so rejected, but he kept apologizing and trying to calm me down, to wipe off the tears I shed... yet the pain in my heart wasn't going anywhere.

I accepted him and wanted him to the very core of my being, yet... these were only one sided feelings in the end? How could I not feel so devastated, so sad... so broken? So I cried... I cried myself to sleep in his arms because no matter how much I struggled, he didn't let me go.

But inside, I was happy he did so. If he had released me from his embrace, if he let me cry on my own... that would have been it, the end of us. But like this, I knew... somehow, someway, that he was trying his best to overcome this because maybe... just maybe, he wanted me as much as I did him?

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The man fail! 😀


Personally I think the dragoness has to work on her foreplay.
the fire is there but she did not know how to stoke it.


You know that’s a good way to get you both sick :p (though can human catch dragon sicknesses?)


My only complaint is that she was expecting him to be erect in her moment of passion. OK I do agree that the moment was a bit iffy, she went heated after being sick and he was taking care of her. I think our lovely red head needs to work a bit on her foreplay.

I can’t even comprehend how he could possibly be limp during such a situation without a SERIOUS trauma or a seriously depressing and surprising for his age case of ED which is unlikely as heck. Very disappointed it went down that way. I hope he pulls himself together sooner than later. She seems to be a major find, hell all 3 seem to be that way though one’s taken now.. His reply to her in the earlier chapter annoyed the hell out of me. For MC’s like him who have truly wonderful things happen to them and then actually reject/half… Read more »

well, stress due to it being his first time can do the trick… or the lack of treat…


It’s not like it is deliberate, there are medical conditions that do that too. He needs to see a doctor though.

And no, it’s not a matter of “if you will it, it will be so”. If there is a cause, you simply can’t “Use the Force” and make it go away. It’s like saying you can get over a heart attack if you “will” it so.

Remember “I believe I can fly!!” in real life is often followed by an ambulance ride and a plaster cast, not powered flight by arm flapping.


Okay, what did I just read? Why do it feels like when Ilsy still has the dark side burden here. Alkelios feeling currently are kindalike Ilsyore when he is still struggling through his dark side. Not that kind of moment again, eh?


Wrong story, this is 100 luck. No Ilsyore here


Yeah,I know its a different stories. But I dont like Alkelios here the same as I dont like Ilsyore when Ilsybis being burdened by his dark side. But,hey,maybe later he will overcome,just like Ilsyore did.

i don’t know why so many people are mad at alkelios for hesitating in changing race to become an half dragon . sure he’ll gain a power boost and maybe other great stuff but what if his mind can’t take the race change and he become mad ? lose his memory ? or even his love for the cute red head ?? what if the change give him an uncontrollable dark side that is ice cold and rutheless the we need to think are the half breed accepted or shunned what if the simple fact he is an half breed… Read more »

woaw first time i got down voted just for sharing my thought and understanding of a novel without being a jerk (yeah it append to everyone once in a wile )


more than anything, if he change race, it implies to him that he’ll never get back to earth (an half dragon on earth? would bring fear from the weak minded and attract some mad scientists)


yeah that too .
it’s like cutting all tie with is old life ( including friend and family )
and you kind of forgot the government that will surly try to weaponize him to fight off the “invaders” and conquer the world


while i kinda agree with you the mc worring about losing his humanity is silly as he will still be half human and really its just a cop out because hes scared the soul is what makes you who you are his form does not matter.

Romain LC

Okay maybe I need to understand how his luck works, cause I don’t see any advantage coming from this one for him.
Still, thanks for the chapter.


you mean no advantage besides getting shelter when there was none and on top of that getting medicine and a connection with a most likely very influential merchant

if you mean the ED it has less to do with luck and more with his stupid brain that makes him like a girl but not being able to really love her. so we get some drama and than they will screw like bunnies in the end.


Hey,we dont know yet. Maybe his luck is at work here by making him limp. Who knows,maybe later they gonna asked by the princess,did he deflower her? And if he did,capital punishment await? In other words,maybe his luck is preventing something bad that could happen if he do her when they are not married yet?


Thank u always for ur great work…

Ahahahaha, why…


I know its boring to have an MC without any problems, that’s rushing through the story-line like Scrooge-McDuck from tax collectors, but damn I really want him to overcome this hesitancy towards Seryanna soon :/
thanks for the chapter <3

MC really so lowlife… so piece of shit… fool the girl’s head that has already experienced such a cruel life from her breathen, as not be able awakened her bloodline, and have crush on that type of hyppocrite… It is clear that this whole creation of the author, and he is not required to be fitted beneath the taste of the readers, but that MC just infuriates me… such a “man” should just go die somewhere away from this pitiful girl… Sorry for my crude language, english is not my native, it’s just my feelings overflow for this type of… Read more »

lol don’t be so mad i’m sure he will make the best choice (best for the story line not for the reader XD) if you’re mad because he’s limp ( you was’ent very clear on what he did wrong), well i think he’s just wasted by his potion refining and taking care of her so yeah to much work =less enregy for night play

Really thats what you think? It’s kinda obvious that its because he cant accept her, actually wont accept her to be more precise. He keeps dallying on the whole difference of species crap because to be honest he’s racist. He cant get over the fact she isnt human and it definitely is affecting him. She cries and he keeps saying hes sorry yet clearly he isnt otherwise he’d get over himself and accept her. So no it’s obviously not because he’s tired, its because he a racist fool who cant get over the differences between him and her and has… Read more »
So……I wont blame him for being hesitant. We can’t all be the one to sleep with a daedra(Elder Scroll reference for those who are curious, look it up). He is human……he does come of hypocritical because of his earlier reprimand to the paladin but think about it. Instinctively, would you be able to love a shark? NO! you respect it, may even bring yourself to care for it, but love? No. Those who say ‘love over everything’, are able to say that because they are still in the glow of fresh love or are fantasizing it. Love is grimy, messy,… Read more »
This chapter had horror and tragedy. that sweet talk of his quickly fell short on his ” love”. My roommate at school went limp on his gf once but that didn’t stop him: he proudly used his mouth and fingers yep. You would love a shark if it had the appearance of a beautiful red haired girl ( humans only know how to judge by appearances, admit it, u too, no “buts”). Hes afraid of her too( was said few chapters ago) , maybe he thinks she’ll eat his d*ck or the princess order her to kill him, that would… Read more »
@Joshan You see him being intimate with her all the time. She has even punted him for it. Though at this moment he isn’t responding in the way she is doesn’t at all mean he doesn’t love her. Relationships are complicated. People even have platonic ones(don’t know why……) Maybe when he makes the change he will lose the fear. Outside of whats already been written. He can be labeled a douche. But I dare you to tell me that you never had a moment where you were concerned about were a relationship, you were in, was going. Prior to this,… Read more »
Not to even mention that they are in a BORROWED Room in a RANDOM persons home. How many people are really willing to do the act in another person’s home in a Borrowed room. A Inn Sure a Hotel why not. But, some strangers house that your just borrowing a room in to help your GF get better from a sickness? Sounds to me everyone here has forgotten that he was in a borrowed room. Though it will be interesting if this even had happened in a home owned by one of them or in an inn. Though the Inn’s… Read more »
Don’t compare humanoid sentient being with beutifull apperance to fish, ok 😉 it’s not quite right. On our planet there’s are quite a few human species that divided on different race’s and you’re don’t compare them to shark or goldfish, right:) And on account instinct, mc himself admit that dragonian girls has sexual attraction in him, not only Seryanna but other’s included. Btw my dislike for MC not for his “limp” state but for his reaction to the situation as a whole, says one thing and does and feels another, he is just a hypocryte and that’s all. But it’s… Read more »
@Randen Regarding the fish analogy, I was looking for a predator species that we naturally have a fearful mentality towards. In no way sexy draconian women are like guppies. I’m a sucker for Lamia personally. Just saying if humans didn’t have the survival instinct a lot more people would be swimming off the coast of Florida during shark week. Also, he is acting like a hypocrite. But is that because of a mental block or some other external thing. What I’m trying to get a across is that he is in a very weird situation being a transported human. For… Read more »

I’m not advocating douche~y behavior, lets cement that stance. I’m just trying not to hate a protagonist without seeing were this is going. I’ve dropped series because of a$$~O protags that left me feeling like killing myself for being the same gender.


In dragomir we trust!!!

To not give us truly shitty protags.


In the words of Sam Jackson, “Calm yo T*Ts.”

Better to be a hesitant jerk, than an A$$~O who promises the sun and the moon without thinking.
Anyway all dragons start of unawakened and go through hell; kleo awakened and still went through hell. If in the end he drops her, bring out the pitchforks and torches. Ill even crucify him with the best of them, till then. Wait and see.

Siodhachan Artos MacNaughton

Agreed, Logic.


ED isn’t a matter of “feels” and “acceptance”. Usually, there is an underlying medical cause.

Carlos Rios



He should tell her about the possibility of becoming a half dragon


That would be an interesting conversation.
…but in my opinion it would not be a very good one. That is a decision he should make on his own because it greatly affects his life, more-so than everyone else.


Imagine if the conversation was about her awakening. He may not even want that because she might change. I feel until they both finally stop growing (true to all relationships) they shouldn’t cement anything. She may even love him cause he is human. The person apparently changes when they transform. Secular world falls away. She may end up dropping him. Im going to see where this goes before I make any serious judgments though.

May the world turn to Ash. Imagine if he evolved that pikachu. Would we want to live in a world without that pikapower… noooooooo!!!!!