~ Quick and short: I need reviews for MA and 100 Luck ~

Ah, another author begging for reviews... How shameful~ Right?

Not really. *shrugs*

Think about it, if I don't get reviews from you, who have already read a big part or the whole story so far, who will I get them from? Actually, a better question would be: wouldn't YOU, my readers, be the best for the job?

Well, leaving the topbestfictions reviews aside, which I hope they will flow sooner or later, right now, I wish to request reviews for something else, the e-book editions of I was reincarnated as a Magic Academy! (Vol 1&2) and 100 Luck and the Dragon Tamer Skill! (Vol 1).

Here's how it will go!

In the comments bellow, simply post your reviews for these two works. WAIT! Don't run away, it's not that hard and the best of them will be added to preface of the e-book!

I only have a few requests in regard to your review: First, keep it civil, no swearing or stuff like that. Second, don't write stuff about me, the author, or one-liners reviews, nobody reads that stuff.


How to write the review?

There was someone who said this: If you like the book you just read, go and recommend it to someone!

I thought about a quick and fun guideline for you if you have NO IDEA what to write.

Think about this: You are talking with a friend. How would you recommend them one of these books of mine, without giving them ANY spoilers?

Then one by one, imagine them posing you the following questions:

What made you enjoy reading the book so much and get into the story?

How did my book(s) help you if they did (and you wish to share this, of course)?

Would you buy and read the next volumes? (Please answer this question even if you haven't technically bought my books yet, if you are a Patron or PayPal donator, consider as having already done so.)


Of course, you can also make up your review and say how AWESOME my stories are. I don't mind if you speak about the BAD parts of my work, but leave those for the last part of your review, alright? 🙂

You don't want to write the review?

Well, there's an upvote and downvote system in my comments. You can use that to say which of those reviews you found best.

What am I going to do with these reviews?

The best ones are added to the E-Books volumes I will publish on Amazon and Smashwords. I need about 4-5 reviews for each book, so 10 in total and 2 per person? 🙂


What do you think? It's not that hard, right?

So, can you help me out with this? 😀

Note from the author: Thank you for reading this article! 🙂

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Countless hours of fun and adventure!

I am grateful for any and all donations! Thank you!

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A light hearted comedy between a “evil” dungeon and his would be creators spin out of control due to the intervention of single being. Will this dungeon overcome the boundaries that label it as man killing dungeon?

Mans on a mission to save his planet from a catastrophe. God : you can save your planet by doing things on this other planet. Here’s a RNG skill and a RNG teleport. Btw you can’t go back even if you save your planet. Good luck. Man : I am going to need “it” 😉

Hope this helps 🙂

I already put my “opinion” on your stories out on “list of another world novels” at my wordpress, so if you want to know what I’m saying to other people about you, it’s there. But that’s less of a critique and more of just an off-handed impression. If you want my review of your work, here is my citique: Both) I really like both stories. I’ve found them great, and they easily propelled me through the first volume without too much trouble. However, after finishing the first volume, they quickly loose a lot of their charm, and I grew to… Read more »
Pro: +good style and grammer for a webnovel +Nice ideas to start a story +/- Simple english Contra: – The main character of all novel seems to similar a simple minded guy with a happy-go-lucky style, which does impulsive thing without realy using his brain. You could switch out the main characters of almost each novel and no one would notice it. – Harem – some people like it, some people dont. I dont like it, it takes to much away from the story or the woman are just companions with boobs. The more woman, the harder. Finding the right… Read more »

Magic academy is a unique addition to the fantasy genre. Keeping with the theme of summoning to a different world it adds a new twist with the main character being the thing heros overcome. The magic is fun and not unreasonably powerful and the character development is quite good. Also the romance actually progresses, is sweet, and makes sense.


I rather enjoyed the ‘my pace’ attitude both the MCs take in their situations, and the way its written as to be made to follow an actual storyline and not end up impossible to continue like some other novels with OP characters. Most of all, the character development is done really well for being an action fantasy geanre: both the MC and their companions experience a natural growth trough the progression of the story, sometimes subtle and sometimes drastic, but still realistic and not forced or unexplained.

100 Luck has a lot of potential as a story, yet I would consider it to still be in the Prologue. (Meaning the Plot has yet to begin) There is yet to be a goal that most adventures have. His relationship is great side-story, and this travel to the capital is slowed thanks to his Luck, but even that is for a summons that we don’t know the reason for. Hopefully the King or Princess has a countrywide problem for our party, which might lead to an international issue. After all, he has his entire life to nebulously make things… Read more »
MA: Starts off as a somewhat irregular “MC is a dungeon” story, before changing completely into an adventure story. The writing is good, the characters are somewhat believable and the story doesn’t have too many plot armours or things pulled from nowhere at the last second. I feel obligated to point out that the main characters get OP power fairly fast, and it is abused quite a bit, but it’s not quite the “invincible” type of OP as far as I can see for now. The feel of the story is a bit of an odd one, as it happily… Read more »
MA: First of all, I think it isn’t a story you can read a single chapter of, and then do something else, since it has long parts that are making you constantly want to know what is going to happen next. It is almost the typical reincarnation setting, but the problems of the MC not only lie in powerful enemies he is encountering, not going to say much more about that though, since it would be a spoiler. The plot revolves around Illsyore, who is getting reincarnated as a Dungeon Core. After he gets reincarnated he is given the task… Read more »

Both series have well established worlds and characters. While they’re mostly light-hearted sometimes darker themes find their way into the stories and are well exectued.
While they’re different in many places, the writing style is the same (duh, its the same author) so if you enjoy either one of his works, the other one would probably fit your tastes too.
Its not too long, so its perfect for a time when you’re traveling to kill some time.


I think the 100 Luck story is a good story,going with the flow and has a nice step,not to rush.
but sometimes its make me kinda angry cause the MC think to highly of race,he said he love the heroine but he afraid of her,i dont even understand whats his problem is.what part of her did he think a monster.

I was reincarnated as a Magic Academy… Well, it’s not a crime fiction investigating, who is the murder. But it’s a well written story that keeps you entertained and rofl’ing(Rolling On the Floor Laughing), while informing you and deepening the story, but not noticing because you will be rofl’ing. Well I find the best part to be that it’s not cliche. If you know the japanese “Flipping the table”, imagine doing it twice over while it’s in midair just for the heck of it, and you might get A picture. Would. I. Buy it? No(continue reading), I would wait in… Read more »
Review For Magic Academy: A while ago I was working my way through the piles of novels loitered around the internet in attempt to quench my insatiable thirst for reading. While considering which books to read next, I came across a novel that was only a few chapters long and early in it’s life. While I usually wait for the story to be a bit more fleshed out, Magic Academy quickly caught my interest. I soon found myself on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as the protagonist tries to live day to day life as a dungeon. His antics make… Read more »
Ever dreamed of designing a dungeon? Maybe a gothic cathedral filled with a huge variety of traps and monsters where you can capture adventurers, yes? Or perhaps an underwater palace with plenty of amazing views that have remain in the depths for centuries? Oh! Oh! Or maybe even an underground laberynth spawning an abnormal amount of biomes of all around the globe?! Well, this guy has the power to make such dungeons and the theme he chose was… an Academy? Jokes aside, this big, lovable doofus is sure to entertain you and fill your day with giggles at his antics.… Read more »
Magical Academy. Overall a good and fun story with some drama and darker side, a bit of romance (hope that it will stop with what is at the start of the third volume) I’m not much for harem but itch character is pretty well portrait we are able to connect with them. Every Volume is well balance and developpe the character even more. First arrival and growth, second exploration and intropection of oneself. Third the fun part about school life and managing (not finish yet). Could be really fun to see MA and My wife the god like dungeons cross… Read more »
I was reincarnated as a Magic Academy is a story that will pull your interest towards it. I mean how couldn’t it when you have a good MC and a good plot? The story will sometimes have these super deep philosophical magic that definitely will help you in understanding yourself more. I really recommend this story because I should share to others things that make me happy right? 100 Luck and the Dragon Tamer Skill is a story that has a different kind of feel from I was reincarnated as a Magic Academy, if you enjoy funny and relatable MCs… Read more »

100 Luck and the dragon tamer skill is an around fun story. From the start of the story to the antics the cast gets in along the way of the story just brings out more of them and adding to the world(I do love some good world building.) This isn’t to say that it’s all good. It of course also has it’s down sides. But as the story goes along I feel that some of the problems get smoothed out. I thoroughly enjoyed volume1 and look forward to volume 2.

Feel free to edit it and what not my English is all around pretty bad. I’ve enjoyed Magical Academy a lot more than I expected I would. Sure it has its ups and downs… but overall I enjoyed the first volume. The story is interesting and holds you in till the end making you want more with a good balance of humor and serious tone. Hell after I finished the first volume I was unaware I had just read 184,000 words in one sitting(Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone only had 76,944 words). Besides the book it’s self it has… Read more »