~ Chapter 88: Anvil overboard! (Part 2) ~

[Ayuseya's point of view]


I looked up at the sky and saw no signs of birds or clouds of rain. The endless ocean was empty and calm... Not even the smallest ship in sight.

It was boring.

There was nothing to do on this little raft, nothing at all... Even my precious book collection had been read and reread so many times that I completely lost interest in it. Illsy wrote me a few stories from his own world, but his talent for writing and describing the beautiful was somewhat... lacking. On the other hand, his manuals and teaching guides were amazing, simple and easy to understand.

Therefore, when we reached shore, I was determined to find the closest library and raid it! I would buy all the books there or even better, I could just steal them! No... that would be bad. Illsy wouldn't want that.

Letting out another sigh, I looked back at my husband. He was swimming next to Nanya, both of them pushing this raft while they peddled with their feet. Normally, one wouldn't see this as being a very effective way of transport, but surprisingly, the raw power of their feet was at absurd levels already. We were moving faster than any boat I had the pleasure of sailing on.

Actually, they could pretty much lift this raft above their heads and run on top of the water, but then the continuous up and down motion would make all of a sick... And I can already imagine Tamara getting annoyed with this and starting hissing at them. It wouldn't be good for Shanteya either, she has to be careful... I thought.

Turning my gaze to the nekatar, I saw her enjoying her petting session with Shanteya. Next to her was Zoreya, who was staring into the depths of the ocean as if trying to find the secret to immortality. Her shield was stored within the small Crystal embedded in the back of her right hand. All of us had one, and it was hidden right under the skin. Illsy called it a 'small upgrade', but the rest of us saw it as an amazing thing.

The reason for this was so that we would all have quick access to our personalized items. Bothering Illsy and Nanya to take them out and store them every time become too much of a bother, and it wasn't very combat efficient either.

All the stuff we arrived with on the island had long been destroyed. Zoreya's armor alone was turned to dust several times. Once, during practice, she was left with nothing on, stark naked... Before she started crying from embarrassment, Illsy 'stole' her from the battlefield and locked us outside of his room. By the time we realized his TRUE intentions, it was already too late... Nanya complained the most about this incident.

To keep us safe and also raise our battle potential, Illsy made us special weapons and armors. He upgraded them every time we grew stronger or he developed a new technology for them. Compared to what the most brilliant of blacksmiths of the three continents could make, Illsy's items were a million times better. Just my sword alone if given to Dankyun could easily increase his power by at least ten times.

As if being Over Supremes wasn't good enough... I thought and let out another sigh.

Of course, we promised ourselves not to abuse these items too much. We would use them only when we thought it to be absolutely necessary. For every other situation of dealing with Supremes and the occasional random group of bandits, we had simple weapons that could withstand a part of our unleashed power.

I doubted Illsy thought about this, but if we wanted to, we could easily conquer all the three continents in a matter of days. There was no force on them capable of withstanding our might.

Looking far into the distance, I began to think back at my time before I met Illsy. How I lived cursed to count the days until I fell prey to death's claws. How I once stood on the political seat of a Princess of Teslov, yet having no actual strength to back it up. Then there were all those countless hours when I was forced to learn how to become the perfect wife and behave like a refined and elegant lady.

Truth be told, I was actually being trained to become an obedient little trophy wife, not a Queen... and certainly not a lover.

If my former tutors could see me now, they would certainly be outraged and demand me to be 'retrained'. They would certainly point out that flaunting over Illsy, wanting to be close to him, and sometimes expressing my desire to monopolize him was a behavior that shamed my status and family. As a Princess of Teslov, in their opinion, I was supposed to sit behind my husband, act all pretty and elegant like a porcelain doll or act in a way the nobles wouldn't find disgraceful.

If only they knew that I have completely abandoned such a way of life... I thought and then giggled.

To be honest, I didn't even care anymore about the battle for the throne or the fact that I was cured of a seemingly impossible to dispel curse. That part of my life was now over, and after so many nights with my husband and adventures alongside my friends, I decided that going back to my life as a Princess was going to be nothing but a death sentence for me.

Besides, Teslov didn't deserve me or my power... And if those old geezer wanted to drag me back or use Illsy in any way or manner, I would be the one to rip their heads out, not Shanteya.

“Hm?” I stood up on the raft and looked into the distance.

“What is it?” Shanteya asked.

“Munya~ don't stop~ Pet me more!” the nekatar requested.

“I think I see something in the distance...” I pointed in front of me.

“Hm... there's a dot.” Zoreya said as she squinted her eyes.

“I'll go up and take a better look.” I told them.

Using wind magic, I flew up into the air and then looked into the distance. I wasn't wrong. There was something there, in the horizon.

“A SHIP! I SEE A SHIP!” I shouted excited.

Finally! The days of endless boredom had finally come to an end.

Stopping my spell, I fell back down on the raft.


My landing was a bit rough, causing it to bob in the water, but the small craft held together.

“There's a ship!” I said again.

“Awesome!” Illsy raised a fist in the sky.

“Finally...” Nanya let out a sigh of exasperation.

“Hm, where's Zoreya?” Illsy asked suddenly.

Blinking surprised, I looked behind. The crusader was gone. The spot where she was sitting on just a moment ago was empty.

“She must have fallen in the water!” I said.

“Ah! Anvil overboard! Someone go and save my wife!” Illsy cried out.

I jumped into the water and used the flow of Magic Energy to propel myself towards her.

The woman in question was sinking like a rock in that full-plate armor of hers. I knew she didn't want to part with it, but still...

Zoreya! Don't drown! I thought.

Well, I was certain Illsy would save her at the last minute in the worst case scenario, and she wasn't an idiot to let herself drown either.

I grabbed her by the plate on her back and pulled her up with me. Thanks to my speed and strength, I was able to swim back up to the surface quite fast.

“Over here!” I called out once I was out.

Pulling Zoreya's head above the water, she spat and we swum over to the raft. Illsy pulled her up, and I got out of the water as well.

“Are you alright?” Illsy asked worried.

“I thought I was going to drown.” she said as water poured out of every hole in her armor.

“Come on, get out of that armor before you catch a cold.” Illsy said.

“Ah! No need to!” she shook her head, but he used Absorb and took it off.

Immediately, Zoreya's cheeks turned red, and she made a face as if she was about to cry.

“Hm...” Illsy squinted his eyes and put her armor back on.

Her expression turned into one of relief, then Illsy absorbed it again. Her face turned red. He put it back on. She calmed down again.

This cycle repeated a few times until Nanya had enough of it and slapped Illsy over the back of his head.

“Enough already! We need to get to that boat.” she said.

“Ouch... yes.” he replied rubbing the back of his head.

I giggled and gave Illsy a kiss on the cheek.

“Nanya's right. We had enough of this raft.” I smiled.

“Alright...” he nodded.

Thus, we headed towards the vessel I had spotted into the far distance. I was quite curious to know to which country or trade company it belonged to...

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Anvil overboard! Someone go and save my wife!
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Uh oh, please tell me the leader of the Assassin guild or one of the ladies parents isn’t on that ship… I could see some dark times ahead if any of those were true. 🙂 Now it’d be pretty funny if other apostles were on the ship & teased Zoreya for her cute shyness.


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I’d say Illsy will make it his own personal quest to build the ultimate open air Onsen either on school grounds or at the local city/town/castle/etc

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