~ Chapter 46: History and shame (Part 2) ~

I gulped in horror as I heard this, but no one was denying this and some dragons who heard him now were even showing signs of their hate and disgusts for those who did these acts. Feelings and emotions which were further cast upon me.

“When Sir Brekkar heard this, he requests the King's permission to take his army to the battlefield. His Majesty agreed and Brekkar went forth on the brink of dawn of the following day. His army marched without rest until they reached the battlefield. There, Sir Brekkar himself took up his weapon and retaliated with all of his might. In just one month, he took back his domain, but in doing so, he also scorched it to the ground. Now, among the enemy humans, there was also one who reached a Breakthrough. He battled against Sir Brekkar, but the brave general won in the end at the costs of his own body. Although he returned victorious, he had lost all those he could celebrate it with and even the power to return to the battlefield. He retired to Tomeron, but this heroic battle of his was without a doubt one of revenge.” Draejan said in a tone of voice that glorified the once former General.

I could only sit there and listen in a daze. Everything this dragon was telling me sounded like the absolute truth and not even Seryanna denied it. To think that crazy old dragon had such a past, I could only wonder what he went through inside when I came into his home and then asked to be his friend.

To be the friend of the enemy who took your wife and children from you... who took everything... Why didn't he say anything? I wondered.

“That's why I don't understand why Sir Seryanna decided to spare your life. I can't even begin to comprehend how she could come to hold any sort of feelings for you besides hate and disgust. After all, your species... your kind was what brought ruin to her family, her happiness, and can be considered the main culprit for the Third Princess' loss of power right now.” he said.

“That doesn't mean a thing! I'm not one of those who participated in that battle!” I shouted back at him.

He squinted his eyes at him.

“I don't think you understand... but I'll say it again. Humans were those who mercilessly slaughtered her family, her friends, and everyone she cared about back on the former Draketerus domain. Your species brought ruin to her family, to her life... and your very appearance is a symbol and reminder of that suffering.” he stated these words clearly and put pressure on them.

I found myself at a loss.

My will to fight was shattered, and then... I was struck.

Draejan used [Dash] and didn't punch me but slapped me so hard, I rolled in the air and landed outside of the ring.

“I declare this official duel to be over. Sir Draejan wins.” Teolas said as he raised his hand up.

“I lost? No way... but my luck shouldn't have let me... I... No, it's impossible.” I said in shock.

When I looked back, I saw the sad gaze in Seryanna's eyes.

Does this mean... I've lost her for good? I thought and my heart tightened.

“Of course, you lost. Who do you think you are facing? If I lost against a pathetic human like you, I would have been buried in shame.” Draejan said as he took off his helmet and walked out of the ring.

Anger flowed inside me, and clenching my fist, I got up. I rushed at him, wanting to punch him at least once, but Seryanna stepped in front of me with her arms spread out. She was there to stop me, and on her cheeks, I could see... tears.

“Stop it, Alkelios... There's nothing else you can do... You lost... You fell for his trap. This duel wouldn't have been able to dissolve my engagement to him either way because the King himself ordered it.” she said and clenched her fists.

“Indeed. Ah! You don't know. Well, I'll tell you. Her Majesty, the Queen, was poisoned 12 years ago by a human right after she gave birth. The human was an ambassador of peace who was sent here to discuss the possibility of ending this war. The King allowed it and... you can see what happened. Thus, I highly doubt his Majesty would have EVER listened to you in the first place.” he laughed.

I clenched my teeth and looked down. I was mad, furious, but I had lost on all fronts.

“Is this true?” I asked through my gritted teeth.

“Yes...” Seryanna said.

I lost... eh? I thought.

“Goodbye...” I said... broken on the inside.

With rage, anger, and a feeling of complete loss swirling in my chest, I ran away from her. I didn't even want to look into her eyes. I didn't even want to see Draejan's face. I didn't even stop to listen to Seryanna's last call... All I did was run away as fast as I could, to flee from that place where I was taken for a fool, where I was hated and looked down upon for being... human.

So, I ran... I ran as fast as I could, ignoring everyone who called out to me, who tried to stop me, who looked at me in a strange way. All I cared about was finding the exit and leaving this place, this whole experience behind me. I wanted to forget about Seryanna and everyone else. I wanted to be left alone... After all, there was nothing left for me here... nothing.

Just as I reached the gates, two children stood in my way. It was a little girl and a little boy, both with golden slit eyes and shoulder length pale-blond hair. They looked like two porcelain dolls, eerily beautiful.

“W-what?” I asked surprised.

“Please save our mother.” they both told me at the same time.

I clenched my fist and jaw for a moment.

What a joke... I thought.

“I'm sorry, but I'm a loser... I'm not a savior or a hero. I don't know you either, and I have no idea who your mother is. I'm sorry.” I said and then ran away past them.

The guards at the entrance didn't stop me and let me pass, while the two children looked at me as I went. It was weird, but I had the feeling they didn't believe my words.

This palace has nothing to do with me anymore... Nothing... Seryanna and everyone else... I'm nothing to them... I thought as I ran through the busy streets of Drakaria.

[Kataryna's point of view]

“Aren't you glad you got rid of that pest?” Draejan asked Seryanna.

“You won today. You may have won the right to marry me. You may have won the right to claim my body as yours... but my heart still belongs and will always belong to Alkelios.” she said, but... the light in her eyes was gone.

The dragoness left the training ground to return to her room, but she was nothing more than a former shell of her true self. The energy around her had vanished. The endless fire I felt when I fought against her and together with her was now gone... as if it had been washed away by all the tears she shed on the inside.

I let out a sigh and approached Draejan and Teolas.

“I'm going to give you a warning, you brat. IF you dare touch Alkelios again, you will find out why the history of Albeyater never mentions me. Ask the old man about it, he should know.” I spoke calmly, but for the first time in centuries, I released a terrifying wave of killer instinct.

They both gulped as they looked at me.

With this said, I walked away from them and returned to Kleo, who was currently guarding the Third Princess. Tomorrow, I planned on visiting Seryanna and then Alkelios at the inn. That was the place he had most likely returned to, but before I did so, I shouted something to these other fools.

“Kataryna Greorg, a Breakthrough Awakened, officially declares her TEMPORARY allegiance to the Third Princess and the human Alkelios Yatagai.”

That was the last thing I needed to do. In this game of theirs, these fools would all now know not to touch either of them... at least until I declared otherwise, which would be when this whole mess had come to a more... definite conclusion.

[Teolas Draegu's point of view]

In all of my long life, I never thought I would see that old fossil rise up again or even declare something as frightening as that. To think that SHE made a move was simply... terrifying.

That was why, I decided to heed her warning and also impart it on this foolish youngster who was stirring a sheep herd with a stick.

“Who does that dragoness think she is?” Sir Draejan spoke in a mocking tone of voice.

I walked up to him and looked into his eyes. My piercing gaze made him flinch.

“Were you blind boy? Did you not feel her strength and power?” I questioned him.

“Well, she did appear to be strong, but... I'm certain Knight Master Teolas could easily handle her.” he said with a political smile.

“Don't be a fool. I would need a thousand lives before I could even land a single hit on her!” I declared.

“What?” he looked at me as though I said something outrageous.

“Listen up and listen well. About 500 years ago, on a battlefield far away from here, Albeyater's armies clashed with Zerudan's. From all points of view, we shouldn't have stood a chance against them... However, in the middle of the battle, a single dragoness came forth and although she was of the enemy's side, she began to mercilessly attack her allies. Without care and with a crazed smile on her face, she danced with those swords in her hands.” I closed my eyes as I remembered the scene from when I was a just a young whelp who barely knew how to put on his armor, yet I was one of the youngest commanders who stood by our King's side.

The clash of swords and shouts of fury all faded away as this dragoness danced among her foes and allies alike. All those who stood too close were cut down by her swords. The enemy commanders tried to bring her down, but she cut them down in the blink of an eye. One after another, she cut them down and cleaved her way through the flesh of her allies until she reached their General.

“In that battle, the one we feared the most was their Breakthrough Awakened General, yet that dragon was struck down by Kataryna Greorg. Our side, by the orders of the King, didn't move an inch until this internal dispute of theirs was over. Their army... was almost twice as big as ours, yet from the moment that dragoness stepped on the battlefield until she cut off the General's head, she reduced it to a number below ours.” I gulped.

“That's impossible.” Draejan claimed.

“Boy... DON'T dare to insult me.” I glared at him, and he froze.

“I apologize, Sir Teolas.” he bowed his head.

“Sigh, well it's normal for you think that way. Unless you see her in battle, you won't believe it either... Yet, that's the truth... More so, Kataryna Greorg is the ONLY dragon I heard of so far who was EVER able to defeat a Breakthrough Awakened while she herself was not one yet.” I said and then looked back at the dragoness who left.

“If she is someone so great, why doesn't our history mentions her?” he asked.

“Because after she won, she brought the head of the general to our King's feet and then pointed his sword at him. In exchange for his life and that of all those in his army, she demanded for Albeyater to leave her alone and erase her name from history. IF she ever desired to return as an ally or foe, she wanted it to be of her own accord.” I let out a sigh.

“Someone like that... The King agreed?” he asked.

“Yes.” I nodded. “We did as requested, and she left peacefully.”

“Then...” Draejan looked confused.

“Boy, if that human was able to bring that old fossil out of her cave... He might also be the one who will either bring this dragoness to our side or make her fight against us. I fear that this duel was a foolish one and as such, if she EVER requests it, I will make it VOID.” I declared with a sharp tone of voice.

“You can't be serious, Sir! This was an official duel! More so, my opponent was a human!” he retorted.

“I rather have you lose face than this kingdom several towns and countless lives.” I replied then left him to think it over.

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