~ Chapter 13: The Blessing of 118 Gods ~

While things were going South for my Little Sister Pampering hobby, father brought me over to the altar and placed me on the same spot. The letters vanished when the High Priest released the spell earlier, and he was now preparing to give me the same ceremony. Since we were twins, I had a feeling they had high hopes for me too.

“Let us begin!” the High Priest declared as he started to chant.

Inside, I was praying for SAR... I mean Sapherya to do something about this whole matter, when all of a sudden particles of golden light appeared around me, forcing me to close my eyes. When I opened them again, I wasn't on the altar anymore.

“What the...” I muttered confused.

In front of me was an endless sea of white clouds. It was a beautiful, calm, and majestic scenery only a lucky pilot could experience. It brought a certain tranquility to one's heart, but the most surprising thing about this was the fact that the cloud itself was able to hold my weight without letting me sink in. But I wasn't alone here, there was another beauty on this cloud. She was pouting and looking at me with tears in her eyes.

“Nice weather we're having!” I greeted Sapherya as I showed her an awkward smile.

“Leonidas! I thought you said you were never going to use that acronym again! It's fine to use my full name, but that... that is TOO mean!” she complained as she waved her arms around.

If you act like that, it will only make me want to tease you more... I thought to myself, but before anything, I made a bow and said “I'm sorry!”

“Un... Something tells me you aren't very sorry...” she continued to pout and crossed her arms at her chest.

“Well...” I looked up at her and scratched my right cheek with a finger.

“Why did you call me?” she asked lifting her chin up and pushing that big chest of hers a bit forward.

Mentally, I knew she was a woman of such beauty that any man would drool for, but since I had the same body reactions as a three years-old, the only thing her chest stimulated for me was my stomach.

“I am now three years old!” I said lifting up three fingers “I'm currently or was... I don't really get what's happening right now, but I was sitting on your altar in order to receive some sort of blessing from you? My sister, Cassandra, just got three of them...” I tried to explain, but I got a bit lost in my own words.

“Oh! The blessing ceremony! What about it?” she asked tilting her head.

I squinted my eyes at her.

“Hm?” she blinked confused.

“She's going to be sent away from me!” I complained.

“What?” she furrowed her brow and then scratching her head, she asked “If I remember right, you are in Lukrentia Kingdom?”

“I think so... yes.” I replied with a wry smile, since I had absolutely no idea in what corner of the world I was born in.

“Don't worry! At best, she will be sent to a super private and very special academy for about four years. You'll get to see her then!” she smiled.

“Four years?! When she returns, she'll hate me! No, she won't even remember me!” I despaired.

“Leonidas, you are exaggerating! You're sister isn't a bird brain who forgets what just happened after taking three steps!” she tried to comfort me by patting my back.

“No.... everything is doomed...”

To be fair, even I was aware of the fact that I was exaggerating, but the drama was needed! Sort of...

“Anyway, don't worry about it! You have the blessing of 118 Prime Gods, including me! What are three when compared to this absurd number?!” she laughed it out.

“You are among those three.” I glared at her.

“Yeah... look at the time! A goddess is busy, you know! Have a safe journey back!” she avoided my eyes and quickly made herself scarce.

“Wait! Hey! Don't you run away!” I yelled after her, but it was already too late.

A blinding light surrounded me, and I found myself back on the altar in the temple, looking at my worried parents. It was time for me to find out what blessings I received.

Well, all things considered, I was bound to receive a couple of good ones, right?

Father walked over and picked me up, letting the High Priest take a look at the floating white text.

“What can I say... this is odd...” Caladeveren said as he stroked his chin.

“What's wrong?” mother asked.

All of a sudden, I felt like was back in the hospital on Earth, waiting for the doctor to give my parents the bad news.

I unconsciously gulped.

“What is it?” father asked.

“He definitely has a blessing, but... these symbols... this language... I don't know how to read it.” he said shaking his head.

“What?” mother frowned.

“Is it not the holy language?” father asked.

The priest shook his head and stepped aside, letting us take a look at it. We approached the altar and looked at the floating letters. While everyone was furrowing their brow, I was the only one looking at it with dead fish eyes.

Ah, yes! There was definitely a blessing there written in the most beautiful handwriting I had ever seen. There was just one tiny winy little problem with it...

This bloody blessing is written in Romanian! OI!” I shouted in my mind.

[Binecuvântarea a 118 Zei] or translated in my current natal language: [Blessing of 118 Gods].

One blessing that held the power of 118, but still one blessing. Worst of all, for the people of this world, it was COMPLETELY unreadable!

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chance thompson

Poor MC he just trolled by his own language


I see him acting and saying “Is 118 many?”
Couldn’t he revel his blessing without them finding out, that he is an Reincarnator?
Just his mother and Sister could eventually sense, that he doesn’t tell the ENTIRE truth.


Oh boy… So possible “we can’t read it” treated as good as 3 or better… Or they don’t think much because he’s a common 1 blessing… Of hate for latter

P.S. I also noticed you made his sister not flat chested. That’s all. No comment or anything :p


she is 3. I hope she doesnt have boobs yet.


I get it… she’s three but “Blessing of Bountifulness”… I never said she was now….


When was there something mentioned about his sister chest, she is freaking 3 that is way too soon to see that. Unless you are talking about the fact that the mother defeats even the gods, so the sister has good future perspective.


I get it… she’s three but “Blessing of Bountifulness”… I never said she was now….




He’s a demon! Kill it with fire! Or he will read it out loud. Either way it’s bumpy, good luck with this part seems like a turning point that could break the story.

Dean Kelly

Thanks for the chapter!!!!
but please don’t go with the everyone underestimate the mc troupe or think he’s inferior to his little sister do to their lack of understanding, they are way to common and i’m sick of seeing them!! Well though I say that you’ll still probably be able to make it good even with it, I’d still like if you’d avoid it.

Avod Rashod

Most likely since it is a rare or “WTF is this!?” ability they may send him with his sister to the academy, or at least have an eye on him.


I realy get the feeling he is going to go on a journey while his sister is at school or something.

Anonymous Shadow

NOOO! I want more of their cute interactions together and don’t want them to separate!
(I have problems with cuteness.Help me… )