~ Chapter 15: A nightmare of a future ~

Almost one week had past since we went to the church to find out what our Blessings were. When we arrived back home, I took the liberty of checking the details of this Blessing in my [Status Window]. The description was the following:

[Binecuvântarea a 118 Zei]: 118 different Gods of different worlds in different Universes have merged their individual Blessings into one to offer it as a gift to a single soul. The effect of this Blessing differs depending on occasion, but it guarantees the well being and happiness of the individual as long as they will it to happen.

In other words, no matter what sort of path I took in life, this Blessing guaranteed my success. While being only one and even a bit strange, it was in fact something 118 gods bestowed upon me. A fact which shouldn't be taken lightly. At the same time, I understood that those who received Blessings from only one or more gods were predetermined to face a certain path in life.

If I wasn't that far off the target with my guess, then this in itself implied that my sister was going to be led on a path of war. National Treasures, according to these blessings, implied a certain level of excellence and luck in that specific domain when compared to your average Joe.

God of War, huh? Couldn't it have been the God of Cute and Cuddly Stuff? Or the God of Safety? God of Flowers? No? Ugh... I thought as I was looking at my sleeping sister.

Like any other big brother out there, I was worried...

This means I have seven years to turn myself into an awesome brother, then another four to become someone powerful enough to protect someone with the Blessing from the God of War. I guess my quiet and safe life plan just went out the window and flew to the other side of the Universe... I thought while groaning in my mind.

That night, I dreamed of teddy bears trying to kidnap my little sister only to end up beaten half to death by her. In that moment, she became a charming prince, and I was the damsel in distress.

When I woke up, I was sweating bullets and my heart was pounding like crazy.

Seeing me like that, my little sister took my hand, and with a charming smile, she told me “Don't worry brother, I will scare off the nightmare for you! I will save you! I promise!”

With her declaring such a thing proudly and even pushing her chest forward, I could only show her a wry smile while screaming and crying in my mind.

I was already seeing the dreadful future that awaited me... At our family meeting in twenty years from now, I remained feeble and small, while she turned into a macho girl the size of a mountain, with strong and well-shaped muscles.

My heart and mind simply shattered to pieces...

In that moment, I swore that I would do whatever it was necessary to stop such a horrible future from ever coming true! If it did, then Sapherya's name was going to become S.A.R.G.E for ALL eternity!

Meanwhile, at that time, a certain goddess shouted her complaints to my declaration.

“Why am I supposed to take the blame for THAT?! I didn't do anything!”

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a reincarnated person in another world

Awesome chapter 😀


I wonder if the meaning of the romanian blessing will ever be revealed to those in his family…


He may tell his sister… But I highly doubt anyone being able to directly read it(who isn’t from another world)


Poor Sapherya :p


Yeahhh, you never want your younger sister to surpass you in fighting power, that’s pride destroying horror. Also he needs to bring her down a peg after being so smug.

Dean Kelly

Poor S.A.R.G.E


At least she isn’t Sarge! ;P comment image