~ Chapter 95: Calamity unleashed (Part 2) ~

“Why you be sparing us?”

“Simple. The gods of Justice are offering you a chance to repent for all of your crimes. I know it's not easy to change, but your very lives are on the line. It's easy, change or die. And to change, all you have to do is change your pirate ways. Just try and think... What would a pirate NOT do and do just that.” I told them and then left.

Once they realized I was gone, they set sail and did as I told them. They were a bad bunch at the start, but if by the end of this weak they decided to change and really tried to do so, I was going to spare them, if not... well, I wasn't going to go back on my word.

Afterwards, I went around the town to check upon the damage caused by the imps. They were in the process of leveling to the ground every building around them, while the pirates figured out that they couldn't go outside of a certain range. Some of these scum tried to use ranged attacks on my monsters, but they worthlessly weak against them.

Besides the destruction caused by them to nearby buildings, there were many who lost their lives in the commotion that ensued. The trails of blood were everywhere, while the sobs and shouts of anger filled the air. It was as if a calamity had struck them... well, I believed I was worse than that.

Even so, as I watched the dead humans, I understood that while I was the cause of their demise, it was also their fate to end up like this. Maybe there were some good people among the dead; maybe a loving mother or father, an innocent child, or a bighearted grandpa. I wouldn't know and I wouldn't want to find out either. Feeling remorse or pity now was too late. Being a Dungeon helped me a lot because my former human self would have been driven mad by guilt.

As I flew around, I noticed something on the ground... I flew close and looked at the scene that caught my attention. Hiding behind a fallen wall, a mother with a broken leg was crying and praying to the gods for help. In her arms was her infant child. There were blood stains on him and her, a sign that someone most likely met their end in front of them.

“Please... Someone... Save us...” she whimpered.

I approached her and saw as tears flowed down her cheeks and slowly washed away the blood on her child. Looking at her carefully, I saw that if she wanted to, she could have left the child there and tried to crawl away, but she didn't wish to let go of him.

“Please...” she cried.

“Will you kill?” I asked.

“Huh?” she was surprised and looked around for my voice, but she couldn't see me.

“I can save you, but will you kill your child in exchange for your life?” I asked.

It was a question no sane man would pose to a crying mother, yet I knew that mankind was not that easy to trust... Only in times of great peril would they show their true colors. Only then could one see if a man chose love, friendship, and kindness over greed and material desire.

“NEVER! Kill me if you must, but not my child!” she retorted as she hugged the baby tightly to her chest, trying to protect him as best as she could.

Despite the pain she must have felt because of her broken leg and the fear of imminent death, she decided to protect that one small spark of life in her arms. She didn't even hesitate in giving her answer.

“I accept your bravery, human woman. But I ask, do you know why this calamity was brought upon you?”

“N-No.” she replied shaking her head.

“You are pirates who stole, killed, pillaged, destroyed until the gods above have forsaken all of you. I'm here to act as their voice and sword. Your hate for their creations made their decision final.” I told her.

“But... But I never did any of those things! I'm seamstress... I never set sailed... My hands were never stained by blood!” she retorted.

“What of your hate towards those who were not human?” I asked.

She looked down and bit her lip.

“...” she mumbled something, but I couldn't hear.

“Speak up.” I ordered her.

“At least this child... Please... He's innocent, so at least save this child.” she begged.

I looked at her for a moment and closed my eyes.

Now that I have seen and talked with her, I couldn't allow myself to kill her in cold blood. Unfortunately, the woman was an adept of the human superiority ideology, a hater of non-humans.

Maybe there's still hope? I wondered.

Letting out a sigh, I told her. “I will give you a choice, mortal. If you listen and obey, you will be able to stay together with your child.” I told her.

“Anything!” she replied with a glimpse of hope in her eyes.

“I will heal your wounds and allow you free passage to enter the camp for Slaves and Children placed outside of this town. There, you will be tested to see if you still hold the same belief and hate in your heart for non-humans. If you do, you may say farewell to your child for you will die. However, if you manage to cast it aside by then, I will forgive you and allow you free passage off this island. Try and leave by a boat with the rest of this scum, and I will kill you myself. Also, speak none of this to anyone on the island unless I say otherwise. Do you understand?” I asked in a stern tone of voice.

“Y-Yes!” she nodded.

“Good.” I replied.

Removing the wall was easy, I just had to absorb it. Then I used my Magic Energy to carefully repair her broken leg while applying anesthesia on the right nerves. I could have used a spell I designed called [Healing Spell 1], but during the healing process, she would have felt all the pain that went along with it. Also, the name was like that because I couldn't think of anything better at the moment...

Once I was done with this, I used [Body Scan] to check for any other injuries on her body and her baby. Both turned out alright.

“Done. Move north of here, towards the forest. Don't worry, the imps won't attack you.” I told her.

Technically, they would... But I planned on changing this with a new order I was about to give them, so technically I didn't deceive her.

“Thank you...” she replied and made a bow at the air to my right because she couldn't technically see me.

“Just don't forget what I said. If you will keep your life or not depends only on yourself.” I told her and then left.

As soon as I did so, I ordered all imps not to attack any slaves, children, elderly, or adults with children or babies unless they attacked first.

With this, all that was left was to create a temporary camp for them, so I flew towards the edge of Town A and absorbed a part of the forest near the walls, leveling the ground in the process. Afterwards, I raised about 100 tents and prepared some boxes with supplies. I summoned a level 1500 Minotaur and placed him at the entrance.

This guy was wearing enchanted armor just like the imp, and he could use skills and spells as well. I could have chosen from several variants, including a golden one and a darkness one. They were quite varied after level 1250, almost like they were evolving into something different.

Now the reason why it had such a high level was because of his intelligence. Up to level 1000 they were usually as dumb as a rock, but afterwards, they began to think a little bit, even use strategy. A level 1500 Minotaur could also obey more complex commands.

I gave him the same non-attack order as I gave the imps, then I told to make sure nobody in the camp was going to fight each other or start to act up. Next to the supply boxes, I made a wooden board and wrote several rules on it in regard to how those living here should behave. Among them, there were rules that forbid fighting and ordering the slaves around. If someone broke the rules, depending on the severity, the Minotaur would first give them a warning first, a growl or something like that, then he was free to beat them to a pulp, but not kill the guilty ones.

With these rules set, I made an exact copy of this place next to Town B. Now all that was left to do was to announce the situation to everyone on the island.

Thus, I flew up in the air, and let my voice be heard through my spell [Broadcasting].

“This is the master of this island speaking. I expect everyone got acquainted with my little pets, the imps? They are the proof that I am not joking around.” I spoke in a harsh tone of voice. “Now then!” I coughed and continued to speak “I order you, if you value your lives, to send ALL of your slaves to the camps outside the city guarded by a Minotaur. He will not kill the slaves, but everyone else is minced meat.” I laughed. “Ah, but taking all of the slaves is no fun... I know! Send all those you think they might act like a landlubber as well as all of your children. Parents who do not wish to part with them are welcomed too. In front of the Minotaur declare out loud that you renounce your connection to them for a free passage off the island. Simple, right?” I said and then stopped the spell.

It struck me then, but I didn't tell the Minotaur what to do when these pirates will come over and say all those things...

“Sigh... I guess this whole situation is having me on edge. I keep making simple mistakes.” I said and shook my invisible head.

Well, it was no biggie. I just flew back to each camp and order them to listen to them then pointed at the message board next to them. If they pushed forward the person they 'gave up', then the Minotaur was going to nod his head once and let that person pass through. As for the other one, he wasn't allowed to step into the camp, but he wasn't going to end up attacked either.

Overall, I hoped there weren't be any major problems with my orders.

With a sigh escaping my lips, I flew up into the sky and opened a map that showed all the lifeforms on this island. It was one of my new spells: [Life Signs Detection Map]. It was based on my Dungeon Territory's inbuilt Life Signs and Allies sensors, and what it did was basically show those signals on the holographic map of my territory. I changed all children and slaves to neutral to keep the monsters from attacking them as an extra safety precaution.

If they were set to neutral, an intelligent monsters could still attack them if they were seen as a potential enemy. Only allies were completely ignored by them. Hence why I had to give them a verbal command. That one worked no matter how I perceived their status.

As for allies, only my wives were shown, and they were currently moving as I had asked them to.

“Hm, I wonder who won their silly competition?” I said to myself.

All that was left to do now was... to wait.

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Anon 125342

i sort of have a premonition dream like 5 years ago and i remember seeing the tidle of this chapter… like always if i dont keep the memory strong i will forged it.
Thanks you for the chapter.

Honestly this starts to bore me. Just let him fucking build his academy instead of this power level murder fest. You know I really liked this story in the beginning. It was unique, it had a relatable MC. But now? It’s just another sociopathic monster that’s dispensing “justice” out of habit more than anything else. It’s very clearly the MC doesn’t actually give much of a shit about that at all anymore. “Oh, I probably just slaughtered countless innocent, meh whatever as a dungeon lord I’m above such petty feelings of guilt. Their deaths were just fate.” Looks like the… Read more »
Honestly this starts to bore me. Just let him fucking build his academy instead of this power level murder fest. You know I really liked this story in the beginning. It was unique, it had a relatable MC. But now? It’s just another sociopathic monster that’s dispensing “justice” out of habit more than anything else. It’s very clearly the MC doesn’t actually give much of a shit about that at all anymore. “Oh, I probably just slaughtered countless innocent, meh whatever as a dungeon lord I’m above such petty feelings of guilt. Their deaths were just fate.” Looks like the… Read more »
Hello There, sorry if I’m being a bother but I was re-reading MA and though of an advice of sorts, by the way, sorry if my English end up sounding a bit broken, so okay, this “advice” of mine is in the regards of the “lasers” illsyore (will refer him as MC for now on) has, you see, I was thinking in the possibility of them needing an upgrade in power in the future, or as to explain an already made one, being like that as to since they have a science background. “lasers”(light actually) have is colors based on… Read more »

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