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i see a komodo head(left of the picture) seeing a mountain with a lake (on the right side) :v


i see a few grasses in a barren land also a few rocks

Growing Forests
The composition is interesting and your choice of colours are well thought out for the title and feeling you gave it, but I suggest that you try to stay away from parallel lines (in the center) to give it an easier flow. If you look at it for a certain time, they trap your gaze in the box you create at the tips. I would suggest a small pattern to be added between the green lines, but that’s my preference. Its a good piece of art and it conveys harmony very well! Good job! I hope continue on doing some… Read more »
André Liu

I have no artistic sense, the best I could say is, it could be used as an wall paper since it’s not heavy to the eyes. In a sense it has refreshing colors.