~ Chapter 55: Nine months ago (Part 4) ~

“Ugh! Because there's a cure!” I shouted back, hoping to reach to him.

In that moment his grip weakened, and I fell on the floor.

“There's a cure... Remember? [Lumenos, Lumenya, and Nocturnia's tears Potion].” I told him.

“Yes... but you said you don't know how to make it... your skill is not good enough, and there's no Grand Godlike Alchemist alive in Albeyater... Actually, I have no idea how the humans even managed to get their hands on the [God's Demise Poison]...” he said and then stepped back, looking around the room in a daze.

“Your Majesty, please relax... We still have 4 years left before there's nothing we can do... It should be more than enough time for me to go and find the ingredients. Once I reach [Bartender] level 5, I have chance at making. I won't guarantee anything because I don't know what the future has installed for us, but knowing we have a chance is better than falling to despair.” I told him as I rubbed my neck and got back up on my feet.

“Yes... that's true... and if you reach that level, then all that's left is procuring the ingredients. That's true... yes... I should go right away and order the troops. NO! The whole army to aid you!” he declared and immediately got up on his feat.

Before he reached the door, I grabbed onto his tail and pulled, stopping him in his tracks.

“Wait a second! IF you do that then everything we planned and work for so far will be for nothing! The dragons who poisoned the queen will be left to roam free, and they might send assassins in an attempt to stop me! It will become a hassle and needless trouble for all of us!” I called out to him.

He listened to me and then thought carefully about it for a moment.

“You are right...” he nodded and stepped back.

I released his tail.

“Phew!” I exhaled relieved.

“Still, I cannot stop worrying about the fact that this might not work...” he said as he knitted his brow and looked at the ground.

“Then in the next nine months come up with plan in case I don't return, though I highly doubt this because I want to kiss Seryanna again.” I nodded.

“You are right... I know the poison's name. I know the cure's name. All I need now is a Grand Godlike Alchemist. A dragon with such mastery won't hesitate in taking up the challenge to brew this famous cure.” he said.

“And you also know what potions to acquire in order to help your wife recover from the Ryumarry poisoning: [Bartak's Potion], [Adeline Tea], [Healing Potion], and [Grayum Weed]. Besides these, I would recommend making her lots of fresh fruit juice, warm soups and overall healthy and nutritious stuff like this. Of course, given the circumstances, you need to do it carefully. Hm, I know. Call for Kleo, Brekkar's granddaughter. She's a necromancer black-scale, but a very able and skilled individual when it comes to obtaining this sort of stuff. Also, she can act as a trusted bodyguard for you. As for the food, you can always learn to cook it yourself if you fear it will be poisoned as well.” I said.

“That's true... but a necromancer... Hm, that might not be such a bad idea. No one would expect me to have so much trust in someone like her.” he nodded to himself.

“Just watch out for her pranks...” I showed him a wry smile.

“That I always do... I don't want my palm to be glued to my face again...” he sighed.

“WOW! She's good...” I pointed out.

“Ahem! Well, I guess this settles our matters. What will you do now?” he asked me.

“I'll fly straight to the Seculiar Forest.” I showed him a smirk.

“Then may the gods have you in their care, Alkelios Yatagai!” he declared and then made a deep bow in front of me.

“You as well, your Majesty!” I showed him a smile.

“One question before you go... Why didn't you ask me to be your friend?” he squinted his eyes at me.

“Because I felt like you would decline? Well... it also didn't really cross my mind.” I shrugged.

He smirked.

“That is indeed true. A King has to stay impartial, after all.”

“And you also don't want me to peek at your stats, right?” I squinted my eyes at him.

“Ahahaha! I have no idea what you're talking about!” he looked away.

This was one sneaky old dragon.

Afterwards, I left the same way I came in, and the rest was history...

[Feryumstark's point of view after Alkelios left his room]

I was left alone with my wife. My thoughts were in a haze, but thanks to that man, I was able to find out more about my beloved's conditions. Not only this, but I also found a glimmer of hope when there should have been none. Instead of waiting for her to die by my side, I could now do something to save her.

At this moment, my two children, the youngest ones, Shezelle Eska and Ashernitz Kos entered my room. They were smiling and came up to Elliessara's bed. The two of them were born twins.

When she found out she was pregnant with their eggs, I begged my wife to give up on them, but she stubbornly refused to do so even if it would have meant to give up her own life. It took her a while, but in the end she convinced me to accept her way, and I prayed that year every day to the gods to help her in this time of need.

Their birth was a miracle, and luckily for them, they didn't have any traces of that despicable poison in their systems. I was relieved when heard this.

If I had lost both her and them, I would have certainly fallen to despair.

Maybe Luck was on my side?

Ashernitz looked up at me and said with a smile “We told you he would come.”

“Of course, we told him to!” Shezelle said with a nod.

“He did not mention you two, though.” I told them.

“No need to. He doesn't even remember anymore when we appeared before him unless someone jogs his memory.” Shezelle said.

At this point, the two held hands and their eyes glowed in a bright, golden color. The air around them changed, and the expression on their face turned to a more serious one.

“These are the words of those you do not see but feel and pray to. Trust Alkelios. Trust him well and he shall not disappoint. However, whenever the message appears before you, asking you to be his friend, reject it. Be his friend, but don't be his friend at the same time. This is the best way you can personally help him.”

The voice felt like it echoed in my head and made me feel like I was listening to a being far more powerful than I.

“This is the first time you let me hear such a lengthy message... Why do you interfere in the mortal world?” I asked him or it, whatever spoke through my children.

“You prayed. I answered.” he replied.

“These words you tell me... are they prophecies?” I inquired and squinted my eyes at the twins.

“No.” they shook their head at the same time “They are merely suggestions, so remember them well. In the end, your choice leads you down on your own path.”

The children then closed their eyes and returned to normal.

This channeling act drained them of their energies, so they were both yawing and got up on the bed to sleep beside their mother. I let them do so while I watched over them.

These two were a real mystery on why and how they gained this ability of theirs, however, I could tell the one who spoke never tried to take control of them. If they felt like this being had something to say, the twins would hold each other's hand and allow it to speak through them. Without their will and direct contact with each other, they could not channel his words through them. Simple sentences once in a while was all it said, but so far, they revealed this gift only to me. As for how long they were going to have it, I had no idea, yet something told me it wasn't going to be forever.

I wonder if it's true what the priests told me about the two of them having a chance to one day become the Apostles of a god? If this is what they will want to do, I will support them, but I will not force them to become one just because they can do a little channeling. I smiled and then gently patted their little heads.

“Sleep tight, my children.” I whispered.

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