~ Chapter 104: The new Ils Village (Part 2) ~

“It can't be free...” the woman next to him commented.

“It is free.” I said.

“A village can't be rebuilt just like that... it can't be real.” another woman said.

“Maybe it will vanish just like that man's coins...” said a young man around twenty years old.

“Wait? What man? What coins? What happened?” I asked knitting my brow.

“Indeed, your reaction to this change, although understandable for the most part, it doesn't explain why you would think we would charge you for this, especially since Illsy offered out of the goodness of his perverted heart to help you.” asked Ayuseya.

“Hey!” I squinted my eyes at the draconian.

“You see miss, several years ago, a man came to our village. He posed as a wealthy traveling merchant and bought anything we had at ridiculously high prices. We thought we would make a fortune with him, so we sold as much as we could... our best tools, our swords, daggers, knives, someone sold even the furniture in his house. We were left with bags of gold coins, more than we had seen in our entire lives!” he gesturing just how big the pile of gold was.

“That doesn't sound right... What happened next?” I asked.

“Two days after the man left with our goods... every single coin in the village turned to stone.” he looked down, clenching his fist and jaw.

“You had no more money left?” I asked surprised.

They shook their head.

“He even convinced us to exchange the little money we had for his fake coins... to balance it out, he said.” a woman said and then spat on the ground.

“We had no goods to trade in the town. We had no tools to make new goods. We had no money to buy new tools... Then the tax collector came... we were forced to have some of us willingly sell themselves into slavery so the rest of us could have a chance, but things didn't get better. Then the traders stopped coming here because they heard we had no money left...” another man continued the explanation.

“I see... And everything because someone tricked you with fake coins.” I nodded.

Thinking about it, I did have a way to avoid this situation from repeating itself.

Closing my eyes, I slipped inside my Inner Mind for a few seconds. I took a small iron disc, I embedded a small Magic Energy Collector Crystal on one side, then I enchanted the disc with [Dispel Illusion] spell. I connected the enchant to the crystal, so that the latter could act like a battery.

I opened my eyes and summoned the disc in my right palm.

“Here.” I told the young man as I gave it to him.

“What's this?” he asked while looking at it a bit confused.

[Illusion]” I chanted and activated the spell which created a copy of myself next to me.

“W-What?” the villager backed off surprised.

“Pour your Magic Energy into the Crystal and bring it close to this clone of mine.” I said with a smile.

The man gulped and nodded. When he did what I asked of him, the illusion of my clone began to show a distortion effect and not long after that vanished completely.

“What?” the man looked at the disc in his hand then at the place where my clone stood. He waved his hand through the air, but there was nothing else left there. “It's... gone?” he asked.

“Yes. That disc is something I just made. It creates a small dispelling field around it that counteracts any illusion spell. As you have seen yourself, it works. You can use it to check any item or coins in the future.” I told them with a smile.

“W-Why would you do this for us?” he asked confused.

I shrugged “Because I can, and I also wanted to.” I replied.

“F-F-For f-f-free?” the stuttering old man asked.

“Yes.” I nodded.

“You really don't want anything?” a woman asked.

“You can always worship me as your new god.” I smirked.

They began to talk among themselves.

“I was joking! Joking! If Melkuth hears I made you worship me, he'll kill me!” I complained.

“Melkuth? The God of War?” one of them asked surprised.

“Yeah, the lady in full-plate armor over there is his Apostle and also my wife. Actually, Melkuth was the one who gave me the name Deus!” I laughed and rubbed the back of my head.

“Pardon?” one of them said, but it was clear that their common sense was starting to shatter like a cheap glass smashed by a rock.

“Just forget I said that.” I looked away.

“So you really don't want anything in return?” the man who was holding the dispelling disk asked.

“Yes. Just move on with your lives, but if I were to say anything specific, then you could do me the favor and try to avoid at all cost to sell yourselves into slavery in the future. Oh, and don't discriminate against slaves and other species. I mean don't start and believe in the idiotic and illogical idea that humans are high and might and should rule over everyone else. If you can do this, then I'm good.” I said with a smile and a thumbs up.

“Yes... yes, we can do that.” the man nodded and smiled.

“Good! Then while you go and check your new homes, I'll go and pack! Oh, and every device in your new homes is powered by one of these crystals similar to the one on the disk. Charge it with your Magic Energy and use the switches next to it to activate or deactivate everything there. I'll let you explore and test things out! It should be relatively safe...” I said with a smile as I patted his shoulder.

“Erm... alright.” he nodded a bit confused.

As they moved towards their new homes and looked around their rebuilt village, I walked back to my wives and started to pack our things. I absorbed the building I spawned and told the slaves to get inside the back cars of the MCV.

I got behind the wheel and took out the map.

“We're here, in Ils, so... we need to reach this place... Kantor. It should be a six hour drive, I think. We're not forgetting anything behind, right?” I asked my wives.

“Common sense?” Nanya asked.

“We lost that the moment we got in bed together.” I smirked.

“Speaking of which...” she said, but before she finished, Zoreya interrupted her.

“Illsy, I think it would be best if we left them a place of prayer. I thought about it, and I didn't see a temple or shrine. Can you restore the one you absorbed a moment ago?” the High Apostle asked.

Nanya was glaring at her.

“Erm... sure.” I nodded and closed my eyes.

Once I flew out of my body, I spawned a small temple dedicated to no specific god. I had no idea who they worshiped here.

“There! All good?” I asked her after I got back.

“Yes. Thank you.” she nodded and kissed my cheek.

“Alright! Let's move!” I said as I started the engine and drove to the West Gate of the village.

There, several villagers were waiting for us, including the stuttering old man. I stopped the car and rolled down the window.

“We'll be going now. Take care, and I wish you good luck!” I said with a smile.

“W-W-We c-c-can n-n-never t-t-thank y-y-you e-e-enough f-f-for t-t-this.” he said with tears in his eyes and then they all bowed their heads.

“No problem! Ah, before I go, here you go!” I said and then took out around a tone of various food ingredients and placed them right next to them. “Some food and seeds that will survive in this weather. Good luck!” I said with a smile.

After rolling the window back up, I drove the car away from the village.

“There goes their common sense.” said Nanya shaking his head.

“You did good, my love.” said Shanteya with a soft smile on her lips.

“I too agree with this.” said Ayuseya with a nod.

“And they never even found out I was a Dungeon!” I said with a smirk.

“True.” Nanya said.

“Nya? But I told the old man that you are one, that's why you can do all that weird magic stuff.” Tamara said.

I nearly drove us into a tree when she said that.

“You did what?! When?!” I asked surprised.

“Nya... last night, I think? He asked if you were human. I just said you were a Dungeon loved by the Gods!” she giggled.

“Sigh... Let's hope he didn't give it too much thought.” I said with a wry smile.

“This trouble-making nekatar!” Nanya grumbled as she poked her cheek.

“Nya?” Tamara looked back at us with a clueless expression of her face.

“Hehe!” Ayuseya just let out a small giggle.

Well, since Ils had nothing to do with us anymore, we continued to drive towards Kantor. I wondered on the way what sort of adventures would await us there, especially since it was renowned as a city where Slave Dealers gathered from all the corners of Paramanium to put their wares on display.

[Three days after Illsyore left Ils Village. Third Point of View]

Thanks to the help the passing by Dungeon Lord offered them, the villager of Ils Village quickly managed to rebuild their little life. The food they were offered before he left was more than enough to last them through the winter, especially if they rationed it carefully with the hunt they procured from the forest. Meanwhile, they planted the seeds and used their new tools to produce various wares they could sell in the city.

Right now, they found themselves at a new starting point where they had everything they could possibly need and more in order to pay their taxes and avoid becoming slaves. More than anything, they felt as though all of those late night prayers had finally been answered.

For these simple folks it was like the gods themselves descended from the High Heavens and offered them a helping hand.

Now, they were all gather at the shrine at the edge of the village. It was simple, with only a statue of wood on the altar, but what was strange was the fact that it was a representation of their very savior, Illsyore.

“Tonight we offer the first of our many prayers to come to our god, Illsyore, for saving us, for guiding us, for giving us hope!” said the young man who received the dispelling disk from him.

The item in question had now became the treasure of the village, but maybe the strangest thing of them all were this young man's words. Spoken with such piety and belief it could make even the High Priest of another god jealous.

“We offer our prayers and thank thee, our god, Illsyore!” they all spoke in a choir.

“Oh, Dungeon Lord blessed by the gods! Oh, Dungeon Lord friend of us mortals! Oh, Dungeon Lord, Illsyore, our god! To thee we offer our prayers for thy wish is for our words to reach thee and your blessings to fall upon us all.” they all spoke at the same time.

In the sanctity of the night, under the moons above in the sky, this village reborn had now found a new god... one with which they all agreed with worshiping. After all, in their eyes, Illsyore could not be just a simple Dungeon, he had to be a god as well... Who else would be so kind with them? And besides, there were so many things that pointed to this fact, that in their belief one had to be blind not to see them: a temple dedicated to no specific god; the greatest help offered in their time of need; the fact that Melkuth himself gave a name to Illsyore; and most importantly, the fact that this Dungeon was married to an Apostle of that same god.

In the eyes of the villagers, Illsyore had the power of a god, the relationships of one, and the kind heart of one as well... Yet, it still took them three days to get over the shock of having been in the presence of a 'god' as well as accept the fact that he was indeed a Dungeon Lord...

From high above in the skies, Melkuth watched the scene of prayers and had only one thing to say.

“I sense the Divine in their prayers...”

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