~ Chapter 62: Exhibition Fight (Part 2) ~

They launched themselves at each other. Their swords clashed in the air, but from the sheer power they put within them, their blades cracked and shattered into a thousand pieces. The impact caused a shockwave to be formed, which expanded towards the barriers surrounding the arena. The first one shattered, and the others trembled. Some of the nobles and spectators were too dumbfounded to react, but seeing this, several dragons began erecting new barriers around the arena. They added a fourth and fifth one, but something told me they weren't going to be enough if those two went wild.

Alkelios discarded the broken sword, tossing the handle away. The King did the same, but neither pulled back. Jumping towards each other, they engaged in a fierce hand to hand combat. The speed of their blows was fast enough to cause even me trouble with reading them, yet the two were locking eyes with each other and didn't seem to look at where or how their opponent was going to hit.

Punch, block, parry, punch, left foot hit, upper torso hit, their strikes seemed endless and quite precise. Each blow sent out powerful shockwaves that lifted the dust into the air and caused the barriers to tremble and crack. If they happened to hit one of them directly with their fists, it would have shattered completely alongside with the rest of them.

Still, if I had trouble following their fight, I could only imagine what it looked out for the normal onlookers. They probably saw only shadows and afterimages of them. Even the sound of their strikes was delayed, meaning they were hitting faster than the speed of sound.

Watching them fight sent shivers down my spine, and I knew it was the same for everyone else. Just like her Majesty and the Princess, Brekkar and Seryanna were focused on the battle. This didn't mean we didn't keep an eye out for other possible threats.

Breaking from the flow of the battle, Alkelios covered his left leg with lightning and did a roundhouse kick. The King blocked the hit, but he was still shocked by the attack. It wasn't enough to push him back. With a grin on his lips, he covered his right hand in fire and his left hand in ice and began a barrage of punches aimed at Alkelios. Using the same elements, Alkelios blocked each strike and launched a counter attack at him.

The King grabbed his opponent's wrists and then headbutted him. The blow was effective and sounded like a thunder. Alkelios retaliated with a knee to the King's ribs, which cracked the armor. Both of them then used [Fire Breath] at the same time. Their bodies were covered in flames and pushed themselves back, landing on the other sides of the arena.

As soon as he stepped down, Alkelios raised 10 stone walls in front of him with an [Stone Wall] spell. The King punched the first wall and destroyed half of them, while the rest were cracked. Alkelios launched a great number of [Earth Spikes] from the ground right at the King, who blocked or dodged all of them. Seeing this, Alkelios flew to his left with [Wind Burst] and cast [Lightning] aimed at the King, which he dodged while running towards Alkelios. At the last moment, he stopped his spell and jumped back. This was when the King jumped at him and punched the place he was previous standing in.

As a result of this powerful attack, the entire arena was covered in cracks, and some pieces of it were scattered around it. A crater was formed where the King had punched the arena, but the battle was far from over.

The two immediately engaged in another wave of attacks. They both looked equally matched and while they could have used a lot of other spells, if a single one of them went out of hand, it would have caused significant damage to the surroundings. So far, everything they used could be canceled at the last moment. In fact, all of their ice spikes and fireballs that flew outside of the arena were immediately canceled. The ice attacks melted in the air, while the fireballs went 'poof' and extinguished themselves before any of them reached the barriers. Yet to have such control over them was simply amazing.

It frightened me to imagine what could become of Alkelios if he continued to improve at this rate for the next several years... or decades. Conquering the world might not be an impossible feat for him, but then again... what if ALL the heroes from his home world were like him?

A shiver went down my spine just thinking about it.

This battle had captured the attention of everyone in the audience. It was so intense, so powerful, that it felt like you would miss a whole lot if you so much as blinked.

Then, when the battle felt as though it would never end... or more like when everyone had lost track of time, the King made an unexpected move.

For the first time since the beginning of this fight, he used his tail to strike Alkelios. As a result of this, he wasn't able to dodge or block in time. Alkelios received the full blow and was sent crashing into the arena. The King didn't miss this opportunity and while charging up Ice magic in his right hand, he went for the attack.

And just like that... it was over...

Alkelios lost.

The King was holding an Ice Sword at his neck.

Letting out a sigh, Alkelios raised his hands up and the crowd went into an uproar, congratulating the King and simply showing off their excitement after having witnessed this marvelous fight.

“Hahaha! It was a splendid match!” declared the King.

“Indeed, it was.” Alkelios nodded and got up, taking a bow towards the winner.

Feryumstark was happy, showing his bright smile to everyone, but there was someone next to me who wasn't so happy...

“Feryumstark Seyendraugher and Alkelios Yatagai Draketerus!” called out the Queen.

They both froze in their spot and with a very slow body movement, they turned their attention towards her Majesty.

She was standing and one of her eyes was twitching.

Oh boy, she's mad. I thought and took a step back from her.

“While I do appreciate the impressive battle, you two DIDN'T HAVE TO DESTROY MY ARENA!” she shouted at them.

Looking around, the entire place was a mess. The arena itself was damaged beyond repair, barely holding together because of the enchant cast on it. None of the barriers technically survived and most of the nobles had long since evacuated to a more 'safe' location. The fury and power displayed was far beyond what they have imagined, and once more they all became aware of why Feryumstark Seyendraugher was the King.

“Oops?” the powerful dragon showed a wry smile.

And at this point, a few parts of his armor shattered to bits. The one Alkelios wore barely hung in there. But to be noted that neither of them were that easy to break. When I first saw them, I could confirm that even someone with a Power over 900 couldn't scratch it that easily. It was well done, a masterpiece in a way, but still junk in front of their fearsome attacks.

“Don't you 'oops' me, Feryumstark Seyendraugher! You broke the arena, you're going to fix it! You too, Alkelios!” declared the Queen in a threatening tone of voice.

“Yes, dear.” the King replied hanging his head down.

“I understand, your Majesty.” said Alkelios with a bow.

And now everyone knew who actually ruled the country.

“Good! But for this match, I declare Feryumstark Seyendraugher to be the winner, and now the Grand Tournament of Strength and Honor may commence! As soon as those two fix the arena...” declared the Queen.

The whole crowd cheered, while Alkelios and his Majesty, the King, started working on it. Considering those two, it wouldn't take long before everything was back to the way it was. Their powerful magic allowed them this much.

However, I had to admit... it was an impressive battle, but I still had to wonder how Alkelios looked like when he went at full power against someone.

How powerful is Alkelios really? I thought.

[Random participant]

As an adventurer, the Grand Tournament of Strength and Honor was something that could grant me the chance at an easy and stable job. Where I hailed from, I was considered to be among the top ten strongest. I was confident in my own strength, and I felt like I had a good grip on magic too.

In my mind, this entire tournament was going to be a cinch. I was surely going to become one of the strongest in the entire Albeyater Kingdom. It has been a dream of mine since I was but a young whelp, and in my mind, I always thought the stories about those who achieved a Breakthrough were nothing but idiotic exaggerations, so when the King was called to the ring, I was hoping to see proof of this idea of mine.

What I saw, however, shattered my common sense. Those two were monsters. Each blow was powerful enough to make me fear for my life even though I was standing far away from them. Every time they cast a spell, I could only remember how long it took me to chant it, yet they did it faster than I could blink. I thought my spells were powerful, but theirs blew everything apart.

Monsters? No, it was easier to say that two demigods were having a go at each other. The fury and power they displayed sent shivers down my spine.

When they shattered those rather expensive-looking weapons, I looked at my humble sword, and felt like its blade yelped and ran away, leaving me only with the hilt. I even checked it to make sure if it was still there.

When the arena was cracked, I gasped.

I couldn't imagine how much power the King had to have in order to accomplish something like that. Even if a million dragons like me attacked him, they would all be wiped out without too much trouble. For either of those two it would have been like swatting flies.

Then the battle ended, I still couldn't understand what happened, but one moment the two of them were in the sky and then on the ground. It was too fast for me.

“You have got to be kidding me...” someone said.

We were all contestants in this tournament. All of us considered ourselves to be the strongest, but when we compared ourselves with Duke Yatagai and his Majesty, King Feryumstark Seyendraugher, we were nothing but ants... We were weak.

“So... you can actually become that strong?” one of us said long after the battle had ended.

We were all still in shock from what we had seen, but these words struck me deep inside.

Even I can become like that? No... even I have more to learn? I thought.

Surprisingly, I never thought about it this way. I never believed there was more because I always thought more strength and more power were just a bad rumor.

But, there were some of us who couldn't accept it.

In the end, we were separated into those who saw the King and those like him as monsters far more powerful than mere dragons and then there were those who felt a shiver down their spines, a surge of excitement. After all, we had been shown and proven that our potential had yet to be reached... We could become stronger.

I can become stronger! I thought and then clenched my fist.

No matter if I won or lost in this tournament, I wanted to grow stronger and become better. The King and Duke Alkelios showed me that this wasn't impossible, and the latter was just a half-dragon from what the rumors said.

If a half-dragon could do this, why not someone like me who was born a full-fledged dragon?

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Yah know, there were tons of comebacks I would of had said if a some monarch complains about me or someone else destroying the arena. Like, well it’s a arena you are meant to fight in a arena. If the arena broke whilst I am fighting then the fault is in the arena, not me.


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Why? They’re two completely different storylines, the dragons here are clearly vastly different to the ones in MA and dungeons haven’t even been mentioned here whereas they’re a big thing in the other story. Pretty sure they’ll never meet lol… if anything rather than them meeting, in many ways Alkelios is almost an Ilsyore clone especially in some chapters, which can get a bit annoying at times since I don’t like copy/paste mc’s, but this one still has some clear differences.


Dungeons has been mentioned here it is just not a Living Being like in MA so they will probably never meet.


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well that dragon should understand that through all that hard work of the half dragon, to get that powerful that quickly he had a lot of luck.

Thanks for the chapters! Really enjoyed these 2, and also I have the sneaking suspicion that half of the queen’s “anger” was an act. I feel that a dragoness as intelligent and cunning as the Queen would know the results of a spar between her husband and Alkelios, and that she could use that moment to show the masses who truly rules the kingdom and that she’s back in power/health. Just a theory lol, could be completely wrong but I could easily see her planning such a thing. I liked how the were able to motivate a decent portion of… Read more »

Oh and just to be a smartass lol, Alkelios wasn’t knocked out nor did he step out of the arena, “giving up” was never mentioned as an option in the rules for losing hehe. Even though it’s obviously allowed in any tournament setting, the act of surrendering the fight was never mentioned by the ref ;P


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I am sorry, to disappoint you, but I asked Dragomir once, if 100 Luck & MA were in the same World and he declined, if you read them both attentively, then you can tell, that all three storys have slight differences in the Magicsystem and the Dragonraces.


I had hoped those differences were just differences in how they opperated on different continents tbh. Anways though, he likes stuff so OP transfering worlds isnt realy out of the question if he wanted to do it.