~Chapter 38: Earl Rupert Levias of Briston ~

A pig... In front of me was a creat... a man with the face of a pig and enough body fat to put a blue whale to shame. Yet, this pig-faced man with short red curly hair, a long mustache and fancy red clothes decorated with all sorts of jewels and detailed golden embroideries was none other than Earl Rupert Levias of Briston, the Lord of this small town.

“Welcome! Welcome! I've been expecting you – oink!” he said with a big smile on his face and his palms rubbing together like a greedy merchant who was aiming for a good deal.

Did he just go 'oink'?! No... that can't be... It was most likely my imagination. I thought as I tried hard to stop my face muscles from showing my surprise and disgust.

My little sister wasn't even trying, she was telling him with her cold-piercing gaze to go die.

“We offer our humble thanks for welcoming us in your home, benevolent Lord of Briston.” father spoke in a rather polite tone of voice as he made a small bow in front of him.

“Likewise, Duke Drakarys! Ah... wait, you don't hold the title of a Duke anymore, do you?” he showed us a big smirk.

Father didn't retort to his obvious attack at his pride as a noble, instead, what he did was to calmly smile back and shake his head left and right.

“I am a Duke no longer. My title is only that of a humble Baron.” he replied in a calm tone of voice.

“Hmph! That appears to be so.” he took a quick glance at our clothes then looked back at father “To fall from such a high standing, what a shame you must feel.” the fat noble shook his head to appear as though he felt pity for our unfortunate circumstances.

“Maybe, but it gives to show just how... fragile our nobles titles are. Just one mistake, one wrong word is all that is needed to fall from one's current position.” father pointed out and put accent on that one word.

Earl Rupert Levias of Briston squinted his eyes at him. He got the message or maybe he saw it merely as an empty threat?

“Ahem! Of course, but moving on, You have come here to introduce me to your two children, right?” he skillfully changed the subject.

“Indeed! That is a very perceptive observation of your lordship. Leonard and Cassandra are twins. Today is their tenth birthday. Just like our custom requires, I have brought them over to meet the one who stands at the top of nobles in this region.” father introduced us with a smile.

This man could easily change his gears between noble and dotting parent in the blink of an eye. He also had a way with honey-coated words, leaving no chance for the Earl to counter-attack.

“I presume you are aware of my other guests?” the Earl said while ignoring us completely.

This... was a rather rude gesture, wasn't it?

“Yes, I saw their carriages parked outside. Unfortunately, I didn't have the pleasure of meeting with them before your lordship, but may I ask who they are?” father asked.

These verbal pleasantries rolled off his tongue splendidly. Meanwhile, me and my sister furrowed our brows while trying to keep up with the conversation and understand where it led to. This was a skill both of us had to attain at one point or another, and this talk between father and the Earl was the perfect opportunity to practice it.

“I shall introduce you in a moment, for this was their request as well. One of them is a Royal Knight in the service of his Majesty, while the other is a respectful teacher at the Gallyater Royal Magic Academy of Lukrentia Kingdom! They are here to see if there are any promising young children in our humble town.” Earl Levias said with a big mocking smirk.

This guy is definitely thinking that we are trash when compared to him... I thought and glared at him, but I was ignored.

“Just to let you know, but my boy, although he is only nine years old, already has a promising future ahead of him! He was blessed by two gods and can already feel the flow of Magic Energy! All of his teachers are praising him as a future prodigy!” he bragged.

“You are indeed a most fortunate father, Earl Rupert Levias of Briston.” father said with a polite smile.

I was quite certain he was laughing on the inside. If he put me or my sister on the same scale as the Earl's son, he would only end up flying off the plate with a speed faster than that of sound.

Let me see... I have the Blessings from 118 different gods, I can cast spells, and I even have a decent amount of training in martial arts and sword fighting thanks to Aunty Eliza. Above all, I have a strong body that heals faster than a normal one, and I also possess memories from my past life and the unique ability of Telekinesis. My little sister is also a frightening prodigy with three Blessings. She's also a lover of full-plate armors. I thought while I was imagining how this fat pig in front of me would react if he knew all of this.

There was no point in comparing me or my sister with this kid. It would be like comparing Illsyore with a Normal Dungeon.

Ah~ I never got to read the final volume of my favorite story from Earth... I thought and then let out a sigh.

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