~ Chapter 111: Separation (Part 2) ~

[Somewhere far far away from Illsyore's camp site]

The lord of a nearby village decided to begin a deforestation project which would bring a lot of coins to his pockets at the expense of the local wildlife. Although there were many who voiced their complaint against this, the noble decided to ignore them.

Today, he was supposed to cut down the first tree. Just for this special event, he bought an axe made entirely out of gold. The blacksmith who made it could only sigh at how bad the idea was because this metal wasn't know for his durability. To make it work, however, the noble paid a well-known enchanter to make it better. Thus, the gold axe was just as good as a normal steel one.

“Today, I will cut...” the noble declared as he was looking around “THAT tree!” he stopped his axe at a skinny tree that didn't look that difficult to cut.

With a triumphant smile on his face, he approached his target and prepared his axe. Behind him were the many lumberjacks he hired to cut down all the trees in this area.

“One for the money!” he said as he waved the axe back and forth. “Two for the show!” he said as he aimed at the point where he wanted to begin to chop. “Three to get ready!” he said as he made sure his stance was good. “And four we... GO!” he shouted, but just then... something came crushing from the sky right in front of him.

When the dust cloud settled, the noble, who was thrown back, saw his axe stuck in the bark of a tree that wasn't there before.

Leaving aside the fact that he completely missed the skinny tree, right next to it was now a big one which had what could possibly be the thickest trunk in that entire forest. The tree was perfectly rooted in the ground where it landed, making it possible for it to spread its roots and continue living if left alone.

“Wha-What's this?!” the noble asked surprised.

“It's a sign! The spirits of the forest don't want us to cut it down! If we do, it will make it rain trees!” one of the lumberjacks said while he was trying hard to keep himself form trembling in fear.

“That's ridiculous!” another said, but he didn't show to hold that much belief in his words.

“Then explain that tree! It came flying out of nowhere!” he pointed at the tree with the noble's axe still stuck in its thick bark.

“Forget this job! I don't want to be cursed! I'm sure the noble is cursed too now! That's his axe!” another one pointed out and then ran away.

“C-Cursed? N-No way... I c-c-can't be...” the man looked back at the lumberjacks he hired, but all of them stepped back and looked at him with fear in their eyes.

“I'm sorry milord, but I don't want to be cursed... I'm out of here!” one said and then all of them left one after another.

The tree in question was none other than the one Nanya threw. But it could be said that the reason behind its trajectory and even ridiculous way of landing was in fact more connected to the divine of this world than one would give credit to...

[Back at Illsyore's camp, Illsyore's point of view]

Well now, I didn't expect Nanya to go berserk. It was clear that my wives' joke had gone too far. I couldn't let her go like this with Tamara, she wouldn't be able to focus on what I asked her to do, so I took a leap of faith and approached her.

Stay calm Nanya... Don't bite now... Easy girl... I thought as I approached her.

“Ugh... This is not fair...” she said in a soft whimper.

“Hey, Nanya?” I said.

“What?” she asked while looking at me with a trembling bottom lip.

I showed her a soft smile and then embraced her.

She didn't pull back and tried to get closer to me.

“When you come back, I'm all yours, alright? I'm sorry I kept you waiting for so long, your foolish husband is to be blamed.” I told her and then gently petted her long lush black hair.

“No... It's mine as well... I didn't want to wait... I was greedy. I was wrong to bet my time with you. “ she said, and I could tell that she calmed down.

Looking up at me with a soft smile on her lips, she told me “I will wait the promised time. I won't try to cheat anymore.” she wiped off a tear and then said “My time with you is precious... I should never have made bets with it even if they were against my sister-wives. Actually, it was wrong of me to ask them to bet their own time as well.” she shook her head.

“Well, I certainly didn't expect this...” I said blinking surprised.

“I had a lot of time to think about it.” she showed me a wry smile.

“Good. Then, don't make the same mistake again, I'm looking forward to our time together.” I showed her a smile and then pulled her in a long and passionate kiss.

My arms were wrapped around her slim waist, pulling her closer to me, ignoring the plated armor that pushed against me. A single tear flowed down the demoness' cheek and touched our lips, salting our kiss.

Even if she fell to temptation again, I wasn't going to let her bet her time with me again, this sort of prank could easily go wrong.

After we parted lips, we ate our meals and went over our plans again. I gave them an appropriate amount of gold to cover their expenses, not much, just enough to buy the city if they wanted to.

Seeing how Ayuseya was going to travel together with Shanteya, Keltaru, Neya, and Soleya to Argos, I decided to give them the MCV and use a Humvee-like car to pull the cars. If Nanya managed to buy some slaves from Nasat, they couldn't bring them by carrying them all the way here, so I gave her the prototype version of the MCV, which wasn't as well armored as the other.

With our bags packed and everyone ready to go, I gave my wives an embrace and a good bye kiss. We were going to be separated for at least two days, but we were still in running distance from each other. If anything happened, I could go right there to give them a helping hand. Although, who would be mad enough to attack an Over Supreme in the first place?

As I saw them leaving, I smiled and looked up at the sky as if I was contemplating the meaning of life.

“What are you thinking about, Illsy?” Zoreya asked me.

“Just one tiny little thing.” I said and raised my hand up high as if wanting to grab the sky. “Colly TOS!” I shouted.

A harmless joke to mark our moment of separation...

Four pairs of panties fluttered in the air. One was white with lace, which I judged by the size to be Ayuseya's. One was simple and white, which was Shanteya's. One was red and made out of silk, but the hole at the back told me it was Tamara's. As for the last one, it was undoubtedly Nanya's because it was lacy and black, rather erotic and tempting.

“Huh? Four?” I questioned and then looked at Zoreya who was blushing and looking away.

“I foresaw that you might try something like this, so today I wore no underwear.” she confessed.

My eyes fell to her waist as I imagined her naked bottom hidden behind that plate armor. It stirred something in me.

“ILLSY!!!” shouted Nanya, who was coming back running.

The MCV also came to a stop and Ayuseya came out, walking back to me.

“Ah! They found out...” I said but then I looked back at Zoreya and blushed.

I can't miss out on this opportunity! I told myself and summoned the temporary house from my Inner Mind.

Nanya grabbed her panties and Tamara's before they landed on the ground, and I picked up Zoreya in my arms.

“What are you doing?” she said with a blush.

“Mhm, I want you.” I replied while looking into her eyes.

“Hey! But it's not her turn yet!” Nanya complained.

“Neither is yours or mine.” said Ayuseya who grabbed hers and Shanteya's panties.

“True, Tamara wouldn't mind...” said Nanya with a sigh and then glared at me. “Still... isn't she getting a lot more time than we do recently?” she questioned.

“Hm... True. Are you trying to be the second to carry his child?” Ayuseya questioned Zoreya.

“No. I'm just lucky.” the High Apostle poked her tongue out at them.

“Well... That's that. See you in two days!” I said and then entered the house.

If I continued to pull this old Colly Tos joke, I feared that one day I would be known only as the Pantie-Snatching Perverted Dungeon Lord.

What can I say? All's well that ends well and my love for my wives never fades, especially when they tempt me like this! I thought as I slowly undressed the shy Zoreya.

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