~ Chapter 69: Their battles (Part 4) ~

[Elliessara's point of view]

What was the best way to describe this scene unfolding before me?

A massacre played out by gods of legend?

Initially, I thought it would be a rather close fight with our side barely managing to capture the win, but none of those who received equipment form Alkelios died and all the Breakthrough-ers from the enemy side felt like flies when compared to ours.

There was also a matter of that roar of his. A dragon with such a powerful Authority wasn't one that should escape my grasp. True, Alkelios was already married and although he had sworn loyalty to our kingdom, this wasn't enough.

Embryger would definitely send over a princess to try and conquer Alkelios' heart or use this battle as a way to make us sure he wasn't going to fall in our hands. He's too much of a precious Breakthrough-er to allow anyone else other than the Seyendraugher family to have him, at least from the royal families. I thought and then closed my eyes, thinking of a plot to make him ours.

“Seryanna's the problem...” I muttered.

“What is it, mother?” Elleyzabelle asked me.

When I opened my eyes and looked at her, I asked her “My daughter, have you decided upon a husband yet?”

“Huh? Is this really the right place to talk about this?” she asked with a wry smile.

“GAAH! IT BURNS!” a dragon shouted in pain as he was being burned by some dragon's flames.

He must have been of the wind elemental, otherwise, his voice couldn't have reached us. Such things happened from time to time with those dragons, but what perfect timing he had! Nonetheless, I didn't move my gaze from my daughter's eyes.

“Yes.” I replied with a smile.

She took a peak to the left where our troops were massacring the enemy and then looked back at me.

“No, mother, I haven't.” she told me.

“Is that so.” I replied and then looked up at the sky.

“Why do you ask?” she knitted her brow.

Looking back at her, I told her with a smile “You should know why, but are you willing to play this dangerous card or not?” I asked her.

Elleyzabelle was one of my daughters who had yet to accept any dragon to be part of her life. At the same time, she did her best in the complicated political world of our kingdom. If it was her, then certainly she knew what I was talking about.

“Will he be the only one?” she asked me.

I shook my head.

“No, it'll be just a formality to keep other nobles and princesses from trying to snatch him away from us. This way, Seryanna and maybe later Kataryna can both enjoy their monopoly over him.” I told her.

“If it's like that, then I do not mind, mother.” Elleyzabelle nodded.

I knew I can count on her. I thought.


An explosion occurred not far from me, but Reyades blocked the shockwave and debris before they reached us.

“What's going on?” I asked as I covered my mouth with my sleeve so I wouldn't breath in the dust.

“It appears we are being under attacked, but... strange... I was certain I secured the area not too long ago. How could they have sneaked passed me?” wondered Leone as he approached me.

“It must be the teleporting human Alkelios mentioned.” Elleyzabelle said.

“Tch! That rotten Draejan and his petty tricks!” grumbled Reyades as he kept his eyes on the enemy, ready to defend me from any incoming attack.

“KILL THE QUEEN!” shouted one of the enemy soldiers.

There were a few thousand that rushed out of the forest and clashed with the soldiers stationed in this camp. Normally, this would have been a wise move which would have ended with them taking my life, but I had three of the best Breakthrough-ers in the Kingdom with me.

“Kill them all.” I ordered them and covered my mouth and nose with my fan, so the enemy could not see me cast defensive magic.

It was true that the poison had weakened me, but thanks to Alkelios, I felt better with each passing day. If I had to, I could even step in and fight with them, but it was far too early to reveal this card to my enemy.

“How dare you!” Malavan shouted as she charged up several hundreds of light spears in one go.

She was my best healer and someone who usually showed a calm demeanour, but when someone stepped on her tail, this black-haired dragoness could prove to have a very nasty bite.

As she skewered the enemy with her spears, I could see Leone casting several wind scythes and preparing to attack with a volley of wind arrows. He was good at spreading my voice across the field, but also an excellent range fighter. Leone was not the type of dragon one should underestimate just because of his calm demeanour.

One the battlefield, he was the best dragon who could cast long range magic. His wind scythes and arrows could pierce any armor and fly across an entire battlefield with pinpoint accuracy. His best spell was called [Snipping Wind Arrow], and with it, he could kill a dragon from up to two kilometers away, but the further the target, the weaker the attack. That was why it wasn't the best to use against commanders or high ranked dragons unless we knew for certain that this attack could kill him or her.

From short range, however, it had a piercing attack.

[Snipping Wind Arrow]!” Leone cast and the spell made a hole in at least twenty dragons who stood in line.

Afterwards, he cast his [Wind Volley] and more than a hundred dragons fell to the ground, their bodies pierced and cut by his arrows.

“Leone, make sure to tell my husband what happened here. I do not wish for him to come running back to check if I am alright.” I told the dragon.

“As you command, your Majesty!” he said with a bow of his head.

[Earth Spike Tsunami]!” Reyades shouted as he cast one of his most powerful attacks.

From the ground, spikes as sharp as needles and up to six meters long each sprouted up towards the sky, piercing and skewering any poor dragon who stood underneath them. Countless dragons fell to this attack as it spread farther towards the forest like an unstoppable wave.

Malavan didn't give our foes any moment of rest and immediately attacked them from range with light arrows aimed at their vitals. Leone followed suit with his wind scythes.

Meanwhile, I remained in my seat and waited patiently for their battle to be over. It wouldn't last long. After all, they were three Breakthrough-ers who were assigned with protecting me, however, even if through some absurd chance they managed to slip through, I still had a few tricks up my sleeve to escape or kill my opponent.

If Alkelios' darkness persisted even now, then this sneak attack would have been dealt with with tremendous ease. Like this, they still had the chance of dodging or blocking one or two attacks. It was a waste of time for them though because I was going to make sure none of them survived. My order was quite clear, after all.

Now then, I wonder how Alkelios will deal with my grandson? Will he kill him or will he spare him? I thought as I gazed up and watched the two dragons clashing swords in the distance.

[A random soldiers' point of view]

I joined this war because I wished to protect my family. I wanted to fight and show that I am a dragon worthy to be called a father and a husband, but when I looked at the hoard in front of us, I couldn't help but shiver in fear.

It was then when his Majesty's roar reached us. It filled us with hope and energy. I could feel myself willing to clench my sword and push away the fear inside my heart, but I still found it hard to step forward, and I wasn't the only one...

Everyone around me marched with an unsteady step because we didn't know if we could win this battle. What could we do? There were so few of us... and so many of them...

It was then when the second roar came.

Like a wave of pure energy, it rushed over us, ripping away any sort of fear and doubt from our hearts. My hands were trembling and my heart was beating fast, but not because fear, no... this was confidence and eagerness to fight.

I'm... I'm smiling? I thought as I felt the corners of my lips rise.

Everyone around me was like that. There was an unstoppable energy inside of us, a rush of adrenaline which told us it was impossible to lose, and so we shouted at the top of our lungs:


As we ran towards the enemy, I looked up and saw a scene I would never forget for my entire life.

On top of a red dragoness in her full-beast form, surrounded by a dragoness of black scales, one of silver scales, and a dragon of white scales, a single half-beast dragon stood wielding two swords of darkness and light.

When I saw him charging towards the hoard of enemy dragons like that, I felt like I was seeing a hero, no... a living legend.

Without fear, without doubt, with unmatched strength, and the will to conquer armies, this dragon marched to battle.

Were there any words that could describe this dragon? Was there any way to explain his greatness? More than the King, more than the Queen, I felt that if I were to follow him, to charge into battle after him, we would win.

This dragon was like an untouchable star, an unreachable peak... or so I was inspired to believe, but I felt like I wasn't the only one.

When I looked around me, I saw countless others looking up at the sky, following those brave dragons with their eyes, wondering who they were, and how could they be so heroic?

“FOR ALBEYATER!” I shouted again, but this time while looking at them as they clashed with the enemy.

With them having our backs, I felt like this battle would be our guaranteed win. We had legends on our side while our enemy had traitors. No matter their numbers, we would win in the end!

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Siodhachan Artos MacNaughton

For his nickname, instead of black and white knight, why not the Dusk Knight. For the the mix of Light and Dark at Dusk, as well as how the sun looks red like Fire as its setting. Not sure what to do about Authority though.

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‘received equipment from Alkelios’

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Quick note because it keeps not being used right:
Polygamy is one sex (male or female) and multiple of the opposite sex. This can be used for polyandry and polygyny.
Polyandry is multiple men and one woman.
Polygyny is multiple woman and one man.
Polyamorous is multiple men and women together.

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Look into nobility and you’ll see that using marriage to cement a relationship or keep an ally was actually quite common throughout history. The princess would have known most of her life that her marriage would be a bargaining chip or a peace treaty.


No, that i understand. What annoyed me yesterday is that he’s doing everything for her, literally even fighting a war for her a she just isnt sure where his loyalty is so she needs to tie him down tighter.
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