~ Chapter 115: Opportunity (Part 2) ~

“I apologize, we kept you waiting.” Ayuseya told me as she came over and then looked back at Illsyore who was made to give everyone a shoulder massage as 'punishment'.

“No worries, I was actually quite surprised to meet you all again. You have... changed.” I said as I looked over at the children playing around the fire.

“Yes, we did. These past years have not been easy on either of us. So, I understand that you are married now and wish to join Illsyore's Magic Academy?” she asked me with a gentle smile.

“Yes. As long as you can provide us with a home, a stable income, and... no discrimination towards a dryad or different species couples, I would be willing to teach at your academy.” I told her with a nod.

“Knowing your skill, a King's court would be more welcoming. Why haven't you tried to get a job there?” she asked.

“That was the first thing I tried, but they all asked me to get rid of El'zavara, so I refused.” I sighed and shook my head “I then tried to find employment at various academies, but because of what happened back at Fellyore, I was branded immediately as a no-good teacher. The only option left was to travel around the world in search of a safe heaven for us. So far, we have lived by acting as adventurers. I'm a Godlike now!” I showed her a smile.

“Is that so? Congratulations on your improvement. As for our academy, you won't have to worry about discrimination. As you can see, all of Illsyore's wives belong to a different species.” she said and pointed at him.

The Dungeon Lord was currently scratching his head, wondering how he should proceed about massaging the blonde woman who was covered in plate armor. Her name was Zoreya if I wasn't mistake. It was similar to the name of a renowned Apostle of Melkuth I heard legends about while traveling through Sorone.

“I'm just going to put this out there, but all of the slaves you see here are going to be either teachers or students of the academy. They are the first generation, so you can expect them to be released of their slavery conditions. Of course, I can assure you that each and every one of them was enslaved only because of a debt or some other unfortunate accident. Not one of them is a killer.” she pointed out.

“I will keep that in mind.” I nodded.

El'zavara placed her hand on my shoulder and then said in a low volume “Zertan, the forest whispers again... An big group of armed men are approaching this camp.”

“Armed men? Soldiers or adventurers?” Ayuseya asked immediately, narrowing her eyes at her.

“I don't know. It could be either.” she replied shaking her head slowly.

“I understand. We'll be in charge of the defense so please stand back an wait near Savannah over there. Don't worry, she's a Supreme. She'll make sure no harm comes to you.” she told me.

“A Supreme? Here? That's impressive.” I nodded as I walked towards the pretty woman.

“It's not that impressive, Illsy and the rest of us are Over Supremes, after all.” she told me with a warm smile.

Over Supreme? I thought.

This was the very first time I heard of this term.

[Illsyore's point of view]

I got scolded... Sigh...

Well, I thought that using Colly Tos as a locator spell was quite good, and it worked too! I got five pairs of panties, so they were here! The spell confirmed this. More so, I had a feeling some of them were thinking of new ways to entice me, especially Nanya. Her pair was very enticing.

Anyway, as punishment, if you can call it that, I had to give all of them a shoulder massage, but just when I was about to take off Zoreya's shoulder armor, Ayuseya let me know that an armed group was approaching our little camp.

“Can't we tell them to wait? I want to see my wife's expression after I take off part of her armor and massage her shoulders! Hehe!” I smiled.

The High Apostle looked away embarrassed, but she didn't get off the chair.

“It can wait, Illsy. For now we should take care of these insects before they cause any serious trouble.” Ayuseya advised me.

“True to that... Sigh...” I rubbed the back of my neck and Zoreya got off her chair.

“I didn't get a turn, nya~” Tamara complained.

“Me neither.” said Shanteya and let out a sigh.

“In that case, let's kill them fast so I can get my massage, nya~!” the cat declared.

I had no complaints about this suggestion, although, if possible, I didn't want to kill them.

Then, about ten minutes later, a group of heavily armed soldiers and adventures appeared before our camp. A noble dressed in fancy clothes walked in front of them and looked at us as though we were insects he was about to squash. It wasn't a very friendly expression.

The noble stopped at about one meter away from his troops and took out a scroll.

“Ahem, the Emperor has declared that Illsyore Deus is the enemy of the Paramanium Empire and shall be hereby executed! All attempts to aid him will result in the banishment from the empire or death of that said individual! However, in case of conditional surrender, we are free to enslave Illsyore Deus and his companions, whereas the non-humans can be sold immediately to the highest bidder.” he announced.

“Sooo, all conditions are so bad it makes me feel like the Emperor is an idiot.” I said scratching my head.

“Insulting the crown is a capital offense!” he declared.

“And your point is? Who's going to take me down? That batch of clowns?” I asked raising an eyebrow and pointing at the troops behind him.

All of this felt like a deja vu.

“Of course! These are the finest soldiers Port Ilia has to offer, while these other fellows are contracted adventurers, all of Emperor and Godlike rank!” he declared with a smug look on his face.

“Mhm... Oi! You bunch in the back, you see the blond human woman over there?” I asked pointing at Savannah.

“Yeah, she's a nice piece!” one said.

“You want to trade her? I don't mind going a few rounds with her! Hehe!” another swine declared.

“Yeah, well... She's a Supreme. The six of us here are also Supremes.” I said and pointed at myself and then at my wives.

Shanteya was standing behind us for now. She was to step back a bit further if things got messy.

“You bunch of idiots think you can tackle a Supreme?” Nanya asked and showed them a smirk as well as her sharp claws.

“Supreme? I've never heard anything about that!” one of them said.

Immediately, the adventurers pulled back, realizing that this battle was far beyond their abilities. In this line of work, few were the fools who dared challenge a Supreme. While there were some in each city, it didn't mean that all those present here were the same.

“My party is out as well! You don't have enough gold to pay for my life!” another adventurer declared.

Immediately, only three parties remained and the soldiers who couldn't leave because of the fact that they were ordered to stay.

“Those fools will be punished once I return to the city! It should be known that this man is just bluffing! How can they be all Supremes? That's preposterous!” he declared.

True, normally, someone of such a prestigious rank became well known quite easily. It was in the country's interest to keep at hand as much info about them as possible. What this noble didn't know though was that if the Emperor truly mobilized the army against me, then certainly his little group of gold diggers wasn't going to be any match for me.

Yet, no matter where one went, there would always be those who couldn't tell the difference between their made up fantasies and the real life. Fortunately, the adventurers were usually taught the hard way how to treasure their life, of which they had only one.

“All of you! Attack!” the noble ordered.

I smirked. “Zoreya, please.” I said as I extended my Dungeon Territory to include all of these buffoons.

“Understood!” she stepped forward and lifted her shield at eye level.

Charged up with both Magic and Divine Energy, she aimed at the group in front of her.

The emblem on the shield was that of Melkuth the God of War. As such, it should have been clear that they were standing against one of his representatives, however, the foolish mortals before us knew not of such matters.

“FOR MELKUTH!” she shouted and the power of her shield was released.

This attack was, by all accounts, a shield bash. It was a simple shield bash released at full power.

The power of the magic slammed into the front row of soldiers and adventurers and sent them flying into the men behind them. They all came tumbling down on the ground, groaning and not knowing what just happened.

“W-What?” the noble looked at me confused.

I smiled.

“Earth Spike Trap. Magic Armor Ignore Enchant.” I said and then focused my Magic Energy into the ground below them.

In the next moment, the entire group was impaled by sharp spears of earth, however, with the exception of the noble, the group of soldiers was left alive. They were screaming in pain and cursing, but instead of receiving a spike to the heart, they got one in the arm or the leg.

“With the noble out of the way, you have no need to take his orders anymore. I understand that you were forced to obey him, but now that he's gone you have no reason to do so. We will leave this place, and you will have the perfect excuse of not following us. Your injuries shouldn't be that grave, but they are enough to...” before I could finish, one of the soldiers shot a fireball at me, but it was repelled by Zoreya's shield.

Nanya jumped forward and used her claws on him. The man had no choice in that moment but to give up his life.

“As I was going to say, if you try to resist like your friend did here, I will kill you.” I showed them a gentle smile and tilted my head to the left a little.

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