~ Chapter 116: Escaping from Paramanium (Part 2) ~

Stopping at the end of it, I looked out at the open sea and then back at cars that weren't that far away from me. In another place, closer to the warehouse lined up nicely at the docks, I saw bunch of armored men flying and some spells being cast. My wives were cleaning up any resistance mostly to ensure that no stray arrow or spell was sent our way and injured my slaves. If I got hit with an anvil to the face, it wasn't that much of a problem given my ridiculous Magic Armor, but if these guys received it, then it was an insta-kill.

Should I go for the yacht I used last time? No, we have more people now... There wouldn't be enough beds... Hm, I'll use one of the Galleons I built for the survivors of Pirate Island and add to it the yacht's engine. It should have enough space for all of us and more to spare. Once we reach the open ocean, I'll modify it again to increase the comfort factor. Yup! I'll do just that! I told myself and then closed my eyes.

Using the template stored in my memory and the materials I had already gathered throughout the years, I built a standard galleon and fitted it with an magic engine and a propeller fit to push this giant ship. Since this thing ran on Magic Energy rather than fuel, I created a couple of gathering crystals which could be used by the slaves, my wives, and me included. This way I could also train them a little bit in how to properly use these devices in the future. Using Magic Energy as a currency instead of coins and whatnot wasn't such a bad idea.

Once I was done with the modifications, I saved the template as a new one and then created it on top of the water in front of the pier I was standing on. By this time, the slaves were already climbing out of the car, and when they saw the giant thing pop out of nowhere, they made big eyes filled with surprise, while the new slaves looked half terrified and half amazed.

“Everyone, get on board!” I shouted.

“Yes, sir!” almost all of them replied at the same time.

“Illsy, they are all here and accounted for.” Shanteya told me.

“Good.” I nodded and then looked at Savannah. “Make sure no stray projectile hits them.”

“Of course! I'll make sure to defend the children!” she replied with a cheerful smile.

“Shanteya, you get on board too and be on guard.” I told her as I looked down at her belly, which was starting to take shape.

“I'll be fine, don't worry about me. I've focused most of my Magic Energy in my Magic Armor and defense. I'm also wearing your armor, and I'm prepared to cast my Over Supreme spell if needed be.” she reassured me with a smile.

“That's good... I don't want any accidents to happen. If these idiots even dare to harm you, I'll turn Paramanium into a wasteland!” I threatened.

Shanteya smiled and then gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Even if that happens, you won't do it. The Darkness killed innocents not Illsyore, the man I'm married with and whom I love very much.” she told me.

“Sigh... Just be careful.” I told her and then looked over at where my other wives were quite literally obliterating the armed forces sent to capture me.

“Mister Illsyore?” Savannah called out to me, and I turned my gaze towards her “These tactics the Paramanium forces are using are rather strange. Even if they knew of your arrival, just by hearing that you are a Godlike Dungeon should have made them more cautious in regard to how they should apprehend you.” she told me.

“How exactly would they have proceeded in normal conditions?” I asked her.

“Upon witnessing your might after the first attack and the ease with which you passed through an entire city put on alert, the commander would have ordered for defensive tactics and even prepare to give the call for the evacuation of the important nobles in the city.” she told me.

“But what they are doing aren't defensive tactics, it's downright aggressive tactics. And while I heard that the best defense is a good offense, charging in like that when you are quite aware of the strength of your foe isn't what I would call... smart.” I pointed out.

“Then its my firm belief that these soldiers are actually forced to act like this. The nobles in charge don't believe you are as powerful as the reports say and may even come to blame their own troops for being too weak or cowardly.” she told me and then taking a deep breath in, she continued “That's why I believe the best way to stop this senseless battle is by destroying the force that ordered these poor men to their deaths, meaning the nobles who are most likely located in that building.” she then pointed a castle up on the hill, surrounded by a fortified wall.

Compared to other similar constructions, it wasn't that big or impressive, but I could see that it was heavily defended and meant to cast a shadow of superiority on top of the commoners living below it.

“I didn't even see that thing when I first entered the city.” I said.

“It probably wasn't visible from where you were standing.” she told me.

“Alright, I'll do something about it.” I nodded.

Lifting my hand up, I activated the AGLMC and let a beam of red light loose towards the skies. It was the signal which told my wives to return to my side. They dropped whatever they were doing in that moment and rushed over to me.

A few seconds later, I saw them jumping over the rooftops at the same time and heading towards me at a speed that far surpassed even my cars.

“We're back!” Nanya said with a cheerful smile.

The other two nodded. If I didn't know any better, I would have believed they were returning from a simple stroll through the city. Needless to say the smokes rising to the sky far away from us as well as the many groaning armored men laying on the streets begged to differ.

“Welcome back!” I replied with a smile.

There was not even a single drop of blood on their armors or a scratch to prove their earlier battle. Well, if they did, I would have questioned the strength of the enemy. To scratch their armors would mean to be able to slash through their Magic Armor, which was far above a Supreme's.

“Alright, then Nanya, can you stand guard on the boat? Zoreya should join you as well, meanwhile, I will head over with Tamara to the palace over there and have a nice chat with the local nobles.” I told them.

“Did someone step on your tail?” Nanya asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No, I just want to make sure they aren't going to send their soldiers on a suicide mission. You did all you could to keep the casualties number low, right?” I asked her as I looked at the trails of smoke reaching for the sky.

“Yup! I held back a LOT!” she said with a smile.

“They were Emperor Rank at most, but none of them posed a threat to us.” Zoreya confirmed.

“Don't worry about us, Illsy! I highly doubt we will encounter an Over Supreme here. Besides, even if we did, it wouldn't be a 1v1 battle! Nyahaha!” Nanya laughed and then walked past me, patting me on the shoulder.

Letting out a sigh, I looked at Tamara, who showed me a cat-like smile.

“Shall we go?” I asked.

“Yes, ~nya!” she said and then ran towards the palace.

I ran after her. With a few powerful leaps, we found ourselves in front of the big iron gates. Tamara jumped over the wall, and I followed suit.

Inside, the soldiers acting as guards were startled by our sudden presence and tried to attack us.

[Air Shockwave]!” Tamara called out and released a powerful blast of air in a circle around her.

The soldiers were pushed back and fell on the ground.

Extending my Dungeon Territory to encompass this entire palace, I was able to find out where the nobles were hiding. I pointed at the window at the second floor. Tamara nodded and jumped up, smashing through the window and taking out the guards inside.

When I arrived, I saw seven men groaning on the floor, while the nobles were trembling in fear in the corner of the room.

“Alright! How about some introductions? I'm Illsyore, the Godlike Dungeon Lord who was calmly and peacefully passing through the town until a certain someone or someones gave the order to attack me.” I showed them a calm smile.

“What do you mean 'peacefully'?! Look at our guards!” one of the nobles complained.

At this point, I didn't even bother to try remembering their name or faces. They weren't worth the effort.

“Yes, peacefully because wasn't the one who ordered the attack.” I replied.

“Nonsense! The Emperor wants your head! It's clear that...”

At this point, a beautiful brown-skinned woman shouted at the man “FATHER!”

The man gulped and closed his mouth.

Her father married someone from Sorone? I wondered, since the country ruled by the black skin human variant was located all the way over there.

“Speak.” I said looking at the woman.

With an elegant bow, she looked at me and tried to act dignified, but I could tell she was afraid of me.

“It is true that we received that s-sortie order, but we never believed that a being as great as you would truly stroll right into our city. My f-father's greed got to the better of him and didn't accept the p-possibility that you may be indeed a l-legendary Godlike Dungeon.” she spoke in a polite tone of voice, but a few stutters resulted from her fear of me still slipped through.

“I see. You do realize that if I wanted to I could have destroyed this entire city without leaving a single trace behind just because of the idiot who tried to apprehend me in the forest, right?” I asked her.

“I sincerely apologize for my cousin's actions and words.” she made a bow.

“No need. Only him and his group of adventurers were mercilessly killed. The soldiers who merely followed his orders were spared just as many of those who battled my wives in the streets of this city.” I declared.

Although I openly declared to have killed her family member, neither she or her father showed a sign of shock. They maintained their composure, making me believe that they may have already steeled themselves for this possible outcome.

“You are most generous to spare the lives of those men.” the woman made another bow.

“I see. I guess you are the smart one of the family. Anyway, I'm just here to let you know that it was never my intention to cause a war in this city, although it's quite clear that you were preparing to meet me here even if you just said that it wasn't so. I'm just going to say this to you, to all of you here,” I threw a sharp gaze to the other nobles as well “Don't follow me and don't attack me. If you do, I will kill you. By you, I mean the ones who gave the order! Do I make myself understood?” I asked them narrowing my eyes at them.

“Yes!” three of them answered almost immediately, while the woman and her father only nodded once.

“Good. Tamara, let's go.” I said and then walked back to the window.

“Wait!” the noble's daughter called out to me and I stopped right before I was about to jump out “If possible, may I ask why you came to Paramanium?”

I looked back into her eyes, and I could tell this question took a lot of guts from her.

Showing her a smile, I replied “I need students and teachers for my Magic Academy. When it's officially opened, as long as Paramanium fulfills the conditions, it can send students over as well. It will be a place where they will learn in safety and without worry about their status and other political nonsense. I, Illsyore, the Godlike Dungeon approved by Melkuth the God of War, will make sure of this!”

With this being said, I jumped out and made my way back to the ship.

With the nobles handled, it didn't take long for the soldiers to pull back and stay clear of our path. Thus, without further ado, we sailed out of Ilia Port and aimed the ship at the vast ocean before us.

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