~ Chapter 118: Under attack (Part 3) ~

If they so much as shouted 'we give up' or 'we surrender', I would have called off the attack, but they only cared about attacking us. This wasn't a battle, it was a slaughter of insignificant ants who dared attack an anteater.

Thus, I waited patiently for the battle to end. Only seventeen ships raised the white flag and they were all from Shoraya, Feyan, and Teslov. Nanya ignored them, but she obliterated all the other ones.

Even when there was only one ship left from the Paramanium Empire, they still dared to bare their fangs at us. As a reward, we plucked them out and destroyed their vessel.

With the battle finally coming to a stop, Nanya released her [Over Boost] and the golden aura vanished. With a satisfied smile on her lips, she plucked the unconscious Emperor from the sea and brought him over to me. It was easy to spot him, he was the only one wearing fancy clothes and a long majestic regal coat.

With a loud thud, the human was dropped on sand in front of me, while she circled around in the air, keeping an eye out for any trouble.

I made sure the man was still breathing and then sent an electric shock through his body to wake him up.

“UGYAAA!” he screamed when I zapped him.

“Oh! You're awake! Good!” I said with a smile and then I activate the long distance voice transmission spell, so every survivor out there could hear us.

“W-Who? Wha-What happened? H-How dare you speak like this to your Emperor!” he shouted, quickly returning to his persona.

“Yeah, I'm a Dungeon, buddy, you never were and never will be my Emperor. I'll speak how I please and if I don't like you, I'll just kill you. It's as simple as that. Now, do you know where you are and why you are here?” I asked with a smile on my face.

“S-such words! I should have you hanged!” he shouted and pointed his hand at me.

“He's not listening... Sigh. Maybe this will help jog your memory about who your are standing before right now.” I said and then grabbed his arm at the elbow and wrist.

With a twist of my wrists, the bones bent in the wrong way and broke.

The cracking sounds were heard loud and clear over the voice transmission spell. Then came his howl of pain.


I let out a sigh and then grabbed him by the throat and forced him to look at me.

“Now that I got your attention, do you understand your current predicament? My wife just wiped out your entire fleet. You have no ships left. Your troops are in a miserable state and even if by some miracle of the gods you would win this battle, you have no way of returning to the mainland.” I told him and narrowed my eyes at him.

“Ugh... Y-You monster...” he said.

“Monster? I'm no monster, but you who sent your troops on this death quest maybe are one.” I showed him a smirk.

“ I-I am the E-Emperor of the Paramanium Empire by right! They should be glad to give their lives for me!” he rebuked.

“Really now? What if I promised to send them all back to the mainland and even help heal their wounds. Oh, and how about if I paid them whatever salary you promised them as well? Of course, all of this in exchange for killing you. Do you think they wouldn't accept?” I asked with smirk.

“What? Of course they won't! No one will dare to touch me! I am their Emperor!” he shouted.

I was beginning to feel like the pain I had caused him wasn't enough.

Letting out a sigh, I dropped him on the ground and said “This guy's useless.” I then turned to the sea and asked “Any Supremes out there who survived my wife's attack?” I asked. “I promise I won't kill you, so come over here.”

A few moments later, seven badly injured individuals appeared before me. With parts of their armors cracked and shattered, broken swords, bones and bruises all over their bodies, they gave me the impression that they went through some cruel unspeakable battle from which they barely got out of alive. Thinking that they were just slapped to the sidelines by my wife made this heroic battle worn appearance less heroic and more comical.

“I am Ulgrad Davenko.” said the oldest of them.

“I am Duke Tarrisom Besfor.” said the one to his right with a broken arm.

“I am Baron Zivir Masharya.” said the one to the left of Ulgrad.

“I am Earl Passifiso Bashavar.” said the one who appeared to be the youngest among them.

“I am Baroness Bulvina Vegiva.” said the only woman among them, a beauty with a broken lip and her left hand twisted in the wrong way.

“I am Zuvan...” he coughed twice with a bit of blood “Apologies... A piece of metal pierced my lung... I am Zuvan Valdagar...” said a middle-aged man with a warrior gaze.

“And I am Baron Balustrad Adriano Bartholi Veroli Capricionni Fervia Selionari Marchiaveli Herasia.” he said.

“Long name...” I commented.

“My parents were weird, you may call me Adriano.” he bowed his head once.

At the very least these seven showed more respect and situational awareness than their so-called ruler did.

“Good. Now, please tell your Emperor what you think about my previous statement and how the people under him will react because its clear that he doesn't give a Merion's tail for either the nobles or peasants out there.” I said to them.

The seven Supremes looked at each other for a moment and then Ulgrad spoke.

“Your Majesty, it saddens me to inform you that what this Dungeon here said is the absolute truth. If he indeed makes such a proposition, you will be torn to shreds by our troops.” he stated.

“What? But I... ugh.” he finally remembered his broken arm and glared back at the Supreme “I am the Emperor! I order you to defend me and kill this thing!” he demanded.

“And we're telling you that he's far surpassed the power of a Supreme. It is a miracle we aren't dead as it is!” Zuvan rebuked in anger and then coughed a few times.

“Yes! We came here because we were ordered to do so! But there's a limit to even what we will obey! Following a foolish leader to our deaths is not one of those things! You may call it treason, but without us Supremes, your great Empire would fall in a matter of days!” Baroness Vegiva pointed out.

“This expedition has been nothing but a failure!” Earl Bashavar, the youngest of the Supremes, complained.

“Without properly assessing the strength of our enemy, you sent all of us at death's door! Now you even wish to claim that we nobles will stand quiet while you send us to our deaths?! There is a limit to being a fool, your Majesty, and I say this for your sake, when you pass that limit, you're paying not with gold but the very blood running through your veins!” Duke Besfor rebuked.

“It is simply a wonder we are still alive... I have never met in my life anyone as powerful as that flying woman.” said Baron Adriano as he looked up at Nanya.

“I fear that not even if we were to employ the full power of all the Supremes on the three continents could we win in a battle against this Dungeon.” Baron Masharya spoke in a regretful tone of voice.

They all came out and spoke against their Emperor's orders.

Now, I could understand why this man with the broken arm, erm... the Emperor not one of the Supremes, reacted in this manner. He basically still couldn't believe or accept the fact that he had lost. To be more specific, I defeated his entire force faster than his mind could process, as such, he still believed that he held the upper hand.

“Look behind you, your Majesty, you have no more boats left. Your men are struggling to stay alive, yet you keep insisting that even in these conditions they must give up their lives for you.” I said and pointed at the open sea behind him, which was filled with the wreckage of his fleet and swarmed by thousands of men who struggled to stay alive.

When the Emperor finally looked behind him, the image and state of his fleet came as a shock. He mumbled some incomprehensible words, but he finally began to understand that he completely lost this battle.

“Above all, as far as I am aware, it is required for at least two Supremes to be active in an unclaimed territory to declare it as a free nation. This island you're standing on was built by me, and those two Supreme officially recognized even by Paramanium Empire are Savannah Azura, whom you are acquainted with, and Zoreya Eleanor Alttoros Deus, a High Apostle of Melkuth the God of War.” I told him.

“W-What?” he looked back at me with eyes of disbelief.

“You may be aware that my name is Illsyore Deus. The name Deus was given to me by Melkuth himself. This means that not only am I am approved by your gods, I am also under their protection. You who challenged my home and declared war on those protected by the God of War were destined to fail from the very beginning.” I said in a clear and firm tone of voice.

Of course, declaring that Nanya was an Over Supreme who could slap Supremes around like it was a joke was probably harder to accept than knowing that two of their already recognized Supremes were present here as well as the fact that I was under divine protection. Melkuth had nothing to do with winning this battle, he probably just sighed and went on a coffee break when he saw the incoming fleet. There was no doubt that I was going to come out victorious, but again, bringing up his name and declaring that I was under his protection was far more believable both for those here and those back on the mainland.

“Hahaha! It's no wonder we lost so fast! Hahaha... ugh my ribs... it hurts.” Ulgrad laughed but stopped when he pushed himself too far.

“Don't go dying on me old man, just stay put until we can heal you.” Earl Bashavar said.

“Do you think I'll die just from this, you foolish child? Or are you hoping that in my absence there will be no one to stop you from claiming the hand of my granddaughter?” the old man glared at him.

“Tch!” the young Supreme clicked his tongue and looked away.

Seeing them act like this made it feel as though the tension of war had been completely lifted, but there was still a very important matter to settle before we could bring this to a close. What worried me was the decision this foolish Emperor was going to make. Even if he was mad, he still had the blood of royalty flowing through his veins. If he continued to declare war, I would be forced to end his life as well as that of those who sought to follow his orders until the end. Somehow, though, I didn't believe this man inspired that much loyalty from his people.

“I-I lost... Paramanium lost...” the Emperor said.

Letting out a sigh of relief, I closed my eyes for a moment and then said “You heard him. Your ruler official declared this to be my victory. Now, I'm going to rescue as many of you as possible, build you some boats and send you off back to Paramanium.” I showed them a smile.

“You... You'll do that for us?” one of the Supremes asked.

They were all quite surprised by my generosity.

“Of course. I never intended to make Paramanium an enemy.” I shrugged “This place is meant to be a place of higher learning, an Academy.” I told them.

“An Academy? You're saying you won't use this place to raise an army?” the oldest of the Supremes asked surprised.

“Why would I want to do that? Who even told you such nonsense in the first place?” I raised an eyebrow at him “This place is going to be an Academy for all those who wish to learn and improve themselves. Foreign Politics will have no meaning here, so both nobles and peasants will be able to learn together. I know it sounds ridiculous to some of you, but this is just the type of place this island is going to be. Anyway, you guys stay put here. I'll go and save your troops.” I said and then flew up into the air and went over to where Nanya was.

From here on out it was a basic 'scoop the drowning sailor' game between me and my wife. I won in the end, and as a prize, I requested a kiss from her. Simple was the best.

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