~ Chapter 119: The beginning of the First Year ~

[Illsyore's point of view]

After I gathered the surviving crew of the Paramanium Empire fleet, I made Emperor Aldembard Paramanium and his Prime Minister Roderick Zalun sign a decree through which the empire declared its neutrality towards me and everything on my Dungeon Territory. The reason why it wasn't the island itself was because this patch of land was going to be expanded in the future and had yet to receive an official name. Once it did, I could use it instead of myself.

With the imperial decree signed in two copies, one which was going to stay with me and the other with the Emperor, I had to honor my part of the deal and build them a bunch of galleons as well as supply them with enough resources to reach Port Ilia without any problems.

This whole process took no more than a couple of days, during which I also did a complete sweep of the wreckage floating around the island. I absorbed every piece that was visible on the surface, and I sent Nanya to collect the rest that sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

Thus, the danger of being attacked by the largest empire out there was averted for now.

Things on the island resumed their natural order with me preparing the classrooms and dungeons that were to be used by the first students of my Magic Academy. After another month had passed, everything was set so even a Level 1 could start learning here and grow to become a powerful individual be it as a merchant, researcher, or adventurer.

I was quite proud of how everything turned out, and in response to how the first year progressed, I planned in the next period of time to develop the settlement further and expand the dungeons used as learning material. Of course, I didn't plan on neglecting my own dungeon. This one was going to have a different process of development, but until then, I had to build something the adventurers around these parts could use. In other words, I had to build a dungeon that was suitable for adventurers ranging from Beginner Rank to Supreme Rank, which was going to be the main attraction of our island as well as a new source of income of Magic Energy and gold coins. With a bit of luck, maybe even an Adventurers Guild was going to be set up here.

The First Year students of my academy were of various ages, but I had them wear the same uniforms which I helped design and make together with my wives. The boys wore a pair of black pants made out of linen fiber tied around the waist with a leather belt. They wore a white shirt over which they had gray jacket made out of linen with a silk padding on the inside. The girls wore cute knee-long length skirts and a blouse with frills. Their uniforms were of modern design, holding cute details and high quality fabrics, even pockets, which were mostly used in the clothes of nobles for an aesthetic purpose rather than a practical one. Actually, it was highly possible that these uniforms were worth far more than what many nobles could afford to buy. Considering the fact that I had enchanted them as well, maybe they were at the same level as a high nobles' clothes or even a King's?

Speaking of enchants, the ones found on the uniforms were: [Marker], so the location of each student could be easily found in case one got lost or kidnapped; [Health Regeneration], for those troublesome times when accidents happened; [Endurance], to make sure it took more than a tank shot to lay a scratch on them; and the last one was [Enhanced Senses], so nobody would have the excuse of being unable to see or hear what the teacher was saying.

They also had a different uniform for their Physical Education classes, which was a jersey suit with the same enchants. For combat classes, they wore either Leather Armor or Robes, depending if it was for Martial Arts or for Magic. All of them had those four basic enchants and another one depending on the class: [Stamina Regeneration], [Strength and Agility Boost], and [Magic Energy Regeneration].

Weapons such as practice swords, shields, and staves were provided within the practice classroom and held individual enchantments that made them usable by anyone. The funny part was that one wood practice sword the students used was going to be on par if not stronger than a regular steel sword a town guard usually carried with him.

The total number of residents on this island was of 65, out of which only a handful knew how to read and write in the Paramanium Language, as such, I had ordered for everyone who didn't know this to attend these classes even if they didn't want to progress with their studies afterwards. A prime example of such a case were the farmer duo: Riveron Sei and Rengar Baria. They card more about their fields than they did about the fact that they didn't know how to read and write.

So much time has passed since I came to this world. I've seen and experienced a lot of things, and for a long long time, I wondered what I truly wanted to do in this world. Now, when I stepped up on the platform set up in front of the academy's entrance so that I may give the opening speech, I could finally feel like I had taken the first step in achieving my dream.

As such, with a smile on my face, I looked at the cheerful new students and extras before me, and I could feel myself standing at a turning point in history. Whatever I was going to say now would embark this whole world in a new era. If it was going to be a good one or a bad one remained to be seen, but I had fool confidence to step forward, especially when I knew that my family and friends were here to support me.

When I looked back, I saw my wives, who were all wearing elegant dresses that matched their individual beauties. Next to them were the teachers at this academy: Zertan, Savannah Azura, Yung Mai, Ferris Rithhold, Lumia Shora, Runnar Kalio and Runara Kalio.

Taking a deep breath, I looked ahead and then began my speech:

“Thank you, everyone! We have gathered here, on this fine day, to celebrate the opening of my Magic Academy. It has been a long journey for all of us, but be it through fate, a bit of luck, or maybe a god's influence, we were able to meet each other and bring this dream of mine to life! As you know, my name is Illsyore Deus, I am a Godlike Dungeon and the Principal of this Magic Academy. I will do everything in my power to make sure you have the perfect study environment where you can grow and develop yourselves according to your dreams! My sole request of you is that you will do your best to find out what you strive for in life and see your journey at this Academy as the fresh start I had promised you! Then, once you graduate, you will be strong and smart individuals who can take pride in the skills you honed here! Thus, without further delay, I declare the opening of the Illsyorea Magic Academy!”

Cheers echoed in front of the academy building as the students jumped up in joy, some with tears in their eyes, while others actually crying. The teachers weren't that far off behind them either, although, embarrassingly, Zertan's face was already soaked with tears and snot, making his wife show a wry smile as as she handed him a towel rather than a tissue.

My wives were showing charming smiles and looked at me with eyes filled with love. Even for them this has been a very long and perilous journey. From the very first time we met at Fellyore Magic Academy until today when I opened Illsyorea Magic Academy, they stood by my side every step along the way.

Honestly, without them, I wouldn't be standing here, so I couldn't help but whisper them a small 'Thank you' to them.

It was for all their faith in me and their love for me.

It was a 'Thank you' for helping me take the first step into becoming a proper Magic Academy. After all, this was part of the reason why I had reincarnated into this world, right? The other part was clear, it was to meet them, to fall in love with them and live my life together with them, my wives, my family.

[Varakium Paramanium's point of view]

Father returned from his expedition as I had predicted, defeated. The first one to welcome him at the palace wasn't my mother, Empress Nakadashia Paramanium, but it was I, Varakium Paramanium, the First Prince.

“My son...” he said when he laid eyes on me with a thoughtful look on his face.

It was no denying the fact that the man who now stood in front of me became aware of his own mistakes and regretted them, maybe?

I said nothing to father, just looked at him, standing straight with my hands at my back. My eyes weren't smiling, welcoming home, they were judging him as someone who made a mistake, who wronged the Empire.

There were two ways this could go, either he broke into a fit of anger, accusing everyone of incompetence or refusing to accept his mistakes while living like a coward in fear of the Dungeon Lord Illsyore.

I knew my father, and both of these were strong possibilities, but not long before I could hear his decision, my little brother, Ghalaran Paramanium, the Second Prince, burst into the room and came straight at me, glaring into my eyes.

“YOU! I know you are behind this! You are the reason why father lost! You are! I don't know how you did it, but I'm going to get to the bottom of it and expose your lies to the world!” he pointed his finger at me as he falsely accused me.

I replied only by raising an eyebrow. Seeing him try to put the blame on me for this was going to be fun.

Put up a good fight, little brother. Don't bore me. I thought.

With a loud 'humph!', Ghalaran stomped past me and went to his chambers. No doubt he was going to curse and cry about how things didn't go his way. He was a spoiled child, but he was still quite young... We all were...

I was 19 years old, Ghalaran was 18 years old, Deobart was 17 years old, Zaluran was 16 years old. My two older sisters, Deodora and Zenora, they were 24 and 22 years old respectively. My brothers and I were all at the age where we could claim our right for the throne or a piece of influence in the Empire. My sisters had their own little faction, my brothers theirs as well, but with this failed expedition, power was steadily flowing back into my grasp.

I was winning...

Looking back at father, I saw him staring into my eyes, but there was no hate, just... the thoughtful gaze of an old man.

“My son, Varakium...” he said.

“Father.” I replied in a calm tone of voice.

He let out a long sigh and then took off the golden crown he carried on top of his head. He looked at it, and with the tip of his fingers, he touched the jewels encrusted on it. There was a feeling of sadness coming from him. It made me wonder if he was maybe regretting attacking the Dungeon Lord?

“I led this Empire as best as I could, but...” he then lifted his gaze from the crown and looked into my eyes “maybe I was blind when I did?”

Shaking his head, he walked up to me and without stopping, he gave me the crown and then walked by.

“My time is over, son... Lead Paramanium into the age of Emperor Varakium.” he said and then left to see my mother.

I just stood there with the crown in my hands. I was surprised by this sudden turn of events.

No, rather than surprised, I was shocked.

Did father just? But... I didn't see this... Why? How? I was wondering.

There was no way my father who kept making stupid decisions one after another to decide something like this, right?

And what was it with those last words of his? Does he really think he was a wise and benevolent leader?! I thought a bit outraged.

Looking at the crown, I felt like what just happened was too unreal... I was ready to raise an army of nobles to stand by my side, to chip away at the factions supporting my siblings and grow mine. I was ready to start a cold bloody war within my family to gain the crown, but with father's decision... everything changed.

“Me? The Emperor... so easy... impossible...” I said.

[In the Draconian King's throne room in Teslov Kingdom]

Lightnings cracked the sky as they ran through the clouds and some even fell on the ground. It had been already two hours since the thunderstorm had started, and it didn't show signs of calming down soon.

With a lightning flashing in the sky, the throne room was lit up, showing just a handful of guards, a kneeling armored draconian, and a teenager who stood leisurely on the throne.

“Sire, our fleet returned defeated, but our spies have brought good news.” said the kneeling draconian.

“Good. Report!” the teenager ordered in a sharp tone of voice.

“Of course. It appears that your older sister, Princess Ayuseya Pleyades, is alive and well with no signs of the curse. We suspect that she has found a way to prolong her lifespan.” he said.

“What? This is interesting. Where and when was this discovered?” the teenager asked with a smile on his lips.

“Before she left Paramanium, Sire, but we had to make sure it wasn't a false lead.” he replied.

“So long... Why wasn't I informed immediately?” he asked in a threatening tone of voice as he struck the armrest of his chair with his fist.

“Sire, before informing you, we had to make sure it was her and not some other draconian.” the one kneeling replied in a calm tone of voice.

“I see... Well, no matter. Is she alone?” he asked as he was rubbing his chin.

“No, Sire. She's with the rumored Godlike Dungeon Lord Illsyore Deus.” he replied.

“That fake? Hm, or maybe he isn't a fake if he managed to defeat Paramanium's fleet. Alright, I've decided. Send the ambassadors to bring her back. She is to be my next wife! This is the order of the King!” he ordered.

“As you wish, Sire.” the draconian bowed in front of him and then left the throne room.

[In the hidden Headquarters of the Phantom Rage Guild]

“So she lives...” the Guild Leader spoke as he looked at some ancient artifacts his underlings stole from all across the three continents.

Behind his imposing shadow, a single masked man stood while kneeling and holding his head down.

“I never thought a useless pawn like her would end up becoming such a thorn in my spine...” he leaned over the table and picked up a dagger, which started to scream and whimper the moment he touched it. “What lovely sounds... Dagger of Judgment. You know? This beautiful dagger can replay the sounds of all those you killed, but in my case, there are too many, and if I keep holding it for too long, the sounds distorts to that of a banshee's scream. Beautiful... just beautiful.” he said as he gently touched the side of the blade.

“Your orders?” the man behind him spoke.

“It shouldn't be long now since Rodia's squad returns, right?” he asked.

“Yes, master. They are due to return at the end of this month after completing the assassination of Duke Bayagar in Feyan.” he replied.

“Good... When they return, send them to me... I have a special mission for them, and I know... that they don't mind...” he placed the dagger back on the table and looked up at the ceiling, on which the night sky was perfectly painted “hunting down rogues, their offspring, their friends, their family, and whoever was foolish enough to meddle with them. This Shanteya Dowesyl... shall be set as an example to all those who think they can flee from Phantom Rage!” he laughed.

[Somewhere on the Demon Continent]

Standing on top of a pile of dead monsters and surrounded by toxic gas, a man of around 21 years of age stood triumphantly. With short cut blond hair and a suit of leather armor in which he found it easy to move in, the young man was admiring the view of the lava fields.

Those dead monsters served as nothing more than just to form a pile for him to better gaze at the scenery.

With a smile on his lips as he combed his hair back with his fingers, he said “I can feel the energy of my daughter again... I thought she died six years ago, what gives? Ah, Nanya, what have you been doing all this time? Should daddy come and pay you a visit or... Hm, should I send an invitation over? Your mother would want to know how much you have grown!” he laughed.

[Somewhere above in the High Heavens]

“Do you think he realized what that name means, yet?” the Holy God of Big Boobs asked after he took a sip from his cup of tea.

“I don't think so. That name... isn't used that much. Actually, I always wondered how Nanya knew of it.” Melkuth the God of War replied.

“Oh, I may have whispered it to her at one point or another.” the god smiled.

“Really now?” Melkuth let out a sigh and then looked back at the god in front of him.

“Indeed, how interesting that a beautiful name like Illsyorea is one that has been secretly erased little by little from everyone's minds for such a long period of time now...” he took another sip of his tea.

“To be aware of it, yet not know it, peculiar indeed. Yet, who did such a thing?” Melkuth asked.

“The Dungeons... and in time, they will hear of it again. I'm curious what the King of Dungeons will do about this.” he said.

“You do know that just because of this, Illsyore could face an all out war between the weak three continents and the Dungeon Continent, right?” he asked.

“Yes, but it won't be so soon, have a little faith in big boobs! They are wonderful!” he laughed.

Melkuth squinted his eyes at the old senile pervert and wondered if it would be a crime to beat him to an bloody pulp.

Meanwhile, the gods were quite certain that fate had yet to play out its last hand with the Godlike Dungeon Lord Illsyore Deus, a once simple human from Earth who died and was then reincarnated... as a Magic Academy.

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