~ Chapter 53: One last smile ~

[Cassandra's point of view]

I was afraid... I cried and screamed in my mind.

I didn't want to die. I didn't want to feel pain and see my own blood flowing, so when I felt my end near, I called out to my big brother. He was the only one who could help me, the only one who could save me from this monster.

“Now... die.” said the man covered in that spooky shadow aura.

Save me, brother! I screamed in my mind as I saw his hand pointed at me.

Out of reflex, I closed my eyes and waited to feel an excruciating pain, but... the pain, it never came.

“GET AWAY FROM HER!” I heard my brother shout.

I opened my eyes and saw the man in front of me being pushed to the side by an invisible force. Whatever it was, I knew it was brought forward by my brother, so I let out a sigh of relief.

“You came...” I said with a soft smile on my lips and tears flowing down my cheeks.

I was happy, and for a moment, I felt safe.

“Of course! I will always come to the rescue of my cute little sister!” he smiled brightly as he stood in front of me.

Little did I know that it might be the last time I saw his smile...

“How touching, but this power of yours... I want it!” the monster said.

A chill ran through my body and then I saw him appear behind brother. The dark shadow covered his body, but it looked as though the earlier attack managed to injure him a little. I could feel the scent of blood in the air.

“Look out!” I shouted.

“Huh?” brother turned around, but he was too slow.

This monster moved faster than our aunt Eliza during training.

The hand covered in darkness once again was aimed at me, but this time, my brother stood in its way. No, I wasn't the target... brother was.

Unable to defend himself from this attack and unwilling to let it pass and strike me instead, brother received it at full strength.

The back of his clothes bulged out a little and a red stain appeared on them. I sensed brother's blood, so different than aunty's, mother's, father's, Luthecia's, or even this monster's. It was a bit sweet and maybe just a little thicker than theirs. It was filled with vitality and somehow, I knew it was connected in some strange way with me...

This red stain was the blood of my twin brother, the ten years-old little boy who had always been there by my side since I was born. No, he was with me even before that...

“B-Brother?” I asked in shock.

The man shrouded in darkness, the monster in human form, pulled back his hand and within its grasp, he held something red... something moving, beating... something that smelled of brother's blood.

“Hm? I wonder what delicious Blessings you are going to give me?” the monster said.

Turning around just enough for him to look at me, I saw with horror the state he was in.

A gaping hole was in his chest. His clothes were all stained with his blood, and the pulse of life was quickly leaving his body... Then, I realized that what the monster was holding was nothing else other than my own brother's heart, his still beating bloodstained heart.

I couldn't breath...

I looked up in brother's eyes, and with that last spark of life, he told me, his useless little sister, his last words I'm sorry... Run...

I was in shock.

Then, his body fell on the grass, right next to me. His eyes had lost the spark of life.

“Brother?” I said, but I knew he was never going to reply.

Leonidas Drakarys... was dead.

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Contradiction Lover
This ia goddamn stupid… Don’t get me wrong. I love this story. It’s just that the MC is more of an idiot than I thought. I could think of more than ten reasons to diss Leonidas but I’ll keep it simple(lol)… YOU DO NOT YELL IN A SURPRISE ATTACK UNLESS YOU USE IT AS A DISTRACTION. THINK OF A F*CKING PLAN BEFORE DIVING IN YOU DIMWIT. USE YOUR BLESSINGS TO GAIN A SKILL THAT REVERSES A SITUATION ONLY IN VERY VERY VERY EXTREME CASES. There’s more to that but those written above are what I’ll do IF I get tangled… Read more »
Contradiction Lover

Unless there is a hidden reason why he did that, he screwed up right there…


Time to annoy the gods for a free rebirth


ops, he did have a good life and hapiness untill now… Wow is this turning into the tale of a vengeful sister after the killer who became godlike after killing her brother?! Thats dark for a slice of life, but for some reason sounds good haha(yeah i know its not this)

Camino lopera
I don’t know what the people is talking about (some hole plots). the bad man said himself that he don’t need fulfill conditions, he just need it at the beginning but with practice is not necessary anymore… maybe don’t know how to read? He said very clearly in stone sentences that He do the ritual because he think is funny. About the promise of the gods, remember that the gods who summon the heroes were the ones who make that promise but the blessing of the bad gay is from a “dark God” and I don’t believe he care about… Read more »

Thank you for the chapter
That Cliff was evil


Noo! A cliff! :,( XD
Im feeling exited but sad bc of this so mean and im looking forward to more ^^


Well I’m loving this story so far but I have to say the ability to steal blessings bestowed by the gods doesn’t make a lot of sense to me..


Yep. he got a life full of happiness.
Yep. To steal powers, certain conditions have to be met. But sometimes not, which you give no reasoning for.
Gotta love those random plot holes.

Sebastián Moya Riquelme

Plot Holes? He literally said he does not need to do the conditions (After a lot of ”practice” he can skip the conditions). He just does it since he finds it funny to do (for the lulz)… With Leonidas it was different, maybe he panicked when he was pushed so he just went and skipped all the conditions to activate the blessing

I agree with the plot hole. Alone with the victim, explanation of powers and what he is going to do. None of that was done with Leonidas. Now if I was to assume that it’s not a plot hole but a valid development then either the villain is getting increasingly blinded by greed or under a spell. Still it could be one of those “the ritual was done without the proper prerequisites so it fails or turns on the caster” type of scenarios. Well, we could also attribute it to the MC’s special characteristic i.e. heroism. It’s his defining quality… Read more »

I love 100 luck. I love magic academy.
But this story has bland characters. Incredibly short chapters. No real humor after he was born. And now random plot holes that you open one or two chapters after giving an explanation. Sorry. Just can’t like it.
This is written by the same person, right? Because it sure doesn’t seem that way.

I am thoroughly disappointed in the gods of this story. I don’t care what excuse they use and I don’t care what the situation is they promised a happy and good life! not torture, kidnapping, trauma and desperation yet somehow even with the power of 118 broke their promise because of 1 god of darkness and as far as I am concerned never deserve his respect, admiration or worship ever again. in fact, I would go so far as to say if he survives he should make it his mission to destroy the faith of each and every one of… Read more »
I said this before but he was cheated out of most every thing he asked for from the vary start and what little he got was warped and seams fate will seal that from him as well I mean really 118 blessings that are form main gods yet are far out matched by 3 normal gods blessings that his sister has and have no active power to speak of all rolled into 1 that only he can read so he get treated like he dose not have any at all. the only useful powers he has he got from the… Read more »

Sweet going to be interesting to see where this goes in a couple of weeks when Dragomir comes back from hiatus





Well, that was a nice short story.

Oh, you want to know what happense next?
Well, let’s see…


Damn you for ending these batch of chapters on a cliffhanger. Do you love torturing us?


First off thank you for writing so much this week. Second, Damn you for ending it like this!!! Now I am going to have to wait a week or two to find out what happens.