~ Chapter 73: The God-like's Truth (Part 3) ~

“You have the Neo Nazi rising in the Eastern Human Continent, the Neo Communists in the Western Human Continent, the Imperialists who stand by the side of the current monarchs, and even what I would call and Extremist Democracy starting to rise in a certain place, of course, through the deaths of the previous leaders. If this wasn't enough, you have the Pure Bloods who think themselves superior to the others. About them, let's just say there's no Black Hunt anymore, but rather a White Hunt. Although, I'm going to point out that a Neo KKK member managed to infiltrate a certain kingdom and give rise to the Human Supremacy Movement rather than a White Supremacy one. Why kill other humans when you have continents of non-humans out there?” he said as he showed me through portals the current images of those movements.

Considering how much bloodshed, sadness, and death all those movements brought to Earth, I never thought there would be someone willing to restart them here. I never in my wildest dreams even considered this a possibility, but maybe I was too naive, too young, too foolish? However, I was certain that all of those movements were run by humans from Earth and definitely didn't see the Dragon Continent with good eyes.

“W-Why did you bring such monsters to this world? Do you realize what you have done?” I asked in a trembling tone of voice.

The God-like showed me a smile and then replied “I brought a diversity that was never meant to exist in this world. Now, all those movements have another chance at proving themselves 'right', but I never said that they were alone. There are heroes out there who will stop at nothing to bring them down. This is just a play of good versus evil. It's a mandatory step to bring out this world from its stagnant evolution. After all, history never changed or advanced from its medieval state for the past several thousand years now. At this rate, all species were going to be faced with extinction by some means or another.” he then created another portal and showed me a ruined landscape.

“This place...” I said as I recognized it.

“Drakaria some time in the future, over a thousand years to be exact.” he explained.

“What... how did this happen?” I asked.

“The Demon Kings first rose from the malice of the world and brought all civilizations to their knees. Then came the plagues, new viruses and bacteria born from the flow of Magic Energy and cosmic radiation. Then came the natural cataclysms, eruption of volcanoes, super volcanoes, and worst of all, meteorite impacts. Every world is meant to suffer from such things, it's nature and physics, after all... The thing is, only a sapient species that is technologically advanced enough can put a stop to them, but you see... this world was never going to have one despite the huge diversity in them. That was why I brought you humans from Earth here. You are the only chance this world has.” he explained to me.

“So you are saying that if we... the good guys, defeat these movements and bring about a good change to the world, we will change the future?” I asked.

“It already has, but you are all bound to your own free wills. I can't dictate your choices for you, so I am betting my all in you. But, what I can say is that I was well aware of the fact that with great power comes the danger of being corrupted by it, so I made sure that heroes with powerful abilities had a counter, a rival there as well.” he told me.

“So mine was that guy with the teleporting ability.” I said.

[Pika Boo Blink] is not very powerful when compared to other abilities, but when it's advanced to the maximum level, it's ultimate ability teleports you randomly within the current solar system and also in a different time period. If you didn't have your luck, you would have appeared in the center of the currently unnamed Gas Giant 1458 years into the future. You would have died instantly because of the pressure alone.” he explained.

I gulped when I heard what could have happened to me.

“Why... why did you give him such a frightening ability?” I asked.

“Although, I admit, it's a bit overpowered, but it was also the only one that can stop you at that time. You see... depending on your choices, your path would have been a different one. You could have never met Seryanna and instead met that one dragon from the Twin Daggers she defeated. You would have met Kataryna instead, but by that time, you would have lost all trust in dragons and saw them as nothing but monsters. In this timeline, Kronius is the one who befriends the dragons after he meets with Seryanna at the capital. There's another timeline where you never come forward with your true feelings for Seryanna, and she ends up marrying Draejan. While you still remain around them, you end up marrying Kataryna instead. There's also a timeline where you marry Kleo and kill Seryanna, and one where you start your own harem of a thousand dragonesses. All of these are possible futures starting from the very moment you set foot on this planet.” he explained.

Hearing all of those possibilities was surprising, but I couldn't see nor understand how I would come to make them happen, especially the harem one. I could barely handle a single dragoness let alone a thousand. Although, for some reason, I was relieved to hear that marrying Kataryna was also a possibility. Maybe my relationship with her will change in the future?

“So in the event that I became evil, Kronius became the good guy, and so on?” I asked.

“Yes. That was why I said he was your counter. Not only ability wise but also destiny wise.” he explained.

“Does every human have such a counter?” I asked.

“No. You alone are the counter for a lot of humans. The strong in general are like that.” he said.

“So then, why tell me all of this?” I asked that one question I wasn't able to utter until now.

“Because now you are willing to listen and accept it as a truth. Can you imagine what you would have said or thought if I did this from the start?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

“I wouldn't have believed you... or I would have rejected everything as a way of rebelling.” I replied after I thought for a moment.

“Exactly. And you wouldn't have been the only one. Some people would have went on killing sprees thinking that it was going to make me send them back to Earth.” he said.

“Speaking of which, we can never go back, can we?” I asked.

“No.” he shook his head “The moment you stepped here, I already made sure to help Earth get past its... ordeal. So, at the very least, you can rest assured that your family over there is safe.” he showed me a small smile.

“That's good to hear, but aren't you worried I will tell of this to other humans?” I asked.

“You can, and I think it's about time the truth was spread to them... After all, some time already passed by since you first landed on the planet.” he told me.

“Time? How long have I been away from the battle?” I asked immediately, since I remembered what Kronius' ability did.

I feared I was stuck somewhere in the future, like a few hundred years or something.

“From the moment you were sent to this world until now, exactly five years have passed. As I said, you were lucky it wasn't more.” he told me with a smile.

“Does this mean I've been away from Seryanna for three years?” I asked as I stumbled back.

“Yes. But as I said, you are lucky it wasn't 10 or 100 or 1000.” he nodded.

“I see... Thank you... So, what now?” I asked.

“I will send you back to that world, but... I won't take you to the Dragon Continent. Your presence is needed somewhere else, in the Human Continent.” he told me with a smile.

“Human Continent, but I want to see Seryanna... Being away from her for three years...” I said as I worried that she might have given up on me.

“No need to worry about her, she'll know when you return. As a favor, I'll let her know of this through a dream or something. Meanwhile, I want you take your time in the human kingdom and see for yourself how the humans of this world are. The kingdom you will arrive in will be one that faced the least amount of influence from the earthlings.” he said.

“What? Dream? Kingdom? What?” I said blinking surprised.

“Sigh... Just take it slow. Good bye and see you around Alkelios. Oh! And before I forget, I'll give you the nerfed version of [Pika Boo Blink]. You'll understand why later.” he winked and then the world around me changed once more.

Instead of the white room, I was now surrounded by clouds.

Huh? Clouds?! I blinked surprised and when I turned around, I saw myself plummeting towards the ground.

“OH! FIDDLESTICKS!” I shouted and immediately flapped my wings to slow down my descent.

I was a few hundred meters up in the air and plummeting towards the ground at an insane speed.

It took me a bit of effort, but I managed to land safely.

With a heavy breath, I looked up at the sky and remembered what the God-like told me.

Three years in the future... Talk about a major time skip, but it's better than 1000. I thought and then let out a sigh, but just then, a slime appeared before me.

Wiggling its body, it targeted me and then jumped for a body slam attack. Because I was too confused from everything that happened, I didn't even dodge, however, the moment the slime touched me, it exploded...

“What the...” I said surprised as I wiped off the slime's remains off my face.

Looking around, I could definitely see that the critter self-destructed or something.

Maybe it was marking me as a target? I wondered.

Then another blue, watery slime popped out of a bush.

[Identificus Processus Juridicus]!” I activated my ability on the targeted monster.

The basic information I got from it was this:

[Name]: None

[Species]: Slime

[Level]: 1

“Huh? Level 1? Where did that God-like sent me?!” I thought when I looked in surprise at the wiggly little slime which I only needed to touch in order to kill.

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