~ Chapter 55: Ezimuth's story (Part 4) ~

[Name]: Leonidas Drakarys

[Age]: 10 years (0 months and 2 days)

[Species]: (Evolved) Human

[Level]: 5

[Strength]: 118+50

[Speed]: 100+50

[Cognition]: 138

[Magic Energy]: 4050+50 / 4100

[Magic Affinity]: All Elements

-The following data is available only to the caster-

[Divine Skills]: [Oracle Eyes]; [Divine Contract]

[Known Magic]: [Status Window]; [Fire](+); [Water](+); [Wind](+); [Darkness](+); [Light](+); [Nature](+); [Spirit](+); [Summoning](+); [Holy](+); [Martial Arts](+); [Sword Fighting](+); Temporary: [Light Beam];

[Hero Potential]: 428/12870466 (This skill will not activate until the previous value has been surpassed)

-Special Window-

[Binecuvântarea a 118 Zei] – 3/118:

-[Blessing of Endless Life] from Ezimuth the God of Darkness

-[Blessing of the Emissary of War] from Druzan the God of War

-[Blessing of the Healer of the Gods] from Shaker the Goddess of Nature

It appeared as though two other gods beside Ezimuth decided to give me a helping hand for now. I could only give my thanks to them, but I was starting to wonder if maybe there were special conditions I had to fulfill in order to unlock other Blessings. I definitely told them to make my life a bit challenging and not just grant me unreasonable power from the beginning, it was just that... well... I hoped kicking the bucket wasn't going to be one of the said conditions.

Maybe the other Blessings aren't as merciless... I thought.

But while looking through my skills, I notice something odd, the Temporary: [Light Beam] one.

Since when do I have one of those? I wondered as I selected it to look at the details.

The moment I did so, I received the following message:

-Temporary Skill granted by Sapherya the Goddess of Creation;

-Instant cast;

-Continuous Magic Energy consumption;

-A temporary skill meant to remind you that your BELOVED Number 1 Goddess in the Universe is watching you! That's why you shouldn't use weird names to call her, alright?;

That last one was an unnecessary detail. My skill window wasn't the goddess' personal chat window!

But overall... it appeared as though the gods did in fact kept their promise. Maybe the difficulty of my new life wasn't set on Easy, and I definitely didn't want to receive everything on a silver platter, but at the very least, now I knew for certain that they didn't forget or abandoned me.

Because of this, I was happy, but now was not the time to be overcome with joy. There was another more urgent matter to attend to.

As I pushed myself off the grass, I became aware of the battle that was taking place not that far away from me. Cassandra, my little sister, was currently engaged in what I could call an unbelievable battle.

Before my eyes, I saw her covered in a fiery red aura. Her hair had turned from blonde to bright-red like heated metal, and her movements were like those of a wild beast.

My guess was that Cassandra succeeded in activating her own Blessing and turned her fangs against Damascus, probably seeking revenge because as far as she witnessed, I died at his hand. Still, as her older brother, I couldn't stay out of this battle. I played the dead man long enough.

“Time to see what these Blessings of mine can do!” I said with a smirk as I clenched my hand into a fist.

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Siodhachan Artos MacNaughton

This whole chapter answered a lot of my questions, and was very well done. Time to see what his Blessings can do! 🙂


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Just Binge-read this series. Pretty nice but i can’t help but note the similarities in names to 100 Luck and Magic Academy. Is that some sort of hint that the universes are connected?

otaku god

I know right


I think so, I vaguely recall mention of a section of the world which is unexplored in 100 luck, and we all know that there is a huge force field separating magic academy and the rest of the world. I’n not sure about this one though.


Well, since I’m shipping him with her sister, I kinda hope he died and re-reincarnate instantly at the same world again, her sister is saved but his killer escape, and he could meet his “sister” again, albeit 10 years older, but since he is not her brother anymore, the ship is legit. Lol
But her sister would be grow up into a revenge journey chasing the killer to avenge her brother, while the “new” him could be the cure for her.


They do both have unique mutations related to each other


He was reurrected about 1 minute later though.

Dark Jackel

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Okay, I’m confused. In the previous chapter(s), that dark god talked about all but one of the human civilizations self destructing after the death of the summoned hero. I thought that was what happened after the death of Leonidas. But now he’s resurrected, and barely any time has passed. How does the story that the dark god talked about relate to the main timeline?


that was one of the gods who summoned him previously,and the people in the world he was summoned to murdered him so the dark god left them to fend for themselves,and the failed poorly and almost all died.it’s not talking about the world he was reincarnated into,it’s talking about the past when he was being chain summoned.


“A temporary skill meant to remind you that your BELOVED Number 1 Goddess in the Universe is watching you! That’s why you shouldn’t use weird names to call her, alright?”
Aww, S.A.R.G.E. is so cute ♥


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Somewhere in the cosmos, a muscular god slapped Ezimuth, sending him flying into a wall.

“Endless life eh? Good one! Now we don’t have to worry about him coming back to disturb our sleep again! Ever!”



“… Ezimuth?”

“Ezimuth. You have the blessing of endless life yourself right?”


And the celestial recuperation centre for wounded God, which has not seen any use since the last God’s war, received a new patient that day.

Sebastián Moya Riquelme

”People die when they are killed” Doesn’t apply to our MC.

Is he a zombie? Will be Light Beam enough to surpass the blessing stealer? Did that blessing stealer took any of his bleesings? Will he continue to bully S.A.R.G.E.? Find out in the next chapter!

Ok, jokes aside, Thanks for the chapter!


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