~ Chapter 58: Overkill (Part 4) ~

A powerful burst of light came out of my palm and engulfed my right arm all the way to the elbow. It burned and hurt, but it didn't stop there. The attack kept pulling out more and more Magic Energy out of me. Like a hungry beast, it slurped out every single drop out of me, but it didn't end there...

Just like before, when I was charging up this stupid spell, I kept dying and reviving like the character of a gag manga. It was a seemingly endless cycle in which my ten years-old body was sucked dry of life force and Magic Energy, then restored, then sucked dry again, and it hurt each and every time. I was kept in a half-dead state in which my heart wasn't beating and my lungs weren't pulling in the fresh air around me.

At the very least, despite the pain and torture for dying and reviving all over again, I could feel it... this cycle wasn't endless.

True, I had a hyper regeneration and the [Blessing of Endless Life], but my body was breaking up and getting restored over and over again, each time getting weaker and weaker, more broken than before. It was a very dangerous cycle that could end up with my REAL death. Even these Blessings weren't almighty, they all needed something to trigger them and stressed our bodies to their limits in every way possible.

Aunty Eliza told us, or rather warned us, that even the best users and the most renowned heroes couldn't keep their Blessings activated without end. Sapherya made this world in such a way that even the most powerful couldn't be unbeatable, and I was no exception to this rule.

As such, my seemingly endless cycle also had its end, and it was getting near.

Meanwhile, this [Light Beam] attack was beyond ridiculous.

Without a way to escape, Alexandre Damascus took the full brunt of the attack. The beam covered his body completely and even expanded outwards. If I were to describe this place, I would say it was identical with a white specter LASER beam with a six meters diameter, and Damascus was right at its center. Furthermore, it continued to expand in diameter as it went on, while around my hand, it was of only 40 centimeters or so.

That man's last words, I wasn't able to hear them, but I didn't care to anyway. I was certain this attack had killed him. Actually, I wondered what manner of a creature could be strong enough to survive it. I died over 100 times as I kept feeding this behemoth of a spell with my Magic Energy and life force.

So, when it was over, Damascus was gone. Nothing remained out of him, not his armor or his bones. As for me, I felt so weak I couldn't even stand anymore. My knees gave in, and I fell down on my back, but my heart started to beat again, and I could finally take in a fresh breath of air.

“Brother!” Cassandra shouted.

I groaned in pain, but I couldn't move even a finger. As for my right hand, I couldn't feel it at all. My vision was blurry as if I was wearing a pair of glasses with ridiculous lens prescriptions.

“D-Did... Did we win?” I managed to ask, but my throat felt so dry, like I had swallowed sand.

Cassandra pulled me up in her lap and gently stroked my head. I think she was crying, or it was raining, I couldn't tell.

“Yes...” she replied with a whimper.

“Good...” I said and closed my eyes.

I was too tired... so tired... I didn't want to do anything else but sleep...

Today marked the end of my first 'life and death battle'. I gave it my all and pushed my body way past its limits, but I realized the truth of this world.

Here, Blessings ruled the battlefield and Magic came second, while Martial Arts third. No wonder the people saw those who had three Blessings like my sister as a National Treasure. I just sincerely hoped I was never going to see another monster like Damascus any time too soon. [Blessing of the Thief] could spell out some serious trouble for this world if used like that.

Before I went to sleep, I received a sudden message.

-Temporary spell [Light Beam] has been removed-

-Thank you for using the service of The Almighty and Stunningly Beautiful Goddess whom you LOVE very very very much, Sapherya!-

To this, there was only one complaint I wished to submit.

This spell was a bit of an overkill, Goddess S.A.R.G.E!

Aaand... I was out!

Somewhere up in the sky, a certain goddess with tears in her eyes was being restrained with great difficulty by several other gods.

“THAT ungrateful little brat! That's no way to thank someone who saved your life!” Sapherya shouted in a demonic voice.

“QUICK! Someone bring the whale tranquilizer! I can't hold her for much longer!” shouted in desperation the one called Kreatull the God of War.

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Oh the ending is a bit complicated. On one hand Goddess loaned him an OP spell that consumed 100 lives worth of mana, this gives the MC a good reason to be upset. On the other hand this can imply that the ‘boss’ was that strong that complete annihilation was the only way to beat him.
I personally think Goddess is trying to hard to impress the MC and is failing spectacularly.


Hahahahaha! That requires some unusual psychology to willingly cast, but it certainly worked!

The whale tranq was a nice touch!

Sebastián Moya Riquelme

Even the god of war cannot contain her.

Again, thanks for the chapters!


One of the best online books I have read. Pls keep it up. Many authors I have read in the past have stopped so you are my last bastion


I loved the ending of this chapter although I have to with SARGE, Leo was being a little ungrateful. I am curious why SARGE hates being called “SARGE.” I realize it isn’t here real name but it isn’t that awful of a nick name.

P.S. Someone should really tell Leo that pissing off gods for no god reason, really isn’t a good idea. However, I find it hilarious and hope he keeps it up.


Yep ! I agree, it’s a funny chapter’s ending ! ^^
As for SARGE, I look for the meaning on google and find it’s a short version for sergeant ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarge ). I think it’s this one, it sounds quite logic that she would be piss off being compared to a sergeant with demonic voice ! ^^
He salut after all ! 😉



i agree with you that, but you have to remember that even though he has the memories of his past life, he has currently the mentality of a 10 year old child. and children can sometimes be pretty mean without them realizing it,


I don’t think you can blame Leo’s behavior on him being a immature child. There was a lot GOD baiting (not to be confused with MASTERbating :P) in the first 7 chapters and he was still an adult at that time.


That moment when even the god of War is having trouble to hold back Sarge and even need a whale tranquilizer XD
(Will he get white hair now?! Kaneki~ Did his body also get stronger from the body break and heal thingy?)

Thnx for the chappy~ Nanodesu~


So do hajime in arifureta.


no hajime did not get any blessings and still killed a mad god that killed countless people and worlds for fun.
besides hejime would never put up with these gods in the first place.

they maybe the main gods over their worlds but it looks like most anyone could do a better job then these lazy good for nothings well at lest most of their worlds are dead thanks to failing to get a hero that can save it and clean up their mess for them.


Thanks for the chapters