~ Chapter 121: Family meeting ~

[Illsyore's point of view]

I was sleeping peacefully when Shanteya entered my room. Tamara was with me, naked and cuddled in my arms. Her tail was wrapped around my left leg, and her ears were flattened towards the back of her head. While it didn't take much for me to wake up when my el'doraw wife called out to me, the sleeping woman in my arms took a bit longer. She had always been the one to sleep in late or pick random hours at which to take a nap.

“What's wrong, Shanteya?” I asked as I looked up at her while still holding the naked nekatar in my arms.

“We've had a few uninvited guests this evening, but I managed to dispatch them to the world of the dead.” she told me with a smile.

I would have to be a complete idiot not to understand what her words meant.

This matter... was serious.

“Give me a moment to wake up Tamara. Can you call the others to gather in the living room?” I asked.

“Certainly.” she nodded and then left.

One of the things I loved about having multiple wives that acknowledged each other was the fact that they never got edgy or angry when they saw me kissing or acting lovey-dovey with one of them.

After Shanteya left the room, I proceeded to carefully wake up the sleeping nekatar. I pressed two fingers on her back and moved them down her spine all the way to the connecting bone between her spine and tail.

She let out a soft purr and squirmed a little, but it would take more than that to wake her up, so I gave her a lick over the tip of her sensitive nose. Her ears flinched in reply and let out a soft 'nya~'.

“Wake up, Tamara, we need to go and meet with the others, it's important.” I said and gently pinched her cheek.

“Munyaaa~” she made a weird sound and then opened her eyes.

“Are you awake now?” I asked.

“Mnyaaa~ Illsy want to play with Tamara again?” she asked then made a cat-like yawn.

“No. Maybe afterwards.” I replied and got up from the bed.

She got up as well and stretched her arms and legs a bit to get rid of the numbness of sleep. Looking at her, I couldn't help but admire the elasticity of her joints and also the erotic feeling I got from her tempting curves. All of my wives were beauties I could admire all day long, that was why I didn't shy away from the chance to do so.

“Do I really have to wear something?” she asked.

“If it were up to me, I wouldn't have wanted any of you to wear anything, but I'll need to focus, so please go cover yourself with something... and by something I don't mean JUST the sheet.” I told her.

“Nya~ too tired...” she retorted but nonetheless got up and put on some clothes.

Considering the reason why we were having this meeting, one would think that I was acting a bit too calm. The thing was that if Shanteya was the one who reported it and especially in that manner, then the idiots who tried to intrude on my Dungeon Territory were now nothing more than fertilizer for the trees.

Then again, this also meant that these intruders had been in the possession of means through which they could ignore the detection of my Dungeon Territory and also managed to skillfully avoid my monster patrols. While this bothered me in a manner of speaking, the countermeasures for them weren't as simple as I had initially thought, or maybe I didn't put as much thought in reverse-engineering them as I did with other spells.

Nanya, Shanteya, Ayuseya, and Zoreya were all waiting for me in the dining room. Because it was late, all of them were wearing their nightgowns and showed sleepy faces. In Zoreya's case this was a rather sexy view, seeing how the strap fell over her shoulder, tempting me a little. The others didn't choose such dangerous clothes, and Shanteya was wearing a long black dress with white buttons and a not very revealing cleavage cut.

Ever since they started teaching at my Academy, sexy dresses were used only to tempt me in the bedroom, the elegant ones were used when going out into town or at special events, and the plain, serious ones were left only for work. Lately, they didn't need to wear the armors they traveled with on the Thorya Continent. There was no reason to do so, especially since my army of monsters maintained the peace on Illsyorea 24/7.

Our living room was rather spacious. It could easily host a party of up to 50 people. There was a big dining table here reserved for our guests, a bookcase filled with Ayuseya's collection. There were a lot more in her room. I tried to add a sofa and a pair of armchairs, but the idea was rejected by my wives, who didn't think they were needed here but rather in our own personal rooms.

In my mind, I was still thinking of a modern day Romanian living room with a simple bookcase, a sofa and two armchairs, leaving only a coffee table in the middle of the room for the guests.

Once we were all seated at the dining table, Shanteya apologized for calling us out so late and then began to report what happened while we were asleep.

The moment she mentioned 'assassins targeting my children', everyone was wide awake and listened carefully to everything she said. From the start to finish, she told us how she killed each and every one of those assassins and where she left their bodies. I checked, and they were all there. After absorbing them, I removed the signs of battle, especially those around my children's room.

I never placed any traps or monsters there because I thought it would be too dangerous for my children. What I built was stupidly powerful in some situations, and the monsters could arm wrestle Supremes. The problem was that my children, just like my wives, didn't automatically triggered the traps, but reacted to their wills. I feared the possibility of them triggering one of my traps while they were standing right in the middle of it. They were kids, and their curiosity could get to the better of them.

I sort of regretted not being able to provide the perfect protection, but such events barely happened or if they did at all. However, maybe if I added a few more monster patrols I could make it increasingly more difficult for assassins?

While I pondered about this, Ayuseya said “Could this be connected to me as well?”

“What do you mean?” asked Shanteya.

For her, the reason was obvious: they wanted to go after our children because they held the potential to becoming terrifyingly powerful individuals. Anette was also a Godlike Dungeon like me, which for many people she was either a subject of fear or desire for power.

“Last week, I sent the envoys from Teslov back. It was the seventh time already, and they threatened me that they won't back down so easily. I fear they could have sent for assassins as well just to send a 'clear message' to me. They probably accepted this contract and thought that their goals and those of their clients simply aligned.” Ayuseya explained.

“It is a possibility, I do not doubt this.” Shanteya nodded.

“This whole thing just gives me headaches. I thought we made it clear that Zoreya is a High Apostle backed up by the God of War, who also happened to bless us with our family name. What's more, we annihilated the Paramanium Empire's war fleet without too much trouble, and lately the new Emperor, Varakium Paramanium, has visited us quite often. Although, everyone on this island knows he's just here to talk with Savannah. So why would anyone think it was a smart move to attack us?” Nanya complained.

“He also made it quite clear to his allies not to make us a political or military target.” said Ayuseya.

“I find it foolish for anyone to attempt to attack our family. Leaving the gods aside, each one of us has the potential of wiping out an Empire like Paramanium.” Zoreya pointed out as she pulled up the strap of her nightgown.

“Well, we still don't know if there are any outsiders...” I said.

By this, I was referring to individuals that came from outside the rumored barrier that surrounded our three continents. There was also the place where the Dungeons came from and Nanya's home, which held an unknown degree of danger.

Everyone remained quiet for a moment.

“But overall, I don't see why mother would send someone over to try to attack us. With just me being here, she considers us to be her potential allies rather than enemies.” Nanya pointed out.

“Speaking of which, does she even know she's a grandmother now?” I asked.

Nanya looked down at her hands and then bit her lip.

“No... and I'm still thinking if I should tell her or not...” she said.

“We will support you with whatever you choose.” said Ayuseya, showing her a gentle smile.

“Indeed. By the way, none of the assassins tried to go into Nanya's room, did they?” I asked.

“Not from what I saw. They were interested in Bachus for his half-dungeon potential.” said Shanteya with a calm expression on her face.

“That would have been the most stupid thing they could have done.” scoffed the demoness.

Nanya was far more dangerous as a protective mother than she was as a mad rampaging Berserker who ripped warships in half with her bare hands.

Despite the situation where a normal parent might not be able to act calmly, we didn't show to be stressed out or worried by the attack that much because of our power and also the fact that Shanteya made sure none of the assassins escaped. Worrying was just a waste of time for us given the circumstances. The question was what we could do to prevent an attack from happening again and how to deal with those who instigated it.

Before we got the chance to get into a debate about this, Shanteya sat up and said “I believe the Phantom Rage is my responsibility. I was initially a part of them, and I am aware of the fact that their members don't have the luxury of leaving the guild as I did.”

“If it's your responsibility, then it will equally be mine as well. I am your husband, you know?” I told her.

“And don't leave us out of it. We're your sisters, remember?” Zoreya told her.

“I know, and I appreciate it, but what would happen if all of us left Illsyorea to finish off this small errand?” she asked us.

“Erm... I didn't think that far.” I replied and showed her a wry smile.

“There's also the children to consider.” Shanteya said.

“We can't just pack our bags and leave them behind.” Ayuseya pointed out.

“Yeah...” I lowered my head in shame.

“Because of this, I am thinking of going after the Phantom Rage on my own.” Shanteya dropped the bomb.

“On your own?” I asked making big eyes at her.

“Yes.” she nodded “I am powerful enough at this point to consider the Phantom Rage as just an annoying mosquito waiting to be squashed.” she showed me a soft smile.

Translation: she's powerful enough to brutally slaughter, revive, and then slaughter again all the pathetic little worms that wiggle within the Phantom Rage guild and have the audacity of calling themselves intelligent bipeds. Yup... that's probably about right. I thought.

“Are you certain you don't need our help?” Zoreya asked.

“Yes.” she nodded.

“Well... I won't stop you, but if things get rough, do call me.” I told her.

“Of course I will.” she nodded.

“If we're on this subject, I would like to raise the question if it's alright for me to go to Teslov?” Ayuseya dropped the second bomb.

“Teslov? Why?” I asked surprised.

“Sigh... they are getting annoying, and honestly I worry they will send assassins after us, and if we can't be defeated, then they will go after our friends, our students, or even our oversea allies.” she explained with a clear tone of worry in her voice.

As much as I wanted to say that such a thing wasn't going to happen, it was true that I couldn't oversee every single individual on this island. Our allies, like Emperor Varakium, were out of my reach. Unlike me, they were far easier preys to reach, and in contrast, their deaths could have a serious impact on my work here.

“We also can't let Kingdoms like Teslov think they hold any influence or upper hand over Illsyorea and the rest of us. If I reject their invitation one too many times, then I might offer the wrong impression to the other ambassadors, especially if they start believing that Teslov holds a weakness of mine.” she explained.

“But the request from Teslov is of marrying the current king there, who if I am not mistaken is actually your brother?” I asked.

Ayuseya nodded. “If he's doing this out of fear of the curse, then we can come to an agreement and allow the Pleyades throne to return to normality, but if he doesn't, then he will have a taste of what an Over Supreme dragoness like me can do to his Kingdom when I have been pushed too far.” she said and showed a similar calm and collected smile as Shanteya did earlier.

Why am I picturing her in a strange leather outfit, laughing like a maniac and tossing nukes all over the place? I wondered in silence about this strange image of my wife that mysteriously popped up in my mind.

What she was saying did make sense, but I couldn't help but worry about her safety. Even if she was overwhelmingly powerful, it didn't exclude the possibility of poisoning or trying to control her with a spell even I didn't know of.

My wives were incredibly powerful, true, but they weren't indestructible, especially since I knew that there were some continents out there with some rather fearsome levels. Although I doubted the probability that some powerful individuals from those places made their way here and targeted me out of all people, it wasn't an impossibility.

We also made quite a scene with the Paramanium Empire's fleet, which made us a target for those few foes who wanted to challenge the strong, but it didn't make sense for them to attack us by using such cowardly methods.

This entire world was filled with mysteries that had yet to be discovered, and the species on the three continents were only in the medieval period of the evolution of their civilizations. With me around, they would probably reach the modern age soon enough, but even that would require an immeasurable effort from my side. My academy was the front line for the evolution to the next age, as such, we were bound to receive the unwanted attention of various powerful individuals all over the planet.

“I understand...” I said after I let out a sigh.

“Illsy...” Ayuseya looked at me with soft eyes.

“Do you also wish to go alone?” I asked.

“I would prefer if you joined me, but I am certain your presence here is desired far more. I would request, however, for Tamara to make me enough food to last me the entire period of time I will be staying there. I wish to avoid getting poisoned at all cost.” she looked at the sleepy nekatar.

“Nya~ Tamara will cook you well!” she said.

“What?” Ayuseya furrowed her brow.

“Nya? I mean cook for you... cook for you, yes...” the cat laughed.

The draconian giggled as well, but the only one of us who still appeared to be lost in thought was Nanya.

“Something on your mind?” I asked her.

The demoness looked at me, and I could see a glimmer of worry in her eyes.

“Illsy, would you allow me to go and meet my mother? In the end, I do wish to let her know that she's a grandmother now, and I believe I am powerful enough to prove to her that I was not wrong in picking you as my husband.” she spoke in a determined tone of voice.

“I understand...” I nodded.

“For how long do each of you wish to be away from Illsyorea?” Zoreya asked them.

“About a month will do.” said Shanteya after she thought about it for a moment.

“I hope that in a few days at most to be finished, but the journey there will take the longest. I can't just fly there... It would be impolite.” Ayuseya replied immediately after.

“I'm gonna be gone for about a month as well... I will take Illsy's yacht to speed across the ocean.” Nanya said while scratching her head with a finger.

“So at the very least a month...” Zoreya nodded.

“Hm, that's a long time... Am I going to be of any use for you in this period?” I asked scratching my head.

“Yes.” they all replied at the same time.

“Huh?” I blinked surprised.

“You, my love, will be on babysitting duty for Bachus and Anette.” said Shanteya as if it was obvious.

“Not to mention diaper duty for Natrasku and Kormian!” said Nanya, mentioning my youngest son and his Godlike Dungeon brother.

“What?” I blinked surprised.

“Indeed, it's absolutely natural that when the woman is out hunting the man stays at home taking care of the children!” declared Ayuseya.

“You're telling me you are putting a Godlike Dungeon Lord like myself on diaper duty?! What about Zoreya and Tamara?!” I retorted.

“Is there something wrong with having our husband who is also the father of our children take care of them?” they ALL narrowed their eyes at me as they said that.

“N-No... N-Nothing... There's nothing wrong with that!” I looked away. This will definitely be one stinky month... I complained.

I loved my children, I really did love them and would do anything for them, but they were the absolute worst poop machines ever brought into being! And having an enhanced sense of smell didn't help me at all!

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