~ Chapter 123: Once again, we meet (Part 2) ~

[Dankyun's point of view]

So long I had waited, training and polishing my skills in that rotten cell!

My Magic Armor now was more powerful than that of any other Supreme on the three continents! I was certain of it! Just by looking at these pathetic fools as they dared stand in my presence so calmly, I could tell that I could easily survive countless strikes from their punches, while they would barely be able to last a couple from mine.

My claws, my spells, they were nothing compared to when I was humiliated by that Dungeon! No matter how many lives, how many centuries and millennia would come to pass, no matter what I would have to sacrifice, I would make him pay for the humiliation and torture he put me through!

All those fiends and minions that hid in the shadows, I would kill them all. KILL THEM ALL!

These bunch of idiots that sailed together with me, Brakhian Zarkhol, Varidan Legos, and Ashavar Naska were Teslov's very own special squad of Supreme Elites. The Draconian Kingdom's most powerful, and they were all under the Paramanium Empire's rule. Or at the very least, it appeared to be.

Under the naked eye, we were moving about under the orders of the Emperor or one of his royal siblings, but once in a while, we received special missions from the Teslov King. We were to do this and that, mostly killing and a bit of pillaging. One time we got to rape one of the noble women from the opposing draconian faction. That was pleasant!

For me, there was nothing more satisfying than seeing a woman groveling on her feet licking my boots. Their kind was worth only to satisfy male needs. Their bodies were designed by the gods only for this purpose. Their minds, their wills, their individuality and personality, they were all flaws. Junk that was passed over because of the corruption of morals from the perfect form.

Ah, but once I would get to enact my revenge upon that Dungeon, I was going to kill these three and then the whole royal family of Pleyades. It was going to be easy for me. No, it would have been ridiculously easy for any Supreme. They were nothing but a shame for the name of a draconian. To rule over us was the same as being ordered around and ridiculed by mindless shikaks that were in the middle of serving their 'clients'.

The very thought of it disgusted me to no end.

Yes... kill... I will kill all those who will oppose me, it's simple. I thought.

I was no fool though. I couldn't go in just like that, I had to act in a more... subtle way. I heard that there still was a princess alive or was she just born? It didn't matter. If the royal family didn't work, then I could just start a rebellion from inside. A few nice words and a generous gift to the stupid new emperor was going to make sure I had no troubles on that side. The fourth prince still owed me for what he did to me. I was going to pay him a secret midnight visit and show him what it meant to cross me.

Human bodies, unlike the draconian ones, were as fragile as a dried stick. A bit of force was all you needed to break them, but the real pleasure came from doing so in a more... destructive way. I already thought about how I wanted to make everyone who crossed me suffer.

Speaking of which, what was our mission here again? Investigate the rumors about the power of the Dungeon Illsyore and if possible eliminate him? No, it wasn't that... What was it? Rape his wives and kill his children? That sounds better, but no... I thought, but I couldn't remember.

If it was like this, then this mission was definitely a boring one.

“Hey, boss?” I asked, but I definitely didn't hold even a single drop of respect for this lizard “What's our mission again?”

The one with red scales looked at me and glared.

“Didn't you pay attention? Are you THAT much of an idiot?” he growled.

“Ah, maybe?” I replied and smirked.

He let out a sigh and shook his head. For that remark of his, I was going to make him eat his own innards after I pissed on them.

“We need to investigate the island. Find out what we can about the Dungeon named Illsyore and his wives: Tamara Deus, Nanya Deus, Shanteya Deus, Ayuseya Deus, and Zoreya Deus. Find any possible weaknesses they may hold, be them political, physical, or psychological, then report them immediately to our contact on the island. You are to NOT stray away from us, speak unnecessary words, or conduct yourself in any way that would expose our identities to our targets.” Brakhian replied with a growl, but what he was saying was already impossible, wasn't it?

Just by seeing me, Nanya and Ayuseya will tremble in fear like little rabbits. Hm, should I still try to use Ayuseya as my bride? Nah, I'll just use her as my relief hole. I thought and then chuckled to myself.

The boss looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

They all knew I had a screw loose, so they didn't pay any attention to me. That was good, it allowed me to work on my plot in peace.

“Are you sure the targets won't recognize this oaf?” Varidan asked in a mocking tone.

He had some really nice blue scales I was going to enjoy plucking off his body.

“Maybe, but I know them better than either of you, especially Nanya and Ayuseya. My wretched sister is also there, but I can't believe that Shikak survived my attack. Did the Dungeon heal her? Impressive.” I said and then shrugged.

“Shikak? You better watch your tongue there. I heard the Dungeon isn't very fond of people insulting his wives. Keep a distance from them and don't let them spot you. They are all far more powerful than they look.” Brakhian said.

“Oh please! Last time I saw them, they didn't stood a chance against me! And that was without [Boost]. The Dungeon probably just gave them some nice items, that's it.” I shrugged.

I wasn't worried. I learned the disadvantage of relying on items the hard way. They were my downfall in my battle with him, but now I far surpassed that state. If I were to use items now, I would be unbeatable. This was the reason why I was so confident I could win against these imbeciles in a 3v1 battle.

If it was the me from when I was first locked up, I don't think I could hold a candle to any of them, but now things were far more different than they were back then. With daily training and persistence to get better, I was far more powerful than any of them imagined.

At this time, a knock was heard at our door.

“We'll arrive in Port Illsyorea in a few minutes.” the captain said.

After he left, Brakhian got up on his feet and went to pick up his cloak. Unlike other passenger on this boat, we only had our cloaks out of our Storage Crystals. Everything else was placed there so as to not accidentally forget it here in the event of the boat sinking or after we docked.

Once the ship dropped anchor at the pier, we came out of our room. Together with Varidan and Ashavar, I followed Brakhian out on the deck, but what awaited us there was something rather... unexpected.

“Ah! Dankyun! It's been a while!” someone said.

That voice... That face! There's no way I could forget them! I let out a mental growl as I looked at the bastard who humiliated me so much! “Illsyore...” I spat out his name like a piece of moldy bread.

[Brakhian's point of view]

To meet our target like this, more so to have him immediately identify that fool, Dankyun, this was certainly an unplanned situation.

This Dungeon had jade-green hair and eyes. His clothes were similar to those of a Lord in quality, but they lacked any of the fancy jewelry a noble would otherwise wear on him. He had no weapons on him, but the crystals on his palms made me wonder if he really needed them. Everything about this character was different from what we knew of standard Dungeons, from the way he acted to the way he looked like.

We have two choice here. Either we fight and take him out, or attempt to flee. I don't think he's here just to talk. I thought.

Of course, I immediately suspected that this creature also became aware of my identity and maybe even our mission here. No Dungeon would stand still and watch as his enemies gather info on him. He would certainly try to kill us before we had a chance to flee.

The thing was that Dungeons weren't that experienced in fights outside their intricate mazes filled with traps and monsters. Once one gained a humanoid body, they usually fell prey to their own stupidity. They were quite valuable though, so the tendency was to try to capture them alive for experimentation. Having the backing of the Paramanium Empire spared this Dungeon of this sort of hassle though.

That being the case, we could probably win against him as long as he didn't retreat back to his dungeon.

“I would suggest you take your hands off your sword and don't try to use any magic or you will be killed without remorse where you stand.” the el'doraw woman with white hair said as she showed us a calm smile.

It sent shivers down my spine.

This woman... she's dangerous. I thought and carefully pulled back my hand away from the hilt of my sword.

“Don't attack.” I ordered my men.

“Boss? Are you serious?” Dankyun asked.

“Yes. Don't do anything stupid.” I glared at him.

Dankyun spat to the side and then lifted both hands up in the air.

This problem draconian was going to get me killed one of these days with his foolish actions. He barely listened to my words and always tended to act on his own. More than once I found him misusing his status to have fun at brothels. It wouldn't be a problem if he didn't leave several of those prostitutes pregnant. My body count only got higher needlessly because of him.

“Good! Now, let me introduce myself, cause I see that my 'old friend' Dankyun doesn't wish to introduce me. Ah! I'm sad.” the Dungeon pretended to wipe a tear away. “Now then, my name is Illsyore Deus. If you are wondering why the family name, rest assured, Melkuth himself named me.” he showed me a smile.

A chill ran down my spine.

The God of War did what? No, it has to be a lie. I thought, but something like that couldn't be possible. Only heroes would receive a name from a god, or so the legends said.

“Now, this lovely woman is my wife, Shanteya Dowesyl Deus, and this charming woman here is my other wife, Zoreya Eleanor Alttoros Deus. Yes, polygamy is allowed on Illsyorea if it meets certain conditions. Now then, will you four gentlemen follow me. I do wish to remind you that if you dare make any sudden or suspicious movements, your deaths will be faster than any of you could even blink. As proof...” he smiled and then snapped his fingers.

My Magic Armor and those of my men suffered a small crack at the base of our necks. Neither of us could tell who or what attacked us. It was too fast for me too, but looking back at the others, I could see it in Dankyun's eyes that he caught a glimpse of the attacker. His gaze was aimed the el'doraw woman, she now carried a pair of twin daggers with a strange glowing blade.

“As I said, don't make any foolish moves or you will die before you know it.” he told us.

We all nodded.

What monstrous speed. I thought as I silently followed him.

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“My claws, my spells, they were nothing compared to when I was humiliated by that Dungeon!”
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Wooo se viene lo bueno!!!!
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