~ Chapter 67: Sapherya's gift (Part 3) ~

To make things easier on us, we already said goodbye to each other. During the past two days, we played a lot together and mother even made a small celebration party for our admission. It was fun and simple. In a way, it was similar to an average day without training and with more cake. We both wanted to leave as though we were just going on a small trip to Briston and back. Maybe it was our innocent way of ignoring the pessimistic thought that we wouldn't get to see our family for months to come.

Once these four boring years were going to be over, we were going to see each other a lot more often because we were going to attend the same High Magic Academy. With a bit of luck, maybe I would even get to be in the same class as my cute little sister. This way, I could easily hunt down any wannabe man that wished to court her and then lock him up in an underground torture room... Erm, I mean make sure no dangerous guy lurked around her.

Thus, we continued to browse the stores in the hope of finding a good slave for myself. Considering that we could only get a debt slave, our selection was a bit limited. Speaking of which, Cassandra's slave, Valeria, ended up as one because of her curse. Unable to use her full strength, she kept failing quests until she gathered a huge debt and was forced to sell herself into slavery. Her old friends apparently didn't bother to help her that much.

This meant that my little sister's opinion of her wasn't wrong. In her current condition, Valeria was rather weak, but if unleashed, she was probably one of the most powerful individuals here.

At the street intersection where we bought Cassandra's slave, we turned left and followed the road while browsing through the other shops. Once we looked at everything on this side, we were going to turn back and look at the stores on the other side as well. I had a feeling I was going to find my slave at the very last one. I just knew it was either going to be a cute cat-girl or big breasted older sister type with long flowing hair, a kind personality, and with an hourglass figure, maybe slightly athletic, but definitely not packing the type of muscles you could lift tanks with.

At one point, I saw someone who caught my attention. This time, it wasn't because she had a light aura around her. Rather, she felt a bit dark, but there was a peculiar characteristic about her I hadn't noticed in the others around here. This woman's ears ears were pointed and a bit longer than a regular human's. Not only that, but she had the type of body that made men of all ages gulp after her. Well, all except for me, my body had yet to reach puberty, so looking at her big chest only made me feel hungry. My mind, however, withheld from leaving a comment.

“She's a charmer, I tell you! Just look at those shapes! She is sure to make you feel boundless pleasure in bed! She's an elf too, which means her looks won't fade away even after a decade or two had passed!” bragged the merchant who was selling her, trying to entice the male buyers to start counting their coins.

“What is her reason for becoming a slave?” a concerned noble asked.

“Oh? She's a serial killer, a rapist, and an arsonist.” the merchant replied with a smile.

“So, she can fight?” he asked.

“Most definitely! She's considered an Emperor Rank Threat!” declared the merchant.

I stopped listening here.

That's the first I saw an elf at this slave market. All of the slaves I have seen so far are humans. Is it because this is a small town and individuals like her are considered a rarity? I wondered as I was moving away from the stage.

Just then, a glimmer of light caught my attention, and I turned around. In that moment, I saw the elf being escorted off the stage. Someone had bought her, but she wasn't the one who was shinning, it was the new slave that was being brought onto the stage.

I gulped and stepped closer.

The light was definitely shining brightly around this one, covering their whole body. No one else could see it except those with the [Oracle Eyes] skill. It was telling me that this was the individual I was supposed to save. This slave was the one whom the gods have chosen for me.

Yet, I couldn't help but twitch when I saw who it was being embraced by this divine light.

“Leo? Did you find a slave you are interested in?” mother asked when she noticed that I kept staring at this stage.

“Y-Yes...” I replied in shaken tone of voice that made it sound as though my very soul had been sucked out of my body, and with a trembling hand, I pointed at the individual chosen by the gods “T-T-That o-one...”

My family looked in that direction, and what they saw surprised even them.

There, on the stage, was a middle-aged man, probably around 50 or so, with gray hair tied in a small ponytail at the back. His well-trimmed facial hair formed what was called an anchor beard. This old man was wearing only a simple loincloth like all the other male slaves at this market, leaving his body to be seen by his potential buyers. He was covered in well-sculpted muscles that emanated strength and grace.

Like the other slaves, he was taking several poses with the purpose of capturing the attention of his new master. If not for that cursed blinding light around him, my brain would have hit the ignore button faster than people hit Like on a viral post on the internet.

Then, the merchant shouted “So, anyone wishes to buy Timothy Gahart, this fine 54 years-old combat butler?”

And with that line, he got my parents approval instantly.

No doubt he was a debt slave given the fact that he was chosen by Sapherya.

On the other hand, while this was a joyous find for my family and even Cassandra considered him to be a good specimen, on the inside, I was crying tears of blood.

With this brilliantly stupid move, Sapherya crushed my dreams of dressing up in frilly clothes a cute cat-girl or a hot woman with curves in all the right places.

“S.A.R.G.E, you IDIOT!” I shouted at the sky, surprising everyone around me.

That day, all the statues of Sapherya suffered from a mysterious random crack and certain individuals rumored to be able to hear the voice of the gods claimed to have heard the painful wails of a certain goddess...

[See you around in the next volume!]

Note from the Author: Thank you all for reading the first volume of [The Blessing of 118 Gods]. Make sure to stick around because this is definitely NOT the end! I will put up two side stories and then work on the next volume, which I plan to start releasing starting January 2018.

Note from the author: Thank you for reading this chapter, I hope you enjoyed it! Oh, and be sure to check out my other stories too.

What can I say? Thank you everyone for sticking around to see this volume end. I know what you are saying: That's it? Well, the answer to that question is 'No, that's not it.'

For me, Blessing was a story of trial and error that spans at around 100000 words. Leonidas wasn't perceived that well by some and many thought he's a useless MC, but I hope the talk with the gods made you understand why his Blessing acted the way it did. If not, let me repeat it in other words: he wished for power but not easily accessible. He wished for happiness but not without its own challenges. He wished to have luck but not to be absurdly lucky. He wanted the gods to be on his side but not hold his hand every step of the way.

True, I could have bent the rules and made him more awesome, but that wasn't the point. Leonidas was a man who didn't had the best of childhoods and he tried to make the best of this one (he's still 10 years old at the end of the volume and going to what we would call: middle school or junior high). His overprotectiveness of his sister and his silly reactions are nothing more than exagerations. After all, if he was that much of a creepy perverted little brother, then he definitly wouldn't think about what sort of husband he personally wished his little sister would pick. Even then, that's his wish, his desire, but he understands that Cassandra's will is her own and will comply to it. After all, do you really think he couldn't have just forced his little sister to do as he pleased with his telekinetic power? He could have cheated during their spars and even faked his magic. Yet, he did none of that. He wanted to have fun with his sibling and enjoy the time he spent with his happy family for as long as it was going to last. This wasn't Earth, the rules were different here, society was different. He understood that and complied to it. Maybe this was the one thing many didn't like about Leonidas, but I like that about him. He's adapting to the world around him not forcing it to change to look similar to the world he once knew.

From here on, Leonidas will mature steadily. The next volume will also introduce us to more characters and will probably be a bit longer.

Well, these were my thoughts, if anything else comes up, I'll make a separate post.
I hope you enjoyed this volume! 🙂

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If someone has read this and thinks the MC is underpowered or useless obviously did not do a very good job of reading. The after thought (post) simply states things that I felt where clearly and very well pointed out through the series so far. Leonidas had lived a terrible life previously. Almost all if not all of his actions are very well thought out and done in reflection of that. May haps there is a requirement that the author dot in and out reflections of his past in the story and how it affects the MC now? similar to… Read more »

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