~ Chapter 132: A moment of hesitation (Part 2) ~

If I wanted to act, I could only do so in that moment, but I didn't. I kept my feet rooted to the ground even if I wanted to march towards him and rip his head off.

I was Deus, not a Pleyades. My authority in the Teslov Kingdom was limited at best and certainly not enough to save this village from the wrath of this noble. Paying the taxes instead would have only granted them a small pardon at best. This noble's madness would not have ceased and judging by the expressions on the faces of some of the villagers, it looked as though such a sight had become somewhat common.

“FATHER!!!” the woman shouted as she saw the old man's head rolling in the mud.

“Hmph! Such foolishness to think you can go against me!” he declared and then wiped the blood off his sword with a piece of cloth he had in his pocket.

The noble's eyes met mine, and at that moment, I was trying very hard to show an emotionless expression, but maybe the hate and disgust towards him that emanated from my aura couldn't be hidden that easily.

“Who might you be? Did you pay your taxes?” he demanded to know as he pointed his sword at me.

The draconian woman who was crying after her now deceased father was dragged to the carriage while she was still in a state of shock. Some of the villagers were looking away from the dead body and no one was looking at the poor woman.

As for me, I didn't answer.

“I asked you a question! I demand you to answer!” he shouted.

I remained quiet and just looked into his eyes, taunting him.

While my authority in this kingdom was limited thanks to my allegiance with Illsyore, that only meant that my options of acting out against the authorities here were rather limited. If this bastard of a noble dared to so much as even lay a finger on me, I was going to kill him... slowly.

“I apologize for her, Milord, but she's an important guest of the King.” said Red as he stepped between us.

This draconian must have sensed my bloodlust. I thought while regretting that he intervened.

“His Majesty? And whom she might be?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

“She is Princess Ayuseya Pleyades.” he replied, and as soon as I heard that family name, I glared daggers into his back.

“Pleyades? Ah! She must be the older sister of Vellezya!” he said with a big smile on his face.

He knows my younger sister? I thought as I furrowed my brow.

“Oh, yes! I met that lovely draconian woman last year! The Ball I attended with her was wonderful! She served all of us well until she fainted!” he laughed.

This man... he... I thought and unknowingly released some of my pressure.

The man's laughter stopped, but I didn't.

Uncontrollable release of Magic Energy from one's Magic Armor could be quite intimidating, resulting in bolts of energy similar to lightnings flying around, the ground at my feet rising up, defying gravity itself, and there was also a physical pressure that those around me could feel.

“W-What's happening?” the noble asked.

Red stepped aside, knowing full well that he couldn't stop me even if he tried. All he and his friends could do was to watch and not intervene.

“I'm just going to tell you once. If I see you on Illsyorea, I will kill you by ripping your spine right out of your body and then feeding it to you one vertebra at a time. Right now, just consider yourself lucky that I'm here more on a diplomatic mission, otherwise, I would have done that to you right now. Oh, and my name isn't Pleyades, it's Deus.” I replied and then glared at him, releasing all of that bloodlust and pressure at him.

Technically speaking, I didn't physically attack him nor verbally assaulted him, but he still felt this 'attack' like an anvil to the face. He dropped on his back, trembling from all of his joints and even soiled himself.

I watched him trembling like that for a good long moment before I decided to free him from my pressure.

Afterwards, I returned to the carriage while holding a calm expression on my face.

“Let us depart. I want to reach the capital as soon as possible.” I declared in a swift and sharp tone of voice.

As we traveled on the muddy road towards the Sharp Talon Gatetown, I began to think back at what happened in Rank Village. I couldn't help but wonder if my moment of hesitation in regard to maintaining the diplomatic appearance was really worth that draconian's life.

For this matter was supposed to be one of simple logic. The one who killed the innocent was a noble and the one who died was his subject. I was not a part of this kingdom anymore, therefore, all abiding laws here didn't necessarily apply to me, but I also didn't have the right to intervene with their decisions here. They acted abiding by their own laws and no matter how cruel or inhuman they appeared to me, I couldn't allow myself to act based upon the laws and principles I had cultivated over the years together with Illsy.

I wonder what the others would have done in my stead? I asked myself this and then I closed my eyes and began to imagine this strange sequence of events.

Out of them all, Tamara would probably be the only one to stop that man's blade just as it was about to chop off that man's head. She would have saved him and then ask him if he had any fish. She wouldn't have cared about the noble, but if he attempted to stand in her way or threaten her in any manner, she would show no mercy.

On a more serious matter, she wouldn't have seen the use of me holding my disguise as a weak trembling little draconian princess who required the escort of three powerful Supremes to reach the capital safety. My charade at this point could still be considered to be ongoing since the noble would definitely not be able to rise suspicions about me at the capital. We would also reach it long before he could, and it was my word against his.

Shanteya, on the other hand, would have just appeared behind the noble's back right before he lowered his sword. With a dagger against the man's throat, the el'doraw would have offered him only two choices: to drop his weapon or learn to breathe through the new hole she was about to carve out for him.

Ruthless and elegant, cunning and loyal, a stealth expert who could kill you before you knew she was there. These were the ways to describe her best. My diplomatic tactic held little meaning to her unless it somehow helped with her end goal.

Nanya was someone who didn't seem to mind the man killing the peasant. She probably wouldn't have acted based on the same thoughts I did: the noble was the law and I was on his territory.

However, if she really wanted to try and save him, she would have just stopped his sword with her bare hands and then bent his weapon into a boomerang. She would have ignored his whimsical complaints and then pretend to go and look somewhere else for something else. She would have played the fool until the noble assaulted her, then she would have killed him with her claws.

For Zoreya, this act of brutality also fell under the same diplomatic problem I was facing with, but instead of killing or taunting the noble to attack her, she would have calmly declared that what he just did was not seen with good eyes by the gods, especially Melkuth. While her position as his High Apostle kept her from acting rashly, she would not have hesitated to use it in her defense if he dared to act brashly against her. Although, the noble would have undoubtedly survived this encounter.

Lastly, Illsy, my husband whom I loved so very much. While he was the type to never ignore slavery, abuse, and acts of barbarism and brutality against those innocent in general, he was also the one whose wrath one wouldn't wish to pull towards them.

If I were to guess what he would have done in that situation, then he would have saved the man, most likely with his [Telekinezy] spell. It was simple, undetectable, and he could have continued to play the fool while the nobleman struggled against an invisible force.

His way of solving this matter would have been to simply persuade the noble either through gold or force that there was no need to take either the woman or kill the old man. He would have paid for the missing gold if it was within reasonable amount, but he would not have tried to tend to the whole village afterwards. There was nothing here to persuade him to do such a thing.

As much as Illsy had the soul of a human inside him, his body was still that of a Dungeon, and as such, his way of viewing the world around us was far different from anyone else.

At time, I thought of Illsy more as something divine rather than a mere mortal. Sometimes a fool who forgot about the most obvious of things like using his own abilities in a moment of crisis, sometimes dancing to the rhythm and enjoying the moment with a smile on his face, other times ignoring all the rules and statements declared by all those around him and following only what he truly believed to be right.

After all these years, it was still impossible for me to think or believe that I knew my husband well enough for me to claim that he had nothing to hide. There were as many things unknown about him as there were stars on the midnight sky.

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Well you cant really blame her here, she is not a playeades anymore, and dont want to bring trouble to her country, yeah she could use gold, power or even kill everyone to clean the mess, but her first move is always diplomatic so her true nature is to talk and gain leverage, not fight. Again the author stress every time he can that the other wifes would have other means to solve the case but they accept and move on with the way they are, and i like it, they are not 2d side characters, the got some views… Read more »

It truly does not matter that she is not a playeades because she is a dues. Sanctioned by the very gods of the world and thus has every right to purge this evil. Honestly if she destroyed the nobility what could they do? The first commenter was correct at least she used to try and change the world but now she has the power to do so she does not. Hell she let her sister be gang raped because she failed to act.


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I was always hoping that she or Illsy would go there and solve the problem of the curse, and shatter the hold of the Paramanium empire over Teslov. This is just disappointing.
Even after what happened to her sister — a fate she only narrowly avoided — she does NOTHING? The poor people of that town were probably treated worse, since she left that man alive too.

Since when do ANY of them care about politics?

bob bobfry

Imagine what people must feel like when they take a trip to North Korea. This is similar to the situation they would find themselves in, but instead of the consequence being a bad reputation towards your home. In North Korea any question or action that they dislike could find you in one of their work camps, jails, or as a test subject in one of their human experiments.


It’s not similar to north korea at all she could literally kill everyone and destroy that country. You personally can not fire mini exploding suns from your hands. Plus her whole family is blessed by the gods of that world.

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