~ Prologue: And so the years have come to pass ~

[Leonidas' point of view]


I was at a loss of words as I looked at the yet unopened letter placed before me. The wax seal of the Principal of Waser Magic Academy, Triandar Elmora, remained unbroken.

It was not a matter of hesitation for I already knew the contents of the letter. This piece of paper was a mere formality or in some cases a souvenir of sorts, nothing more and nothing less.

The previous day, Principal Triandar Elmora invited me to her office and then proceeded with utmost care to explain to me, a twelve-years-old child, the current situation I unwillingly plunged myself into.

“Isn't this wonderful, Young Master?” Timothy told me with a pleasant smile on his face as he placed a cup of tea in front of me.

“Yup! Yup! You are finally free of this place that smells so weird, nyahaha!” Zor Nya Nyan, the nekatarian, said while she was packing up my bags.

“You fool! The Young Master is clearly distressed about this matter!” Lindus Kar admonished the feline woman.

“You two, stop it! You are bothering the Young Master!” Cormina scolded the two while piercing them with her glare.

“We apologize.” the two bowed to her.

“Really now.” Cormina let out a sigh and shook her head in disapproval.

“But, Young Master, do tell us. Are you not pleased with this outcome of events?” Timothy asked.

I looked back at him and then at my three other slaves and let out a long deep sigh.

“Pleased? Yes... Why shouldn't I be pleased?” I said as I showed them a smile.

“For a twelve-years-old, Young Master is strangely showing us the face of a creepy depressed middle-aged adventurer who has nothing else to fight for, nya~” said Zor Nya Nyan right before she received a head chop from Timothy.

“Nyabuh!” the nekatarian let out a weird sound as she fell face first on the floor.

“Young Master, please pardon this foolish disciple of mine.” Timothy said with a respectful bow before me.

“No, it's alright. She's right... After all, I spend most of my childhood constantly studying and practicing sword fighting and magic with my family. I even ended up fighting a monster of a human like Alexandre Damascus. And now that my cute little sister is all the way in Gallyater, I barely get the chance to see her.” I shook my head while my slaves put on a wry smile.

“No, it's alright.” I continued. “It's absolutely alright that I ended up studying like a maniac at the Waser Magic Academy until the teachers here had nothing else to teach me and chose to have me graduate after only two years...”

“Young Master...” Timothy said with pity in the tone of his voice.

“No. No! It's alright, I'm just a no-good recluse of a student who simply forgot that he had colleagues and people he could get along with if he tried to. After all, they all were similar to this pitiful recluse, individuals with one or maybe two Blessings. I could have been the top student at the Academy, that's what I thought, right? But nooo, I forgot that the top student can't be someone with just ONE Blessing, for obvious reasons regarding the reputation of the said Academy, right? It's also MANDATORY that they stay in the Academy for the whole four years, right? That's why Constantza Lira will be the top student, right? Right?”

“That's not your fault, Young Master...” Cormina tried comfort me.

“Yes, yes... I know. It's not my fault, right? Then it definitely has to be someone else at fault, right? It's that busty goddess' fault, maybe? Yes, it's definitely SARGE's fault!” I cried out.

“Young Master...” Timothy said with the same look of pity in his eyes.

[Somewhere up in the sky...]

“Why is it MY fault that you were a study maniac and bookworm in those two years at the Waser Magic Academy?! Should I smite you? Yes, I should smite you! This GREAT Sapherya Alterrania Raguros Genovia Estrannya, Goddess of Love and Creation, shall SMITE YOU!” the divine being yelled out while several other gods and goddesses were trying desperately to restrain her.

“OI! Someone do something! This stupid goddess snapped again!” Kreatull the God of War cried out.

“Leonidas, please give us a break! This is the eighth time today you called her SARGE!” cried out Albazar the God of Monsters.

“Ah! You idiot!” Yehandra the Goddess of Adventure face-palmed herself.

“WHAT did you call me?!” Sapherya asked with a demon-like voice and bloodshot eyes while a pitch black aura of killing intent emanated from her body.

It was at that moment when Albazar knew he messed up.

That night, there was a huge thunderstorm that swept across the entire continent, and mysteriously enough, all the monsters big or small cowered in their dens until it came to pass.

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Thanks for the chapter


What does SARGE even mean, is it short for sergeant? why is it a thing?


You might want to reread the beginning of volume one. The author does a pretty good job explaining that.


Hahaha. Poor butt-monkey.

Kristofer Vance

It’s 4 am… I have been reading for the last 5-6 hours… I can’t stop, this series is just too good.


Thanks for this new chapter !!!


While I am happy to see the first chapter of the next book of the series I really feel that this prologue was weak. It seemed like a whole lot of new information was just thrown out there IE two characters that you’ve never met before and not enough information to truly understand what was going on.

But all in all I’m excited for this prologue and I’m eager for the continuation of this book


Thanks for the chapter, albeit too short 🙁


Should I smite you? Yes, I should smite you!

Bwahahaha!!! That line alone just made my day. Thank you for that.


I love the scenes with SARGE.
I do wish you would do more chapters from one book at a time. It’s harder to get invested in a story when you’re being drip fed several at the same time.

Ascending Flame

While good as a prologue, to get our interest quickly, too many new people and new things were introduced too quickly. It is difficult to get a grasp on what is going on, and who or what the new people are. The time-skip with MA was better, since it was spaced out a bit more, not as much information was imparted as fast, with a bit of a reminisce later on in the chapters. It also included a few side chapters to explain a bit of what happened and what is going on to bridge the gap.


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Well, thank you, I love all your novels


I don’t understand what problem he’s having here, can someone enlighten me?

Yeah I’m having the same issues, I do not understand, my wild theory is that he got screwed for political reasons. Simple he decided to try and be the best student in the academy, probably there is a special honor or title to go with it and he could be in a better position to see his sister later, and make his life easier, but the principal and the teachers for political reasons and for keeping the “dignity” of the school cannot let him be the Top student he cannot be the one with the famous title of their school,… Read more »
does the family not know about the blessing by now after the attack. and given the familiys connections to the royal family it is easy to suspect they also know, it is very hard to fantom the royal family would allow something like that given how powerful he is and pissing someone like him of could be very bad for the country becouse of the share amount of blessing he has from supprem(highest rank onces) gods, i really cant fantom how the royal family would defend themself from the backlash it could course i mean we are talkking about someone… Read more »

Thanks for your time, most of it is likely correct (at least what I guess)

I had quite the laugh at this and i’m at a library so i couldn’t laugh out loud, thus I grinned like an idiot for a solid 5 minutes.
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Renan Tomal Fernandes

He isn’t the best student because he have only 1 blessing.