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(MA) Clues for the future

I wanted to just collect a few things inside a topic and maybe start a discussion (sort of). I post this here because there are some spoilers so just delete the topic or move it in the Discussion Forum if this turns out to be a problem.

So, in Chapter 119 we got a TON of clues for what probably comes next (for more than one arc in my opinion)

We've got:

The new emperor of Paramanium, who is (sort of) friendly towards Illsy because he wanted to use him to become the new emperor but he kinda got the job without doing much for it (he complained a bit about this). He has a sort of open future with Illsy because he could (try to) ally himself with him, be in a neutral position or anger him and maybe create an few interesting chapters.

The draconian king, who wants to marry Ayuseya (his sister . _.) This means that there will be some kind of conflict between Illsy and him.

The Guild Leader of Phantom Rage will send his elite group (?) to set an example that no one can flee from Phantom Rage. But since they will/must/should be on the same level as normal supremes (at max) they won't be a very big problem. But maybe Illsy will seek revenge and destory the Phantom Rage guild (as he kinda announced that he will do this in the future). I think that they will/must/should be on the same level as a normal supreme because they would be too dangerous for the continents and something should've happenend. I think this is a of a far strech for me, but this whole topic is just me speculating 🙂

Then there is Nanyas father who is cleary a powerfull individual (demon (?), looks young but must be older than Nanya, kills a ton of monsters just for a better view and stands in toxic gas just because. He announces that he'll probably invite Illsy and Nanya or visits them. He should be more powerfull than most of the people on the three continents because he lives on the 2000+ LvL Demon continent.

In the High Heavens we get at least 2 new interesting clues, that the name Illsyore(a) is a name which has some kind of powerfull/meaningfull backstory, because the Dungeons let everyone forget this name.

(From Chapter 119)

“Indeed, how interesting that a beautiful name like Illsyorea is one that has been secretly erased little by little from everyone's minds for such a long period of time now...”

In the following dialogue it's stated that the dungeon king (nice to know that there is one) could just because of his name and maybe the godlike dungeon rank start a ~"full out war against the three weak continents".

I did not yet read the story/novel/whateveritscalled with Tuberculus and his wife, so maybe some stuff is already common knowledge and I'm totally wrong. But this whole thing is just me guessing about some stuff and speculating. I hope some of you (or maybe DragomirCM) will read this stuff and maybe start a little discussion 🙂

This is some kind of stretch, but I think we've already met Nanya's mother and now in Chapter 119 her father ;).

I think this is it for now, so thanks for reading this mess