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Next Chapter: Theme Religion Wars

We have the Dragon Kingdom, calling Ilsy a fake. This implies that they believe his status is false. Whether that is his power or the name Deus remains to be seen. Shpuld it be the later, how possible is it that they might call upon the Apostles of their region to "smite" the "false prophet"?

The Assasin Boss has been portrayed as being clearly more powerful than Supremes, by the way Shanteya describes him. With his ties to the Shadow God, is it possible he is actually an Apostle of the Shadow God?!

Third is Nanyas father, the Demon King/Lord. Not only have demons been portrayed as enemies of gods in many cultures, but Demon Lords are usually portrayed as having powers NEARING the gods in some instances. Given Nanyas backstory and her hiding her race, its no surprise demons are viewed negatively be most religions. This would be especially so if her being the DAUGHTER of the Demon King is discovered!

I'm calling it. Next volume will have some emphasis on religions and the gods!