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Reccomend a web novel to the author!


I used to read from royal road before finding novel updates. While not similar to your story, I can recomend a few though the theme is virtual reality as opposed to reincarnation.

The Fool and its sequel Toys of the Fool present a story of three overpowered individuals who died in RL and had their bodies and minds stuck to the gameworld, thus having more time than usual to play. The main protagonist in particular became way too OP being a creature made of mana (no lifebar only mana bar) allows him greater magic potential, not to mention having been fused with a "Destroyer" (a being of mass destruction crafted from parts of various apocalypse level creatures) when he met dimensional travelers who accidentally ended up in that gameworld by mistake. Oh, and he also had his body restructured so he can transform into a deadly black dragon... His allies are a religious warrior girl with a tough personality who is blessed by the gods of every religion and a Witch boy with a nasty hidden agenda personality who contracts with spirits and mythical magical beings of nature. The story is quite long, but the last few chapters of the first serie were repetitive as it was them blasting through a large number of dungeons in search for materials to prepare for a deadly fight against a being who has taken powerful relic shards from the dimensional travelers.

A story that is still ongoing is the Tec Mage which deals with a smart man who was fired due to lack of certification in construction afters years of perfect work. He entered the game to make use of the extra time to study there but ends up in various adventures as a researcher and inventor. A very nice read if you want to see someone weak use their head to defeat strong enemies!

The Eye of Adventure by Ziki is a great story, I wont give details just read it. Chapters are a bit massive sometimes though...

While The Empty Class has been deleted, the chapters can still be read with the Magic Time Machine site. It presents a story that isnt apt for everyone and starts a bit bad in terms of quality, but the story itself is very good and I rate it highly even if its incomplete!

While I do know other stories, they appear on novel updates which you already frequent.

Oh, in theme of the psycological trauma you went for in MA, I know another one who took it a bit... more traumatic.

The Flight of Icarus is a story of a 20 year old man whose body stopped growing at around 9-12 years old. The people of the comunity treat him as that age and become a bit intense if he acts remotely unlike a kid... This coupled with several traumatic experiences in his childhood resulted in a person who wears a variety of masks (metaphorical) and just wants a way to vent his emotions. The story is quite a bit sad, you might hate the protagonist a bit sometimes but usually you just feel sorry for him... even though he is a chaotic neutral who wouldnt gasp after masacring an entire town of people. The tragedy is massive though, so keep an open mind there.

Outside of royal road and related to pyche, there's the Half-Orc series and pretty much ANY book written by the author. His stories are pretty dark, yet with small rays of hope. His theme is Redemption by the way, so... give it a read! for this one beginning is good but it kind of dies out on inspiration later on
There is the light novel only sense online as english translation.
I love it, maybe you do too

on a mobile app calld qidian (chineese novels translated to english)
ther meny rather good novels there, mostly action and being op 😛
my fav few are:
swallowed star (op character, some romance related chapters but not very focusd on it, 700+ translated chapters and smae amoutn to be translated on a 7 per week rate)
night ranger (op, no real romance yet, but realy similer to meny aspects of your novels ather then that in my opinion)
the invincible dragon emperor (good story and background, rather decent amount of romance but the ppl involved change along the story)
its not easy to be a men after travelling to the future ( realy creative :P)