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DragomirCM, can you make something like this again?
The love confessions of various Fantasy Species
Kinda like a oneshot or really very side stories. lol

I honestly thought all of my articles are bad or maybe people didn't like them. πŸ™

As you can see, there's an actual category there for them, but I have yet to write even a single article in there. The same with my Fan Fiction, don't know if I should add them here or keep them there... and delete the categories... T T

I don't read the Fan Fiction since I didn't know about the real/source story/game it based upon.
I don't think it's an article. It's more of like a short interview with the vam...., um, with the fantasy character.
Don't be a judge for your own creation. If you have any, just post them all. And let all the reader decide themselves.
Just my opinion though. πŸ˜‰

Writing articles is harder than I thought T T... But I'll persevere and try to do something about it. Also, the Fan Fictions I wrote/used to write/will write are mostly stories written in a similar fashion to the rest of my web novels. This means you do not require to know the game lore or to have played it. It also means it's not sticking to the cannon story 100%. It may add new quests or other stuff, and I'll just use some printscreens of the game to actually help the read have a reference of what exactly the character looks like/does. πŸ™‚

how about a reward depending on how much you pay per month on Patron?