(WN) 100 Luck and the Dragon Tamer Skill!

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After being dropped by a God-like entity into a mysterious alien world together with another 10 million inhabitants of planet Earth, Alkelios Yatagai (renamed by this suspicious entity) must now face unparalleled dangers and foes. Refusing was not an option, and his deeds in this new, vast world could lead to the ultimate destruction of Earth or its very salvation. The world is filled with magic and monsters, but he has the ability to Level up, gain stat and skill points. However, when he first chose his starting stats, he made what he believed to be a terrible mistake. Thus, with terribly low stats, but 100 Luck and only one Skill: [Dragon Tamer], he must survive in a place where only the strong rule: The Dragon Continent. At the very least the 6 meters tall, four headed demonic dog that breaths fire, water, lightning, and air elements in front of him is friendly enough and wants to play Fetch with his spinal cord! Will he survive or fail miserably?

Fantasy, Romance, Another World, Sword and Magic, Comedy, Harem, Adventure, Action, RPG elements, First Person Point of View

Warning: Contains descriptions of violence and gore!

Recommended age: 13+

Title: Dragons can love too!

Title: Do Dragons love war?

Side Stories to come!

Title: Do Dragons go on Adventures?

More Chapter to come!

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Just a suggestion: If you want to juggle multiple istances of a story I suggest you do it as Pirateaba ( wandering inn) does. Focus on the Mcs, and all side characters get their own chapters making them awesome.

Considering your sporadic timetable on releases, making this many chapters while stalling the main plot is going to have many readers running for the hills.

Food for tought.
By making a time jump and then filling in the holes you wrote yourself into a corner.


Thank you.


Hi! What is the release schedule of 100luck and magic academy? I read them this week and I really like time, it is extremely good written. I hope you keep it up!

Tim S

Are u going to put any of vol 2 and 3 on Amazon? just wondering…of 100 luck and the dragon tamer skill


I’ve read all your books and bought most of them and am still reading them


If possible, when you’re bored and have time try to fix the adblock detection? Your domain is green lighted for me (as it has been for a long time) and yet the pop up talking about adblock is still present.


I’ve never had an Adblock warning here.


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