(WN) My wife, the Godlike Dungeon!

After Tuberculus nearly dies at the hands of a powerful enemy, he managed to teleport himself to safety to another part of the world, little did he knew that the place he teleported to was actually a very powerful and deadly dungeon. Facing death, he accepts the proposal of the dungeon and becomes her husband. Little did he know that this turn of events would bring a long an entire train of disasters.

Fantasy, Romance, Sword and Magic, Action, Adventure, Comedy, First Person Point of View, RPG Elements.

Warning: Contains descriptions of violence and gore!

Recommended age: 13+

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Really liking this story 🙂


Is there any plan for a steady schedule of updates for this story? I kind of like it, although if I had to choose between a chapter for this and a chapter for Magic Academy, I would have to choose the latter cause harem.