~ Chapter 10: Illsyore’s report ~

The sun was setting, and classes were over. Looking out the window, I let out a long sigh.

“Is anything the matter, master?” asked my beautiful el’doraw slave, Shanteya.

She was standing at the entrance of the girl’s bathroom on the first floor. With a broom in her hands and the maid dress Nanya gave her, she really looked like the busty beautiful elf maid I often saw in animes and mangas. Just thinking that I could order her to do anything I wanted made my perverted mind reach a whole new level.

Bad brain! Bad! I need to focus now, not fantasize, besides… if I dare to order her something like that, I’m sure both Nanya and Tuberculus will send my sorry crystal behind to the Dungeon Core Dungeon! I let out a sigh again and then looking back at Shanteya, I replied “I was just thinking about how quickly and peacefully these past two weeks went by…”

“Of course, master! After all, that day it was I who properly informed all the teachers here of what to look out after. As long as the assassins don’t see any openings, they won’t dare to attack. Besides, Master also tripled his Dungeon Territory! Even if they were to attack, you would sense them long before they reached this building, giving us plenty of time to organize a counter attack.” Shanteya said with a proud look on her face.

“True… I can sense the occasional monster trying to sneak in, but Nanya or another teacher usually handles it. But still…” I let out another long sigh.

“What is it, Master?” she asked with a worried voice.

“I’m not upset about that, but… you know… why is it that the most important job I got, up until now, was to repair broken walls, and now this?” I asked lifting up a plunger and a metal brush with a very long handle.

“Because the Merion monsters clogged the toilets and you destroyed the sewers?” she replied a bit confused.

“It was an accident!” I retorted raising my voice a little.

“I apologize, master.” Shanteya quickly said as she lowered her ears and bowed her head, believing she had said something wrong.

“No, sorry… ugh! You don’t need to apologize, you are right, it was my fault… But, you know… those little black furry buggers scared me when they popped out like that from the sewers! I thought we were under attack!” I explained myself, unfortunately, I couldn’t bonk my head on the wall.

The Merions were small, black, furry, round, hyperactive monsters. Some worlds had Slimes or Goblins, this one had Merions. Easiest monster to kill, easiest to capture, easiest to tame, and above all the most disgusting one in the entire Shoraya Kingdom. They were disgusting little critters that lived in the sewers of cities and consumed all sorts of waste. In a way, they were a big help, but when they were in their mating season, they bred worse than bunnies. Initially, we only had four, unfortunately, Tuberculus bought three females and one male instead of all females or all males. Now we had over one hundred of them. The pipes were clogged with their fur and catching them wasn’t an easy job. The little buggers were fast and jumped all over the place.

Who would believe that a Godlike Dungeon Lord like myself got scared by those pathetic little things?! Sigh… then again, I was in the wrong for throwing a 500 Magic Energy Points [Fireball] in there. Note to self: methane plus fire is not a good combo! I thought as I continued to scrub and unclog the remains of the monsters from the pipes.

Four hours later, we were finally done, at least with two bathrooms. The following day was round two of scrubbing duty. It was Saturday, so I had to finish things up before the students returned on Monday. Finding the bathroom covered in Merion hair and remains wasn’t pleasant, especially since some of them were said to be delicate ladies.

“Let’s call it a night…” I said with a yawn as I dropped the brush and plunger.

“As you wish, master.” said the pretty el’doraw maid.

Like a polite gentleman, I walked her all the way to her room. Although I was against it, Tuberculus decided that Shanteya was to sleep in the same room as her other master: Nanya. That way, none of the other teachers had any complaints, and the noble students could feel safe.

“Good night, Shanteya.” I said.

“Good night, master.” said Shanteya, who bowed politely and then closed the room.

If I was quiet, I could enter the room and watch her undress. Seeing a lovely elf maid slowly take off her clothes before your eyes is every man’s dream, right? Unfortunately, I had to be the idiot with principles, so I flew away and let my imagination tease me with what I might have missed.

After doing another perimeter check, I returned to my crystal body and let out a deep sigh.

“Is this how my life is going to be from now on?” I asked myself as I looked at the floor.

It turned out that even though I had a floating crystal as a body, I still needed my beauty sleep. So, when everyone went to bed, I also tuckered up inside my Inner Mind. If anything dangerous entered my territory, my ability would immediately let me know about it. By the way, it had a 3 km (1.86 miles) radius now, give or take 100 m (109 yd).

Thinking back, I really miss playing on my PC, browsing the net, looking at the latest TV series, reading some web novels or mangas. I couldn’t say I was unhappy with my past life… Sigh, and I nearly finished that game too… and what about my progress? My levels? My 100% save games! I thought as depression slowly made its way into my heart.

To avoid the demon, I shook my head and thought back at what happened during the past two weeks. There were still a lot of things I wanted to try in this world, but lack of levels and means through which I could level up limited my choices. To level up, I had to kill intruders on my dungeon territory, be them monsters or not. The stronger they were, the better, but I could also go through the slower and more peaceful process of building things and consuming remnant magic energy on my territory. Basically, the more spells the students and teachers cast, the better it was for me. The downside was the repair bill…

During the first week, I poured Magic Energy into my Dungeon Territory whenever I had nothing to do. It reached its current size in just three days. I stopped there because I feared I wouldn’t be able to control it that well. After that, I just practiced making rooms under the ground. They never mentioned anything about building underground labyrinths. Of course, mine was just a few rooms long and 10 meters under the ground. There were no traps or summoning circles in there either. Basically, it was a closed-off area where only the moles could enter.

On another note, during these past two weeks, I also learned something new, besides the fact that Nanya favored white panties. Ahem! First of all, my species and all: I was a Godlike Dungeon Lord, not Dungeon Core. Secondly, all the female students at the academy were voluptuous ladies past the age of 18 and under the age of 24. Only elf, draconian, and demonic ones were slightly older. As for the males, they were the same. The Magic Academy was an adult only area, which meant in short… that I could peek at their lovely mountains and hills as much as I desired! They weren’t minors! There were no restrictions! It was perfect! Unfortunately, I was also part gentleman… As a former citizen of Romania, my morals and ethics wouldn’t let me get so low as to peep at them while getting changed or bathing. If they were in some sort of relationship with me, then I was sure to be ‘Banzai Ahead!’, but I wasn’t. How unfortunate of me… I was invisible. No one could detect me. A Heaven of mountains and valleys was just a wall away, and there I was crying because of another world’s principles.

Tuberculus, on the other hand, had no such restraint…

During the second week after the failed assassination attempt, I found him sneaking behind the Dormitory after dark. Without saying a word, I followed him. The old man found a very decent spot for sneaking a peek at the girl’s bathing room. The sight was gorgeous! All those up and down valleys, the smooth skin gently washed by pure maiden hands. It was paradise! Unfortunately, I had to play my part as a gentleman. After I had a good looong look, I spotted Shanteya and Nanya. They both looked so beautiful and dazzling together, but thinking that the old pervert could look at the same view as me, irritated me for some reason.

Like a bad actor, I called out to him as though I had no idea what was happening “Oh? Principal Tuberculus! What are you doing all the way up here? Did something break in the girl’s bathroom?”

“Huh? Dungeon Lord?” he asked surprised.

“Each and every one of you… GO DIE!” shouted Nanya as she cast a [Fireball] at the old geezer.

I smirked quite pleased of myself when I saw the old man flying through the air a few feet away from the window. Unfortunately, he survived. The following day I was to find out that he was a repeat offender.

“Illsy? Are you here?” growled Nanya as she looked out the window, bare-chested too.

“Nanya! The Holy God of Big Breasts approves!” I said with a smile on my invisible face and two thumbs up.

They weren’t as big as Shanteya’s, but let’s face it, a beautiful woman is beautiful no matter her cup size.

Later that day, I received a crack on my crystal body as a result of Nanya’s punch… It hurt.

Moving on…

In the Magic Academy, classes usually started around 10 AM and continued until 4:00 PM. At 10:00 PM, everyone was in the dormitory except the appointed patrols. There wasn’t any lunch, just breakfast and dinner, however, they ate plenty. There was a garden behind the main school building, where most of the students spent their time chatting or reading. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were seen as free days when the students were allowed to go outside of the school ground and travel to the nearby cities. The Academy itself was quite remote, almost two hours away by horse carriage from the nearest human settlement: Therion City. Speaking of which, I could hear the days of the week as I did back on Earth, but their names were actually different: Parus, Neyon, Elu, Shian, Ey, Eya, Eyabi.

When I discovered that small fact, I did a bit of research. Apparently, thanks to my reincarnation process, my primary three languages were sort of fused together. I mostly thought in English because I always indulged myself in gaming, movies, and TV shows. Romanian was left for the complicated explanations, such as the creation of the Universe as viewed from the philosophical point of view of a duck on top of a barrel. As for Japanese, while I wasn’t reading anything in Kanji, Hiragana, or Katakana, I was hearing the honorifics from time to time. The Shoraya language also had similar honorifics, but fewer. Thus, I had -san, -sama, -chan, and -kun, however, I could only hear them IF I wanted to. In all other cases, I either didn’t hear them at all or heard them with their actual meaning. When it came to the word ‘master’, it never turned to ‘goshujin-sama’. The actual honorifics in the Shoraya language were Les for -kun/-chan, Tera for -san (or when addressing an elder), Leir for -sama (or whenever addressing someone of noble lineage), Kenyar for Sir (the other translation was knight), Zerun for Master.

When I tried to force my puny one cell brain into actually using the Shoraya honorifics, I ended up getting a terrible headache and accidentally summoning Nanya’s panties again. She was in the middle of class, so the sudden draft made her squeamish and fidgety. The fact that she wore a knee-length dress wasn’t in her favor either. Nonetheless, she properly rewarded me that day with two strikes on my crystal body. The cracks hurt like a [beep] [beep] of [beep] [beep]! Luckily, I had enough Magic Energy to heal myself, no spell was needed though, I just had to focus on the cracks, and that was it. I didn’t retaliate though, I sort of deserved it.

Guess that was how I spent most of my days at the Magic Academy. Whenever a student destroyed something thanks to him or her practicing magic, I ended up repairing it. Whenever I accidentally destroyed something, I ended up scolded by Tuberculus or Nanya. Whenever I had nothing to do, I worked on my secret labyrinth project. As for Shanteya, she was sticking around my crystal body most of the time, even when I wasn’t actually there and just wandered off. She acted like a proper maid, even wearing the costume. Apparently, that was her new official job: maid in the service of Illsyore, the Dungeon Lord of Magic Academy Fellyore. She wasn’t a slave, she was a maid, therefore, lewd orders were strictly forbidden. Also, from time to time, I was listening in on some of the classes and tried to learn new spells, that was how I learned [Wind Blow], a simple spell with which I could create a small breeze. Add 1000 Magic Energy Points and pop goes the Hurricane! Shanteya stopped me from trying it out…

The interesting part about all those spells was that I never needed to use the complicated chants, just the voice command listed in my ability screen. After that, I just infused it with the exact amount of Magic Energy Points I wished. These two things weren’t unique to me though. Apparently, Nanya could also cast most of her spells without using complicated long chants and even infuse them with Magic Energy. She didn’t use points, just the feeling of amount. It was like trying to fill a glass of water blindfolded. After a few trials, you could tell by the weight and sound that it filled up. Shanteya was also able to use mid-chants, meaning she could shorten the chant of a spell. Technically speaking, anyone could end up at Nanya’s level if they practiced long enough and learned to have a good feel for their spells. Humans usually died of old age before they learned it unless they were prodigies. As for me, I was the lucky idiot who picked the Godlike race…

And with that, this one, the Dungeon Lord Illsyore, who is not a girl by the way, formally ends this report regarding his first few weeks as a Magic Academy… I thought while reminiscing about the past few days.

“Illsy? Have you seen Tuberculus? I want to remind him what happens to old bones when you bend them the wrong way.” said the teenage looking teacher as she walked into my room.

“Erm… Flower pot to the left, down the hallway.” I replied after doing a quick search over my Dungeon Territory.

“Thank you.” she said with a smile. “Oh! And tomorrow night we’re going to have a drinking party, just us the teachers. Shanteya will join me, and I would like you to build us something nice, out in the open, with a good view of the sky. Can you do that?” she asked me.

“Sure, what’s the occasion?” I asked surprised.

“Tuberculus is pregnant with my baby. Talk to you later, I got an old geezer to destroy for trying to peep on the girls changing room, again!” said Nanya right before she left.

“I see, it’s a beautiful thing… Hm, so Tuberculus is… wait? Tuberculus? What the…” my brain failed to process the information.

I know this is a fantasy world, but… Nah! Nanya’s just pulling my leg! Right? Right? I asked myself as I looked a the opened door. Somewhere in the building a loud explosion was heard followed by the cries of pain and begging of an old pervert.

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