~ Chapter 2: My stats, my race, my... god? ~

And there you have it, folks! I’m the core of a Dungeon, an entity also known as Lord of the Dungeon, but my job isn’t to manage a dungeon but a school and the countless noisy brats running around inside it… I can already feel a terrible unending headache just waiting to happen.

The guy said something about summoning things… Hm, I wonder what he meant by that and more importantly, what am I even supposed to do like this? I asked myself and curiously, I turned around.

Although I had no neck to speak of, I could easily turn my ‘head’ in the direction I desired by simply thinking about it. As I tried to look around the room in the hope of finding a mirror or some sort of reflective surface so maybe I can figure out how I looked like, I noticed that I could turn a full 360 degrees without a problem!

The place, unfortunately, was completely trashed. Where once stood a tall bookcase, now laid only a pile of broken pieces of wood with the body of a dead goblin cut in half on top of it. Next to the window was what I thought to have once been a desk, but it was now only a desk shaped charcoal as a result of a big fire. Hm, considering all the paper and scattered books around the place, I was surprised this whole room wasn’t turned to ash. There were also a couple of tentacle looking things. They had spikes and suction cups on them like the tentacles of an octopus, but what would something like that be doing here, on dry land?

Sushi? I wondered.

It was then when I looked back at the creature on top of the destroyed bookcase.

A goblin? How do I know that? Is it because of my gaming experience? Well… technically speaking, a green looking, long eared, small humanoid with a club is usually depicted as a goblin in many stories. Urk… Guess I’m not in Kansas anymore… or anywhere else on Earth for that matter. I thought and let out a long sigh.

Looking around the trashed room, I began to ponder whether or not I could change the channel or have a better look at some of the surviving books scattered around the place. I couldn’t recognize the letters, but I was curious about them. Maybe they had a map of the world or a picture with a hot naked elf chick! My hopes were on the latter option.

It was then that my vision detached itself from my ‘body’. It was like looking around with a free camera in a game. It was amazing! But then I saw it: my body… It was a big floating green crystal sitting in the middle of the destroyed room.

“Guess I won’t need to find an engagement ring anymore… but would ‘that’ even be possible like this? Meh… probably not. The ‘advantages’ of a reincarnation as a floating rock…” I said as I looked at the container of my soul and mind.

With a sigh, I continued to float around the room, but it was quite messy too.

I wonder if I can pick up anything? I thought as I remembered some interesting web novels I once read. In those stories, the main character could easily pick up things with his mind.

Without further ado, I approached a random book and concentrated. If I had a forehead, you could see the countless wrinkles forming as a result. The book didn’t budge though. I sighed and gave up after the fifth try.

As I was staring at the book, I suddenly felt like I could separate it from everything else, like some sort of special item, but I didn’t know what to do with it. Burning a hole into the floor with my stare didn’t sound like a good idea, and I seriously doubted I could do it, so I switched my focus to something else.

Thinking about what I could do, the best thing for now was to wait for the geezers to return. Maybe they had an idea or some sort of instructions manual, The Dummy’s Guide for being a Dungeon Lord, first edition.

“Wish I had a status menu like you do in a game. That would be nice. Sigh…” as I said that, I closed my eyes and then I heard a small ‘beep’ inside my mind. “Hm?” I grumbled and opened them again, although, technically I had no eyes to speak of.

In front of me was something akin to a status screen in a game.

“Great… now, I’m delusional too!” I said and sighed heavily, but nonetheless, I looked at the window that popped in front of me.

[Name]: <<Unspecified>> (Do you wish to pick a name now? Y/N)

[Species]: Dungeon Lord

[Race]: <No Race Selected Yet> (Do you wish to choose your race? Y/N)

[Level]: 1

[Strength]: 0

[Agility]: 0

[Intelligence]: 135

[Magic Energy]: 670

[Magic Energy regeneration]: 0.1 points per second

[Available points]: 0

[Alternate bodies]: 0 Max 1

[Skills] > List all skills? Y/N

[Available skill points]: 10

[Allegiance]: Holy God of Big Boobs!

[Spouses]: None

[Slaves]: None

[Pets]: None

[Minions]: None

“What… the…” I said as I looked at my so-called stats.

I think I can sort of approve of the whole Allegiance thing, but I have a feeling it’s placed there more as a joke than anything. I do like big breasts and even my girlfriend, well… past life girlfriend has a nice pair, but I’m not particularly obsessed with the bosom of a woman! I thought, but I couldn’t shout out my frustration. It was too embarrassing even if I was just a simple Dungeon Core.

Suddenly, I realized something very important. I couldn’t remember my own name.

I think her name was Alina, but what was mine? Cal… Ke… Andy? Carl? Minion? Urgh…

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t remember. It must have been because of my passing through the reincarnation cycle thing, but it made me wonder why I didn’t forget about advanced technology or stuff like that. My own name vanished from my memories, but the rest was there.

“A price maybe?” I asked myself.

After a few more minutes of trying to remember, I decided to switch my attention towards the menu in front of me. It seemed like a joke, so I decided to mess around with it.

“Race. OK! Let’s see the list!”

[Available Races]:











I was surprised both by the names and the number of options. Although, it was a bit strange that the first three sounded more like a difficulty choice, but then again, maybe as a Dungeon Core, my race was my difficulty. Well, seeing the shiny ‘Godlike’ there, I decided to pick that one. A window popped up in front of my eyes.

[Are you sure about this choice? It cannot be reversed.]


[Are you really, really sure about this?]


[Are you really, really, really, really, really, really sure about this?]

“Yes! Yes! YEEEEEES!” I shouted.

[Race]: Godlike

[New Skills Added]

[Base Stat Points Increased]

[Magic Energy and Magic Energy Regeneration Increased]

[New Stats Added]

“Hm… interesting, but unimportant for now. Next stop! Choosing my name!” I said and if I could grin, I was with my mouth all the way to my ears.

In every game, the most important decision laid in how to name your character. I always wanted something that sounded cool, but easy to write, eventually pronounceable by most people.

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Just wanna ask an old question but maybe I already forgot about it,but whats the difference between Demigod and Godlike? I thought Demigod are Godlike already or something?


Demi God means half God and God like means having powers pretty much equivalent to a God. God like doesn’t specify you as such but makes an equivalent existence.


I believe he and his tutorial are comrades of the same allegiance xD


Demigods are humans who are part god, they are either decendants of gods, or have attained the power of a god through another method.


I really like this character:)


Oooh, I like this 🙂