~ Chapter 3: Summoning a Holy Item! ~

Three hours…

That was for how long I tried to choose a name for myself. I went from normal and plain ones to names I previously heard only in mangas or animes. Although it was hard to accept the truth, but my naming sense was quite bad.

[Lil’Kitty-chan] was my last attempt and after a few seconds of imagining the rest of my new life using such a name, I became mortified and dropped it.

Sigh… maybe I should leave this for later?

And with that last thought, my decision was set in stone, well… crystal in my case.

After choosing the race [Godlike], I remembered being told that I got new skills. Thus, without further ado, I opened my status menu and selected my skills. Instead of that menu, another window appeared. It was a simple list with selectable options:

[Skill list]






[Unique Skills] <Currently Unavailable>

Attack! I shouted in my mind like a ten years-old kid pretending to be some kind of hero in a children’s game.

[Attack Skills]



[Martial Arts] <Currently Unavailable> <Requires a HUMANOID BODY>


Hm…. Magic. I selected.

[Magic Skills]


[Temperature Control] <For a constant use of Magic Energy Points, one can increase or lower the temperature in a certain area. Voice Command: Erst Nan Ork>

[Gas Flow Control] <For a constant use of Magic Energy Points, one can freely control the direction and speed of any specified gas. Voice Command: Ayu Nan Ork>

[Fluid Flow Control] <For a constant use of Magic Energy Points, one can freely control the direction and speed of any specified fluid as long as it’s not present inside a living organism. Voice Command: Khor Nan Ork>


[Fireball] <Cast a ball made completely out of Magic Energy fueled fire. The more Magic Energy one puts into this spell, the more powerful it becomes. Voice Command: Ashur Nav Es>

[Make Slave] <By casting this spell on a WILLING individual, one can change their status to that of a slave. The slave will receive the master’s <Protection>. The slave may not harm the caster. The slave may not harm the one selected as MASTER. The slave must obey the MASTER’s orders. Failure to do so may result in the PUNISHMENT or DEATH of the slave. Casting this spell again on the Slave will remove this status from them. Voice Command: Thon Or Non>

For a level 1 Dungeon Lord, these magic skills weren’t half bad, or at least, that was what I believed. Since there weren’t others of my kind I could ask or compare myself with, I presumed I was normal or maybe at the very least bellow average. If every Dungeon Lord had the opportunity to select the Godlike race and begin with such skills, I doubted I was even in the first top 1000 beginners. I was the last one to join the game, so most likely, I had an awful lot to catch up with.

With a sigh, I closed this window and went for the [Construction] skills.

[Construction Skills]


[Create a Room with <X> walls] <Every 1 m3 of created Area will consume 10 Magic Points. Voice Command: Clisk Ohs>

[Create a Ceiling] <Every 1 m2 of created Area will consume 5 Magic Points. Voice Command: Clisk Er>

[Destroy created Areas] <Every 1 m3 of destroyed Area with this skill will consume 20 Magic Points. Voice Command: Pushar Tis>


[Create Furniture: <Select Type>] <Magic Energy consumption depends strictly on the type of furniture created. Voice Command: Sunzin Ein>

[Create Workshop with: <Basic tools>] <Magic Energy cost: 100 Points. Voice Command: Korel Kor Kor>

There wasn’t much to look at, and for now, I didn’t feel like checking my defense skills. Somehow, I thought they were going to be pathetic and leave me disappointed. There was probably going to be a message like: Keep looking, no skills here.

Then again, I vaguely recalled seeing a slight difference in my other stats. Curious about it, I returned to the main stats screen. What I saw then made my jaw drop to the ground, that was if I had one in the first place.

[Level]: 1

[Strength]: 0+1000

[Agility]: 0+1000

[Intelligence]: 134+1000

[Magic Energy]: 7670

[Magic Energy Regeneration]: 25 Magic Energy Points per Second

[Divine Protection] <As a Godlike entity, you are protected by most magical and physical attacks. Elementary Attacks deal 95% less damage. Intermediary Attacks deal 90% less damage. Advanced Attacks deal 80% less damage. Master Attacks deal 70% less damage. Heroic Attacks deal 60% less damage. Godly attacks and weapons deal 50% less damage>

[Divine Aura] <You are shrouded in a Divine Healing Aura with a 10 meter radius around your body for everyone you perceive as an Ally or Neutral. You are shrouded in a Divine Damage Aura with a 5 meter radius around your body for anyone you perceive as an Enemy. Induced Damage is determined by the amount of Magic Energy poured into the aura and the desire of the Godlike or God entity.>

[Divine Perception] <You can now see and communicate with other Gods or Godlike entities unseen by normal mortals or immortals. The ability of the Supernatural Perception is tripled. You can now interact with Spiritual or Energy based entities.>

What do you mean slight difference? Those stats were INSANE! And what was with those Divine skills? Those were cheats like abilities for high-end players in a MMORPG or for a really powerful Boss!

Sigh, without a doubt those skills were the result of me picking the Godlike race. Guess it was wise of me to pick that one, although, my name was still in the works. As for the other things: Spouses, Slaves, Pets, and Minions, I had no idea why they were there in the first place. They made me look like some sort of creep or perverted character from a manga or anime.

This brought a new level of excitement. My current spells barely required any Magic Energy. I could probably cast all of them constantly for a while without tiring.

Alrighty then! Let’s test thing out! I shouted in my head.

After choosing the attack skill: Fireball, I shouted “ Ashur Nav Es!”

Nothing happened.

I shouted again, but this time, I focused some Magic Energy in the cast. One hundred points to be exact. Immediately, the points were deducted from my pool, and I waited with sparkling eyes for something to blow up in the room.

Nothing happened.

“Great… I got a useless broken skill!” I complained.

Without a GM around to point out the bug, I gave up on casting any of the other attack skills.

Let’s try Summoning. I thought and then selected the skill group.

[Summoning Skills]

Beginner Level:

Hm, this one is called Beginner and not Elementary… I thought and then continued to read on.

[Summon Discarded Item] <Summon a piece of equipment left by wandering adventurers throughout the dungeon. 10 Magic Energy Points. Voice Command: Pon Pon Kyun>

[Summon a Monster (Rank 1)] <Summons a monster of equal or bellow the specified Rank. The summoned monster is loyal to the summoner. 150 Magic Energy Points. Voice Command: Shuin Asu Er>

[Summon a Mini Boss (Rank 1)] <Cannot Cast. Insufficient Boss Rooms>

[Summon a Boss (Rank 1)] <Cannot Cast. Insufficient Boss Rooms. Insufficient Mini Bosses Rank 1. Insufficient Monsters Slain. Minimum Required: 20>

Intermediate Level:

[Summon a Random piece of Equipment Currently Worn by Adventurers]: <A Unique Skill used only by the most perverted of felons. No honorable Dungeon Lord would use such a skill. Magic Energy Cost 1000 Points. Current Adventurers: 7. Voice Command: Colly Tos>

[Summon Ally]: <Adventurers who formed a contract with the Dungeon Lord can be summoned at the discretion of the Lord as long as they are within the dungeon or in a 1Km radius of the Dungeon’s Exit. Magic Energy Cost 250 Points. Current Contracts: 0. Voice Command: Azer Nef Yer>

I stared at the skills, or more specifically the stupid Colly Tos skill with an abnormal cost of magic energy. It made me wonder if there was any difference between this unique skill and those in the Unique Skills Category, but for some reason, the description really annoyed me. In other words, if I cast the spell, I would end up as a pervert, but thinking about it logically, if the adventurers just entered the dungeon, and I was confident in my skills, then I could lower their combat ability by summoning a piece of their equipment. For example, if I was lucky and got the Sword of the Knight, then he would be at a loss and could even die if he wasn’t able to protect himself from monsters. Therefore, I couldn’t see this as such a bad skill. With the insane amount of magic energy regeneration I had, I doubted I had to fear running out before they reached me and I stripped them all naked.

Thinking about it, if the party was made only of female adventurers, then surely this skill would be a direct attack on their maidenhood.

Maybe that’s the reason the gods of this world decided to offer it such a crappy description? I thought.

Still… with a small grin, I decided to give it a try. What was the harm in it anyway?

“Colly Tos!” I shouted and focused at the floor in front of me.

The magic energy was reduced by 1000 points, and the spell was cast. In front of me, a bright light appeared and then a piece of equipment was taken off the current seven adventurers running through my dungeon and placed in front of me.

“OOOH!” I shouted looking with big eyes at the spell.

It was the first spell that actually worked since I got reincarnated in this world. I was expecting a sword or maybe an armguard, something interesting, but what I got instead was beyond my expectations.

The garment in front of me was revered by many as a sacred item, the one thing that made many perverted men lose their grip on reality. It was also a secret weapon often used with great success by the one with the title of: Lover. It was a pair of silky white panties with frilly embroidery on the edge.

I stared at it stupefied as the cog wheels in my mind screeched. The processor stopped. The factory went into overdrive and ceased functioning.

And then it happened…

[Title gained: Pantsu Snatcher.] <Do you wish to apply the title? Y/N>

With a blank look on my face, I selected ‘No’ and closed the window.

“Colly Tos, you stupid, useless skill…”

My Magic Energy was drained by another 1000 points and in front of me, something else appeared. The item this time was a white frilly bra…

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The skill [Fluid Flow Control] bothers me because fluid is anything that flows, which includes both liquids and gasses. That skill should really be named [Liquid Flow Control]