~ Chapter 4: Pervert-kun ~

This just in, the pervert known as [Pantsu Snatcher] was apprehended in front of the Magic Academy and is now taken into custody by the local police!

Such were my thoughts as I stared at the two holy items brought before me by the useless Colly Tos skill. Actually, wait a second… it requires magic, so rather than a skill it’s much more correct to define it as a spell. Anyway, next time, I will heed the warnings. I don’t desire an upgrade to the already useless and reputation damaging title: Pantsu Snatcher. Seriously, who in their right mind would use such a thing?

“Guess one of the seven adventurers is a woman, but looking at the size… hm.” I said as I analyzed the fabric.

The chest size was probably around a B, maybe C, but the panties looked a bit small. If I wasn’t mistaken, then I either snatched them from a gorgeous elf, a transvestite, or a teenage human girl. Except for the first one, all of them could inflict terrible mental damage if they were to discover who stole their precious undergarments.

“For now, let’s try to hide these things? Erm… how do I lift things up?” I asked myself, and if I had a head, it would have tilted slightly to the right.

I remembered the skill points then. I still had about 10 of them. Opening my status menu confirmed this fact.

[Available skill points]: 10

“Hm… I wonder…” I said as I looked at the menu.

Last time I opened the skill menu, there weren’t any skills without any points in them. Either I had to discover them through the trial and error process, or I needed to find some sort of secret menu.


There was no hidden option as far as I could see. Going back and forth between the two menus didn’t reveal much, but then I remembered that this world didn’t follow the same static and unbreakable rules of the virtual world in a game. This was the real world.

“So maybe…” I said as I stared intensely at the windows. “Show me ALL the skills!” I said, but nothing happened.

I grumbled.

“Reveal thy hidden menu!” I shouted again.



Not working…

“For the love of all that’s good show me something, you stupid thing!” I shouted in anger.

Aaand of course nothing.

I sighed and closed the windows.

How am I supposed to use those stupid skill points? I asked myself and then looking around the room, I saw the book I tried to pick up earlier.

“Absorb…” I said without a care.

Honestly, nothing went through my big empty crystal head as I said that word. Maybe I thought back at those interesting web novels I once read. Some of the characters could absorb the book completely, others could read it immediately through a simple touch, and then there were those who simply ate them and gained the information written inside. I really had no idea how those things actually worked. Did the latter type had eyes inside their stomach? What happened if they ate a porno magazine?

However, it so happened that my command worked.

The book was surrounded in a flash of light and then absorbed into the floor. The next thing I knew was that I somehow held the book inside my crystal body. It felt rather weird, like being conscious of the existence of your stomach. You simply thought about it, and you knew it was there, somewhere, a blob of flesh holding food and gastric acids.

Closing my eyes, I went back to that place where I first appeared upon reincarnating in this world. It was inside myself, and there, I saw the book. Inside that place, I retained my human body from before reincarnating, something like a physical manifestation of myself. Of course, I was butt naked, but that wasn’t important.

Reaching out, I grabbed the book in my hands and opened it. A strange white light was surrounding both me and the book, allowing me to properly see inside that never-ending darkness.

Now that I think about it, when I first came into this world, I don’t remember seeing my body or anything else around here. Why is it that I can see it now? I asked myself as I looked at my hand, I flexed it, trying to see if everything worked and then looked at the book.

Cool! I said without further debating the previous subject.

When I opened it to the first page, an option appeared before me.

[You can now learn the contents of this book by disintegrating it into informational energy. If you don’t wish to destroy it, you can exchange 3000 Magic Energy Points to achieve the same result by copying it with magic.]

Well, I couldn’t destroy the book. There was also the chance that the old geezers would be annoyed at me because of that. Seeing how my pool of Magic Energy was rather big, I decided to use the latter option instead of destroying the book.

And learn! I thought, and the skill activated.

3000 Magic Energy Points were subtracted from the remaining 6125. I presume I regenerated a couple of them.

What happened next was rather surprising. In the instant that unknown skill activated, the book was covered in a bright light and then a copy of it was formed from my Magic Energy. I looked at it surprised, but the double didn’t last long. It turned into what I could only describe as golden pixie dust. It scattered throughout the darkness around me and flew for a few seconds before being completely absorbed by it.

Wow! I gasped surprised.

[Skill Learned: Telekinezy] <To acquire this Skill as an active Skill, you need to use 5 Skill Points.>

Wait what? 5 points? I have only 10, but ugh… Telekinezy sounds useful, maybe it’s similar to that psychic ability? I wonder what it’s actually about? How does it work? I asked myself and then just like a command, the darkness around me responded, showing me pages written inside the book, but this time written in my language.

Surprised, I began to read the pages, but I already understood and knew the contents with a single glance at them. Considering the fact that I had absorbed the book, it must have been similar to always carrying a smartphone with you. If you needed any info, you could just go online and use a search engine.

So, from what I can gather, this spell is actually the same as a very low Psychic Ability. If I remember right, back on Earth, there was the concept of Psychic Ability and Telekinesis was one such abilities, but it had various power levels. The smallest one simply allowed one to move around objects, but the advanced versions could even crush atoms into elementary particles. This spell, however, isn’t like that. It creates a Magic Energy aura, which is then used as an extra limb. So, create hands with mind power, use hands to molest girls! Got it! I mean… wait no! Not the last part… use hands to pick up stuff! Yes! I said to myself after correcting my… ahem, mistake.

Still, there was another problem to this whole matter: the points.

I initially had 10 points to invest in Skills, however, out of all of them, I consumed 5. Choosing Godlike race didn’t give me any extra points to spend. I had to assume I could only gain those with leveling up. Considering how most games progressed, I might get only one such point after leveling up. Therefore, 5 down the drain for this world’s version of Telekinesis, 5 to keep for whatever else I needed, and with 1 point for leveling meant that I had to spend my ability wisely.

Well, telekinesis is a must, seeing as how I have no hands to grope… I mean grab things. So, I’ll invest 5 points there. With another 5 to spare, I have to see what other useful skills I can find. I thought while looking out into the darkness.

That being said, I went back to the real world and as soon as I opened my eyes, I opened the status menu. I selected skills and right under [Attack Skills]>[Magic], I saw the new spell [Telekinezy].

“Select. Invest points.” I said, but nothing happened.

Surprised, I stared at the skill and then asked “Details?”

[Telekinezy] <Details>

This spell requires 35 Magic Energy Points to cast and another 5 for each minute of active use. It surrounds the body with a field of Magic Energy. The field can be used to move objects at a distance according to the ability of the individual.

[To learn this Skill as an Active Skill, you need to invest 5 Skill points or Train with someone with at least Telekinezy rank 2]

I blinked surprised.

So you can actually train skills too? Well, technically learn spells not train skills… Ugh this system is confusing! I groaned and then selected the ‘Yes’ options.

Just like that, 5 points went into this skill, and I gained ‘Telekinesis’.

[Congratulations! You have learned how to use Telekinezy!]

After I closed the message, I was ready to practice this new skill.

Oh boy! Oh boy! I’m gonna be moving stuff with me brain! I said with a goofy accent.

“What was the voice command for this?” I wondered as I seemed to have forgotten a minor detail.

With a quick peek at the skill window, I learned the voice command. I was ready.

“OK! Serus kar!” I shouted and immediately 35 points were removed from the 3450 points.

A field of energy formed around my crystal body. It felt interesting, like I had gained another sense.

“I need something to move… hm… Meh, that will do!” I said with a grin as I targeted the white panties in front of me.

Without further ado, I focused and tried to lift them up. The field extended like a cloud of smoke and wrapped around the pair of white cloth. Gently, I lifted them up the ground.

“It’s a success!” I shouted overjoyed.

My concentration broke, and the command for the Telekinezy field was lost. The spell canceled out, and the pair of panties dropped down on the floor. For a first-time experiment, I believe it was quite good. I was happy.

“Serus kar.” I said and reformed the Magic Energy field around me.

Two tentacle-like things formed from the field. It was too hard to make actual arms with fingers and all. This way, I had more control over them, but in time, I was certain I would be able to use hands instead of the tentacles thingies.

“Let’s see… These panties should have something like a rubber band. Can these ‘hands’ pull and stretch it? Hm, if this experiment succeeds, maybe I should try cleaning this place up?” I told myself as I lifted the panties up.

It took me a moment, but I managed to focus well enough to grab the panties with both tentacles. Carefully, I pulled and stretched the rubber band, but almost immediately, they slipped out of my right tentacle.

“Urk… I need to concentrate more…” I said and then stared at the panties as I stretched them again.

Unknowingly, I infused the Magic Energy field with 10 more Magic Energy points, making it stronger.

I succeeded, but then.

Knock! Knock!

My heart stopped. Technically speaking, I didn’t have one, but in that moment, I was holding a pair of panties, stretching and staring at them intensely, so some sort of heart stopped.

The door knob turned, and the door opened.

I gulped.

A girl with long, lush, black hair shyly peaked out from behind. Looking with upturned eyes and blushing strongly, she peeked at the panties and then back at me. I was so frozen I could even sing a song about letting it go.

More than a minute passed while we stared at each other like that. In the end, she was the one to break the awkward silence.

“Erm… Can I please have my panties and bra back?”

“Huh?” I blinked surprised.

[Condition for new title achieved: Steal a maiden’s panties and get caught by her while stretching them.]

[Condition for new title achieved: Get caught by a maiden whose bra you stole.]

[Condition for new title achieved: Nonchalantly hold a maiden’s stolen panties in front of her for more than a minute.]

[New Title gained: Pervert-kun] <Do you wish to apply the title? Y/N>


I took a deep breath and closed the window.

I am so dead…

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