~ Chapter 6: The free and the drunk! ~

I’m not a nameless Dungeon Core anymore! Yay!

Unfortunately, it’s a girl’s name, and my soul is that of a man… Sigh…

After Nanya left and made me promise not to say the words of that blasted spell again, I remained alone in my room and began to wonder about many things regarding my nature. First of all, I came to realize that I was probably a unique Dungeon Core, but the status menu said Dungeon Lord. I forgot to ask Nanya if there was any difference between the two. Then again, never would I have imagined that my Godlike race had been extinct for thousands of years. Since I saw it there when I was asked to choose it, I thought it was a standard thing, and everyone would jump in to grab it. I thought the world was filled with such Dungeons, not the other way around.

In the silence of that destroyed room, I quietly absorbed the nearby books. After I copied them with my magic, I returned them from where I took them. This way, I gained lots of spells, but unfortunately, none of them was a ‘common sense’ one. At the very least, I learned how to read and write, a skill which I saw most useful since I was supposed to be a Magic Academy. How did I accomplish such a feat? Well, there were a few books with learning material aimed at children. I studied those in my Inner Mind. Don’t judge me for the name! I was conflicted about using: Inner Palace, The Great Beyond, The Darkness, Dream Land, or Inner Mind. I chose the latter because I found it to be the most logical one out of them.

Among all those books, there were a few on history lessons as well. That’s how I came to learn that the world I was living in had three explored continents and a lot more unexplored ones. Nobody managed a trip around the world. Surprisingly, all of them were island continents the size of Australia. Thus, from what I gathered, this planet was bigger than Earth. The gravity force, however, seemed to be about the same. I tried it out by dropping random objects on the floor. If gravity was stronger here, I should have noticed a faster drop speed. As for where I was right now, I was on the second continent, Allasn. It was ruled by three powerful kingdoms: The Feyan Kingdom in the north, the Shoraya Kingdom in the south east, and the rest belonged to The Great Paramanium Empire, which also spread to the first one. My exact location was somewhere in the south east, in the Shoraya Kingdom. The language was shorayan as far as I could tell. Surprisingly, I didn’t find a book regarding the creation of the world or one with the religions of this place, but it didn’t bother me much, I was just curious about it.

There were a lot of books on traps and architecture. I dare say there were more of those than actual magic ones. The spells I learned didn’t inspire any need to actually waste my skill points on them, so for the moment, they decorated my skill window begging to be used. They were the sort of junk spells you often found in games. You got max stats in something so you were left with extra points. As a result, you used them in skills you were 100% sure you wouldn’t use in an actual battle, but looked fun or cool.

After I was done with the books, I got bored with them and began to test out my skills. I started by cleaning up the room. I simply absorbed everything and then using Construction skills, I rebuilt the broken window, walls, door, and furniture. Afterwards, I gathered all the debris and placed them in a free corner. For now, I didn’t know what to do with it or if it could be reused in something.

Does this world even has recycling? I asked myself while staring at the pile.

Not long after I finished cleaning up, someone entered my room, it was the bearded fellow from before. He blinked surprised when he saw the whole place restored to how it used to be, or at the very least, there wasn’t a carbonized desk behind me anymore.

“Oh, my!” Tuberculus was surprised.

“I… Er… cleaned up the place.” I said.

“I can see that. Thank you!” he rubbed his beard and looked around curiously.

I watched him as he walked past me and looked at the restored furniture and books I scanned already. He picked up the telekinezy book and blinked surprised.

“What is this book doing here?” he asked.

“It was on the ground… Was it not part of your collection?” I replied and looked at the other books in the room.

I didn’t find it that odd considering the other spells stored there.

“No, it isn’t. This is a useless book with a spell no one can use. Such a waste of magic energy and for what? To lift up a cup?” he shrugged and let out a disappointed sigh.

“Why is it a waste of magic?” I asked curiously.

It didn’t seem like it was useless… and the cost was rather low? Or do they have only 100 points of Magic Energy or something? I pondered while looking at the book in his hands.

It was the very first spell I learned in this new world, but it didn’t seem like a useless one. Actually, I found it quite useful, and there were countless uses for it.

“Because it costs quite a lot to use, it’s hard to control, it has low defensive and attack capabilities, and no one ever bothered to master it.” he explained as he walked over to the desk and placed it on top.

“Oh? Is that so?” I replied.

I can use it with ease. There are tons of applications for a telekinesis ability. I do agree on the control part, but maybe I had help because of my species. Still, by no means do I see this as a useless skill. I told myself, but I decided to keep my opinion to myself.

“Anyway, the reason I dropped by here was to inform you that starting tomorrow, the Magic Academy Fellyore will be starting its first classes! Today, we had the opening ceremony and despite minor inconveniences, we pulled through. Therefore, I’m releasing you from the confinement of this room!” he declared and with that, he struck the floor two times with his staff, and I heard something shattering around me.

[Confinement Barrier Removed]

[Dungeon Territory Increased] <To add more territory, you can spend more magic points>

[A new building has been added to current Dungeon: Dormitory]

[New lifeforms detected: 435 Students]

[New lifeforms detected: 12 Teachers]

I blinked surprised when I saw the new messages.

“Thanks?” I said a bit unsure of how to act.

“You’re welcome! Just don’t go around causing havoc, or we will destroy you.” he warned me with a stern look in his eyes.

In the silence of my Inner Mind, I felt a chill running down my spine. Tuberculus was serious. He was going to end my existence if I did something bad or didn’t accomplish my duty, although, I still had no idea what that was supposed to be.

“Very well then, I would suggest you start doing some repairs on the main school building and the dormitory, especially the girl’s bathroom on the first floor. Some rascal decided to set off a [Fireball] spell in one of the stalls. It was a real mess, but luckily madam Nanya was there to take care of it before it got dangerous.” he told me, but I had the strange feeling that there wasn’t any rascal playing pranks in the girl’s bathroom unless he was a big green crystal who accidentally let off such a spell in the wrong location. Although, I wasn’t so sure how that happened, given the whole barrier restriction from earlier.

Speaking of which… I thought.

“Mister Tuberculus, may I ask what’s the difference between a Skill and a Spell?”

“Oh? That’s a rather odd question. Well, technically speaking every ability one has is fundamentally called a Skill, and it was like that for thousands of years, but recently, the term of Spell was adopted for any ability that requires Magic Energy but doesn’t require a Weapon. For example, [Fireball]. It is a Skill, but when talking with someone it’s better to say [Fireball] Spell to differentiate it from the [Fireball] Skill which is applied on a staff. In the category of Skill, you will also have the Sword Skills. Well, this is something we borrowed from the Third Continent. They differentiate Spells from Skills by the usage of the said ability.” the old man explained, and surprisingly, I understood.

I guess my abilities all have Skill because that’s basic naming for ALL abilities. Therefore, I must use Spell when talking about an ability that doesn’t use a weapon. Hm, I wonder if buffs are the same? I pondered as I stared out the window.

It was getting dark outside.

“I’ll be heading off now. I’m going to drop by tomorrow morning to instruct you on what to do while the classes are in session, but the basic idea would be to fix up whatever the kids destroy.” Tuberculus said as he looked at me.

“Yes, sir.” I replied like Soldier in front of his Sargent.

“I’m not a sir, lad, but you can call me Principal Tuberculus starting tomorrow. Hm, it does have a pleasant ring to it, doesn’t it?” he laughed.

After picking up the Telekinezy Spell book, he walked out of the room and left me alone to my thoughts.

10 minutes later.

I guess I should start fixing things up. I do have an incredible amount of Magic Energy and… while I was thinking about that, the door to my room opened once more and out came a drunk half naked girl.

It was Nanya.

“Hic! You traitor!” she bluntly accused.

“Pardon?” I asked confused.

“You… you… Hic! You let that geyser take my booksh!” she said with another hic and then walked up to me.

Geyser? No, maybe geezer? I pondered.

She sat down on the floor just a few steps away from me. Looking at her, starting from her neck down, I could see a bare shoulder, her cute collar bone, a bit of her chest, and the perky forms which shamelessly revealed the fact that her holy mountains weren’t protected by a bra. The white one piece nightdress she wore tried it’s best to hide her upper body, but her thighs revealed just enough to make a man stare intensely and let his imagination get to the better of him. I knew she was a 543 years-old woman in a young body, but still… that was one nice body.

Did I gain a fetish for teenage girls? I asked myself.

I was bit scared if that was true. Worst-case scenario, I ended up as a loli lover or in a prison for Dungeon Cores. Was there even something like that?

“Heh? Why youz quiet?” she asked me as she pointed at the mirror image next to me.

“You’re drunk.” I squinted my eyes at her

“I’m not! I’m just a tiny little bitsy itsy dizzy… so stop moving!” she complained as she pointed at the real me this time, but the small finger felt unsure of which one was the real me.

“Really now? What’s 2+2?” I asked.

“I’m not drunk! It’s… er… 2 498 398,234*9! Hah! I’m right!” she said with a victorious grin as she puffed up her chest, letting those perky points show through the fabric.

“In what universe? It’s 4!” I retorted.

“Bah! No! I’m correctsy!”

“You are what?”

“Eh… you speak too much… erm, I’m gonna sleep now… I…” before she finished her words, she curled up in front of me in a tiny ball and fell asleep.

“You little…”

Letting out a long sigh, I decided to give up. The woman was not one you could speak with when drunk, besides, she was already asleep. Instead of waking her up, I decided to summon a small bed and using my telekinesis spell, I placed her carefully on it.

While I was lifting her up in the air, I saw something unexpected. A long, black tail with a red ribbon tied on the tip was waving through the air. I blinked surprised and changing my point of view, I noticed the tail coming out of Nanya’s back, or to be more exact, it was the continuation of her spine, the human’s coccis.

She has a tail? Well… she is quite old, but I never expected her to be… erm… non-human. I thought as I looked at it, but I was neither frightened nor disgusted by it. On the contrary, there was a weird thought that popped into my head Will I find cat girls and elves here?

I was getting excited.

After putting Nanya to bed, I summoned a blanket and carefully tucked her in. The woman cuddled up with a satisfied smile on her lips. She looked rather cute like that. If I had lips, I would have kissed her.

Oh, no! Bad brain! Bad! I scorned myself.

When a woman is strong and may hold a karate belt, don’t attempt to jump on her while she’s asleep, you might end up with a punch to the face. Those words were spoken from true experience.

Hm, now that I look around. Where is this light coming from? I asked myself.

The room was illuminated, but there was no candle or lamp in sight.

What’s going on? Is it me? I asked myself and looked down.

Yup! It was me! My body was glowing with a pale, white light. It wasn’t green, which surprised me even more.

In order to hide the light, since I had no idea how it actually worked or where the turn-off button was, I decided to summon a blanket large enough to cover me. I could let my sight out of my body, so there was no actual need for that light.

[Warning! 25 Assassins have entered your Dungeon Territory!]

That doesn’t sound too good… I thought as I looked at he message pop-up.

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