~ Chapter 8: My poor el’doraw… ~

A cascade of water fell on the forest fire created by my giant [Fireball]. Tuberculus, a couple of students, and some of the teachers worked side by side as they emptied their pools of Magic Energy in an attempt to save what remained of the forest.

While they did that, I picked up the remains of the assassins and dropped them in a hole I dug up using the [Create a Room with <4> walls] skill. It was about 4X4X10, meaning I had to cough up 1600 Magic Energy Points for 160 m3. Once all the bodies were there, I shot a 100 Magic Energy [Fireball] and destroyed the surrounding walls, causing a collapse and thus burying them.

After that, I helped out with the fire by controlling the amount of oxygen in the area. Without a fuel to burn, the fire was quickly extinguished. The mages still sent their water magic over the previously burning area, just to make sure no leftover ember tried to spark another fire.

We were done in less than an hour, and the area was designated as too dangerous for regular students to venture into. The teachers forbade them from stepping in without a supervisor. Meanwhile, I checked around the dormitory and the school to see if there was any damage done to them. As far as I could tell, there wasn’t even a scratch on them.

Thus, I headed back to the room where my crystal body resided. There, I found a disturbingly cute situation. Even though it was rather dark, I could still see it. There, at the base of my crystal, a certain teenage looking teacher was curled up in a ball with her shirt pulled over her hips, just enough to hide her breasts, but fully revealing the white fabric covering her behind. From her back, the long black tail with a ribbon tied to it was held by her two hands and suckled on the tip like a baby would a thumb.

“Unya~ Master~ not there… it tickles! Hihi!” she spoke in her sleep.

I almost had a nosebleed because of her cuteness attack.

What is this girl dreaming about? But wait a second, despite the ruckus outside, she didn’t wake up? I asked myself while I watched her.

“Nanya~” I called out to her with a whisper.

“Nanya-chan~” I called out again.

“If you don’t wake up, I’m going to fondle your breasts~”

“Unii~ Pwease be gentle~” she replied in her sleep.

Seriously? Then don’t mind if I do! I said overjoyed, but getting back to reality, I wasn’t a pervert who would attack an innocent girl while she was deep asleep and most likely dreaming about her lover.

I let out a deep sigh and cast Telekinezy to gently place her back on the bed and pull the blanket over her. She cuddled up like a kitten and didn’t say another word.

Nanya, be glad I’m not Pervert-kun! I told myself.

Actually, I was… but let’s forget about that title, especially how I managed to acquire it.

I should check on the assassin I caught. I thought, but before I entered my inner mind, I made sure to double check my territory and see if there were any more assassins. From among the teachers, I saw Tuberculus heading furiously towards my room, no doubt wanting to ask me why half of the school’s campus went up in flames while everyone was asleep.

“Hello there, Tuberculus! Nice weather we’re having, huh?” I said as I approached him.

He immediately stopped and looked around suspiciously.

“Dungeon Lord?” he asked.

“Yes, but seriously, what’s the difference between a Dungeon Core and Dungeon Lord?” I asked him.

“The Dungeon Lord is more powerful, can use spells, and he can take human form once he achieves certain conditions. The Dungeon Core will never turn into a human, but he has the chance once every 100 years to change into a Dungeon Lord or a superior race. No, wait! Why am I telling you this? Dungeon Lord, what happened out there?” he asked furiously after explaining calmly like an esteemed teacher the definition between the two of them.

“Thank you for the info, and yeah… about that.” I sheepishly replied, trying to avoid giving too many details about how I nearly wiped out the campus.

“I’m listening.”

Crap… What do I do now? I asked myself.

At the very least, he wasn’t looking into my eyes and couldn’t tell if I was lying or not. He was actually looking towards the tree to my left.

“I sensed some assassins entering my territory, and with Nanya’s help, we managed to vanquish them. One of them burned the forest. It’s their fault! Totally not mine!” I lied through my teeth.

“Assassins huh?” he replied, but instead of doubting me, he made a serious face and looked down.

With slow motions, he began to comb his white beard with his right hand.

“You didn’t see me, but I did help with the fire, you know…” this wasn’t a lie.

“So that’s why it went out so fast?” he asked.

“I guess so?” I replied. “But Nanya helped too! I think she’s resting now… something about a cat nap.” I told him, lying again, but it did add up to the story.

So the events were something along the following lines: Nanya was sleeping. I sensed the intruders. I alerted Nanya. She rushed out, killed them. I helped a little. We helped put out the fire. She got tired and went back to sleep. The end.

“She is quite strong. If she wished, she could have burned the entire forest in one go. Alright, I’ll head back to the dormitory to let the other teachers know about this. If you sense any other intruders let me know immediately and don’t engage them on your own… Actually, you can’t do much, you are a weak Dungeon Lord. You probably used a low-class Fireball or [Ice Spear] to try to snipe them from afar, but you only distracted them long enough to allow Nanya to finish them, right? Hm, but is your core in sight of this area? How strange… Anyway, I’ll head back now. As long as there are no more dangers and Nanya took care of them, it’s alright.” he said as he scratched the back of his head and then turned around.

“Good night, principal!” I waved my invisible hand at him.

“Yeah, good night, Dungeon Lord.” he answered.

So, regular Dungeon Lords can’t fly around like me and shoot badass magic spells left and right? He didn’t seem to mind the fact that I could talk with him despite him not being that close to my crystal body. Well, oopsie? I thought and then returned to my room.

With everything in check, I slipped into my inner mind to check up on my little prize, the slave girl!

Thinking about it, I had no idea how she looked like. All I could see was a tall woman with probably a C cup chest covered head to toe in black and wielding dangerous looking daggers. Now, I had the chance to look at her properly and… ahem… analyze her body.

Inside my Inner Mind, the darkness was absolute as always, but right there, the absorbed items floated about. Among them was a peculiar strong light. I approached it. It was the body of the woman I enslaved that day. With closed eyes as if she was in a deep sleep, she floated about, letting me take as many glances as I desired at her beautiful body. She was tall, probably 1.80 meters, with long, lush, white hair, and a beautiful face. The curves were to die for, perky breasts, round bottom, thin waist, pale skin without so much as a dot of imperfection on it. Actually, there were quite a few small scars and scratches, some beauty marks, a burn on her side, and very ugly scar on her neck as if some beast ripped a good chunk out of it. She also had a nasty burn on her back, but her hair was longer and covered most of it. Maybe she wore it tied up in a bundle under that mask? Either way, she had the potential of being a goddess of beauty, but the marks on her body suggested otherwise.

Who would do such a cruel thing to a woman’s body? I asked myself, but it was quite obvious who made the nasty burn mark on her back.

There was one feature which surprised me though, her long, pointy ears. She was an elf, an actual elf.

I wonder if I can wake her up? I asked myself and as if the darkness replied to my question, she opened her eyes.

With a blank expression, she stared at me for a long moment and then realized she was stark naked. A blush made itself visible on her cheeks, and I got slapped so hard, I flew a few meters back. What was that about the slave may not harm the caster? What a lie! I wanted to scream, but I resumed normal flight mode and approached her.

Hey! That hurt! I told her.

She smirked back.

Ugh… Why did you slapped me anyway? I’m also naked, but not like I’m going to attack you! I complained.

She looked down at my lower half and then turned away. Did she just toss a snicker my way?

Sigh… I decided not to get mad at her for laughing at me. Placing my hands behind my head, I assumed a relaxed posture and floated about around her. Well, not like I’m going to complain, unlike you, I don’t have a body. This form is the best that I have in terms of humanoid looks…

She glared at me.

I’m sort of the king of this place, you know? But hey, if you act nice, I’ll give you back your panties and maybe your bra too. What do you say? I asked politely, showing her a kind smile.

Opening her mouth, she moved her lips as if she wanted to say something. I couldn’t tell what, but I had a feeling it wasn’t good.

Naked it is then! At least, I have something decent to look at! Hahaha! I laughed and floated around her a bit faster.

She got angry and tried to hit me, but I didn’t wish for her to touch me, so the darkness always pulled me back at the last moment. Seeing she couldn’t do anything, she curled up and covered her bottom with her hands while pressing her chest on her thighs. It was a futile attempt. If I were to fly under her, I could get a full view of Nirvana’s Gardens!

But it’s annoying that I can’t hear your voice… Let me see if I can fix that up. Status on her. I said and stopped in front of her.

[Name]: Shanteya Dowesyl <Slave name not selected> slave of [Illsyore]

[Species]: El’doraw

[Race]: Albino <Rare>

[Level]: 34

[Strength]: 47

[Agility]: 65

[Intelligence]: 84

[Magic Energy]: 230

[Magic Energy regeneration]: 0.3 points per second

[Available points]: 0

[Skills] > List all skills? Y/N

[Available skill points]: 0

[Allegiance]: Brasil, God of Shadows

[Spouses]: None

[Slaves]: None

[Pets]: None

[Minions]: None

[Unique Stats] > Show list? Y/N


[Unique Stats]

[Curse of Obedience] <Members of the Assassin’s Guild Phantom’s Rage are put under a curse to ensure their complete obedience towards their master and current Guild Leader. If one were to refuse to follow an order of assassination from their master, the curse will activate and slowly drain the Assassin’s life and energy until they die. Once activated, only the Guild Leader can deactivate it. Current Status: Activated. 2 days 23 hours and 46 minutes remaining.> Do you wish to remove this? Y/N

[Death Oath] <Made at the temple of Brasil, God of Shadows. Shanteya Dowesyl was forced to swear she would one day kill her own parents if she were to ever return to the El’doraw Capital (The official one declared at the time of her return)> Do you wish to remove this? Y/N

I looked at those two stats. They were completely useless for me, absolutely useless! That was a given! I would remove those useless stats!

Yes! Yes!

I doubled checked, and the final warning came to me:

[Removing these two stats will cost you 3400 Magic Energy Points.]

Well dang! That’s a lot!

The el’doraw looked at me with a questioning expression on her face. I had no idea if she could see the status screen that appeared in front of me, but if she didn’t, I probably looked like a madman, not that I cared anyway.

After confirming one last time, I felt the Magic Energy being drained from my pool, and the two weird stats vanished from the list.

The last thing I wanted to see was her current Health Status. Thinking about it, another weird window popped up in front of me.

[Health stats for Shanteya Dowesyl]

[Diseases: 4] Heal? Y/N

[Incurable Disease: Magic Energy Drain] Heal? Y/N

[Fractures: 3] Heal? Y/N

[Punctured organs: 2] Heal? Y/N

[Open wounds: 12] Heal? Y/N

[Scars: 34] Heal? Y/N

[Burns: 2] Heal? Y/N

[Missing organs: 3] Heal? Y/N

I was simply shocked by what I saw. The amount of injuries, scars, diseases, and the rest were worse than I thought. At first sight, I could only see a couple of scars and the burn I did, but to think I hurt her so badly, it frightened me. Then were the [Diseases] and [Incurable disease] stats, which I couldn’t understand, but the same went for [Missing organs]. To think something so brutal happened to her, I couldn’t even begin to imagine what sort of life she went through.

I’m going to heal you now. I said and she blinked confused at me.

I selected the first option, and 400 Magic Energy Points were subtracted from my pool, the second one removed 1000, the third one…

Something happened then. My head felt heavy and my vision blurry. It frightened me, so I quickly opened my own stats screen.

[Magic Energy]: 340

Everything else was normal.

Sorry… I used too much… I’m going to… sleep now… I said and then floated near her.

I think I embraced her in my sleep because I don’t remember what happened afterwards.

Was it because of how much magic energy I consumed or did I need to actually sleep like any other being out there? I had no idea, but still, it was a good thing it happened, I wouldn’t have been able to cure the other stats with that little Magic Energy left. I guess some things require a lot, after all… Did I get too cocky because I was a Godlike?

Anyway… sleep now… the pillow felt good…

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