~ Chapter 9: How Nanya stole my el’doraw… ~

When I woke up the following day, I was still in my Inner Mind. I had no idea for how long I slept, but my magic energy returned to its normal values, and I felt alive and well. One thing was different about today. I was hugging a warm pillow with a marshmallow feel to it. Confused and curious at the same time, I gently groped the pleasant cushions and realized they held a nostalgic sensation.

Where did I feel this before? I asked myself.

Ah! That’s right, Alina… Whenever we behaved like horny rabbits, I always insisted on burrowing my face in her delicious mountains. They were soft and felt just like these ones. Huh?

Blinking surprised, I lifted my head off the soft cushions and looked up at the owner. The pretty el’doraw looked at me with a frown and pink blush on her cheeks. Yup! That confirmed it! The one I groped in my sleep was none other than my cute slave! In a way, I felt happy, but the palm that sent me flying towards the depths of the darkness in my Inner Mind didn’t feel so cozy. Maybe I deserved that?

With a long sigh, I returned to her side.

That was mean! Why did you do that? I asked.

The only reply I got from her was a silent ‘Hmph!’. Afterwards, she avoided my eyes and crossed her hands at her chest.

Just as a precaution, I took a peek outside of my Inner Mind and returned to the real world. The bed was empty, meaning Nanya was gone. The birds were chirping outside, and I could see the results of my battle: a scorched up forest.

I returned to my cute el’doraw slave.

So, where was I? Oh, yes! I was about to measure your three sizes! I said with a perverted grin.

She glared at me and clenched her fist.

I joke! I joke! I said quickly as I flew back one step before I received the next knuckle sandwich.

Letting out a sigh, I opened the Health Stats window again.

Alright, I’m going to remove those burns, scars, and repair your organs if my Magic Energy allows me to. I told her with a bored tone of voice.

With a puzzled look, she watched me as I stared at the holographic screen in front of me.

Let’s see… What’s left? I asked myself.

[Health stats for Shanteya Dowesyl]

[Fractures: 3] Heal? Y/N

[Punctured organs: 2] Heal? Y/N

[Open wounds: 12] Heal? Y/N

[Scars: 34] Heal? Y/N

[Burns: 2] Heal? Y/N

[Missing organs: 3] Heal? Y/N

I started with [Fractures]. It cost me 150 Magic Energy Points. A lot less when compared with the others. The same was with ][Punctured organs], [Open wounds], [Scars], and [Burns]. It added up to a total of 840 Magic Energy Points for a Full Heal. All that was left were the [Missing organs]. Each organ would cost me 500 Magic Energy Points, leading up to a total of 1500, but when I added the other heals, the consumption of my Magic Energy reached 2490 Points, nearly half of my total pool. As a result, I began to feel slightly sluggish. Thus, I could only deduce that my fatigue was attributed to the rapid use of Magic Energy rather than its depletion. If I remembered right, when I first opened my eyes in this world, I had around 600 Magic Energy Points in total.

Thinking about it, if I chose something like the Normal or Heroic race, I might have never been able to subdue the assassins last night. Maybe Shanteya would have been killed by Tuberculus or one of the other teachers there. Maybe I would have ended up destroyed by only one of those assassins.

It was scary though, so I decided not to think about it too much.

There! All healed up! I said with a smile as I closed the health stats window.

Shanteya looked at me confused, but maybe she wasn’t aware of the fact that her body wasn’t littered anymore with scars and burns. Then again, if inside my Inner Mind she couldn’t feel the pain of broken bones and punctured organs, it was quite possible that she wasn’t aware of her current status.

With a sigh, I told her Look at your body. Your scars are gone. I healed your broken bones too, I fixed your damaged organs, added the missing one, removed the curse and Oath of Death you were under on, and yesterday I removed your incurable disease alongside the other four.

I placed my hands behind my back and floated back a bit. I was a bit tired, but I was satisfied with my work. It didn’t matter if I depleted my magic energy once. As long as I did a good thing and helped someone, maybe it was fully worth it. Then again, if she was going to be my slave from now on, I saw no reason in keeping her more dead than alive.

Then it happened.

As she checked her former scars and touched around her neck for the horrible wound from before, she burst into tears. For a moment, I thought I did something wrong, seeing her crying like that.

I’m healed… and free… finally… she said with a low voice filled with the hiccups of a loud cry.

Erm… no problem? I replied confused.

I didn’t know how to react. I always was bad with crying girls. It was part of Alina’s undefeated arsenal in my past life. That’s how I ended up getting a job and moving in with her… Only one thing I have to say: No matter the world, time period, or species… women are scary!

From my point of view, I didn’t understand why she was crying like that. All I did was remove some annoying looking stats and heal her up. I was given the option, so I saw no reason in not actually doing it, especially since I was to blame for some of her wounds. I couldn’t go around saying: ‘This was caused by me, this wasn’t. This was caused by me, this wasn’t.’

Are you alright? I asked with a low voice as I approached her.

She slowly nodded as she wiped off her tears.

I’m fine… But how can I ever thank you? I don’t even know who you are or why you did this for me… she said with a soft voice as she abstained from crying as hard as she could.

It’s nothing. Besides, I was to blame for some of those cuts and burns… I underestimated my own spell power. You can consider the rest an added bonus, so please don’t sue me! I replied.

That can’t be true! To do such a thing! To use so much magic energy and treat someone as lowly as me? What sort of slave deserves such a treatment? she asked confused.

I guess slaves aren’t treated too kindly around these parts. Technically speaking, if I went back to my original world and proclaimed Shanteya was my slave, there were 10 out of 10 chances that I would end up in jail for acting against the human rights. On another note, some people would just look at us strangely and think we’re just some random perverted couple.

I don’t see it that way. As long as I have the power and resources to treat you, I’ll do it. You are a living person with your own free will. Besides, if you remember, the slave spell requires you to willingly accept this role. As your new master, I won’t deny your freedom of speech, freedom of choice, and right of ownership. I explained from the little I remembered about the human rights.

But a slave must always obey their master no matter what, and seeing how much you did for me, I can’t possibly think of a way to ever repay you back. At the very least, please allow this one to serve you for the rest of her life! she declared with a firm look in her eyes.

Ara~ Not exactly what I had in mind, but does that mean you will allow me to grope you? I asked with a perverted grin plastered on my face, but with the hidden intent of making her pull away.

I-If that’s what master wants… This one won’t deny master’s wishes. she said with a shy look on her face. She slowly turned her head away and pushed up her chest forward, revealing those delicious mounds.

Eh?! I quickly turned around and slapped both my cheeks.

Master? she asked as she tilted her head to the right.

You have some very dangerous weapons there! I replied without turning.

That reminded me, her clothes. She was still wearing… well Eve’s costume.

I’m sorry about my last request, please forget about it. Erm, also, here are your clothes back… I sort of absorbed you without clothes… I replied as I brought forth the assassin clothes from the depths of the darkness.

Is master not pleased with this one’s body? she asked a bit disappointed.

No! No! Master is very pleased, that’s the problem! Now please get dressed, before I lose my grip on my morals! I retorted.

Hehe! As you wish, master! she replied and quickly got dressed.

When I turned around, she was wearing clothes again. They were the only ones at my disposal, and since I didn’t want to suffer the wrath of some holy god because of the Colly Tos spell, I decided not to use that one. Besides, I doubted Nanaya’s bra could fit Shanteya’s bazookas.

Alright! I’m going to return you to the real world now! I told her.

As you wish, master. she replied with a deep bow.

Such a polite el’doraw slave.

Going back to the real world, I found my crystal body uncovered and one angry Nanya glaring at me. Was I in some sort of trouble?

“Illsy!” she growled.

“Gulp! Yes?” I asked slowly.

“What’s this about an assassination attempt, a burning forest, and me going bananas with fire magic out there?” she growled.

“Technically speaking, I think I said that it was one of the assassins who did it?” I tried to get myself out of the grave.

“You blundering oaf! Why didn’t you wake me up?! I could have advised you on what to do, not go all Godlike on them! Argh! I had to cover up for all the plot holes in your story!” she said glaring and pointing a finger at me.

“Erm… I’m sorry?” I said.

“It doesn’t matter now…” she waved her hand and lowered her head.

“Erm… Nanya?”

“What?” she glared at me.

“I want to sort of introduce you to someone, but do you promise not to scream at me or attack her?” I asked carefully.

“What?” she looked around he room, but she couldn’t detect anyone else besides me.

“She’s an el’doraw. She was part of the assassins who tried to attack the academy. She is sort of my slave now…” I explained.

Hearing that, Nanya raised an eyebrow and looked at me with a confused expression.

“So, please don’t try to harm her? I depleted my magic energy once trying to heal her up and curing Death Oaths and curses wasn’t easy peasy.” I said and let out a long sigh at the end.

“D-Death Oaths? Y-You can cure Death Oaths now? What sort off madness are you talking about?” she asked me.

“Erm… Isn’t it normal to cure a Death Oath if you have enough magic? It cost me like 2000 Magic Energy Points. There was also this weird curse thing I removed called Curse of Obedience. That was only 1400 Magic Energy Points.” I explained with a shrug.

But honestly though, I didn’t see it as such a big deal. Considering the fact that my Magic Energy restored with about 25 points per second, spending a few thousands points on something like that felt almost natural.

Nanya groaned and rubbed her forehead with two fingers.

“Please stop talking before you shatter my common sense completely… And what do you even mean by points? I heard it was normal for some mages to measure their energy pool in something like that, but… Ugh, I better stop thinking about it. Anyway, show me this person you mentioned. Once I talk with her, I’ll figure something out…” she let out another sigh. Lowering her hand, she looked at me and asked “She won’t attack me, will she?”

“No.” I replied and then I called her out from the darkness of my Inner Mind.

Shanteya appeared to my right, standing and wearing the clothes I previously found her in. There was a calm expression on her face, but unlike before, she didn’t wear a mask now and her neck was uncovered, showing the intricate slave tattoo placed there by my spell.

The first thing Nanya looked at was the el’doraw’s chest and then back at her own. For some reason, she threw a glare my way and then let out a defeated sigh. It was a rather weird behavior, but I didn’t let it bother me, so I proceeded with introductions.

“This young-looking girl is actually Nanya the Storm Witch, a teacher at this academy, which I have yet to know the name of.” I said.

“It’s Fellyore! Magic Academy Fellyore!” Nanya told me with a glare.

Now that she mentions it, I do remember the old man said something like that. I guess I didn’t pay attention to him… I thought.

“Anyway, this here is my first slave, Shanteya Dowesyl!” I said proudly.

“A pleasure to meet you, madam.” the el’doraw assassin said with a respectful bow.

“Likewise… So, I heard the moron here actually healed you?” Nanya asked pointing at me.

Hey! I’m not a moron! I’m clumsy sometimes… that’s all… I thought, but decided to keep my mouth shut before she replied in a yakuza fashion.

“Master is not a moron, and indeed, he has healed me of my ailments, my curses, my broken bones, my scars, replaced my missing organs, and offered me my voice back. Therefore, I’m forever indebted to master, and I will serve him for his kindness however he may so desire!” Shanteya declared after throwing a quick glare at Nanya.

For some reason, the el’doraw appeared to have gotten the impression that just because I cast a little heal, she was supposed to be my actual slave? My 21st century mentality screamed at me that it was definitely wrong. I wanted to correct her, but what could I say? Technically speaking, I sort of ripped her away from her old acquaintances, threatened her life, and forcefully removed unique stats.

In other words, I would be abandoning her right now if I told her not to be my slave anymore, right? I thought as I pondered about the matter in silence.

“Are you listening? Oi! Illsy!” shouted Nanya.

Blinking surprised, I looked at the screaming ancient woman. She was about to hit me with a stick, but Shanteya was defending me gallantly.

“I’m not going to let you harm master!” she declared standing between me and the oh so threatening mighty wood stick.

“I’m not going to harm him, just shatter him in a billion pieces!” she growled.

That would seriously kill even me! I wanted to say.

“I’m here, what’s the matter Nanya?” I asked quickly.

“Oh? You are back, huh? Well, like I was saying. Slavery is prohibited in this kingdom by the order of the previous king.” she told me as she settled down.

Prohibited? Well, that’s good news, I guess.

“Unfortunately, the other kingdoms don’t think so. Slaves represent a valuable asset for the nobles and rich folk, however, what I wanted to know is what did you do to Shanteya? Did you cast a curse on her?” she asked me pointing at the tattoo on her neck.

“Huh? No, erm… Let me tell you the description of the spell.” I suggested.

“Go head.”

“Alright, so by casting this spell on a willing individual, one can change their status to that of a slave. The slave will receive the master’s protection. The slave may not harm the caster. The slave may not harm the one selected as master. The slave must obey the master’s orders. Failure to do so may result in the punishment or death of the slave. Casting this spell again on the Slave will remove them from under the effects of the spell. Well, that’s what it says, however, I noticed that when I absorbed Shanteya in order to heal her, the spell didn’t work on her. She actually slapped me when I… Er… When she first saw me.” I explained and tried my best to omit the part of where I tried to grope the two big splendors on her chest.

“Is that so?” Nanya asked as she raised an eyebrow.

“Yes?” I replied.

“Then cast the spell on her again.” she told me crossing her arms at her chest

“Nay!” declared Shanteya as she glared at her.

“What? This moron made you a slave! It’s absurd!” declared Nanya and then with a slow tone of voice said “… and saying stuff like you have to obey his orders, what if… you know… and he does that and that.” her cheeks turned red, but I couldn’t hear what she was mumbling about at the end.

“Even if that’s so. Master offered me something no one ever tried or thought of before.” Shanteya said with a calm voice as she placed her hand on her throat. “My voice… and my ability to bear children once more…”

The last part was a bit of surprise. I thought she was missing a kidney or something when I saw missing organs.

“Is that so? Well, if that’s the case, I’m going to take charge of you. You, blundering buffoon, make me her second master so I can keep an eye on her! I’m not going to let you harm this poor girl!” declared Nanya with a hand on her hip and pointing a finger at me.

“Erm, sure?” I blinked surprised. After taking a deep breath, I looked at the el’doraw and told her “From henceforth listen to Nanya’s orders as though they were my own! You understand?”

“Yes, master. If that is what you wish of me, I shall do so, but know that I do not mind if master orders me to do anything perverted. As long as it’s for master or with master… this one is willing…” she looked away when she spoke those last words, blushing strongly.

Oi! Oi! What are you thinking? Is this because of the spell? I asked myself as I looked at her a bit shocked by her lack of defense against me.

“Good! Now, follow me, Shanteya. We have lots of things to talk about and also some new clothes to find for you. But first thing’s first! I order you not to attack anyone in this Academy unless I declare them as enemies. This means you will not try to accomplish your initial mission! Got it?” asked Nanya as she grabbed her hand.

“I understand, but know that this one already forsake that mission and lifestyle the moment master made me his. I now only wish to be of service to master Illsyore!” Shanteya declared confidently.

Aw~! Such a good girl! I thought when I heard her.

“As long as you understand, it’s alright. Besides, the slave spell will make sure of the rest. Now, follow me.” she said and dragged my beautiful el’doraw out of there.

I was left alone in that cold room.

“Wait, did she just steal my slave from me?” I blinked surprised, but it was too late to complain about it anyway, not like I could do so in the first place. I didn’t wish to offend or anger Nanya.

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