~ Chapter 12: My questions and Nanya’s answers (Part 1) ~

“Have you calmed down, master?” asked my sweet Shanteya.

I was frustrated and a bit angry with what happened, but those feelings weren’t directed at Nanya or anyone else but me. I was the fool who didn’t think about trying to upgrade the skills. If I thought a little more, I would have remembered that many games allowed you to do something like that.

I’m such an idiot… I told myself.

“Sigh… Leave him be, Shanteya. I’m actually a bit surprised by the fact that he made this whole thing by cutting down trees and then processing them.” said Nanya as she checked my shabby looking gazebo.

“But master didn’t do anything wrong, nobody told him that he could do it with a skill.” said Shanteya, trying to offer me a bit of moral support. It was sweet of her, but I honestly felt a bit like an idiot for all the trouble I went through.

“Hm, Illsy.” Nanya called out.

“What?” I asked with a sniffle even though I couldn’t cry.

“Why do you think you did something bad?” she asked.

“But, the gazebo… it’s… it doesn’t look good, right?” I replied because that was the truth. I tried my best to make it, but it was far from what a carpenter could do.

“Hm? It doesn’t seem so to me.” she told me with a smile and then took a seat on the chair closest to her.

“What? How can that be?” I asked.

“Look, I can sit down, admire the sky, you even made that small pond to reflect the moon’s on its surface.” she pointed out, but it was too early to see their reflection there.

“I know, but still…” I tried to excuse myself, but Nanya cut me off.

“Illsy, you did something another Dungeon Lord would have seriously declined because he simply saw no reason to make it. On the other hand, you tried your best with the little you had. Of course, if you used the advanced version of [Create a Room], then you would have completed this task in just a few minutes, but that doesn’t matter. The gazebo built by [Create a Room] wouldn’t have had the same feeling as this one, in which you used magic as little as possible. I’m talking about that pleasant feeling of using something handmade. I believe you should be proud of it. This gazebo is your creation made through hard work and not a simple snap of the fingers.” she explained with a soft smile as she leaned back in the simple wood chair and looked up at the sky.

“I believe mistress Nanya is right, you should be proud of yourself master.” said Shanteya.

I can’t win against these two… I sighed and decided to pull myself out of that depressive hole before I sunk myself in it even further.

“Thank you, Nanya, Shanteya…” I told them, and they smiled back.

“Now, let’s get those geezers here and start drinking! Nyhahaha!” the teenage looking woman laughed as she pulled out one of the bottles from Shanteya’s basket.

“I’ll let them know about it.” I said and flew towards the signs of life I detected as the teachers of the Magic Academy Fellyore.

Besides Nanya, there were five others: Tuberculus, Zertan, Angius, Paladinus, and Rufus. They were all old men who taught various things at the academy. Going in their respective order: Nanya taught Magic History and Beginner Attack Spells; Tuberculus handled Intermediate Attack spells and Beginner Healing, which also included something like first aid and basic anatomy; Zertan handled anything related to Alchemy, Herbalism, and Potion Brewing; Angius was a security guard as well as the Martial Arts instructor; Paladinus taught Monster Handling and foreign languages, such as the Feyan language, the Paramanium language, and the Teslov language; and Rufus taught Mathematics, Economy, Survival Techniques, and Trapology or the study of Dungeon Traps.

Rufus was the youngest of all of them, just 24 years old, but when I first heard Trapology, my mind went straight into the gutter. I heard there was a seventh teacher at the Academy, but I had yet to meet him.

Of course, there were going to be many more classes, but for now, it seemed like that was the most the teachers could handle. The academy was officially opened just a few weeks ago, so it had almost zero reputation. If things went as Tuberculus planned, then the following year, they were going to get new first-year students and have new classes and maybe even teachers for the second-year ones.

It was a very daring dream, but I had to wonder if it was going to work or not.

Anyway, the party started and the bottles were quickly emptied by the five men and the teenage looking Nanya. The one who got to play the errand boy was, of course, me. I didn’t really mind, but I was a bit sad I couldn’t taste the delicious alcohol. I tried absorbing a glass and then finding it in my Inner Mind, but it had no taste. I missed beer.

Not long after they started, they began talking about the cutest girls in their classes. The only one who didn’t join that conversation was Zertan. He drank from his cup and looked away. His interests laid somewhere else. Taking this opportunity, I decided to ask Nanya something that was on my mind for a while now.

“Nanya, I have to ask… why only adult students?”

“Eh? You don’t know? Well… erm… let’s see… Ah! Yes! It’s all about the Magic Energy stabilization process in the body of most humanoids species.” she told me.

“What’s a Magic Energy stabilization process?”

“You see, Illsy, in children, magic varies considerably. When someone who isn’t stabilized tries to cast something, they can’t control the amount of Magic Energy they put into the spell, thus, it will either end up as a failure or ridiculously powerful. Depending on the case, it can even result in the death of the child or those around him. When the magic stabilizes, it may end up as being either very low or very high. Oh! And an individual with a high magic potential is called talented. So far, we don’t know why this happens, but we say that someone’s energy stabilized when they reached adulthood and their bodies stopped developing any further. Of course, there can be small changes, but not as wild as before. That’s why Magic Academies all over the three continents won’t accept anyone who isn’t at the bare minimum age for stabilized Magic Energy. They simply can’t practice their spells. Oh, and if you are wondering, all of our students here have the potential to reach at least Advanced rank.” she carefully explained and then took another gulp from her bottle, it was the first one to be emptied.

“The age at which magic energy stabilizes also varies depending on the species. For humans, it’s somewhere between 18 and 24. For elves and el’doraw is from the age of 30 and up to 300. I had mine stabilize when I was 32.” said Shanteya as a small addition to Nanya’s explanation.

“Indeed! Indeed!” the teenager lifted her bottle up.

“What about me?” I asked.

“Dungeon Cores and Dungeon Lords don’t have a stabilization period. You guys just gobble up magic energy from your territory to increase it exponentially or level up. Basically, it’s always stabilized. You are the only living creatures with this ability! Hic!” explained Nanya before showing to be a bit tipsy.

“Living creatures?” I asked surprised.

“You didn’t know? Dungeons are living beings of the magic type. Their Crystal Core is basically their main body, and their senses extend throughout the Dungeon Territory around them, but I honestly never heard of one that can project itself as a disembodied voice.” she said and then shrugged.

“It’s not a basic skill?” I asked surprised.

“Nope!” she shook her head and pointed her bottle at me. “I’ve been through all sorts of dungeons before, and I never heard of one capable of half the things you are. The other teachers and students just believe you are projecting your voice with some sort of spell.” she pointed at the mass of old men drinking happily.

Looking at them, I saw Tuberculus whispering something to Paladinus and then laughing loudly. Rufus was hugging a bottle, and Angius summoned a small monkey monster to go and bring more bottles of alcohol. Zertan was right next to Angius, barely sipping from his mug.

“But when compared to other Dungeons of my level, am I weak?” I asked a bit worried that it might be true. That was one thought I recently confronted myself with. The one thought which frightened me because being weak meant easy to kill.

“You are kidding, right?” she asked raising an eyebrow. Even Shanteya was surprised.

“Erm… Did I say something wrong?”

“Sigh… Here’s a hint, Illsy: At level 1 you defeated 25 assassins sent to kill a royal princess with just three, not seven, not one hundred, just THREE intermediate spells! That’s impossible, Illsy! It’s absurd!” she retorted.

“Indeed. Just like I told mistress Nanya during my interrogation, we were originally 40 in number, but after fighting against a pack of Master rank monsters and a knight escort, only the strongest of us were left, yet master killed off most of us in the blink of an eye.” Shanteya praised me.

“I thought it was something any Dungeon could do and that I wasn’t special at all.” I confessed.

“BUHAHAHA!” Nanya burst into a loud laughter.

“Wha-what?” I asked surprised.

“Master Illsyore is unusually powerful for a Dungeon of your level.” said Shanteya.

“Yup! Just like she said! Illsy, don’t make me say it again. At level 1 you were the equivalent if not way above a level 250 Heroic Dungeon! Your only flaw, if you can call it that, is that all of your skills are basically at an intermediate level, which already is quite high! I never heard of a lvl 1 Dungeon bellow Heroic to hold more than one intermediate skill!” she said with a nod of her head.

“But I don’t understand what that means…” I complained.

“Hm… Let’s do this then. How big was your territory when Tuberculus let you out of the cage?” she asked me.

“Cage?” I asked confused.

“In the beginning, when you were born, you were placed in a special magic cage or barrier, whatever you want to call it, made by me and him. It was meant to keep you from expanding your territory and using your abilities to destroy the Magic Academy or try to kill us in the event you were hostile. Just in case you don’t know, you are the very first Dungeon I heard of not to try to attack or kill someone. You are actually quite friendly even after we requested of you to repair the Academy and take care of all sort of stuff, like that Merion incident. A typical Dungeon Lord would have tried to kill us by now or down right refuse.” she explained as she looked up at the sky.

It’s a given that I wouldn’t just start attacking indiscriminately left and right. We’re talking about innocent people here who haven’t done anything wrong to me. Even if I have enough power to topple a country, I wouldn’t use it to oppress others… It doesn’t feel right. As for those requests, well… I thought that was my job here, and they were sort of fun to do. I thought to myself while I watched Nanya gazing at the stars.

“That’s just because master is special.” said Shanteya.

“True… He’s a pervert too.” added Nanya.

I ignored her comment and asked with a more serious tone of voice “Why did you believe I wouldn’t attack others?”

Nanya lowered her bottle and looked in my direction.

“You see, when you first used Colly Tos, me and the other teachers were debating on whether to completely destroy you or not, especially after all those monsters suddenly popped up around you the moment the revival chant was over. It was all Tuberculus’ idea in the first place to try and tame a Dungeon Core or Lord, so the rest of us saw it more as a failed experiment. So, when I realized that my panties had suddenly vanished, I thought it was that stupid pervert Tuberculus, but he was looking seriously through a dusty old book, trying to find a way to control you. He didn’t actually find one by the way. None of the others even knew the spell you cast, and I would have noticed them chanting it. Then my bra went poof, and I realized something was off. I told the teachers to wait up a bit on the decision and let me give you a test. Half of them were reluctant, but I promised them I would be the one to destroy you if I discovered you to be a danger to anyone in the academy. Afterwards, I pretended to be this partially shy, but curious teenage girl and tried to get close to you. Men are usually fools who fall for something like this. I’m also in the no-strike zone for those old geezers, at least when they aren’t drunk. Then, even a tree looks like a beautiful busty lady or flat chested girl… Anyway, your actions were innocent, and you answered honestly to my questions. There was also no killing intent coming from you. In general, it manifests as a dark cloud around your crystal body and sometimes throughout your whole territory. Just with that, you passed. Then the incident with the assassins happened. You acted like a scared child who made some sort of mistake. But, even though you had the power to cause a lot more damage, you never used it against us, on the contrary, you did your best to help us.” she knocked on the wood of the gazebo. “You chose to listen to us, work with us, and not care about our selfish requests. For you, it may not be much, but for us, it’s really something. The very fact that we are here drinking on something you made for us proves this fact.” she said with a smile and then lifted her bottle to take another big gulp out of the burning liquid.

Nanya was a fast drinker. That was her second bottle.

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