~ Chapter 12: My questions and Nanya’s answers (Part 2) ~

“I see…” I said and looked down for a bit.

Indeed, it was true. I never had any intent of harming anyone or denying the requests of the teachers. I was actually curious about what they were doing, what they were teaching, and how I could repair a lot of things. Although I complained a lot, I never did refuse to do it. The ethics and morals of the 21st century told me that only bullies, tyrants, and villains abused and overused their power no matter how great or small it was.

Power… The classic idea is for the strong to help the weak. It’s cliché, but maybe it’s not wrong. There’s also that saying a certain web-slinger based his ideals upon, but I’m not a hero… I’m just the core of a Dungeon… I contemplated the reason as to why I was given such a power in this world.

“But anyway, getting back to the previous question. Hic! How big was your territory when you were released?” she asked me again.

“Erm… 1 km in radius?” I answered, but as usual, the word ‘kilometer’ was changed to the equivalent word of this world, meaning ‘Los’.

“How much do you think a Normal Dungeon has at your current age and level? What about a Heroic Dungeon?” Nanya asked me with a raised eyebrow.

“The same?” I replied.

She shook her head. I was wrong.

“For a Normal Dungeon, it’s 5 m when born and around 50 m at your current level. For a Heroic, it’s 100 m when born and about 500 m or more when it’s your level. That’s the usual standard, but it varies depending on how old the Dungeon is and how much Magic Energy they poured into it. Illsy, how much territory do you have right now?” she asked before taking a big gulp out of her bottle. The burning liquid inside was vanishing quite fast.

“About 3 km in radius…” I replied.

I blinked surprised and realized the huge difference between the two values.

That’s a lot! I told myself.

“Exactly my point! You can already do so many things at your current level, which is nothing, wait until you reach lvl 100 or more! I wouldn’t be surprised if you can outclass the Ancestral Dungeon said to be the strongest right now at 235 levels! Nyhahaha!” said Nanya with a chuckle and another ‘Hic!’ at the end.

“Indeed. Master, you should have more confidence in your own ability. Have you tried to build anything like an actual dungeon or labyrinth yet?” asked Shanteya.

“He should have, for a Dungeon Lord, it’s instinctive.” said Nanya.

I can’t lie to them… I thought. “Yes, I did a few rooms of a maze, but just a few. I was told not to do them, right?”

“How many? 40? 50?” asked Nanya with an excited look in her eyes.

“Seven…” I replied embarrassed.

Her jaw dropped.

“Seven? As in not Seven teen or ty?” she asked.

“Yup, just seven.”




“A weird statue of a thingy…”



“Ilssy! Why didn’t you make any? You are a Godlike Dungeon Lord, and you have only seven rooms? What’s this? A joke?” she asked, but she sounded really disappointment.

“I just thought that it would be an inconvenience, or that I might break something…” I told her.

“We only told you not to make changes to the Academy itself, meaning the main building and dormitory! We were actually expecting you to build a great dungeon for us, where we could train the students!” she told me.

I felt like she was scolding me.

“Master isn’t in the wrong, he used the most simple forms of his spells and… and he…” Shanteya tried to take my side, but there was no need for that, even I knew I was in the wrong there.

“My Magic Energy restores quite fast and so far, I didn’t encounter any situation where I needed to use my full power. That is if you don’t count the assassination incident and Shanteya’s healing… The rest of my time I spent lazying around and listening to classes or debating on whether I should spy on you two while changing clothes or not…” I replied.

“I didn’t need to listen to that last one…” Nanya shook her head.

“If master wishes, he needs only to ask.” Shanteya said with a small bow of her head.

I let out a long sigh. It felt like a repeat of my past life. Even back then, I always found an excuse for not doing any actual work. When push comes to shove, I usually did it, but most of the times, I was a lazy bum. Many people were actually surprised by me getting a girlfriend like Alina. She wasn’t model level beautiful and far from Shanteya and Nanya, but she was someone who accepted me and loved me despite my many faults. Thanks to her, I managed to cure some of my laziness, but getting into this world slowly chipped in on my reasoning of doing something or not.

Even the things I did in this academy, I did them for fun or interest. I could use magic, and so I did it even if it was annoying. Cleaning the toilets wasn’t fun, but controlling the brush and plunger at the same time with my telekinesis spell was. Even making this gazebo was fun… and then my last thoughts slipped off the tips of my invisible lips “I wonder… Is it possible that I’m seeing the idea of building a labyrinth, learning to increase and control my power as meaningless work? If I see it as such, then I just run away from it…”

Shanteya and Nanya remained quiet for a moment.

“If that is so, it only depends on what you wish to choose to do from now on. Until now, you wasted your time, maybe… or you just had fun. It doesn’t really matter… How you see it and if it’s meaningless or not depends only on you, but without training yourself and learning to build a labyrinth, you will never become stronger. In the end, the decision is up to you. Will you waste your Godlike talent or learn to harness it?” said the teenage looking girl as she looked towards me through the empty part of her bottle, that was the third one.

“Heh, aren’t you worried I’ll be strong enough to steal all of your clothes in one go with that spell?” I asked with a smile.

“If you do that, I’ll give you a kiss! Hic!” she winked at me and then laughed.

As a result of her provocative words, I blushed strongly.

Things to do: Learn to use Colly Tos! Upgrade Colly Tos! I thought, but then I saw Shanteya looking a bit disapproving at her. Is she jea…? Nah… I let the thought go.

“What if I switch sides and attack you?” I asked as a joke, but Nanya’s eyes turned serious.

“Don’t think about it, Illsy. I’m not someone you can handle. I may not look like it, but I’m a Godlike rank adventurer and those teachers over there are all Emperor or at least Master rank. Remember when I punched you and cracked your main body? I just used a tiny bit of my power. If I attacked you at full force, you would have ended up shattered completely.” she told me.

I gulped. I could feel the pressure of her stare. Nanya wasn’t joking. I didn’t know how, but I knew it, she could kill me if she wanted to.

“So, I have no chance of winning?” I asked timidly.

“Against those guys, yes, but not against me. If I want to I can even reach the core of the Demigod Dungeon, but that’s sort of illegal now. Illsy, I lived for over 500 years, and my rank isn’t for show. Everything beyond Emperor is a real monster in terms of power. That’s why even you should have a lot more confidence in your power. You are still young, you can learn more, but one day, even I won’t be able to do a single thing to you even if I partied with Supremes. That’s your true potential, however, I really wish something like that won’t happen, and you will remain to be my cute Dungeon friend, Illsy!” she showed me kind sweet smile.

It was the first time I saw that expression on her face and because of that, I felt my heart skipping a beat.

“Thank you…” I said.

“Does… Does master know what those ranks mean?” asked Shanteya shyly. She probably didn’t want to spoil the mood, but couldn’t abstain either.

“Yes, I remember from one of Nanya’s classes. Adventurer classes are separated in the following ranks: Beginner, Intermediary, Advanced, Master, Emperor, Godlike, and Supreme. The main condition for obtaining a rank is to use at least one spell or skill of that rank. However, it doesn’t mean you are automatically part of an adventurer guild. Guild ranks and Adventurer rank are two very different things.” I explained.

“Is that so. Very well, master.” Shanteya bowed.

Is she feeling a bit left out? I wondered.

The other teachers didn’t seem to pay any attention to our peculiar conversation. Tuberculus and Paladinus were trying to get Zertan drunk. Rufus was the most drunk out of all of them. He was kissing the bottle and talking with Tuberculus’ clone. He drank two bottles by himself.

Out of all of them, only me and Shanteya didn’t have anything to drink. Me for obvious reasons, but she refused saying that she won’t be able to do her duty if she felt tipsy. At that moment, I wondered if being a maid was that hard.

“Shanteya, come here for a bit…” said Nanya all of a sudden. She looked feverish, and the bottle next to her was empty and resting next to the other two.

She finished the third bottle already? When? I asked myself confused.

“Yes, mistress?” asked Shanteya, but since it was perceived as an order, she moved closer to her.

With a big smile, she grabbed Shanteya’s right hand and pulled her down, causing the el’doraw to stumble forward and onto her lap.

“Hahaha!” she laughed and then gave a hard slap on my slave’s round behind.

“Kya! Mistress?” asked Shanteya surprised.

Hey! I wanted to do that! I wanted to scream.

“You didn’t drink… and hic! All this talk is making my head dizzy! So if you don’t think, I mean drink, I’m going to punish you…” said the drunk teenager as she pulled on Shanteya’s buttons, letting a bit of her cleavage to be shown.

The Holy Mountains! I screamed in my mind while a foolish grin appeared on my invisible face.

“Stop it, mistress!” Shanteya tried to fight Nanya off, but the magic tattoo around her neck prevented her from doing so.

“Nihihi! Be still, I’m… Hic! …going to get you in the mood to… Hic!” she drank too fast and the alcohol was getting to her.

To what? To what? I asked in my head as I saw another button go pop.

“Hihihi!” I heard the creepy laughter behind me and just then I realized that the two women with disheveled clothes just became the main center of attention for the old drunk teachers.

What? I looked at them and then at Nanya and Shanteya, one struggling to overpower the other, then back at them. Something snapped inside of me. I wanted to see where the scene was going, but I didn’t want it to be witnessed by those perverts. I was the only pervert allowed to watch! So, without any remorse, I raised a wall between them and the two women, but that wasn’t going to hold Emperor rank adventurers for long.

“Eh? What’s this? Dungeon Lord, remove this wall at once!” shouted Tuberculus and the others complained as well.

“Yeah. Yeah.” I replied and then with a clear tone of voice and a bit of regret in my heart, I ordered “For tonight, Shanteya, you don’t need to listen to Nanya’s orders!”

With a sigh of relief, the el’doraw slipped out of the girls clutches and buttoned-up her shirt.

“Bah! Why… Hic!… you spoil my funny?” asked Nanya as she laid wasted on the ground.

I have a feeling alcohol hits her a bit slower than it does a human, but when that happens, it hits like a truck driving at full speed on a highway! Now, she’s wasted, but just a moment ago, she was coherent!” I thought as I watched her looking around for more bottles.

“Dungeon Lord! Remove this wall at once! I order you!” shouted Tuberculus.

Flying over, I saw them looking a bit mad, but after what Nanya and Shanteya told me, I understood that there was nothing to fear. I felt a bit more confident in my own abilities.

“Oho? Then are you willing to be made responsible if any of you dares to touch my slave or Nanya? I’m sure the drunk Godlike adventurer over there will be very happy to know who touched her in her sleep!” I threatened them with Nanya’s anger.

They all gulped at the same time, all except Zertan. With spinning eyes and a goofy expression on his face, he was laying on the ground with two empty bottles next to him. I had no idea what sort of drink could get them so drunk, but if I ever got my hands on a body, I planned on grabbing a few for myself.

“Good!” after I said that, they walked away and grabbed a refill. I seemed to have spoiled their fun.

When I returned to the other side of the wall, Nanya was asleep.

“Master…” said Shanteya with a worried look in her eyes.

“Take her to her room. I’ll watch over the teachers and take them to their rooms as well if they can’t get there on their own two feet.” I said, and she nodded.

Once the girls were out of the danger area, I removed the wall with the [Destroy created Area] skill. The party continued for another two hours or so. Luckily for me, they were able to head back to their rooms on their own. Well, everyone except poor Zertan. The man was as wasted as he could be. I took him to his home using [Telekinezy], and with that over, I was finally allowed to head to bed as well.

Upon entering my room, I found Shanteya waiting next to my crystal body, looking at it with parted lips and a soft gaze in her eyes. It made me blush.

“Shanteya?” I asked.

“Master… you are back.” she told me as she looked at the crystal with a smile, but I was right next to her.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“Master, can this slave of yours request something of you?” she asked looking down and clenching the hem of her dress.

“Sure?” I replied a bit confused.

“Master… Will master let me sleep with him? I… I want to sleep with master tonight…” she said with flushed cheeks and looking with upturned eyes at my crystal body.

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