~ Chapter 14: Muhahaha! ~

I moved out of my body and flew up towards the endless blue sky. Using my perception, I could ‘feel’ the limits of my Dungeon Territory. It was almost 3km in radius, meaning a circle with a diameter of 6km and no limit towards the sky or the center of the planet. I stopped somewhere around an altitude of about 400 m above the academy. It was interesting to see the world from so high up, but without a body to feel the gentle caress of the wind, it felt a bit odd, almost like watching a HD recording.

I opened my status screen.

Hm, I nearly forgot I had these Divine Auras. It’s good to know I can heal allies who are close to me, but as far as I can tell, [Divine Protection] and [Divine Aura] apply only to my actual physical body, so they are like my final defense… Hm, I wonder though, what can I do to gain another body? Do I have to absorb it, maybe create it? Are there some conditions set to this? Hm… Maybe I should ask Nanya when I get the chance. Either way, I hope this Holy God of Big Boobs doesn’t make it so my first body is that of a woman with melons the size of basketballs. Speaking of which, I wonder if I can make one for the students to play around with? A court as well, that would be nice! Erm… what were the rules again? You have a ball… a net… and a unicorn, right? Yeah, that’s about it. Let’s see… what else is there? My stats are the same, so I presume the [Bond of Trust] doesn’t steal or share my stats, it just gives the other a bonus equivalent to a percent of my full stats. But descriptions on some of these skills can be so vague at times… ugh! The question would be if it applies only to BASE stats or BUFFED as well? It would be nice to be the latter. Anyway, let’s see… I thought as I looked around, taking a good look this time at all of my stats.

[Available skill points]: 135

It was clear I could continue to level up and thus gain more skill points, but the question tickling my noggin was: Do I or do I not need to put any skill points in my attack spells?

I thought hard about it. With Nanya’s Godlike rank and the other teachers of Emperor rank, the Academy was pretty much safe against anything except a Supreme, so there was no immediate need for me to spend points in spells and attacks. However, I was the core of a Magic Academy. Recently, I found out that I needed to build a Labyrinth or Dungeon where the students could safely train in order to become better. My skills in the construction department were deplorable, but not completely useless. [Create a Room] was the skill I needed to rely the most on in order to build the dungeon, but I also needed traps and monsters. The thing I was most curious about was if I could apply any of the tech from Earth in this world.

It would be funny to see a bunch of Master rank adventurers entering all high and mighty in my dungeon only to encounter some robots who keep saying: Exterminate! Exterminate! I laughed at the idea as I remembered some funny episodes from a certain popular British Sci-Fi TV show. Or if they run into a room filled with lasers and holograms! Kukuku! But, is it possible to make something like robotics and lasers in this world? Hm… I thought and then began to search through my list of skills for anything that could help me.

I searched through my junk skills for about ten whole minutes, but I didn’t find anything of use. A bit frustrated, I opened the Traps list, and there I found these spells:

[Trap Skills]


[Create a <Type> trap] <Create a Basic Trap of the Selected Type. Magic Energy cost depends on the size of the trap. Base cost: 15 Magic Energy Points. Voice Command: Nya Nya Niku>

[Create a Trigger Platform] <Create a Basic Trigger Platform. Magic Energy cost depends on the size of the platform. Base cost: 10 Magic Energy Points. Voice Command: Urak Nahir>


[Create a Power Crystal] <Create a Magic Energy source for Traps and Summoning circles. Magic Energy cost: 50 Points. Voice Command: Pun Pun Kyun]

I blinked surprised at these spells, and while they appeared quite useful, they were also very basic, not to mention two of them had very weird chants… Out of all of them, the power crystal was what interested me the most.

I wonder if it works something similar to a generator or… my moment of pondering was rudely disrupted by a flying book.

Yup, at 400 meters in the air, I saw what can only be described as the Complete Dictionary of the Shoraya Language. Before the book was lost into space or fell on some unfortunate fellow’s head, I used [Telekinezy] to grab it midair and bring it over to me.

Indeed, it was a heavy dictionary. Blinking surprised, I descended and looked over at the ground. I found Shanteya apologizing to an unconscious Tuberculus bleeding from his nose, and not far from her, Nanya was laughing hard with her hands on her belly.

If I were to guess, the old geezer tried something pervy on my cute el’doraw and got his just deserts. I positioned myself right on top of him and then waited patiently for him to wake up. Only then did I release the book. The geezer’s lights were turned off one more time, and I flew away satisfied while Nanya was dying of laughter.

Before I began working on the dungeon, I poured some Magic Energy into my Dungeon Territory in order to expand it. For an entire hour, I dumped half of my Magic Energy pool every time it restored to max. I had a feeling it needed to be big for what I had in mind. Doing a bit of math, that was quite the amount of Magic Energy, especially when considering the fact that I regenerated 25 points each second. The Territory expanded to 16 km in radius. It was immense, and I wasn’t able to feel all of it. Up to 5km in radius, I had no problems, but afterwards, it was getting a bit fuzzy. Beyond 8 km, I couldn’t even feel life signs anymore, just feel some sort of danger if there was a monster around, but even that was weak. It was the same sensation someone would get when they looked from the deck of a big, luxurious cruise ship at a shark swimming around in the distance. You know it was there, you know it was dangerous, but when you turned your head around, the sensation vanished.

I failed to understand or find the reason as to why that was so. My initial guess was that it had something to do with my level, but I could be wrong. Either way, this incredible expansion proved just how lazy I was before with pouring so little Magic Energy into it. At that time, I thought I was putting a lot, but since I never actually checked my status, I could only believe that I never did add more than a few hundred points every session.

The next thing I did was to use my skill points. Thus, I upgraded the following skills:

[Create a <Type> trap] > [Create a <Type> trap of <Type> camouflage] > [Create a <Type> trap of <Imagined Details>] Total cost: 30 points.

[Create a Trigger Platform] > [Create a Trigger Platform with <Type> camouflage] Total cost 10 points.

[Create a Power Crystal] > [Create a <Type Element> Power Crystal] > [Create a <Type Element> Power Crystal of <Imagined Form>] Total cost: 30 points.

[Create a Lever] > [Create a <Type> Action Mechanism] Total cost: 12 points.

[Create a Moat] > [Create a Moat of <Material Type>] > [Create a Moat of <Material Type> filled with <Type> Liquid] Total cost: 30 points.

With that, I had only 23 skill points left, and I sort of risked it with the last one, but I do believe it was worth sparing me the trouble of going back and forth to fill it up.

The last 23 points were a bit troublesome to use, so I decided to upgrade my repair skills.

[Repair Furniture: One Item] > [Repair Furniture: One Room]

[Repair Room: Walls Only] > [Repair all Rooms in a selected area: Walls Only]

As for the last 3 points, I spent them on a single skill: [Create Basic Summoning Circle for <Type> monster].

Done! Now, time to build that maze! No… hm, I want it to be a dungeon with traps and such, but also a maze… a dungeon labyrinth? Meh, I’ll just start building it and see what happens! I thought to myself.

To begin my grand construction plan, I went down to my initial Dungeon and destroyed it using [Destroy created Areas] skill. There were quite a few cubic meters there, so after I patiently waited for my Magic Energy to recharge, I created my first Power Crystal. The element I desired it to have was: Light. I placed the crystal on the floor of the dark, underground room. It didn’t activate by itself, so I absorbed it and checked its details, in the hope that it would reveal something to me.

<This Power Crystal can generate Light with a minimum output of 4200 lumens. It can be connected through [Magic Thread] to any Trigger Mechanism.>

Or so it said. In other words, it was really bright. A regular household light bulb was around around 60 watts or 800 lumens. With this Power Crystal, I could easily illuminate the entire area, however, I needed a trigger mechanism.

Curious about it, I created a Lever and then connected it to the Power Crystal. The way I could use the [Magic Thread] was quite simple. I just had to select the two in my mind and then say: Connect.

Once that was done, I pulled the lever with [Telekinezy] and that was how I received eye surgery. It was REALLY bright!

At least, it worked…

After I modified the size of the crystal, I was able to change its intensity and reduce the light output to about 1000 lumens. However, my curiosity tickled me again, and I created two more crystals, but this time I made them in the shape of lenses, a biconvex one and a biconcave one. When I connected them to the lever and activate it, the biconvex one focused all the light into one tiny little spot and the biconcave one spread it all over the place. They weren’t see-through, so they couldn’t act like lenses, they were just shaped like them, but when I placed the two next to each other, the biconcave one amplified the biconvex one. The beam of light created was more powerful, up to the point that it started burning the ground.

With a big smirk on my lips, I realized I could make lasers! Although, the device I knew of and the one I was making were both completely different. LASER meant Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. What I was doing was amplifying and generating light with magic crystals… AGLMC? That was an annoying tongue twister.

Without further ado, I began to make more crystals, bigger and more powerful. Afterwards, I created a small metal case for the crystals using the [Create an imagined Room with <Select Theme>]. It was simple in design and just the right size to hold in place eight Power Crystals in the shape of lens with a diameter of 75cm.

Let’s see now… If I’m correct, then this thing is as powerful as an industrial cutting laser! I thought as I placed the box on a block of dirt and then pointed it at a simple 10 cm thick stone wall I created for target practice.

After pulling the lever, I saw the beam of white light focusing in only one point on the wall. In but moments, it went through it. It was a success! But it still needed to be improved upon. Later on, I wanted to test out the possibility of stimulating the light emitted and amplified by the crystals through an electric current created between two crystals of Lightning element. The possibilities were limitless, unfortunately my knowledge on Earth’s tech was mostly at general level. I had an idea of something, but not the whole picture.

Putting my side project aside, I began to focus on actually building my dungeon. Without a need to worry too much about Magic Energy, I started to create the first room. It was going to be the entrance and as simple as it could be: a straight line corridor. I wanted the first level to be mostly a puzzle and agility course. At the first intersection, the door leading forward was a sliding wall. Using [Create a <Type> Action Mechanism] skill, I made a small magic piston through which I could open or close the door. The options in the Type category were quite amazing, but also rudimentary and simple. The piston, as far as I could tell, worked through small crystals capable of emitting strong magnetic fields upon activation. This way, when I pulled the lever in Off position, the piston retracted and when it was in On position, it extended. Unfortunately, there was nothing similar to an engine in there.

[Magic Thread] was akin to cabling and wiring in modern-day electronics, but it had another special attribute, which so happened I discovered when I connected two levers at the same time to a piston. Depending on the position of the lever. If both were Off, both needed to be On to activate the piston. Connecting them in different positions resulted in the same effect, basically, I had to activate each lever, nor matter it’s initial position. This helped me a lot.

The first door of the level needed to be opened by activating two levers placed on the left and right side of the main corridor, but I didn’t make it too easy to get to. The adventurers had to cross three pressure-activated traps. On the left were spike traps and on the right were wall arrows. The jump wasn’t easy either, over 3 meters in length, but then again, these guys had magic and all sort of stuff. I didn’t need to be worried about it being too easy. I had to make it harder.

What should I do next? I wondered.

With an evil smirk, I used the [Create a Moat of <Material Type> filled with <Type> Liquid] to create a 1 meter deep, 3 m wide, 8 m long stone moat filled with hot boiling lava. The only way to get across was by jumping on three small platforms just 10 cm high above the lava. One wrong step and down they went!

It wasn’t enough though, I had to make something more. On the last platform, hidden behind a small stone was a button mechanism. Unless the adventurers found it and pushed it, the next door wouldn’t open.

Not enough… I thought and then looked through the types on the action mechanism.

I found <Timer>. It was a small green crystal which sent small Magic Energy pulses every few seconds. With a grin on my lips, I created three more pistons and connected them to the platforms on top of the lava, which I made them able to slide in and out of the walls just as the pistons were activated. The power source was a simple power crystal. To it was connected the timer crystal, and to that, the pistons. The activator for the power source was a small button set up behind the door at the entrance. When the door opened, the whole system activated. When it was closed, the system remained dormant.

Off to the next room! I thought.

Here, I created a 20 m deep perfectly square hole. The bottom was filled with deadly sharp metal spikes. On top, I created a 40 cm wide platform that spanned all across the room in a maze-like pattern with dead ends and all.

Not enough… I thought and then went to add something else.

There were three exits out of that room, but only two would lead to the next part of my dungeon. One was on the right and the other in front of the lava corridor, on the other side of the room. The one on the left led to a bonus room.

Unable to calm my itch, I plastered the walls of the room with Wind and Fire traps activated by different timers. Even if the adventurer had a perfect balance, he had to watch out for the powerful gusts of wind created by the Wind Traps. They were powerful enough to blow him off the edge and send him into the deadly spikes bellow. If that wasn’t enough, the Fire traps were sure to heat him up like a dragon’s breath. I even added some Arrow traps triggered by walking on certain dead-end paths.

There’s something missing… I said to myself and for a moment, I thought about adding timed Lasers. Nah… I know! Flying monsters! I thought and then quickly looked at the types of monsters in my [Create Basic Summoning Circle for <Type> monster]. I could summon: Imps, Wolves, Snakes, Rats, and Harpies. The amount of Magic Energy poured could determine their number and their strength.

I created an empty room in the top right corner and placed a circle on the floor there. I connected it to the button in the lava corridor. Now, as soon as someone pressed that button, harpies would be summoned inside the room, ready to attack the adventurers who already needed to be wary of the timed traps.

Perfect! I thought with a smile.

With that, I proceeded to my next room, the one on the left, the extra room. I created three more circles there, two for imps and one for a harpy. They had enough Magic Energy in them to summon ten of each. I also added a treasure room filled with arrow traps. It was annexed to this one through a simple door. The treasures, however, were nonexistent.

I think I need to collect the loot off of dead adventurers. Or maybe I could steal it with Colly Tos. Nah! I’d just end up with all of Nanya’s panties… I thought and left it like that, but just as I was about to fly away, I turned around and decided to do something else.

Why not? I thought and looked at the [Summon a Mini Boss (Rank 1)] skill.

I could cast it now. There were enough rooms for one, apparently. Maybe the Magic Academy’s buildings were also included as rooms?

“Sher Nar!” I said and in front of me, right next to the harpy circle, appeared a 2 m tall Minotaur with metal horns. It was level 16, apparently, but it also wielded an Iron Sword in each hand. The name it was automatically given was Cowie. I tried not to laugh.

I didn’t look at its stats and flew away to the next room. The monster I summoned wouldn’t move from there until an adventurer would step in. Afterwards, I went to the left room. I added four imp summoning circles, a Poison Gas Trap, and a Laughing Gas Trap.

If I can make them laugh uncontrollably, they won’t be able to concentrate on fighting the imps or curing themselves from the poison. I just hope these two don’t mix together and nullify each other… I thought as I created the corridor towards the exit.

I didn’t like the idea of the possible adventurers just having a pleasant walk to the next, therefore, after I turned the corridor into an abrupt slope, I added at the end a boulder trap just like in those movies with the guy with the hat and the whip. The exit was at the bottom of the next slope. If the adventurers didn’t get squashed by it, they would reach the exit.

Of course, I didn’t make it easy there. The only way to get to the next level was by jumping off and landing in a four meters deep pool. The heavy adventurers would just drown unless saved by their comrades.

There! I said after I was done with it.

Only one thing was left: illumination, but I decided on using it only in the Mini Boss room. If they were adventurers, then surely they knew a light orb spell or at the very least brought a torch with them.

With an accomplished smile on my face, I flew out of the dungeon and headed back to the academy. It was already night time when I was finally done with the first level, and I was certain I would be praised by Nanya for it, but before I showed it to her, I wanted to finish the second level as well. That one would take more time, and I wanted it to be complex and deadly.

I can’t wait to get started on the second level! I thought happily.

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Is it to easy? I ask innocently as I ignore the mini boss I’ve placed on level one.