~ Chapter 15: The wrong definition of ‘Easy’ (Part 1) ~

That night, I slept like a baby. Shanteya may have been part of the reason, given how I used her Holy Mountains as a comfy pillow, but it was also because I built that dungeon floor. If it was the old me from before my reincarnation, I would have probably stepped away from the task and declared myself satisfied only with repairing the Magic Academy while complaining that I didn’t have a computer with me.

The following day, I was woken up by Shanteya’s morning kiss, which I received wholeheartedly. Her lips were soft and molded perfectly with mine. Strangely though, while I welcomed the kiss and didn’t feel like I was betraying Alina with it, when it came down to go for more, I felt my heart getting pierced by the horrible spear called ‘guilt’.

Before going off to build my dungeon, I took Shanteya’s list and began to repair all the broken things around the academy. The upgraded versions of my repair skills helped me a lot, and I was done faster than I thought possible before.

While flying around, looking for anything that looked heavily damaged, I heard a mesmerizing sound coming from the garden behind the school, not far from the forest. I recognized it immediately as the gentle tune of a violin. Back on Earth, I often enjoyed listening to a certain hyperactive dancing girl violinist. Some of her songs were quite energetic and just what I needed when the ambient game music didn’t cut it. This one, however, was far from energetic, it was calm, gentle, and held a sort of a sad, longing tune to it. I never heard anything like it before, it was pleasing to the soul.

The one playing it was a draconian girl. Her height was above that of a normal human, an incredible 2.15 m tall. The tip of a long, golden scaled tail decorated with big pink ribbons could be seen popping out from under the hem of her white dress. The dress she wore was filled with yellow frills, a design suitable for a noble lady or a very rich merchant’s daughter, but all that extra fabric hid away her well proportioned chest. It was bigger than Shanteya’s but for her height, it looked like a double D on a human woman who was 1.70 m tall. There were no wings on her back as far as I could tell. Her eyes were closed, as she listened to the beautiful tune she created, so I couldn’t see their color, but knowing how other draconian students looked like, they were certainly slit. Three golden scales decorated each of her cheeks, right under the eyes. The farthest one from her nose was the biggest, while the closest was the smallest. A few golden scales were on her forehead as well, ending in a rather big diamond shaped one. She had a pair of pointy, curved horns placed right behind her pointy ears. They resembled the horns of a Greater Kudu antelope, but not as long. Her facial features were quite beautiful as well, and her long, red hair flowed gracefully over her back. If I didn’t know any better, I would think I was looking at a princess scene from a movie.

Was she a student here? I asked myself as I admired the scene peacefully.

She probably played for a few good minutes, but each second was truly captivating. When she was done, she lowered the instrument and looked up at the sky. Blood-red was the color of her eyes and a gentle smile adorned her lips.

Who is she?… I thought.

A few moments later, she packed her violin and left the area. I kept a mental note on where I found the draconian lady and then left. In terms of distance, my dungeon was at around 1km away from the academy’s main building.

“Now, to start working on the second floor!” I said with a smirk.

The excitement from yesterday returned, and I couldn’t wait to start carving into the ground and carefully place my traps. I was like a young child who was given a new toy to play with, but this need, this desire to build deadly dungeons came from somewhere within me. It was a newly acquired feeling, most likely an instinct belonging only to Dungeons.

Before I started on this one, I decided to first draw a map of it. How large it was going to be? How complex? What sort of traps will there be inside? What sort of bosses? Where should I place them?

Those were all questions I was dying to answer, and one after another, I did.

First off, it was going to be extremely big, 1 km by 1 km or maybe even more, then it was going to be very complex, an actual labyrinth with 50 cm thick walls covered in something partially reflective. After that, I was going to make another door that opened only if the adventurer pulled two levers located in different puzzle rooms. Of course, the next system of levers would be located in Mini Boss rooms at opposite corners, so the adventurers were forced to literally travel all over the labyrinth more than once. To make it even harder, I decided to camouflage these triggered doors in such a way that it would have been impossible to detect without them first being opened. The final room was going to be a big, circular one with an actual boss inside. I just had to make sure I figured out a way to make tracking aglmc laser… The purpose of this floor was to stress out and annoy the adventurers as much as possible!

I remembered the time from my previous life, when I played through some guy’s labyrinth made in a sandbox voxel game, and it was frustrating to find the exit. The corridors were narrow, the walls made out of a dark-colored block, there were traps all over the place, and even some annoying mobs that kept chasing after me. I hated that labyrinth so much, I refused to finish it, but right now, I wanted to make something even more annoying and frustrating than that.

Yes… no mercy… I thought to myself as the feeling of creating something so dastardly evil brought me close to a state of pure euphoria.

As soon as the plans were made, I began experimenting with various trap structures and walls. That day was spent only on that sort of research. Of course, I also tried out a few ways to get the lasers to move, but failed miserably in all of them.

I returned during the afternoon. The academy was quiet, and there were no signs of danger within my territory. The only monsters around were over 6 km away. I had no reason to bother myself with them. With nothing else to do, I searched around for Nanya and Shanteya, whom I found taking a bath. A nasty little devil told me to take a peek, but I fought desperately against his temptation, although, I was also curious if the draconian lady I saw earlier was there as well.

“How was the bath?” I asked after Nanya walked out.

She was wearing a large towel covering her chest and bottom. A smaller one covered her hair, but I couldn’t see her tail.

“Illsy?” she asked a bit surprised.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t peek. I waited patiently here, outside of the bathroom.” I told her, but just then, a busty human woman with short brown hair walked out in Eve’s costume and headed for her own room.

Both I and Nanya looked at her surprised.

“That’s not my fault…” I told her.

“I know… She’s one of our… let’s say problem students.” said Nanya, letting out a sigh.

“Problem students?” I asked curiously.

“Yes. They are actually special students rather than problem ones. They barely attend any classes and don’t care about learning anything here, but since they are rich and can pay a more expensive tuition, that idiot Tuberculus allows them to do as they please. This is the case of that girl…” she replied, but that didn’t explain why she was streaking.

Wait! Does this mean I can actually look at naked girls walking around without fearing Nanya’s punches? Maybe that’s why Tuberculus keeps trying to sneak inside? I thought and seriously considered paying the dormitory more visits.

“Don’t even think about it!” the teenage looking girl glared at me.

“What? I have no idea what you mean…” I said trying to play the innocent.

“Illsy!” she squinted her eyes and showed me a clenched fist.

I gulped.

“Alright… I won’t do it.”

And that was how I was stopped from paying extra visits to the dormitory. Thinking about it, though, it wasn’t that I was afraid of Nanya hitting me, but I just didn’t want to stay on her bad side. She was cuter as a friend.

“Won’t do what, master?” asked Shanteya when she came out.

Just like Nanya, she was covered in a towel, and it was sticking close to her forms, offering me plenty to fantasize about.

Oh, the irony! I could fantasize, but I couldn’t touch!

“Nothing! I just dropped by to say ‘hi’!” I said with a smile, while my eyes were glued to her Holy Mountains. Good thing I was invisible to them.

“If master wishes to got to bed already, master need not wait for this one. Tonight, I will sleep at Nanya’s. She offered to teach me the [Fireball] spell. However, if master wishes me to join him… I won’t say no…” she explained, but her last words were spoken in a rather shy manner, increasing her cuteness points.

Nanya was eyeing me suspiciously. Well, to be more precise, the ghost next to me.

“In that case, I’ll be on my way. Good night, Shanteya! Good night, Nanya!” I said before I left.

“Good night, master!” said Shanteya with a small bow.

“Good night, Illsy!” said Nanya.

Upon returning to my room, I decided to head straight to bed. It felt a bit lonely, but I put up with it.

The following day went peacefully just as the day before. I didn’t find the draconian lady this time, but I was able to complete the first puzzle room and a small part of the labyrinth.

In order to make the walls have the effect I desired, I decided to make them out of polished steel with an undulating surface instead of a straight one. Just casually flying through that small section made me feel a bit confused. The constantly changing shapes reflected on the surface of the walls combined with the many twists and turns made the maze quite confusing. I pitied the poor adventurers who would end up in my labyrinth.

The downside of making nearly 3 m tall metal walls with shiny surfaces was the magic energy cost. Besides the room’s initial cost, the time I spent designing it in my imagination took a while. I didn’t want the walls to be copies of the previous ones, but actually show to be handmade, meaning accepting imperfections in sizes here and there. The good part about it was that it confused the brain even more.

Usually, a human’s mind would try to detect similarities in patterns and select certain parts as guiding marks for backtracking later. Small adjustments to the walls can lead the human into believing he already saw his mark and in some cases even cause him to forget entirely how his original mark looked like. Of course, this didn’t apply to those with photographic memory. They were the only ones who could detect small differences in the walls and thus navigate properly, maybe even better.

That night, I returned quite late and found Shanteya dozing off next to my crystal body. After I absorbed her, we slept peacefully until the following day.

I continued to work like this for the next couple of days. Sleeping with Shanteya became a regular thing, and her morning kisses were as delicious as ever. It was starting to become a habit, or maybe I just got used to her presence in my arms? Either way, most of my focus went into building the labyrinth.

Speaking of which, one day, I came across a discussion between Rufus and one of his students. It caught my attention because they were talking about the difference between a Maze and a Labyrinth. In my mind, they were synonyms, but not according to what Rufus was saying.

“Labyrinth is the more popular and widely used term for what a Dungeon Core usually creates inside their dungeons. However, there is a clear distinction between the two. A maze allows multiple paths to be taken from the entrance to the exit, while the labyrinth only one.” explained Rufus.

Thinking about what he said, my dungeon was part maze, part labyrinth, and part deadly… It didn’t actually fit in any category.

Should I bother myself with the name? Erm… nah! Dungeon Labyrinth it stays! I decided and flew away.

Three days later, I was able to find the pretty draconian lady while she was in the middle of playing her violin. I listened to her song together with two other students who so happened to pass by. When she was done, she returned to the dormitory. As far as I could tell, she was one of the special students Nanya mentioned.

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