~ Chapter 15: The wrong definition of ‘Easy’ (Part 2) ~

Just like that, two weeks passed by since I first began building the second floor of the dungeon. Day after day, I mostly did the same things, meaning waking up in Shanteya’s embrace, getting a morning kiss from her, flying around the academy to fix whatever was broken the day before, flying to the spot where the draconian lady was playing the violin, flying over to my dungeon, continuing building until late in the evening, returning to my crystal body, and sleeping together with Shanteya. Only once in a while did I get the opportunity to go and chase off some monster or some bandits who got too close to the Academy. In regard to everything else, nothing interesting happened, however, I was starting to wonder how the people in this world lived like, but all in due time.

The day after I finished the second floor of my dungeon, Nanya and Tuberculus arrived in my chamber and requested an audience.

“Illsy, I heard you finished your dungeon! Nihihi!” said the teenage looking girl with her hands on her hips and showing me a bright smile.

“Yes, just the first two floors.” I replied a bit surprised by her sudden appearance.

“How many rooms?” she asked me.

“Erm, around 40 rooms? Some more closed off than the others, why?” I asked.

“Around 40? Sounds good enough for two weeks.” she rubbed her chin as she pondered about something.

Is there something strange about the number of rooms? I asked myself.

“Very well! We’ll go in today! It will be me, Tuberculus, Rufus, and Angius! It shouldn’t take us too long to prepare. We won’t need much because the first two floors are never that hard to finish.” she said with a satisfied smile.

“Huh?” I looked at her surprised.

“Is that a no?” she asked squinting her eyes at me. She really wanted to go in.

“Of course not! Please! I just need to go and build… erm… a pair of stairs or something to get in and out at the end…” I told her.

“Do that. When you are done, let me know, and we’ll head inside! Nihihi!” she laughed.

With that said, she walked out of my room and went to let the other teachers know about their upcoming new adventure.

I guess she got really bored these past two weeks… I wonder if she’ll just speed run through my dungeon in two hours or less? I thought and then let out a heavy sigh.

My biggest worry laid in the amount of destruction three Emperor rank adventurers and one Godlike would do to my poor dungeon.

With a heavy sigh, I flew towards my dungeon to begin preparing it to welcome its very first visitors.

Building the stairs was the easy part, but then I had to check all the power crystals, all the traps, all the [Magic Thread] connections, all the summoning circles, all the four mini bosses, and the final boss room. The hardest part was probably making sure the puzzles worked and that there weren’t any mistakes in the labyrinth’s paths.

If I wasn’t able to fly and have a Dungeon’s perception, I might not have managed to finish the job in just three hours, but when I was done, I was sure everything was perfect. The second floor had total surface of 1 km by 1 km. It had two mini boss rooms in the lower left corner and the top right corner, one mini boss in the top left corner, two puzzles, and countless mini rooms with monster summoning circles in them. Accessing the final boss room meant finishing the two puzzles, killing the three mini bosses, pulling the levers inside their rooms and then finding the now open room in the top middle of the floor. Inside, they would find the stairs leading up to the first floor, where they would find another maze, but this time, with undulating reflective steel walls. Upon reaching the end of it, they would come across the drop hole leading to the final boss. The were also countless trigger traps scattered throughout the entire floor, most of them spike or gas. Back on the first floor, I built a pure mini maze filled with snakes, imps, and gas traps. At the end of it was a 10 meter drop into a small pond in the room of the last boss, a three meters tall, giant axe wielding, black-furred, four-handed, red eyes, level 37 Minotaur. The three mini bosses on this floor also had a higher level than the one on the first floor. They were level 30. My best guess was that the level increased with the floor number or maybe the size and number of monsters in it. Of course, the room was equipped with nine aglmc lasers activated by a timer and moved around by a couple of pistons. The Minotaur was ordered and trained by me to know when to retreat to the center so the lasers didn’t hit him. Target locked wasn’t available yet for me, but I was thinking of trying to train goblins or some other minion to do it.

“We’re ready!” declared Nanya.

She was wearing a leather robe, covering her pants and boots. On her hands, she wore a pair of steel gauntlets, but nothing to protect her head. Next to her was Tuberculus, who didn’t look any different from his usual appearance. Rufus was the same as always, wearing his long brown robe and reading from a book. Angius was wearing his former adventurer armor made out of a monster bear’s hide. It was quite durable.

Looking at this party, I began to worry for my poor dungeon. Three Emperors and a Godlike were about to waltz inside and make a mess of what I began building over two weeks ago.

“I’ll show you in.” I said with a long sigh.

“No, Illsy! You’ll stay out here! We want to go in test it without you showing us the way around! It will be more fun this way! Nyahaha!” said the over-energetic Nanya.

“Alright, but please be gentle with it…” I begged.

“How difficult would you consider it is?” asked Rufus without raising his eyes out of what he was reading.

“Easy? Maybe?” I replied.

“Sigh… We will be back in a few hours…” he said and closed the book.

“Come on, old friend! It’s been years since we last went together to explore a dungeon!” Tuberculus patted him on the back and showed him a big smile.

“I suppose.” replied the man.

“Let’s go, you old bones!” shouted Nanya, who dashed inside.

I gulped as I watched the powerful adventurers enter my little dungeon.

“Will they be alright, master?” asked Shanteya.

“I’m more worried about my dungeon… They will wreck it! I’m sure of it! And there’s no little guy with a hammer to jump all over the place to fix it up!” I groaned.

“A goblin?” she asked.

“No… a video game character… ah, never mind!” I sighed.

Two days later, they finally came out. I was honestly starting to get worried, believing I messed up with the [Magic Thread] or the complicated passages in the labyrinth. Even Shanteya and the other teachers expressed their concerns about it, but I still felt their life signs inside, so they weren’t dead at least.

“Illsy… What in the name of all the known gods was that?” Nanya asked me with a raised eyebrow when she stepped out of the dungeon.

Her robe was in tatters, she was missing a boot and there were signs of hardened lava between her toes. There were multiple holes in her leather armor, well what was left of it anyway. Most of it looked like it got burned off, revealing quite a bit of her beautiful white skin. There were no scars on her, though.

Behind her, she was carrying three unconscious grown men. One of them was Tuberculus, but his clothes were singed black. He was missing his hat, eyebrows, beard, and top hair. He looked similar to a catholic monk. On his behind were a few arrows from my traps. Next to him was Angius with countless bite marks on his body, he had no boots, and singed eyebrows. Rufus was no different. There was no sign of his books, but he had a lot of bite marks, and his clothes were in tatters, however, he still had his boots on.

“Illsy… YOU CALL THAT EASY?!” she shouted at me.

I gulped.

“Erm… wasn’t it?” I asked innocently.

“I nearly got my tail cut off by some weird beams of light! And seriously? LAVA? LAVA on the FIRST floor? And what was with that complicated maze! I nearly went mad trying to find my way through there! Rufus started speaking to the walls, Angius was crying, and Tuberculus got lost the very second we got there! Plus, what was with the rat room? And a SNAKE maze? Illsy, if I wasn’t a Godlike adventurer with powerful magic armor, I would have died MORE than once just at the FIRST FLOOR!” she shouted at me.

“But I seriously thought it was easy…”

She squinted her eyes at me.

“Erm… Oopsie?” I said with a smile.

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I know this is a nerdy/pointless thing to say but the “lasers” aren’t lasers, i.e. Beams of light able to cut through objects that cross that beam. Illsy’s “lasers” are more like magnifying glasses, i.e. focusing light at a single point, meaning if an object is placed before or after that focus point the effect is reduced exponentially.

Nickiell-lee St aubyn-hiley
Nickiell-lee St aubyn-hiley

He addressed this in a earlier chapter.

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The Banana

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