~ Chapter 17: Did I just enslave a royal princess? (Part 2) ~

The only thing left there was the violin case, but I absorbed that too. I looked around for any leftover items and then flew back to my crystal body. Once there, I entered my Inner Mind and looked for her.

She was awake and appeared to be quite curious in regards to where she was.

Ah! There you are! I’m Illsyore, the Dungeon Lord. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you face to face! I offered her a polite bow and a typical greeting.

She nodded in reply and showed me a small smile. It was obvious she wasn’t expecting any of this and looked at me a bit confused, probably because I looked like a typical human peasant in those clothes of mine. Well, it didn’t really matter to me.

I’m going to fix you up now. I thought and with that being said, I opened her status screen.

[Name]: Ayuseya Drekar Pleyades <Slave name not selected> slave of [Illsyore]

[Species]: Hybrid of Draconian and True Dragon

[Race]: Gold

[Level]: 24

[Strength]: 37

[Agility]: 24

[Intelligence]: 194 <unaffected by curse>

[Magic Energy]: 970-691 (279 max usable)

[Magic Energy regeneration]: 0.1 points per second

[Available points]: 0

[Skills] > List all skills? Y/N

[Available skill points]: 0

[Allegiance]: Omniak Drekar Gladarash, God of the Ancient Dragons

[Spouses]: Politically Engaged to Dankyun Alttoros

[Slaves]: None

[Pets]: None

[Minions]: None

[Unique Stats] > Show list? Y/N


[Unique Stats]

[Curse of a Thousand Generations] <Through the sacrifice of over 10000 innocents, a curse had been cast upon the Pleyades family to have all of their children suffer from mortal lives and decreased stats. Passive Debuff -70% Decreased Stats. 1000 Generations of Mortal children with short lives <current generation at 298>. Years remaining: 7> Do you wish to remove this? Y/N

[Curse of Absolute Silence] <Through the sacrifice of 1000 flesh eating worms and forcing the cursed person to drink their remains, a curse has been cast on Ayuseya Drekar Pleyades to keep her from speaking again. If Ayuseya Drekar Pleyades speaks, the worms will manifest in her throat and for 5 minutes, she will feel the pain of being eaten alive. If Ayuseya Drekar Pleyades will try to chant, the worms will manifest in her brain and heart and kill her> Do you wish to remove this? Y/N

Someone really doesn’t want you talking. This is absurd… But seeing all of this… why did you enroll at a Magic Academy? I asked as I looked back at her.

‘To flee from Dankyun. I don’t like him. He is a bad man.’ she wrote on her blackboard.

If he comes here and tries to do anything to take you back, I’ll send him straight to my dungeon! I said with a confident smile.

‘Thank you.’ she wrote down.

I decided then to remove the [Curse of Absolute Silence].

[Removing [Curse of Absolute Silence] will cost 2700 Magic Energy Points. Do you wish to proceed? Y/N]


The Magic Energy was removed from my pool, and I immediately felt tired and a bit drowsy. It was the effect of the sudden drop of Magic Energy, although, it wasn’t that bad. I waited for a couple of minutes to regenerate what I used up, then I selected the other curse.

[Removing [Curse of a Thousand Generations] will cost 6490 Magic Energy Points. Do you wish to proceed? Y/N]

Do me a favor, will you? After I remove this curse, let me sleep for 10-15 minutes or so and then wake me up. This will require quite a bit of magic energy. I explained to her carefully.

She nodded in reply.

Alright, here it goes… I said and then selected Yes.

My magic pool was immediately drained, leaving me with no more than 1180 Magic Energy Points. From what I experienced in the past, I already knew what sort of side effects to expect. They hit me like a rock. From head to toes, my whole body was simply numb, my head felt heavy, and I could barely keep my eyes opened. There was still quite a bit of Magic Energy left there, so I was hoping I wasn’t going to faint, but the tiredness was incredible. I struggled hard to keep myself awake while Ayuseya had no idea what was happening to me. In general, most mages avoided spending so much, but because of that curse, there was no way out of it for me.

True, I could have refused, but after reading those details, there was no way I would have done such a thing. To punish a thousand generations for the mistake of only one? Who would see such a heinous thing as just? Who would dare say that the yet unborn soul must pay for the crimes of their families?

Maybe because I was born as a Romanian in the 21st century of Earth that I couldn’t accept such a thing. Maybe in this world curses of such magnitude and for countless future generations were a thing of the norm. Honestly speaking, I didn’t care. I saw it as unfair, unjust.

In the end, I couldn’t keep myself awake and fainted…

When I woke up, I was in a rather strange position. I was looking at an upside down draconian lady blushing strongly. My right cheek stung, and I had a strange regret lingering in my heart as if I was just denied something good.

What happened? I asked as I resumed a normal floating position.

Ayuseya turned red like a tomato and immediately looked away. It wasn’t anger, but embarrassment.

‘You touched me.’ she wrote.

My brain began to turn its gears, and I remembered that first time with Shanteya.

Did I by chance unconsciously hugged you when I fainted? I asked tilting my head to the left.

If I did that, it was quite normal for a lady like herself to react that way. Well, Nanya would have probably punched me in the face, and Alina would have punched me in the gut, but out of all of them, Shanteya was the only one who actually reacted affectionately.

‘Yes. But I didn’t mind.’ she wrote.

Huh? I blinked confused.

She erased the words and wrote something else on the blackboard.

‘I let you hug me for a quarter of an hour. You were just sleeping.’


‘A moment ago you touched my chest and squeezed.’

‘Sorry. I just reacted.’

I what? I… I what? Touched… squeezed? I said a bit shocked and then looked at my hands. So that’s what that feeling a moment ago was?

A single word was written on her blackboard now, which my mind translated as: ‘Ecchi…’

I had to say though, Ayuseya looked rather cute with her tail coiled in front of her and looking at me with shy upturned eyes all the while hiding her face behind that small blackboard. It could really make one’s heart skip a beat, but not mine, unfortunately.

Well, in any case, both of your curses are now removed. You should be able to speak freely. Just try it out! I told her with a big smile.

Blinking surprised, she quickly shook her head, making her beautiful red hair wave around her.

‘I’m afraid. What if…’ she quickly wrote on the blackboard.

The pain of a 1000 flesh eating worms attacking your throat and death through the torture of being eaten alive if you cast magic right? That’s gone. Trust me! If you feel anything, like I said before, tell Nanya! I laughed and showed her a confident smile.

Nodding once, Ayuseya placed her blackboard next to her and then took a big gulp of air. She closed her eyes and spoke.

T… Thank… Thank you… and clenched her hand, gripping on her frilly dress.

See? Nothing happened, your curse was removed and so is the other one! I told her after a minute had passed.

You mean… you mean that the curse… the curse that plagued the royal family of the Teslov Kingdom for generation is gone too? she asked with tears in her eyes.

I had a deja vu from when I first cured Shanteya. Did I attract cute, cursed, mute girls by any chance?

Yup! That one is gone as well! Hm? Wait, what? You are what now? Royal family? I asked surprised.

A strange chill ran down my spine, and I prayed I misheard that.

Yes, my name is Ayuseya Drekar Pleyades, one of the three children of King Greytusk Pleyades of Teslov Kingdom. Pleased to meet you, Dungeon Lord Illsyore. she said with a gentle smile.

When she said that, I remembered something Nanya once told me, that my very existence as a Godlike Dungeon Lord could shift the fragile political balance on both the Allasn continent and Tohrya. Taking that into consideration and the fact that Ayuseya here was an actual royal princess from the Teslov Empire, the very one I saved from the assassin’s attack unless there was another one I wasn’t aware of yet, I may have if not surely just tossed my big crystal behind in a continental sized trouble. Well, even if I knew that beforehand, I would still have probably tried to help her out, but probably went through Nanya and the other teachers first.

Wait a minute… Did I just enslave a royal princess? Sigh… I really need to find that ‘Common sense for dummies’ book… I said.

Erm, yes? she replied with a cute smile.

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