~ Chapter 18: Of monsters and Nanya’s panties (Part 1) ~

With the esteemed princess cured of her ridiculous curses, I released her outside of my Inner Mind. Just like Shanteya, she appeared right next to my Crystal Body. I had to say, she was surprised with the sudden change of décor from the beautiful gardens outside, to the darkness in which I lived and then to the typical study room, which once was the principal’s office.

“Are we inside your dungeon?” was the first thing she asked me.

“No. This is inside the academy.” I replied before going out of my crystal body.

“This… This is how you look like?” she asked when she laid eyes on the real me.

“Yes. I make for a fine engagement ring don’t I? Hahaha!” I laughed.

Ayuseya let out a soft giggle as well.

“Then, I will be on my way. Thank you, Dungeon Lord Illsyore. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay you for your kindness.” she told me with a polite bow.

I was taken aback a bit by her gesture because from what I knew, someone of royal blood never bowed down to anyone lower than them in status. Then again, that might have applied only to the humans on the Allasn Continent.

“No, there’s no need to repay me, princess, I just did what I thought was normal. Is… Is it that strange to see a dungeon helping others?” I asked while scratching my invisible right cheek.

The dragoness looked at me for a long moment before she nodded.

“Yes. I have never heard or seen a dungeon such as you. It’s almost like… like you defy the very nature of a dungeon. No, you reject it! Healing a complete stranger, curing a maid, repairing the Magic Academy and even letting others live in your territory without consuming their magic by force… A dungeon like you is unheard of.” she told me with an honest look in her eyes.

“Are others dungeon like that?” I asked a bit curiously.

So far, none of the teachers, not even Nanya told me anything about how other dungeons behave. I knew they were regularly explored by adventurers, and the really strong ones were kept like something akin to a national treasure, but how they behaved or if one of those was actually a Dungeon Lord as well, I didn’t know. Just from what I heard from Ayuseya, I could already presume that neither Nanya nor Tuberculus wished to share anything about it.

Why didn’t they tell me? I asked myself before listening to the princess’ words.

“No.” she shook her head slowly “Low level dungeons are extremely aggressive and merciless with any intruder on their territory. High level ones are less aggressive, but highly dangerous as you go lower on their floors. Even communicating is a near impossible feat with most dungeons. The ones who usually agree on communicating with adventurers do so only when they realize that they are far weaker than them. They try to strike a deal with them just like it happened with the Ancestral dungeon in Paramanium and the Demonic one here in Sharoya when a party of Supreme rank adventurers approached them. After they conquered most of the floors, the dungeon contacted them and negotiations were in motion.” she explained.

“So… I really am strange, ain’t I?” I asked showing a forced invisible smile.

“Different, but in a good way. You are powerful, yet you don’t abuse your power. You are smart, yet you don’t try to control or take advantage of us.” she explained.

“Then, if you knew I could be dangerous, why did you accept my help offering? I could have lied to you and kept you as a slave forever, right?” I asked.

“It was a dangerous gamble, but one which I knew I need not worry about. You had plenty of opportunities in the past week to turn all of us into slaves or worse. I know you probably built a dungeon somewhere, but from what I know, you left dungeon-building for last and prioritized fixing up the Magic Academy. You even joined Nanya to protect us from assassins when you could have easily used them to get rid of us or gain leverage through imprisonment. But most importantly, you showed to be worried towards the teachers when they ventured into your dungeon. Instead of boasting of how great it was, you apologized. If this doesn’t make you special and wonderful, then I don’t know what does, Dungeon Lord Illsyore.” she explained calmly how I, an entity they should have feared, gained the trust and respect of the students through simple deeds I saw as normal to do for any man in my position.

“Thank you…” I said.

“Then, I should be going now. Thank you once more, Dungeon Lord Illsyore.” she smiled and turned towards the door.

“Wait, I forgot to cancel the slave contract. Thon Or Non.” I chanted.

Ayuseya kept her eyes closed for the few moments when the spell worked on the tattoo around her neck and removed it without a single trace left. My second slave was now free, but I never did wish to make her submit to my will. It was a simple temporary status.

“Thank you. Have a good day.”

“I have a feeling, I should be the one thanking you though.” I told her before she left.

With Ayuseya gone, I thought back about what she said, and it made me feel a bit better. I was special when compared to other dungeons in the sense that I didn’t wish to harm those living on my dungeon territory. As for why Nanya didn’t tell me that, it did bug me a little bit.

Maybe she believed that if I knew, I would turn against her? Something along the lines of: I need to hold onto my dungeon pride, so I will attempt to act like other dungeons? It’s a bit foolish though, no matter how you look at it…

Unfortunately, these thoughts of mine didn’t remove the feelings of doubt and worry growing inside my heart. A bit of distrust towards Nanya was there as well.

No! I should stop thinking like that! Ugh… I thought, but it was hard to slap myself back to my senses.

I decided to fly off and look for her instead of focusing on such ideas. Those were just some preconceived thoughts my own fears gave birth to. I didn’t know Nanya’s point of view or had all of the variables of the equation yet. Thus, it was useless to judge the teenage-looking teacher without further proof to sustain her guilt.

“Ah! Nanya!” I said when I saw her walking through the corridor on the second floor of the main building. One of her students was walking behind her, carrying a bunch of scrolls, it was a 20 years-old human man with a prince charming sort of look to him, but he also wore a pair of big glasses.

“Illsy? What are you doing here?” she asked me, trying to find the location of my voice.

“I was looking for you!” I said.

No, not yet… I thought just as I was about to ask her why she didn’t tell me about how the rest of the dungeons were actually really mean and violent towards people.

“Hm? Well, here I am! What can I help you with?” she asked showing me a big smile and holding her hands on her hips.

“I… Erm… I was wondering if you could help me out with those new dungeons and erm… er… leveling up?” I asked as I ‘skillfully’ gave a reason for my visit.

“Of course! Colin, take those materials to Rufus. Illsy, follow me.” she immediately gave the orders.

I followed her back to one of the empty classrooms. After getting in, she took a seat on the teacher’s desk and looked towards the chairs in front of her.

“Let me check your level first.” she said and then pulled a small back, diamond-shaped dice from her pocket. There were no numbers on it, but it did make me wonder about how she was planning on finding out my level with that thing.

After pouring a bit of magic energy in the dice, she placed it on the table, and it began to shine in a golden light. In the next moment, a number appeared on all of its faces: 53.

Is that really my current level? I asked myself surprised, but there was something else tickling my curiosity.

“What’s that thing, Nanya?” I asked her.

“Hm? This? It’s a small magic device any adventurer who goes to explore dungeons should have. It tells you the level of the dungeon. This way, if you randomly encounter one on your travels, you can either take the chance and try to conquer it or report it back to the adventurer guild. There are many who will pay good money to find new dungeons.” she explained as she lifted the dice up and looked at all of its faces.

“Hm, I didn’t know that…” I said and then, thinking it might be a good opportunity, I asked her.

“Nanya, do I behave like other dungeons?” I asked after I prepared myself for any answer.

Please don’t lie to me. Please don’t lie to me. Please don’t lie to me… I thought.

“Hm…” she placed the dice down and looked up at the ceiling. “You are one of a kind if I were to say, not only because you are a Godlike, but because of how friendly you act.” she said.

“Friendly?” I asked.

“You have yet to try to seriously kill any of us and instead strive to help us. That’s not something any of the other dungeons would do. Actually, that’s not something even most adventurers would do! Other dungeons would kill first and ask questions later. If anyone survives, they are used either as batteries for the dungeon or tortured to death to find out their skills and maybe try to learn them.” she showed me a soft smile, and my heart skipped a beat.

“Th-Thank you…” I said.

I was really glad to hear those words. Like I guessed, she didn’t tell me, until now, not because she was trying to hide it from me but because I never did ask her about it.

“Anyway, you are just a mere level 53, so today we’ll go hunting! I’m going to go talk with Rufus and Angius. We’re going to need their help too.” she told me with a bright smile.

“Today?” I asked a bit confused.

“Yup! While we’ll be hunting for monsters, we’ll get some of their parts as loot, and I’ll tell you about what you need to build for your new dungeon. In general, I believe it will need to be only three floors deep and mimic a level 20 Normal Dungeon. Anyway, as long as I don’t forget, I’ll tell you more about it!”

“Alright. What should I do meanwhile?” I asked.

“I don’t know, dance?” she shrugged and left.

I laughed.

We were to meet three hours later, but meanwhile, I took a look at my status and saw what level 53 brought me, especially in the skill department.

[Name]: Illsyore (Nickname: Illsy)

[Species]: Dungeon Lord

[Race]: Godlike

[Level]: 53

[Strength]: 0+1000

[Agility]: 0+1000

[Intelligence]: 135+1000

[Magic Energy]: 7670

[Magic Energy Regeneration]: 25 Magic Energy Points per Second

[Available points]: 530

[Available skill points]: 270

First of all, the level itself surprised me, but maybe spending two weeks nearly depleting my magic energy all the time and focusing on building the best dungeon I could think of really paid off. There was also the part about restoring the Magic Academy and absorbing the Magic Energy residue left by the students after they used up their energy.

That’s a lot… I thought to myself, but I had the feeling leveling was going to be a bit harder from then on.

Hm, first things first. 66 points in my Intelligence should be enough to grant me a stable Magic Energy pool of 8000 points. And then, I wonder… Increase Magic Regeneration by 5 points per second. I thought while looking at my status window.

[125 Points are needed to increase [Magic Energy Regeneration] by 5]

<Do you wish to confirm this exchange?> Y/N

I chose Yes.

Now, I had only 339 points left. Every point in [Magic Energy Regeneration] would cost me in the future 25 points. It was quite a lot, but then again, I never knew when such incredible stats could save my life. Also, the idea of having so much and then suddenly vanishing because of one reason or another also crossed my mind. Losing over 500 points wasn’t a joke in any game.

I wonder what I should do with the other points? I thought and for now, I decided to dump them as follows: 189 in [Strength] and 150 in [Agility]. I would then add points until I had 200 strength and any extra point afterwards would go into intelligence until I gained enough to reach 10000 Magic Energy Points.

As for the skill points, I had 300 of them. I decided to upgrade the following skills:

[Create Basic Summoning Circle for <Type> monster] > [Create Basic Summoning Circle for <Type> <Number> monster]

[Summon a Monster (Rank 1)] > [Summon a Monster (Rank 2)]

[Summon a Mini Boss (Rank 1)] > [Summon a Mini Boss (Rank 2)]

[Summon a Boss (Rank 1)] > [Summon a Boss (Rank 2)]

Total cost: 40 Skill Points, but [Summon a Random piece of Equipment Currently Worn by Adventurers] was already at Advanced Rank for some unknown reason. Maybe it was one of those mandatory skills I leveled up regardless of my will?

Now, I had access to [Summon a Selected piece of Equipment Currently Worn by the Selected Adventurer]

It was also the only spell without a change in the voice command. It was still Colly Tos.

Another spell I wished to upgrade was [Telekinezy]. I placed 30 points in it, and I gained [Telekinezy 2] and [Telekinezy 3]. They cost me a bit more magic energy, but the second one allowed me to grab things at a distance, while the third one allowed me to grab multiple things at the same time. Regarding the cost, it was only 75 Points to activate the third one and then 5 Points per minute for every single Item I grabbed at the same time. It was quite handy and far more efficient than the simple version of it.

All those points I spent brought my current status to the following values:

[Level]: 53

[Strength]: 189+1000

[Agility]: 150+1000

[Intelligence]: 201+1000

[Magic Energy]: 8000

[Magic Energy Regeneration]: 30 Magic Energy Points per Second

[Available points]: 0

[Available skill points]: 200

The last points were a bit hard to choose regarding what to pick, so I left them for another day.

With that matter settled, I flew around the academy, fixing a few things left and right until it was time to meet with Nanya, Angius, and Rufus. They were waiting for me behind the academy. This time, Angius came wearing his warrior armor, which looked sturdy and well plated. A big two-handed sword was kept in a scabbard on his back. After what happened in my dungeon, he decided not to take any more chances. Rufus was dressed the same as before. He was more of a scholar than an adventurer, after all.

“Nyahaha! Are you ready?” she asked me with a smirk.

“Yes. But… pfft! Angius? What’s with the pink eyebrows?” I asked trying to abstain from laughing too hard.

His eyebrows were back, but they were bubblegum pink in color. When I first saw him, I tried hard not to laugh, but I could barely bear it. Seeing this tough looking warrior with weathered plated armor and a big two-handed sword on his back inspired fear and strength, but then you saw his pink eyebrows and found yourself trying hard not to burst into a loud, uncontrollable laughter.

“Sigh… Paladinus added a small spell to Zertan’s hair restoration potions. For two days, me and Tuberculus will be walking around with pink hair.” he replied unamused.

“Tuberculus too? Pfft!” I said. Paladinus, you troll! Puhahaha! I laughed hard in my mind and tried my best not to let those laughs slip out.

“Nyahaha! It’s true! The old geezer looks like he was dunked into a barrel of cute!” Nanya laughed without holding back.

“Don’t worry. Paladinus will pay for this, eventually.” said Angius calmly.

“These… pranks between them is an old thing. Usually, Paladinus does something to Angius or Tuberculus and then the two of them gang up to play a bigger prank on him.” explained Rufus.

“Then, Illsy, please use [Telekinezy] on us and fly towards the river north of here!” she requested.

I did as told and flew as fast as I could in that direction. My maximum flight speed like that was at around 50km/h (~30mi/h), the equivalent of a hawk, but far from an airplane. I had yet to find a way to move faster in that form. It was a bit of an annoying limitation, but something I could live with. Meanwhile, the three teachers were having fun while being carried by my power, especially the cute teenage-looking girl with steel gauntlets and leather armor.

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