~ Chapter 18: Of monsters and Nanya’s panties (Part 2) ~

We arrived at our destination after about 10 minutes of flying in a straight line. Looking back, we were quite far from the Academy and outside of the area I usually scouted and kept safe for the students. We were literally in the middle of the wilds, more than 10 km away. Since it was like that, leaving Shanteya behind to guard my crystal body was the right decision to take, although, I never saw the reason of all the extra protection. I highly doubted anyone would dare to attack the academy while we were away.

“About here should be fine.” said Nanya as she pointed at a random spot in the middle of the forest.

I approached the ground and released my [Telekinezy] spell on them. My magic energy didn’t drop at all, the cost of the spell’s constant use was below the rate of my Magic Energy regeneration. For one minute, the spell consumed 15 points because I was carrying multiple objects, and my regeneration was at 30 points per second right now.

“Illsyore, can you detect any monsters?” asked Rufus as he looked back at me.

“Erm, let me see… There are about 14 all around us, one of which seems to be stronger than the rest.” I said.

At first, I thought this perception of mine was resumed only at what I felt around my real body, but I came to understand that it was, in fact, focused around the location of where my mind was. This meant that I had to be really careful when going off for long hikes because I would be unable to detect any danger around my real body. Lately, I’ve been thinking about hiding it somewhere, but when I thought about it, keeping it there was also seen as a form of trust towards both the students and the teachers. It was something like how a pet showed his belly to those he trusted or didn’t see as enemies willing to harm him. It’s just that I wasn’t a pet, I was a Godlike Dungeon Lord who didn’t want to end up dead or alone because I behaved like a villain with my only friends in this world.

“We should go towards the nearest one and pick them up one after another. I’ll send one of my summoned monkeys to spy on the big one. If it’s worthy of a hunt, I’ll let you know.” he said and then began to chant a long summoning spell. It was a bit different from the one he used back at the drinking party.

“UKI!” shouted the little fellow.

The monkey was barely half a meter tall, with a red Mohawk and color changing fur. It left as soon as it received its orders from its master.

“I thought you were a warrior?” I asked.

“Can’t a warrior like monkeys and use spells?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Of course they can…” I said and looked away.

His expression was killing me.

I need to remember to go and see Tuberculus after this! I want to see how the mage looks like with pink hair, beard, and eyebrows! I thought with a snicker.

“Illsy! Over here! I spotted our first target!” called out Nanya from afar.

When did she get over there? I asked myself and flew over.

“That one?” I asked after I approached her.

It was a wolf the size of a cow, with a white and blue colored mane. A spiraled horn adorned the wolf’s forehead, but it seemed to be alone.

“That’s a Dayuk, a horned wolf.” said Nanya.

“Alright… Erm, how should I kill it? Should I summon 20 Ice Spears or use a Fireball the same size I used on the assassins?” I asked.

Nanya looked back at me and raised an eyebrow.

“Do you want to vaporize him or what?” she asked.

“Erm, no…” I replied with a low, timid voice.

“Just one ice spear is enough to kill it, but aim it properly.” she warned me.

Aiming wasn’t a problem, so I cast a simple Ice Spear. It worked better than I had expected. The wolf yelped once and then fell on the ground. It was a critical strike straight to the heart.

“That was easy…” I said to myself.

“What did you expect?” Nanya asked as she made a sign to Angius and Rufus.

“To deflect it or something…” I replied.

“This is not an Emperor rank, just a simple high Advanced one.” she told me.

Meanwhile, the other two teachers joined us, and we approached the wolf. Rufus examined its horn while Angius took out a big knife and a small pink crystal.

“What are you two doing?” I asked them.

“Angius is skinning the wolf, and Rufus is taking the horn, claws, and teeth. Meanwhile, we’ll go hunt some more.” Nanya replied in their stead. “Hm, speaking of which. Can you absorb the carcasses?” she asked.

“Yes, but I will need to return to my crystal body back at the academy to take them out.” I replied.

“I see… Hm. If absorb is no good, then you should use [Telekinezy] to bring them here. While they work, we will hunt other monsters, and you’ll bring the bodies back here.” she said with a smile.

“What about the remains afterwards?” I asked.

“Oh? The bones and meat? We will take what we need as basic materials, but the rest is going to be left here.” she explained.

“Won’t the remains turn into a zombie or zombies?” I asked thinking about the classic take on what happened to monster and human remains in most fantasy stories on Earth.

“Only if you don’t purify them. If you do, they become a feast for the bugs and animals in the forest.” she explained.

“Even then, you actually need an area with a high concentration in Magic Energy. If it’s something like a graveyard, then chances for the remains to spawn a zombie increase exponentially.” explained Rufus.

“That’s why we always bury our dead in areas lacking in Magic Energy, but from time to time, a powerful magic creature or a dungeon will appear and infuse the ground with enough to create a zombie spawning point.” added Nanya.

“I understand… Thank you.”

After that, we hunted a few more Dayuks, but we also came across a pack of Goblins. I was quite surprised when I saw the creatures, they were as tall as a man, with ears longer than Shanteya’s, and a face that looked like an infestation of tumors that had sulfuric acid poured over it. They wore clothes made out of animal furs, and their weapons were long thick clubs made either out of wood or bone.

Nanya was the one who took care of the Goblins. She jumped in the middle of them and showed her unrelenting and ruthless strength. At first, they were startled and tried to fight back, but after she killed three of them in less than three seconds, fear started to take control of them. They tried to flee, but Nanya didn’t let any of them go. She showed an inhuman speed as she chased after them and threw her powerful punches at them. The moment her steel gauntlets connected to their bodies or weapons, her explosive force was witnessed by everyone. Their flesh was made mincemeat out off, and their bones shattered to a million pieces. The impact area simply exploded because of her punch, while any weapons that stood in her way were completely destroyed. One of the goblins took a hit to the head and was decapitated. Thanks to her magic armor, the blood spilled on her simply flowed by without leaving a trace on her young body.

While all of that happened, I simply watched from a distance and realized just how foolish I was for trying to think up some complicated strategies like I did in my games. Actually, I felt utterly useless when I saw Nanya’s destructive power. It looked almost like the Goblins were ridiculously weak, however, I saw the effects of one of their attacks on the bark of a tree. The club struck it with such a power that it shattered its surface and left a few cracks in the trunk.

On the other hand, I was the one to take down the Dayuks and another monster called Orkarin, which was a 10 meter long snake with crystal spikes on it’s head. Using [Telekinezy], I picked up all the bodies and returned them to where Rufus and Angius were. The goblins were stripped of their armor and weapons, but we had no use for their bodies. After Nanya cast [Purify] on them, we left them to rot or become some other monster’s food.

By the time it was 6 PM, if I didn’t misjudge the sun’s position, we managed to hunt down most of the monsters in that area. Thanks to the bodies piling up too fast, I had to move some of them in order to evenly scatter them around on a large area. This was meant to keep the area from becoming a monster graveyard and risk creating an undead spawn point.

“This is going good, you leveled up another 4 levels. You are now level 57.” said Nanya as she checked the black dice.

“That’s good, isn’t it?” I asked.

“Yup!” she said while leading the way towards the most powerful monster in the area.

“But I’ve been wondering… If you can use that black dice thingy, can’t they use it as well?” I asked.

“Yes.” she said.

“Then why still pretend I’m a level 250 Heroic?” I asked.

“Ah! You are still saying that, right? That was just something temporary I came up with on the spot. Technically speaking, only me, Rufus, Tuberculus, and Shanteya know you are a Godlike. The others assumed you are at least an Ancestral, and the students see you as a powerful Demonic or Heroic one. None of them know of your dungeon, yet. As for the Dungeon Level Detection Stone, only me, Rufus, and Tuberculus have one. As for the students, as soon as I discovered you are a Godlike, I checked their bags and confiscated all the stones I could find.” she explained.

“I guess a thank you is in order, but how did Tuberculus and Rufus found out?” I asked.

“One day, Tuberculus got a nasty paper-cut and was on his way to the infirmary to complain about it, but when he passed by your room, his finger healed up immediately. He understood it was a healing aura, but didn’t see it as something special. They are pretty common among Dungeons who enslave adventurers. The final proof came from your incredible dungeon labyrinth and the ability to cast magic without chanting at such a low level. Rufus simply asked me after he saw the dungeon, and I told him. The others never asked.” she replied honestly.

“Erm… If they ask, you are just going to tell them?” I asked a bit surprised since I could clearly remember how during the first few days she warned me not to tell them something like that.

“Yes. It’s already clear that you are a friendly Dungeon Lord, an unprecedented case until now. If they find out you are a Godlike, it won’t mean much to them, it’ll just answer a bunch of questions they previously had. Well, Paladinus is going to be annoyed that Tuberculus found out before him, but that will be about all. Although, I won’t tell any of the students about you and if they happen to find out, I’ll use every means necessary to shut them up, especially if they aren’t of the good kind.” she shrugged and then lifted a hand up.

We reached the monster. It was located in a small clearing about one km away from where Angius and Rufus were.

“That’s big… An Urkin?” she said as she looked at the thing.

It was very tall, maybe at least 6 meters tall, with a mane made out of sharp, long spikes, with more of them covering its entire back. A pair of two long, curved tusks sprouted from its lower jaw, and it had sharp claws capable of slicing with ease through an average human. Its pair of big, black eyes scanned the surrounding area for food or something to fight. It was a terrible beast. Luckily, the wind was blowing towards us and not the Urkin, otherwise it would have caught the scent of fresh kill and charged in Angius and Rufus’ direction.

“Illsy, watch out. That thing is levels above what we fought until now.” she told me in a whisper.

“What rank?” I asked.

“High Master or maybe Emperor Rank.” she told me.

“What were the others we fought?” I asked her.

“Between Advanced and Master, but it’s not the rank that’s the problem, it’s the fact that this is part of the megafauna of monsters, in other words, it’s a boss.” she explained.

“A boss?” I asked surprised.


“Erm, we have a bit of a problem…” I told her once I noticed something in the far.

“What?” she asked me as she looked at me with a furrowed brow.

“I didn’t focus on it until now, but on the other side, there are a couple of students… They are friendly. Since I was constantly looking for monsters, I didn’t detect them earlier…” I told her quickly.

This is bad… really bad. I thought as I remembered how I was told that most students barely ranked up to intermediary.

“What? Damn! Quick! Use some diversion magic on the beast, afterwards, I’ll attack it and finish it off quickly… I wanted to let you do it, but it appears we have no choice. The students’ safety is our priority, although, why in the name of all that’s holy are they here?” she grumbled and then prepared to jump out to attack the Urkin.

“Alright!” I said and quickly placed myself in front of the Urkin.

Diversion magic… Diversion ugh… Which one is the best? I thought as I selected the monster as my target. “Erm… Er… COLLY TOS!” I shouted.

The creature jumped back, but instead of a deadly attack, a pair of pure white panties appeared above the Urkin and slowly floated down on top of the beast’s huge nose. It blinked surprised and looked curiously at the silky fabric. It even took a few sniffs and wagged its spiky tail in delight.

“Each and every one of you… STOP SNIFFING MY PANTIES!” shouted Nanya with a strong blush in her cheeks.

The beast perked its ears up and received a full-on, max-power attack from the teenage-looking girl, who, unfortunately for me, was wearing pants that day.

“Gyao?” the beast wasn’t even able to dodge and was sent flying into a pair of nearby trees.

If this world had something like HP, I think it went down from 100% to 25% with just that single punch, but it wasn’t dead yet. Without a second to lose, I targeted the monster and shot five ice spears at it. They pierced the monster’s body and killed it instantly.

The good part was that we defeated the boss, the bad part was that Nanya’s panties was an unfortunate victim of our battle.

“Illsy, you idiot…” she said with a low voice, puckered lips, and upturned eyes before she went to pick up the tattered remains of her panties.

“Sorry?” I said with a bit of a confused feeling.

I am sort of happy it happened, but I also feel bad about it… I thought as I looked down at Nanyas’ bottom. There wasn’t a Holy Item covering her cute behind now.

“Teacher Nanya.” a male voice was suddenly heard from behind the trees on the other side of the small clearing where we fought the monster.

We both turned our heads and looked at the one who spoke. It was an el’doraw boy with black hair cut short, black eyes like Shanteya, but purplish skin with tones of dark red. It was changing towards a darker color, almost as if it could reflect his emotions.

“Who are you?” she asked sharply.

“I am Keltaru Dowesyl, one of Princess Ayuseya Pleyades’ ten guards!” he declared proudly.

Wait, what? Dowesyl? I thought when I heard him.

“So? What are you doing here? Classes aren’t over.” Nanya told him and crossed her arms at her chest.

“You stole my prey, teacher Nanya! That Urkin was supposed to be mine!”

“Meh, don’t you know the rule? First come, first served?” she shrugged indifferently.

“That is a foolish rule created by foolish adventurers! I am of noble blood and a guard of a royal! It is clear that I should take down the best prey!” he declared hitting his chest with his fist.

“Excuse me?” Nanya asked raising an eyebrow, and I do believe I saw a vein pop.

“For this inexcusable offense, I challenge you to an official duel! We shall cross swords tomorrow at noon!” he shouted and then turned around and left the scene just like that.

Both me and Nanya were simply too dumbfounded by his words to say anything before he left.

“Did he just?” I asked just to be sure.

“Yup. Sigh! Another fool…” she shook her head. “Wherever I go, there’s always a big idiot who thinks they can challenge a Godlike rank adventurer like me! At least, this one didn’t ask me to be his wife… I lost count at the idiots who tried to drag me in their beds!” Nanya said while rubbing her forehead, trying to calm down the installed migraine.

What? Someone tried to force her into his bed? Who would dare to… hm to force Nanya in my bed, maybe… No? No! Bad brain! Bad! I shook my head to get rid of the perverted thoughts.

“Maybe I can talk to Princess Ayuseya about this?” I asked after a moment.

“Why do you think she would listen to you?” she asked me.

“Oh, I just enslaved her earlier this morning and cured her of her two curses.” I happily said with a smile on my lips and then that tiny, lonely neuron in my head shouted: YOU IDIOT!

I gulped when I realized my error.

“You did… WHAT?!!” her shout was probably heard throughout that humongous forest because it even scared away a couple of monsters.

“Erm… Er… It was because she had big boobs?” I tried to find an excuse for myself.

That was probably the worst thing I could have said in my own defense… I thought while my face turned into that of the awkward seal meme.

Nanya looked down at her own chest and then back at me. Three veins popped, and she was red from fury. I gulped again.

“Dungeon Lord Illsyore, this is what we are going to do. We are going to take this Urkin, RIP out its spikes, SKIN it, PULL OUT its tusks and teeth, then we are going to head back to the academy and if by then I haven’t calmed down, I’m going to have a VERY long discussion with you about WHY you shouldn’t go around removing IMPOSSIBLE to remove curses from foreign royalty. You got it?” she asked with a forced smile while showing me a small rock she picked up. With a single clench of her hand, the rock turned to dust.

I gulped.

“Yes…” I said with a weak voice.

I’m so dead… I thought.

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