~ The beginning ~

Ah! I see! So you are recording this for the Akasha Library, am I right? I asked him.

The one I spoke with was none other than the God who ruled over this entire Universe. This entity governed light and darkness. It held omnipotent powers and was all knowing in regards with this sphere of existence.

The way he looked at me was with a light filled with gentleness and love. It calmed me down and purified me of evil intentions. It was beautiful, it was pleasant, and I saw no reason to resist it.

My name? Oh yeah… I have yet to receive one. What should it be? I asked in a daze.

His light made me feel like I was dancing between two different states of deep meditation, one more active than the other.

Let’s see… I have been called an Ask’odar. I replied.

The entity looked at me, and I could swear I saw it moving its head left to right swaying those beautiful rays of light just as a woman lets her hair flow in the wind when she is standing on the beach. Wait… a woman? Hm, let’s see a human woman. Yes. The species called as homo sapiens sapiens, the anatomically modern human.

Then how about Syrael Skertez, it means The Bright Sun of Life? I asked and looked at God with a smirk on my lips, but I couldn’t tell. Did I have any lips?

Guess I should explain what an Ask’odar was. The closest word in a human language would be an ascendant being, an enlightened one, a master. All the above merged into one, maybe? I didn’t know, and I didn’t care. Speaking of which, what was this language called anyway?

English? Very well… not that it matters.

The God of the Universe accepted my name and then asked me my age. Not like it didn’t know, but interaction of this sort with the big boss never hurt.

Over 1.8 billion years old reincarnated in sentient species. Many more billions if you count the other forms. Maybe around 32 or 35 since my birth? I replied and then laughed.

Why did I laugh? I didn’t know, but for some reason what I said made me laugh, so I let it slide. God did as well.

Tell me… God. Where am I? I asked.

The answer was instant, but in that moment, I knew everything about my current location. I was in my soul form here, constituted only from Divine Matter and Divine Energy. I floated in an infinite space outside of the reach of time. This was nowhere else other than the tenth plane of existence, God’s Realm.

No smoking allowed, I guess? I joked and God laughed. Apparently, he had good sense of humor.

Although I said I am a soul that for over 1.8 billion years old reincarnated into sentient species, I can’t help but see how for some this may seem like a very young age. I’m what many would call a whelp, a pup, but when I count it from the moment of my actual birth, I’m quite an ancient soul. You see, most of the lessons I learned were through keen observation of other sentient individuals. Many souls just love to delve into the actual action, but I just loved to simply watch and then delve in. It was much more fun when you knew all the variables to the equation.

The funny thing was, most of my knowledge and understanding came from both my past lives and future reincarnations. Interesting enough, the future reincarnations had yet to be decided, and everything in them could still be subjected to change. So weird and yet, in this chaos, I was able to see the beautiful logic behind it. It was incredibly charming actually.

My next life? Hm… good question God. Should I be a squirrel? I asked with a grin and then I vanished.
After two human years have passed.
Very funny… I said upon my return into this plane of existence.

The big boss actually sent me down to this little planet called Earth around 1435 AD to be reincarnated as a squirrel. I got killed by a shark. How? Some human with enough hair on his chest to weave a carpet managed to catch me and decided to send me off on a boat trip. There was a storm, I got thrown overboard, and this beautiful white shark comes along and WHAM! He ate me.

Well, at least I know you have a good sense of humor, but I learned my lesson. I’ll watch what I say! I replied as I tried to get the taste of nuts out of my mouth.

How could I even taste like a sentient when I was soul? Even more so, I was the soul of a squirrel just moments ago.

The tenth plane of existence is a truly mysterious one.

So, I don’t plan on reincarnating for now… I’ll take the post of some Ascendant Master for the humans down on Earth in the year erm… let’s see between 1986 and 2455? That’s good right? I proposed.

God looked at me and sighed. I guessed he didn’t really like the idea, but as a soul, I kind of had this thing called free will, and I was able to choose where and what to reincarnate as. So I decided to give it a shot.

What form should I take, I wonder? Hm… What name? Be an Archangel? Who? Captain Mew Mew? Wait don’t you dare! God laughed and I broke into a sweat I’ll listen to your suggestion first… I told God, and he nodded.

I listened to him carefully this time.

Very well, I will be a representation of Archangel Michael. Sounds good. What’s this about others? There are more entities who reply to Archangel Michael, and the humans contact us as one? How does that work? I’ll find out?

Before I knew it, I found myself strapped with a pair of light wings, a toga, and a fire sword. God laughed again, and I decided to apply a little magic I called technology. Instead of all this stuff, I simply created a small sphere of illusions. I would appear to all humans in the shape and form they would desire to see Archangel Michael as. My light and energy, however, would be similar up to a very subtle level with that of the other ones like me. Apparently though, there were different Archangels Michael managing seperate areas of time. So it happened that God designated me for the 1986 – 2455 AD time period on Earth. He saved it just for me because He knew I would come to Him.

As I descended into the seventh plane of existence, I wondered what I was about to learn from this experience and more importantly, what I was able to teach others.

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